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  • Hi Andrew, you can call me Nellie anytime, I've been called a lot worse and Nellie on many! You too had some good splits there and good to see you are getting back to some strong running...

    Glad to see you are back into things Ali, remember not to push it if you feel you are not up to it...I've been there before, it's not fun.

    Hi Carl, enjoy the park run. Never ran one myself as I usually take the kids down to swimming lessons on a Sat morning, I must try it some time. Really should have gone down in the summer. We have it at Granton on the sea front in Edinburgh and it is lovely and flat..

    Hi Oirish, Well you will have to take notes on the US trip as I am sure you will have some stories to tell!

    Hi Ricky, I am not showered when everyone is stirring I am crashed out on the decking with a recovery drink in hand :0) A 20 miler whilst on holiday....hmm not sure about that one. I think the family may have stirred by the time you get back. But you are the mile beast with Carl at the moment.

    Hi Carter, to be honest the footie hinders my running training. I run on the Thursday morning and then play at 17:30 on the afternoon and if I am putting in some quality running sessions it does take it out of me. I am not one for holding back either and I am up and down the pitch for the full hour, hence why I had the close call with the muscle pull on my calf last night. For the marathon last I stopped playing about 8 weeks before, I did miss it but it did me good. A couple of people I know keep telling me I can't do both, I have cut down from 2-3 games a week to just one now and I will probably ease of the footie 4-6 weeks before the marathon in October. I'll play it by ear.

    I use a RW world training plan as a template and tinker with it to what I feel is best for me and I also incorporate some of the Advanced Marathon P&D ethics into it. I also have a hill rep session once a week (usuallly a Tues) as part of my strengthening plan. I try not to overdo the mileage, highest probably being 45 for a week. Running in the morning restricts the miles also...

  • Ricky- can't believe you're doing 20 miles on holiday!  Don't get me wrong I'd love to but I'd get shouted at for spending so much time running!

    World champs- we have 3 gold medals now with Mo Farah obvs winning the 5k and 10k and Christine Ohuruogu winning the 400m.  Hers was an amazing photo finish...nerve wracking wait for the result... she won by 4000th of a second!! Wowee.  Don't know how they can even tell these things.

    Oirish- like Carl I'm doing my first park run soon and very excited actually!  Excited just to do a new distance to me!  I have never run a 5k race/timed run in my adult life.  I have, however, run 2 5ks in my life, both as a teenager.  One was when I was maybe about 15/16, I decided I was going to run a (quite competitive) serious 5k at a local athletics stadium (strange girl) and my dad came along with me.  I was the first female junior and came in at under 19 minutes, getting a prize (only one I've ever won, if I need add).  Turns out the course was (substantially) short and I was not a great talent as initially thought.  Second was a Race for Life I did with my mum.  She came third and I came sixth... I asked her the other day what our times were...she did 22 minutes and she thinks I was shortly after, maybe 22:30 certainly under 23.

    Funny to think that I could run times like that that I would now think of as very respectable, as a teenager who didn't run at all and just did them 'for fun' occasionally.


    Well tonight I went out for a planned 9 miles steady after work.  I actually felt really good, I think yesterday's run 'warmed me up' after having not done much for a while.  I ended up doing just over 10 miles with the last 2.5 pretty fast.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Took a new route I've never done before and genuinely found some parts of the city I've never seen in my life!  Funny that can happen in a place you've known for 7 years!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - great session from you tonight. Really do think that the recent break from running has done yo a world of good. As Oirish says (somewhere) this running is meant to be for fun. Naturally we all take it too seriously and stress over getting new PB's. But to get them we have got to be enjoying what we are doing.

    Oirish - thanks for the tips. Have printed my barcode. Had a look at the route. The description says that it is 2 laps of a section of Hampstead Heath. It has got a brutal clinb and now i have to do it twice.

    Have checked the results from last week. There were 163 runners with the winner finishing in 17:42. Needless to say that he was a young whipper snapper. The fastest in the veteran (40 - 44) category was in just over 19 minutes. That is bleedin fast.

    I am going to do a mile or so warm up jog beforehand and must remind myself to run at my pace and not everyone elses. As Oirish says it is a run not a race. image

    Naturally I will be looking out for the tail runner (good advice carter) and keeping well clear as if I am there not only will my run have been a disaster I am likely to be taken on a mystery tour.

  • Honestly you cynics, I get lost no more than half a dozen times in a row and it becomes an issue, why is there this need to label people? I mean you bury just one prostitute in a shallow ditch and all of a sudden I'm a "Menace to society" it is so enfuriating.

    Carl - Enjoy this morning, I hope you do and remember if you are going up a hill twice you must be going downhill to get to the bottom of it again so as I always say to the Colchester Parkrunners who face a similar issue "Quit whining" image I hope these words of wisdom help.

    Ali - Get involved you'll love it. you'll probably improve that significantly I'd have thought within a couple of goes. Sub 22?

    I know what you mean about competing against your younger self, I dashed off a heart hearted 3:15 marathon years ago and I'll never get near that again.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish  I will be thinking about your words of wisdom as I run NOT race around in the sunshine.

    Lovely day for running.

    Off out for my warmup.

  • 20 miles done - 8.54 avg pace... more on the run later.. off to get a bit of work done (the joys of holidays for the self employedimage)

  • Work done for the day - can relax again...image

    Up at first light this morning and off running in cool the misty French lanes & trails by 6.30am.... ran 3 loops of a familiarish route and completed the 20 mls in 2:57

    Started nice and easy and managed a negative split which was quite pleasing. Felt quite good... don't get me wrong, thelegs were tired and I was glad to see the watch approach 20 mls but had plenty in the tank. Just went out with a mouthful of museli & a bottle of water(no fuel on the run) splits as follows:

    9.52; 9.16; 9.09; 9.07; 8.52; 8.48; 9.10; 8.55; 8.56; 8.49

    9.01; 9.12; 8.44; 8.53; 8.45; 8.46; 8.23; 8.37; 8.21; 8.19

    Avg HR was141BPM and the last mile was the fastest despite being the toughest one on the loop.

    Nell - yes not quite back before family were up.... back @ 9.30am and the kids greeted me all sleepy eyed - everyone had just woken a few mins before so perfect timing really!

    Rest day tomorrow. That's another week done and 55 miles in the bank.

    Good running Ali & looking forward to hearing how ParkRun went Carl?!

  • Carter - the trails are within the chateaus estate, of which the campsite is a part of. Nothing too challenging - no real elevation but possible to get a 5 mile loop done around them. I am using a combination of the trails and minor roads/lanes. Quite pleasant though meandering through woods, around lakes/nature reserve & the 18 hole golf course.... why didn't I bring my clubs ?? Got the green light from Mrs RW too for a round of golf so maybe I'll hire a set of clubs image

  • Ricky you beast, 55 miles completed and on holiday I take my hat off to you! Getting some nice splits in for the long run also picking it up on the last eight miles. There is something special getting up early and being away from home for a run....lovely stuff. A game of golf also, you'll be reporting they sell Carlsberg on draft!

    I got in a 3.5 mile steady 8 min/mile run this morning. I have some work scheduled tomorrow but there is a point where I will be twiddling my thumbs for 3 hours so have checked and the site I will be at have a shower, so Nell will be off for a 15 mile run at that pointimage....

    Just like to say thanks for all the positive feedback on last Saturday's HM from you guys this last week. I really appreciate it and it is amazing how it really motivates oneself....Cheers Guys ;0)

  • Ricky you truly are a beast.

    Carl- waiting to hear how you got on at park run?

    I have run quite long all week so tonight after work just fancied a very short run.... was going to the gym so did 5k on the treadmill in 24 minutes dead on.

    Gosh treadmill running feels harder than running outside...I was pouring sweat by the end.  I can never run as fast on the treadmill as I can outside/in any race so hope that's a good omen I can run maybe closer to 23:30 or even 23 at park run.  NOT sub 22 as suggested by oirish- sorry but that'd have to be a miracle!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - 20 miles at first light and all under 3 hours too. You are turning into a running robot. 55 miles whilst on holiday. Are you sure you are on holiday image And with all that running being allowed out to play golf. And you find time to fit in a wee spot of work. Amazing stuff.

    Nell - great plan for tomorrow. Sneaking a 15 mile run in during downtime.

    Ali - running on the treddie is hard. You sweat mad compared to outside and unless you keep fiddling with the speed buttons you are not in control. The machine is. The constant pace is so unlike running outside where you can slow doen and speed up as required. So yes it is actually harder to run and I do not enjoy it. I avoid it as much as I can. Well done you for settling back into it this week.

  • Ali - I agree on the treadmill..... to me it feels harder than an equivalently paced run outside. As Carl says it is to do with the relentless pace dictated by the machine and the lack of moving air makes it a sweaty old run! 

    I bought one when training for my spring marathon & used it for running if the weather was too foul and also for a weekly interval session for which it is very good. Haven't used it in months though as it has simply been too warm for indoor treadmill running.

  • so what about this parkrun this morning Carl? Spill...

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So I have done my first parkrun. It was brutal.

    Nice morning so I went for a 1 mile warm up and arrived at the start area about 10 minutes before the start. During this 10 minute period a big crowd assembled. You could see all the club runners as they were all i racing flats rather than trainers.

    The course is not flat. I would drop a picture of the elevation profile if I knew how to copy it across from my garmin webpages. (Anyone know how to do this ?)

    The first half mile rises 80ft. Then you decend 90ft over the next half mile but it is gravel so hard to gain here, then it rises another 100ft over the next 3/4 mile, decends 80ft over the next half mile, then climbs 80 ft over the next half mile and then it is more or less downhill to the finish except for a short sharp climb to the finish line.

    So there are no flat sections.

    Yes I am getting in my excuses before I start.

    The Heath is very busy at this time of day, with people out walking / jogging, people walking their dogs (or should I say letting their dogs run wild) and people being shouted at by the British Military Fitness brigade.

    I stayed a little back from the front at the start line and let the faster people go. I settled into a steady 7:30 pace over the first mile. I know Oirish says this is not a race but when you are running amongst a pack you feel that you have to race.

    The climb at the start of the second mile is brutal. I never run this hill at this pace in training but there I was trying to push my way up the hill. This mile climb effectively has three separate climbs. It was tough and I was feeling it. Got through it and into the second lap of the course. There was a marshall at this point shouting out times as you went by. I was 11 mins something so I was thinking that as this was half way, sub 22 was out of the question and that I would push to get in sub 23mins as I figured I would tire on the second lap.

    It is funny listening to everyone gasping as they run round.

    Second lap was tough and the lungs were screaming at me and the legs were really tired. The down section on the loose gravel was not easy. As I was coming up the long climb I was pushing hard to keep a reasonable pace going when a labrador decided to run across the path in front of me. I collided with it and stumbled. The owner was no where to be seen. This knocked me out of my rythem and it was hard to get going again on the hill.

    I passed the marshall who would have been standing at 2.75 miles and she called out 21:20. So with 0.35 miles to go I decided that I would gof or it and see how close to 23 mins I could get.

    Down the hill, across the bridge between the ponds, passing a few people arms pumping (Oirish it is a race) swerving to avoid the parks van that was coming against me and person with dog on a lead, up the last steep hill to the finish line.

    My garmin says 23:21. I was shatttered. I have never felt so wrecked after a race.

    Collected my token but for some raeson the marshall could not scan my barcode. She took a note of my number etc so hopefully my official time will go up on the results page.

    My splits were : 7:29, 7:33, 7:59; 0:18

    I then did a 1 mile cool down and so covred the 5 miles that my plab said I should do today but not as the recovery run as suggested.

    Will I do it again.

    I must be mad but yes I must. I have to say it was very well organised and managed.

    This afternoon I spent 4 hours sorting the garden out so my back is a tad tired.

    16 miles planned for tomorrow. image


  • Carl- great report. And great time. Sounds mad but fun. Did you find the pain/fatigue after a 5k as bad/worse as after longer distances?

  • Morning all. 

    Sounds like plenty of good running still taking place. I reckon there will be some great times at Dublin and hopefully elsewhere too. 

    Still no running for me, that's 4 days now, but I'm feeling good to go later. Mrs C and I are going for a spin for a few miles on the trans pennine trail shortly as well. 

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone 

  • Well done Carl, a great report and a great run. 5K is a different beast altogether isn't it? As someone who runs for pleasure I can never quite decide if I enjoy them and yet I go back time after time.

    I did another 26.3 today in a minute over 4 hours.image

    I wanted to test my mental strength as much as my fitness and although the last mile or two was hideous and took a few "C'mon Gailey" shouts to myself to get there it wasn't too bad. That's 108 miles in the last two weeks.

    I had a slight ache in my left knee but it seems to have sorted itself out after a cold bath and this coming week is a cutback week thank God so I'll be practising my rest periods. 

    Have fun.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - hard to say if if feels worse. It is different. After completing a marathon you are shattered and mentally fatigued. After a 5k you are sortof leaving your guts on the pavement if you know what I mean.

    But having done it once, I want to go back and work out how to get it down towards 22 mins. I think sub 22 on that course is out of the question.

    As Oirish says not sure if I enjoyed it as it is so hard with lungs heaving and arms pumping but it is addictive. It probably does not fit with marathon training in reality as it does take alot out of you as I discovered today during my long run.

    Oirish - another solo marathon. You are a legend. You must have some cracking mental strength to do it again so soon after the last attempt. I doubt I could do it in training. I suppose a cutback week for you is still 40 miles !! image


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    When I eventually dragged myself out of bed this morning I was a stiff as a board. Not sure if this was the 5k or the couple of hours gardening nut I was struggling before I had gone anywhere.

    Was originally going to grab a bite of something and go but decided that I would be better off having a proper breakfast and going a little later.

    Not sure it made much of a difference. Today was tough both physically and mentally.

    Had no route in mind when I went out. I trotted over to Hampstead Heath and covered some of the same route that was ysterdays 5k and after having done about 4 miles headed off for Regents Park. I picked up the 10k route that they use and did this and then came back towards home. From 10 miles on I was struggling. Felt dehydrated eventhough I had a sports drink with me and had been sipping it as I went round.

    My legs felt very heavy today much more than normal. So yesterdays exploits definitely contributed to that.

    At around 13 miles I passed someone I know and they stopped for a chat. As it would have been rude to carry on I stopped for a few minutes.

    Getting going again was horrible as everything had seized up. I called it a day at 14 miles as I was close to home and figured that any more miles were going to be rubbish miles.

    My splits were as follows :

    8:59, 8:52, 8:51, 8:55; 8:53, 8:56, 8:53

    8:56, 8:49, 8:55, 8:54, 8:50, 8:53, 9:05

    This gave an average of 8:54 min/mile which is pretty good considering I was hurting most of teh way around.

    My plan said 15 miles (not teh 16 I thought yesterday) but mentally I could not go any further today and physically my body was telling me that it had had enough.

    I am not bothered ny it as I had sneaked those 4 extra miles in during the week.

    Weekly mileage 43 miles.

    Despite taking on loads of fluids since I have come back in, I still have that dehydrated feeling. Maybe I am coming down with something.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    This weeks plan is as follows :

    Monday-  Rest

    Tuesday - 8m GA with 10 x 100m strides

    Wednesday - 4m Recovery

    Thursday - 11m MLR

    Friday - Rest 

    Saturday - 4m Recovery

    Sunday - 16m with 8 miles at MP


    I will have to juggle this about as I am doing the Kinsale 10m run on Sunday on what will be a hilly course 

  • Hi Ali, Good to see you getting out again and getting a few miles in.

    Hi Carl, That sounds a bit of a tough Parkrun and I do not envy you runnig that. I suppose the advantage is if you build on that and then get on a nice flat one you will be flying! The Edinburgh one is pretty flat, I must check it out some time. Not sure whether I mentioned earlier in a post, but looking at my splits last weekend I finished the last 3 miles in 20:30. admittedly it was an easy 2 or 3 miles in but my physio who is a middle distance runner has told me to have a go at a 5k and see what I can do.... after reading your report though Carl it does sound a bit!

    Hi Oirish, Well done. Two marathons in two weeks. You are one extremley focused (and may I say entertaining) man! But come on if so much happens to you on a 5k run, there must be loads to tell after 26??

    Well was working today, but there was a point where I would be sitting around and instead of tucking into a book and a cup of coffee and biccies I decided to go for a 15 mile run (yes we are an insane lot aren't we?)

    Was just wanting to go for the upper end of the medium long run as per P&D which I think should have lay aroud 8:30 Splits: 8:27,8:14,8:02,8:21,7:49,8:31,8:25,8:46,8:02,7:47,7:58,8:16,8:05,8:16,8:32,2:25. 15.25 miles - 2:06

    It was a strange run, I never really got settled into the run. Obviously cramming it in whilst working was not ideal but it was better than going out at 19:00 which I would have had to do if I hadn't taken the chance at 14:00 and by that time probably not wanting to be bothered so the run would have been hell.

    Knees were a bit achy on the last 3 miles or so but nothing to much to worry about I think. I had been standing most of the morning whilst working so maybe they were letting me know about that :0)

    Weekly Total 38.5 - which was enough after last weekends HM. I must concede that the physio had told me to ease off this week, but I felt pretty good earler in the week so pushed on...hopefully I will not live to regret that.

  • Carl- as Nell says on a flatter course you could do great.

    Nell- the park run I am going to do next week is the Edinburgh one.  As I am going to visit my parents who stay near by.  My mum runs the parkrun regularly.  She says it has its pros and cons- the good is it's almost totally flat as it is along the coast.  The bad is that it's very very windy down the prom and the course goes out and back and that normally the way out feels nice and breezy and then when you turn around you're running straight into the wind.

    Her recent best time there has been 22:23 on quite a non windy day but almost a minute slower when it's super windy.  So I'll go into it thinking flexibly with regards to time depending on the day's conditions.

    Oirish- you are mental.  Two marathons in two weeks.  Both with times I'd realistically be pretty content with at Loch Ness.


    Today I went out for a long run.  Was only 15 on my plan but I had missed a 20 miler when I took last week off... so decided to tweak my plan and up the mileage for this run a bit.

    Went out with approx 20 miles in mind but thought I'd see how I felt as I went, wasn't feeling too great in the morning.  Turns out I ended up with a bit of a dodgy stomach so wasn't feeling very well after a couple of hours.  Therefore stopped at 3 hours 5 minutes (not totally sure of distance as had gone a rather unplanned/unmapped route...) and walked the rest of the way home.  Wanted to stop running before I felt absolutely terrible.  But roughly 18/19 miles.  And a few miles of walking which can't have hurt as a cool down.

    Anyway aside from the bad stomach I mostly enjoyed the run.  For some reason this morning I wasn't in the mood for planning out a route as I normally do on long runs.  Fancied a bit of variety.  Took some turns I have not been on before and ended up on some new trails which was nice.  Enjoyed some sunshine and it wasn't too hot.  Only unpleasant part was when I ended up having to take quite a busy country road for approx. 7 miles to get back into Aberdeen (no paths around the area that I could find).  Traffic was very fast and cars were just not giving me any room on the road.  Seriously I wonder if some drivers realise they are just inches from actually ending up injuring/killing someone.  Once I got off that stretch of road I was much happier!

    Finished the week on about 42 miles.  A good mix of mid length and long runs, and shorter faster pace.  Quite happy.


  • I must admit that I have just read everyone's posts for the last couple of days and am extremely jealous with the amount of miles you guys are putting in. Some of you have struggled but you have still done it so well done. This running melarky is in the head as well as the body so toughing it out when the going gets difficult will reap rewards for you later down the line. 

    Mrs C and I did a nice 17 miles cycling of the trans pennine way this afternoon. Some of the trail had puddles and mud so we came back a little bit dirty but it was great fun image We are both getting more confident of our bike handling skills in these conditions and Mrs C is getting fitter all the time; we had less stops and our average speed was up so looking good. I then did a 5 mile run within my HR range I'm currently running to and it felt, and actually was, slower than previous runs to heart rate. I suspect it was because my HR at the start was up due to the bike ride. The pain under my foot has gone and moved itself to the outside of my foot. I think I'm falling to bits !!!

  • Carter- you are so right- the tough times are actually part of what makes you better.  This is something I'm just coming to realise.  Hence why on a run like today where I had to stop before planned, I actually felt pleased at the end.  Pleased with what I'd achieved because it was bloody hard- not disappointed that I didn't do more.

    And also- I understand your jealousy, I'd be exactly the same.  BUT at least you have your cycling.  I think part of my problem if I ever have to go light on/stop altogether with the running (like last week) is that I don't have anything else to channel my energy into.  You can see tangible improvements in your cycling fitness which is satisfying.

  • Carl - park run sounds like a bit of a rush! Great 1st time effort from you on what is hilly sounding parkrun!

    Great long runs from everyone - Ali, 3 hrs on your feet is a cracking endurance session irrespective of the distance covered! Carl decent LR pace - P&D is interesting in that doesn't advocate the slow part of LRs so much... tends to encourage more at MP. Good to see you sticking to the plan... I must admit I enjoy the discipline of the plan. Nell 15 miles on your "lunchbreak" is ridiculous! Fair play.

    Oirish - another impromptu marathon.. wow. Are these planned or are you just pushing on further on a planned 20/21 miler?

    Carter - down & dirty on the trails with the Mrs eh?! Sounds like quite a weekend! No wonder your HR was up image

    Nothing much to report this morning - 6.5 ml recovery run all on trails @ 7.30am for me - came out at 9.06avg pace with AVG HR of 130...... got hissed at by a few evil looking black French geese type things at one point which quickened the pace for a few yards!



  • Ricky - The first one the previous Sunday wasn't planned it was a 20 ish miler that I decided to extend around the 11 mile mark, yesterday I went out with the express intention of doing the full 26.2 to see that knowing I was facing it whether I could get my head around it.

    The first one seemed fairly easy and I attributed a lot of that to there was no nervous build up, travel etc and I was a fair bit around before I even gave the notion some thought.

    Yesterday I told myself people do back to back marathons, I'm not exactly breaking new ground, it can be done physically but do I believe I can do it. I was quietly confident but was well aware this is new ground for me and could all go horribly wrong after all often in running you are fine right up to the moment you are not!

    I won't lie the last couple were damned tough and took a bit of digging out but at no point did I think I couldn't do it or go on and my pace only dropped by 10 seconds a mile below my average for the last two miles so although it felt hard I could still keep ticking over. I wouln't nessacarily recommend it to everyone but it has done wonders for my confidence and does make you reassess just what your body and mind is capable of. I have a pleasingly easier week this week which hopefully will include a 5k PB on Saturday, Im off to do Parkrun on a very flat course in Waltham Abbey as our event is cancelled. 

    Onwards and upwards to Dublin!


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So the parkrun results are out and I finished in 56th place out of 180 runners in 23:21 (exactly as per my garmin !).

    Not bad for a dash that I was not training for. As you all say on a flat course .....

    Seriously eventhough it was so hard, it was great fun and is definitely something I am going to do again.

    So Ali enjoy it this weekend. It is different from the longer stuff but is probably not a bad thing to do every so often during marathon training.

    Nell - great run during your break at work. That is a fast MLR but then you have always been a bit speedy.

    Ali - great week of running from you during last week. That is a good weekly mileage and as you say the tough times are all part of getting better at this running thing that we are all so obsessed with. We learn by making mistakes.

    Carter - one day soon the boot will be on the other foot and you will be out there running with somebody will be looking on from the sidelines. I think you have coped remarkably well with your niggles and it seems that the cycling is a good substitute at the moment.

    Ricky - really impressed with how disciplined you are being on holiday. Not sure that I will fare so well when I head for Ireland during the week.

    Oirish - yes some people do take part in back to back marathons but what you have just done must be a first. Back to back marathons in training. I sortof get the first one. Extending a 20/22 miler to 26. I just about get that level of insanity. But to do it again a week later and plan to do it. Mind boggling. I am impressed mind you as I know categorically that I could not do it. image

    I am contemplating doing my run in the morning tomorrow . Just contemplating. it would mean being out the door at 6am so that I can get to work on time. Still just contemplating.

  • Carl - not a shabby time at all on your park run debut, I think you could definitely hit a good time on a flatter track. What time do you think you could get if you trained specifically for a 5k on a flat course ? 21 mins ?

    Oirish - very impressive again. I would think it does wonders for your confidence to know you can run 26.2 whenever you like. You can now focus on speed to get your time down. Any ideas of a time for your next race ?

    Ricky - do you think you will do more trail running when you get home ?

    A 4.5 mile run for me at lunchtime yesterday. I then went out with Mrs C on her C25k training last night. She really struggles at the beginning to get in to (and moans for England about it) but once she gets going she does really well. We went off road last night on a tricky surface underfoot and she proceeded to run 2 miles with a 2 minute break in a total of 2.5 miles, which is the furthest she has run. I'm part cycling in to work today and will go for a little jog again at lunchtime 

  • Carter - how were the knees on todays run? I would love to do more trail running when I get home .... the only problem is that there is none local so would mean driving somewhere which I hate. Part of the appeal of running for me is the simplicity of being able to pull on your trainers and run out the door. So "no" is probably the realistic answer to that one.

    I wonder did Carl forget to set his alarm this morning?! image

    I had a 14ml MLR this morning.... turned out to be an MP run averaging 8.21 pace in 1:56..... HR only 142bpm avg which I am delighted with as this was my normal avg HR on my spring marathon Long Runs @ 9.20ish pace. So almost a full m/ml faster for the same HR - plus 60% of this mornings 14mls were on trails.
    Last 3 miles sub 8 m/mls and final tough hilly mile fastest @ 7.39

    Not all good though - bit of a twingy right knee... 6ml recovery run tomorrow - might skip it & rest the knees. I remember last winter/spring, at about the same point in Limerick training, having knee twinges.... missed a sesson or two and triedto manage the situation and they came good again, so here's hoping.
    Also my Garmin wont switch on - put it on the charge 30mins after returning this morning and took it off charge a few hours later. It now refuses to switch onimage  

    Oirish - you'll have nothing left for Dublin at this rate!

  • just got the garmin sorted - they evidently lock up when charging occasionally ... so a quick google + press of mode + lap button together followed by power on brought it back from the deadimage... so splits from this morning:

    9:06; 8.45; 8.40; 8.29; 8.23; 8.24; 8.08; 8.24; 8.36; 8.16; 8.26; 7.59; 7.45; 7.34

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