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  • Carl - As you say it came together but it was a bit disorientating to start with, I also forgot to mention I ran in a brand new pair of trainers and for the first 100 meters or so it just felt bouncy and odd. So now hours later I have convinced myself that on that course there is some wriggle room to go faster! It's an insanity this running thing isn't it?

  • Thanks guys. Carl- Don't think I will get in another park run before loch ness as I don't have another Saturday off work. But after for sure. Loved the whole thing. When I crossed the line and saw my time first thing I thought was 'same as Carl's!' It was quite amusing how this forum and our obsession for running cross over into 'real life'.

    oirish- congrats on a top run by you. I always find 2 lap courses unappealing. Good luck tomorrow. Pacing your friend the first lap should leave plenty fin the tank for the second!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi - all.  

    I had an awful night's sleep last night (it was really muggy here) and went to a parkrun not feeling great.  I wanted to go to the parkrun though as I thought it'd wake me up a bit image  I did no warm up and started towards the back of the field with the intention of treating it as an easy-paced run just to get the legs loosened up a bit before tomorrow's 10K but I'm afraid the competitive juices kicked in and I finished in 23:00 on my watch (results aren't out yet) which I was quite pleased with really.  My record on that course is 21:32 so I was a way off of that, but I enjoyed moving up through the field and ended up really enjoying the run out.  If I can keep that kind of pace going for tomorrow's 10K I'll be reasonably happy (7:25 min/mile).

    Just got back from a Club BBQ which was really well attended, and the weather was good too!  It was good catching up with everyone and of course there was a lot of talk about running.  I am considering revisiting gels again, after not getting on with them the last time I tried them.  The men's Club Captain (a sub-2:45 runner) takes on gels and recomends them, but I haven't used them for 2 or 3 years as I tried most and found them sickly.  On a long run I take water with a TorQ energy suplement that you stir into the water in advance and has electrolytes/salts I eat Jaffa Cakes!  What are this thread's thoughts on gels?  Do they really give a "boost" more than any other sweet/sugary snack when taken with electrolytes?  I may try them again anyway.

    Ali - I'm glad you got along to the parkrun and I enjoyed your report also image  I can't get enough of parkruns, and I expect I'm becoming abit of a parkrun bore as I tell everyone who will listen that they should give one a go...

    Oirish - that is a cracking PB!  Knocking 40 seconds off of an event that is just 3.1 miles long is going some!

    Tomorrow AM I have to go to a tile outlet as I'm redoing my bathroom....just what I need image  Then I'll try and watch the F1, do some stretching and head over to the 10K which starts at 6pm.  I very nearly entered another 10K which is taking place on Monday (it's a pretty tough and hilly offroader, but it's a cracking event), but thought better of it as it's not really in my plan and I don't want to feel too tired for the next longer run later in the week.

  • Just got official time and it was actually 23:18. I was 20th lady out of 146 and 1st in my age group! That's the first and last time I will see 'first' beside my name for anything! Well chuffed though!

    g good luck today! Hope you get on great.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi all.

    I got to the Torbay 10K start line in good shape as I'd had a reasonably restful day and was well hydrated so was raring to go at the 6pm start.  I've done this course a few times before and know there can be a bit of a bottleneck so I stood in the first quarter of the field hoping that would mean I'd have a clear run out, which worked out to be the case.  I also don't feel I held any quicker runners up, so I stood in about the right spot for me I think.  The conditions were good - it was dry, but not too hot and there was a bit of a breeze.  This "bit of a breeze" was a headwind for maybe 1 mile of the course, but it wasn't too bad.

    I know the course very well and I had promised myself that I would go out "steadily" and leave something for a strongish finish and the first mile was done in 7:10, which was actually a bit quicker than I had anticipated but I felt okay.  The second mile includes a reasonable hill but then miles 3, 4 and 5 are basically flat and I had planned to use this part of the course to settle into a rhythm and see how I felt, knowing that the 6th mile includes a tough uphill section, before a fast downhill section to the finish.  I was gasping at the end and the last 200m were very hard, but I kept a reasonable pace so I think that means I paced the race well, which I'm pleased about.  

    Looking back, I think that it all came together and I managed a chip time of 45:31 so I'm pleased.  This isn't a PB (my PB is on an easier course than this), but it is a strong course record as I've knocked over 4 minute off of the time from last year, which at that point was my PB.  It was after this race last year that I decided to join a running club, and I'm really glad I did.

    I'm sure Mo wouldn't do this, but I'm about to have a couple of beers and we've stuck some pizzas in the oven to celebrate image

  • Nice one G!  That is a great time.  Sounds like the course was breezy enough for you and you kept good pace without much struggle.

    Enjoy your beers and pizzas.  

  • Ali - well done indeed, shame thereis no bling at Parkrun ! Nice photo, I see the weather in Edinburgh hasnt changed over the years, looks nice and cloudy as usual image

    Big_G - another good run from you, you've done some great runs the last few months. Hopefully, there will be a PB in your autumn race.

    Oirish - I'm disappointed that you had a fairly quiet parkrun with no stories to report ! You;re getting close to breaking 20 minutes, maybe next week. How did the 10k go today ?

    I've just been in the Peaks for a nice 9.5 miles, the longest I have run in over a month. It was a new route for me and the only company I had was some Highland cattle, a few sheep and rams, plenty of grouse and a few rabbits. Oh, and the odd runner and walker. I nearly fell at one stage and stubbed my big tor ! And my black toenail is about ready to fall off. It was really nice to get out on the trails again after a few weeks of pounding the roads. Kebab abd Magners for me tonight image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - great that your official time was a few seconds quicker than you thought. Gives me something to chase down next time I do park run.

    Big G - great report and really good run from you today. I thought you were fairly confident during the week and that was a really well controlled and executed race. May not have been a PB but it shoes how far you have come since last year. 

    Who cares what Mo would do. He is a natutrasl athlete and see have to work so hard to achieve our little victories. Hope you enjoyed those beers and pizzas.

    Carterr - nice run from you today. Must be nice to get back into the trails and get some miles in.


  • Carl- I did forget to stop my watch straight away but didn't think it felt like a whole 3 seconds.  I'll take that though.

    Carter- glad to hear of your run!  Sounded enjoyable.  And  you deserve the kebab and magners just as G deserves his pizza!  I'm sure even Mo indulges sometimes right...

    Well this morning I went off at 7.45am (on a Sunday- someone check me for fever) to do my long run and got in just over 19 miles at approx. 10 minute mile pace.  As I was visiting my folks, I did an out and back from their house first of all that was 45 mins out, 45 back along the canal at just under 10 min mile pace, then stopped off at the house, picked up my dad and did another 1:30 loop with him at just over 10 min mile pace.  That's the longest he's run since he got back into running and I was well proud of him!  Then when he'd had enough I dropped him off at the house, did another mile, and then came home.  Didn't find it too tough till the last 3 miles or so today; having company GREATLY helped me.  At some points I was struggling to keep up with my Dad!  But near the end it was getting hot and I was definitely feeling my legs getting pretty heavy- I was fantasising about getting in and having a beer for some strange reason.  Got in to the house, and treated myself to a wee glass of 2% lager (had to drive back to Aberdeen later so it had to be a low alcohol!) which I shared with my mum who'd just finished her long run - and god it tasted good!

    We await oirish's race report- but I imagine he's out boozing just now- happy birthday oirish! (if it's today!)

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Thanks all.  Yes, I did enjoy the pizza and I've just cracked open another beer....

    In fairness, I'm not sure if I can really "count" my 10K PB (43:40).  It was from earlier this year and was on a course where the first mile was down hill and the rest flat (i.e., the course didn't come back up to where it started).  Torbay is tougher but a "fairer" course as it starts and ends at more or less the same height above sea level.  If I discount the 43:40 time, today is the quickest I've run a 10K image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Today was the inaugural Kinsale 10. You had the option of running a 10k or 10 mile. Kinsale is on the south coast of Ireland and the race was to start at Garretstown beach. This beach is wide open to the Atlantic and is a magnet for surfers as the waves here are pretty big.

    Originally the 10 miler was supposed to start at 10am with the 10k starting 20 mins later but the gardai (police) suggested yesterday that as the races went through the local village of Ballinspittal and mass was on at 11am, a combined start at 10.10am would be better.

    I got to Garretstown at about 9.25. Did not have the best nights sleep last night but when I got out of the car this was soon forgotten. It was a lovely sunny morning, bright blue skies, waves crashing onto the beach and so so windy.

    Registration complete, race number and safety pins collected, race briefing over we headed off up to the Speckled Door Pub for the start line. This was about 1.5km back up the road and while the rosfds were not shut they might as well have been with the 300+ runners filling the road.

    I know this area reasonably well but have never run here. The first mile was back along  the beach front and once I cleared the mass start I settled into a steady but slightly quick pace. The end of this mile climbed up from the beach past the caravan park and then turned right to head for Ballinspittal town. There then followed 2 miles of undulating and narrow country lanes. I tagged onto the back of a group and as able to use the downhill sections to make up for time lost on the uphill sections. I was keeping below 8 min/mile. As we interred Ballinspittal town I started picking people off and as we left the  town centre and climbed uphill I found myself leading and moving away from the group.

    Through the first drink station (5k) and the field was strung out along the road. I joined another group and after a while decided to push on down the road and see if I could catch the next group. It was warm at this point with littler wind inland. I was feeling Pk as I headed past the first beach which was full of surfers and then turned to run back along the beach front. Quite a few of those I was chasing down were doing the 10k as they made the u turn to head back to the finish. 

    The course climbed slightly after the 6 mile mark as I headed back to the Speckled Door pub. Took a right here and started climbing as we headed out to the Old Head of Kin sale. This is a famous landmark with an important Lighthouse and now a world famous golf course on the headland way above rt he sea..

    This was a brutal climb just going up and up through the second half of mile 7 and all of mile 8. I just got slower here as again on this side of the headland there was no wind and I was cooking. Once at the top, a little into mile 9 it was worth it. The viewed out over the sea from this hieght were spectacular on such a sunny day.  could also see the finish area from up here even though it was nearly 2 miles away.

    Nobody had passed me for 4 - 5 miles and I had thought the descent would be easy. Wrong. Straight into a headwind and I thought I was running sub 7:30 but was only doing 7:45. There were 3-4 people ahead of me and I made up some ground but could not catch them. 

    It flattened out on the bottom as we ran back along the beach front. Crossed the line and there was nothing left. Finish time of 1:18:41.

    My splits were :

    7:42; 7:49; 7:57; 7:51; 7:23; 7:47; 8:12; 9:18; 7:53; 6:45

    This was a great race. Really hard with that very long climb but with great weather and fantastic scenery it rates as one of my top races.  Marshalls were good and the sandwiches at the finish were a nice touch.

    Will do it again next year for sure.

    Considering that I am only 3 weeks into my marathon training I think it is a decent effort. 

  • Carl what a great report.  You made me want to be there!  Sounds a beautiful and exhilerating race.

    Think that's an excellent time and you did some speed on that last mile!   You really saved a little something for the finish and then went well out making sure you had nothing left afterwards.


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Great report and run there Carl, and a strong finish too!  I find that finishing strong (but feeling you couldn't have given any more) is a much better feeling  than slowing down towards the end because I've blown up, even if the times end up being roughly the same.

    I'm up relatively early on a Bank Holiday Monday with the intention of getting a slow 5-6 mile run in this morning as we're doing non-running stuff today and I don't think I'll fit it in later.  I must say, my legs are feeling it this morning after yesterday's efforts!

    This week my wife is going away to see family; she is leaving early Wednesday and back late on Friday, so I'm going to move things around a bit and probably do my LSR in the week rather than the weekend.  I've also (on a bit of a whim really) entered a 5-mile offroad race on Friday evening.  It was only £5 so I thought I may as well, as a lot of Club mates are doing it and as my wife isn't here I'll be at a bit of a loose end after work on Friday.  No idea what time to go for really; I'll see how I feel on the day I think.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - it truly was an amazing place to have a race. There is no doubt that the weather made it as if was wet it would have been miserable as it is very exposed on this part of the coast (hence the great surfing). When I get back home it will be interesting to see how much that climb on mile 7/8 really was. It was tough and the legs are feeling it today. When I turned the corner at the top of the headland the finish are was tiny in the distance and so far below me. 

    Great race and I am still buzzing from it. Given me a real confidence booster.

    Big G - you are right. Always nice to finish strong. There was a steep downhill bit which clearly helped but after the climb it was great to finish strong and know that I had given it everything.

    i finished 26th out of the 97 entrants for the 10 miler. The majority did the 10k event.

    Really pleased with this as it felt like a race with everyone strung out along the road rather than bunched up as normal.

    Overall my time is a bit slower than my HM pace from February, it is pretty good considering where I am in my training for Dublin. Must now concentrate on getting the mileage in. Had thought about getting a short recovery run in this morning but have worked out that it would not be well received by the OH.

  • Hi all

    I've just typed out a long race report and just nearing the end somehow deleted the bloody thing image

    So I'm going to do a shorter version..

    Good running everyone, all in a happy place, congrats all around.

    Did race yesterday cycled the 10 miles there, registered.

    Ten mile, two lap race including a 5m option.

    Paced a friend got her around taking 11 minutes off her PB and going sub 1hr. Happy times. Changed my trainers as new ones were a bit "not right"

    I started the second lap way down the field and was going past people at a fair lick, it really helped to have a series of targets. I felt a bit patronising encouraging people as I bolted past them but everyone seemed to smile and appreciate it.

    Got a few odd looks from marshalls as I was going twice as fast as everyone else around me. Including one saying to another "what's that about?"

    Long story short I have an unofficial split time taken by a friend of 31:05  for my second lap which I was chuffed as nuts with. It felt fast but as I had been running slowly previously and had been  overtaking a lot so I put it own to that. It was also really comfortable.

    When I was told the time I thought it couldn't be right but with checking the rough splits on my phone, the overall time minus my ladies 5m time and my friends time the maths adds up. If I was being really conservative I'd say 32 minutes or so.

    I think being totally warmed up and having targets to hit gave everything focus and really pulled me along.

    Then a couple of pints of Murphy's the post race race drink of champions and then I cycled home.

    I went out last night with the running group and danced for about 4 hours, my calves hurt more than my head. I'm going to spend my birthday out in the garden reading the sports pages and dozing. Rock n roll.

    Apologies for the terse report but I'd written a sodding novel!! Honestly a literary masterpiece and my H button had fallen off.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - agree that it is really annoying when the page refreshes itself before you have hit the Send button. Real shame about your story as was looking forward to another adventure.

    But very well done on what looks like a stinking great time for 5 miles. I don't think you need to follow any training plan. Just turn up and go. Does not seem to matter what the distance is you still have a great race time and time again. 

    And super great work on getting your friend round with a massive PB. 

    And Happy Birthday image

  • Wow = off the air for a couple of days and lots to catch up on!

    Ali - super parkrun & great long run image

    Big G - fantastic 10k time ... good running, well done sir.

    Carl - that indeed is an impressive 10 mile time given where you are with your training & v strong finish. Gotta be chuffed with that?! Wasn't too far from you this morning as the crow flies - docked in Rosslare Harbour at lunchtime to start the arduous 4hr drive north!

    Oirish - you really are on fire man! So a quick bit of mental arithmetic tells me your fast last five were sub 6.20 pace.... extremely impressive sir. And many happy returns - you are the same vintage as me... for the next 4 mths anyway!

    So everyone is running well and on a bit of a high which is great to see.image

    Had an 8 miler to do this evening and after getting home after 5pm and then unpacking, cutting grass, sorting kids out etc it was 9pm and getting quite dark before I got the running shoes on.
    Was supposed to do GA pace and started @ 9mmls for first 2 miles but was anxious to get the run done as still stuff to do when I got back.... so it ended up a progressive type run with miles 3 - 7 getting progressively faster with the final mile 8 fastest @ 6.53.  I had one of those runs when on the first 10 strides I felt a spring in my step and felt really strong from the off - even the last mile just felt like a fast cruising speed rather than eyeballs out which would normally be the case for a sub 7 mile! I think a combination of the 2 days enforced rest when travelling plus 2 weeks of trail running possibly made this run feel so easy & comfortable?

    Club session tomorrow image.... strangely I have missed the pain!

  • Hi all,

    I'm still getting over Sunday both physically and mentally. Bodywise my left ankle is a tad sore and swollen plus my knee ached yesterday but seems good to go today, I'm not sure what to put these down to it is either plain exaustion, running 5 miles unusually slowly, running in new shoes or a combo of all three. I'm going to take the new shoes out for a steady run later and see how that goes. I've only used them for Parkrun Saturday and the first lap yesterday. You don't realise how much your old pair of trainers have died until you run fast in a new pair do you? I felt like a Kangaroo for the first hundred meters at Parkrun.

    Mentally I still can't quite get my head around my second lap Sunday, when I did the 5k Saturday I felt awful for much of it but just gritted my teeth but Sunday was just so ridiculously easy, I mean I was sprinting with 250 to go! My time for the second five would of put me in the top ten for the 5 mile race. So strange.

    The conclusion I have drawn is that this proves how much of running is mental. As I'd said about my Parkrun before not knowing the course preoccupied me a little bit but here because I had taken a good look on the first lap I knew what was coming, where drink stations were and where to attack.

    The other thing is that because I was chasing people down I was concentrating on reeling in runners one by one so it broke the whole thing down into manageable chunks an I was around before I knew it. It was just all a very odd experience, really pleasing but odd all the same.

    Oh and I'm also claiming credit for another runner from the running group claiming a PB on her 10 mile race as she said the fear of me catching her on the second lap spurred her on all the way around, even to the extent she checked over her shoulder on the finishing straight. 

    So it back to the grindstone now for a week or two then a couple of attempts at 10ks for me, who is up next racewise?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - I agree with you that this running malarky is more mental than anything else. Todays LT run is proof of that. The plan said 10 miles with 5 at 15k to HM pace. Straightfotward enough I hear Ricky say.

    Now it might have had something to do with the fact that I drove back to London from Kinsale yesterday. Approx 500  miles and a 13 hour journey in total. Off for the rest of this week so I got up, had a quick bite to eat and hit the road about 30 mins later.

    The legs were very heavy for quite a few miles.. 

    Now on Sunday I ran a tough 10 miles and 8 of those miles were sub 8min/mile pace. But today knowing that I had to run 5 miles one after the other at circa 7:30 pace was playing on my mind and not something that I was looking forward to. I figured I could do 4 but was not so sure about the 5th.

    And as I kept thinking about it for the previous 4 miles, it was a really tough mile.

    Miles one and two were duly completed in 8:49 and 9:02 mins.

    The next 5 miles were completed in 7:32; 7:32; 7:18; 7:18 and 7:31

    I struggled and found it tough keeping it together for that final 7:31 pace.

    Then 2 further miles at 8:56 and 8:54 min/mile pace.

    Overall 10 miles at 8:03 min/mile average.

    I found this a really tough run.Now considering that I ran 10 miles on Sunday at 7:56 min/mile average pace there should not have been much difference. But today definitely was harder.

    Now on Sunday I was up for the race. The conditions were good and whilsta tough course I ran a good race. Got some good miles in before a really tough climb and finished strong.

    Today was all about grinding out the miles and getting a 5th LT pace mile in. Most miles I have run at this pace in training so far.

    So the conclusion is that mentally I was in a better place on Sunday than today and it showed.

    Proof that this running malarky is a funny business.

    I missed a 5 miles recovery run yesterday as I was in the car all day and got a chance to sneak out of teh house again tonight. My eldest has a freind over for a sleepover so i took advantage of a busy house and headed for the gym.

    Did the 5 miles on a treadmill. Again this is where running is all in the head. I ran a strong 5 miles (8min/mile pace) and was up for it and knew that I could do it despite this being my second run of the day or a Double as they say in the P&D book.

    Only another 33 miles to do this week.

    Need to do an 11mile GA run tomorrow which I might do early to get it out of the way. image

    Trust you are all well if a little quiet.


  • So I have entered Dublin tonight & booked a hotel for the night before .... bit of a bargain... only £50 for a twin room (sharing with the white Kenyan) & includes full breakfast. Only a 5 min walk from start line too image..... Has anyone else booked accommodation/where are you staying? Hotel I booked is almost sold out so better be quick! PM me if you want hotel details.

    Club session last night - 10 x 75secs with 90 sec recoveries. Covered 2.3 miles over the 10 intervals which was an average pace of 5.40 mmls. Sounds easy but was a toughie - a real VO2max lung buster & leg burner!

    8 mile progressive run this evening starting with a 9m/ml and finishing with 7.10 m/ml .... total time 66mins and 8.13 avg pace.

  • Those LTs aren't easy Carl - I dread them if i'm honest which probably makes them harder! You are correct - in a race you are up for it so def a mental thing I think!

    You are deep in big mileage weeks now Carl & you seem to be relishing it. Good stuff image

  • Hi all

    Oirish- well done Mr Speedy for your 10 miler.  I enjoyed your terse race report.

    Carl- very much agree on the 'mental' aspect of running... will fill you in on my long run today which ties in with this.

    Ricky- that club sesh does NOT sound easy... not at that pace!  Well done.

    I am just back my long run.  Started out slowly and my legs felt like crap, just heavy and dead, and my mind wasn't really into it either.  I half thought about going back.  But I decided to tackle it by just choosing instead of doing my out and back route, to do a succession of smallish loops that would mean I was never more than about 6 miles from home.

    It is a strange mind game, this running.  So anyway I kept going and kept going- and after about 90 minutes I finally felt warmed up/into my stride.

    Was glad I chose the route option I did though, it reassued me knowing I wasn't stuck out in the middle of nowhere.  

    It was pretty warm and humid and I felt very dehydrated- was sweating buckets.  Had to stop 3 times (yes, three!) to buy a bottle of juice as I was just soaked with sweat!  But I stuck it out and came home 3 hours 10 minutes later feeling very happy with myself.  Mind over matter I guess.


  • Ali - That's a terrific run, even more so considering the weather conditions. the old humidity can be quite draining can't it? I seem to be in the permanent company of a drinks bottle or glass lately and it has certainly helped that I've been hydrating properly for the first time possibly ever.

    I've been quite enjoying running in the heat of late, it certainly helps loosen up the old limbs. There really is no exact science to all this is there? You go out not quite feeling it and nail it and yet on another occasions I've felt great to start with and ended up struggling through. I think we could all drive ourselves insane trying to get our heads around it all given half a chance.

    Ricky - It's all systems go for Dublin then? I'm sure all this running in the heat is the ideal preparation for Ireland in October. I'm not sure I much fancy your club sessions though, sounds suspiciously like hard work to me.

    Carl - The miles are stacking up nicely now aren't they? When it gets to this point in the training for a marathon with sessions coming on one on top of the other it's just a matter of getting it done and not dwell on the performance too much. The great thing about running if you have a good or bad run you is you have to move on or get a chance to put it right very quickly.

    I did an 8 mile hill session yesterday afternoon, a really good workout 1427ft of elevation up and down of the two biggest hills near me. The word "rest" on my schedule today has never been more appreciated.


  • Great Long Run Ali! - I have a 20mlr pencilled in for this Sun morn image

    Yes Oirish - freshly motivated now that I have officially entered Dublin!

    8 miler this evening with 5 x 800m @ 5k pace was what P&D prescribed.

    Was a tough session - ran the 800's on a 1500m loop in the local park... so the final 700m of the loop was the recovery before the next lap and next 800m interval.
    Splits for 800's looked like this:

    3.02; 3.03; 3.03; 3.02 & 2.58 ........ I think this equated to around 6.20 pace maybe?

    Total run was 63mins & 7.55 avg pace overall.

    felt quite tough on the intervals and on reflection a bit quick - doubt I could sustain that pace for 5k!

  • I had planned to do my 6 miles with fartleks tonight but after yesterday's LR my legs weren't so fresh, I decided to do the 6 miles but maybe go easy on the fartleks and just make it a recovery run.....

    Ended up being 6.24 miles at 9:11 pace average with a couple of faster miles where I did put in fartleks.

    In other news, I have just got a new phone (after my iphone being stolen way back in June in Berlin..) Anyway downloaded Runkeeper app seen as I don't have a garmin unlike all you cool people.

    Used it for the first time tonight which told me my very accurate route length and pace for the evening's run image which I liked as normally I am just using my own mapped routes and stopwatch to work things out.

    I knew the route I was doing was a 10k so the route length it came up with was almost spot on.  However the weird thing about it was the elevation chart... for some reason it plots in the run I did tonight as having many many peaks and troughs, looks like a right hilly one!  When in reality, I ran along the coast, out and back and out again... 100% on a flat promenade at sea level, so I know I did virtually no climbing at all!  Anyone's Runkeeper/Garmin do this too?!

  • Ali - Garmin never..... but Runkeeper occasionally can be unreliable & inaccurate.

    Rarely use runkeeper these days although I did use it recently as well as the garmin when running on the trails on holiday. Some areas were quite wooded which runkeeper did not cope well with at all and became very inaccurate whilst the garmin was fine.

    As the old saying goes you get what you pay for! That said the free smartphone apps such as runkeeper are great and usually close enough with regard to distance & speed. I used to use nothing else however I haven't looked back since going the garmin route.

    Early morning running group tomorrow - 5 of us confirmed. Group running 15 miles but I plan to tag on some extra and make it my second 20mlr of the Dublin campaign.image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - some really good sessions from you so far this week. That club session of yours seems tough and really impressed that you followed it up with a tough P&D session. Not looking forward to that when I get there. 

    Best of luck with the 20 miler tomorrow.

    You are very organised booking your accommodation for Dublin. Need to sort myself out with flights etc. Going to be a complicated week leading up to it as it is the kids half term here and Mrs D is talking about going to south of Spain and coming back on the Sunday !!! 

    How do you think you are getting on compared to similar time before Limerick ? It seems to me that you are a lot stronger. 

    Keep it up. You are setting the pace fort sure.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ali - really fab long run from you earlier in the week considering that you had doubts from the outset. Real show of mental strength to complete it and this must be a great boost pre Loch Ness.

    Also good follow up run and great that you got some faster miles in. Seems like it it is coming together for you which is good to hear.

    Have never used run keeper but like Ricky I have been treacly pleased with my Garmin since I switched to it. I used have a Nike + and occasionally this used mis record the run which is very frustrating. 

    What is your next week looking like running wise ?

  • Oirish - a great hill session from you.. You certainly seem to like extrremrs. How do you intend to tackle the ready of your training as it seems to me that you are ready now.

    You are so so right about this marathon training. With 5 runs a week in the training plan they sot of keep coming at you and you just have to knock them out. It is a bit of a bind this time of year. I think it is more about getting the miles in and having a good mix rather than every session being spot on perfect. At least that is what I tell myself.

  • Anyway my running is done for this week and my legs are mashed. 

    48 miles in total which was a big step up in mileage from last week as I had swopped a 16 miler for the 10 mile race.

    Glad it is over. It has been tough.

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