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  • Mix it up - did around 15 mins on 9%, dropped down to 6% for 5 mins for a bit of a break, then down to 3% and upped the speed for 1km, before back up to 9% for rest of it.

    Got a 4 miler in the schedule today - plan on going out 9:20 min/mile ish for 2.5 miles and then turn it on for one mile before cooling down in final half mile.

    Three poached eggs on toast for breakfast! Mmm.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the advice re fueling Spoons. Makes loads of sense.

    Just had scrambled egg on toast for brekkie. Fab.

    8/9 mile run planned for later today. Probably around 9:20 mm.

  • Morning Carl & CW - it sounds like some good progress on the running and food front, good stuff.

    Mr Spoons - yes, it was a good track session alright although I dont think I could do that for 100 miles like your mate ! Back on the track tomorrow for some intervals so I think I will make that and the tempo session a regular on the track.

    This morning I have done 8.2 miles @ 9:46. The legs felt it a bit after last nights tempo run and with about 1 mile to go there is a sharp 0.5 mile hill that made me blow a bit but I kept on my steady pace and made it ok. All in all a decent run.

    Currently tucking in to a huge bowl of porridge that I couldnt stop thinking about on the run. No gym at lunch today so will be resting now until tomorrow.

  • Sounds like a decent morning run that, carter. I love being on a run and thinking about the food I've got waiting at home! Definitely a good motivator.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Carter - well done on the run this morning. Am assuming that the ankle is no longer an issue.
  • Cheers Carl. The ankle goes a little bit stiff after a session but plenty of stretching type movements and it seems ok ta. Are you back to running at nights again now ? How are you after your car crash ?

    CW - The moment I finished my porridge I started thinking about my lunch image

  • I always think about food on a run (and when not running too) image

    CW - sounds like a good session on the tready. 9% is tough image

    Carter - nice run this morning.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    carterusm wrote (see)

    Cheers Carl. The ankle goes a little bit stiff after a session but plenty of stretching type movements and it seems ok ta. Are you back to running at nights again now ? How are you after your car crash ?

    CW - The moment I finished my porridge I started thinking about my lunch image

    Running when I get home tonight.

    Funny being involved in a car crash when it is not your car. I am fine. Last night I thought I had jarred my knee a little but it seems fine today so I was probably only imagining it so i could join the injury list !! on this thread. image

  • You take it easy, we don't need anyone else on the physio's table.

    Spoons - I've had an email asking if I want to join a pacing group at Manchester. My initial thoughts are no as there will be some people running faster and some slower. I can see the merits of joining but feel I should run my own race and not anyone elses. What do you think ?
  • 4 miler went well. Held back for 2.5 miles as planned at 9:15 pace and then did a mile at 7:15 pace before easing up to 9:00 for final half mile. Leg is still fine - happy with that. Just finished a dinner of spag bol (with loads of cheese image) and settling in to Africa on BBC One now!

    How was your evening run Carl?

  • Carter, I'm wondering the same about the pacing group, so curious to see Spoons' answer..

  • I guess we will find out when he stops eating and comes online image
  • Sorry, just finished dinner....

    i don't know about that particular pacing group, but I have joined a pacing group a couple of times and been accidentally mixed up in pacing groups several times and my experiences have always been bad. At VLM the areas around the pacers are even more busy and congested. I have experienced pacers running too quickly, then slowing down, then speeding up etc. I found this tiring and I hated not getting into my own pace. Personally I just prefer doing my own thing at my own pace. But - if you don't want to worry or think and are happy following a group then it will help.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    CW - well dome on your run today. You seem to be settling back into things well.

    Good run for me tonight. 9.5 miles. Ran the first 7 at 9:15 mm pace, was very comfortable and running within myself so decided to pick up the pace a bit and did the next 2 at 8:40 mm pace and then eased up for the last 0.5 mile back to 9:15 mm pace.

    Really happy with that.

    Talking about food nearly ran into a pizza delivery boy who came straight out of a shop into my path and then when running around Regents Park the wind was carrying the aroma from the Chinese riverboat restaurant on the canal. Just not on when you are trying to concentrate.

    Had a nice plate of salmon and salad for my dinner with a small piece of apple pie and custard. Yummy.

    On the subject of pacing. I have seen it at the VLM and at the Silverstone Half and the crowds around the pacer were crazy. I half followed it on my first VLM but thought that because people were not thinking for themselves they seemed to loose all awareness of what was going on around them and crossed in front of you etc.

    I am firmly in the space of running your own race and if you have done the prep you will be in the right frame of mind.
  • Newbie question: at massive events like VLM, if you want to run the same pace as a pace group - but without using the pacer - how do you avoid the crowd? In the HM I did last year there were pacers but with only 3,000 ish entrants it was really easy to avoid the clusters.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    CW - At the VLM it will very much depend on which pen you are in which is based on the predicted finish time you put on your application. If you have been honest in your application you might have the pacer corresponding to your marathon pace in your pen. If you were not then forget it.

    If your pen corresponds to the correct pace then you will need to be close to tehe front to keep an eye on them.

    It is possible where the course is wide to run close by without being caught up in the mayhem but then you are running watching what others are doing. When the course narrows you will ahve a problem. Drink stations may also become an issue as many times the pacers do not stop they just keep on running.

    Really it is a very personal thing.

    I have tried it but it is not for me.

  • Hi Carl - thanks for your comments. I think you have confirmed what I was already thinking. My initial thoughts were that I would want to run my own race so I think that's what I will do.

    Hi CW - I cant help you with that as I havent run a marathin yet. Maybe the answer is to run faster to avoid the crowds !!

    Morning Spoons - today's question is regarding warm up. I noticed on Sarah & Minni's thread that Sarah's warm up starts off at her slowest pace and gradually increases until she has finished her warm up session. On the other hand, my warm up consists of running at one pace for 15 minutes and then go into my next tempo/interval session. Does it matter which of these methods you use to warm up ? I guess the same question for cool down as well. Cheers

  • CW - very difficult to avoid the crowds I'm afraid image

    Carter - yes - in theory the perfect would be to start really slow and gradually increase the pace a bit. At the end of the session (as you pointed out the other day) you are likely to be running faster. Gradually slow down towards the end. With a warmup before a race, if I am running at, say, 7 min miling, I will start my warmup and 9 min miling and gradually increase the pace to 7 min miling over a couple of miles. Then stop and walk to the start line. Another great warmup trick is to chuck in a few strides prior to the session whilst doing the warmup. Run at around 5km pace or slightly quicker for around 10 seconds focusing on form. Imagine yourself looking like Usain Bolt coming out of the blocks. 10 seconds is long enough to wake up your body but not long enough to knacker yourself out. Do 5 or 6 of them during a warmup.

  • Ok, will give that a try later.

    Working from home eh, more chance to get plenty of eating in then image

  • I'm on a diet.....

  • Seafood ?

  • How are the shins coming along ?

  • Seem fine ish. I get the occasional twinge. Doing loads of physio exercises, pilates, yoga, massage, stretching, foam rollering..... image


    ...... I hate it image

  • I think my mind is made up about the pacing group tpp, though to be fair, as long as I finish before Carter, I really don't mind!

  • Interval training at the track tonight. It was slightly slippery due to the cold weather and as my session progressed it got slightly worse. 3/4 of the track was fairly slippy with just the back straight not too bad. So here are the split times:

    Warm up - 0.5 miles @ 9:46 then 8:08 then 7:44 getting faster each 0.5 mile

    Lap 1 - 7:05

    Lap 2 - 7:05

    Lap 3 - 7:03

    Lap 4 - 6:42

    Lap 5 - 6:45

    Lap 6 - 6:35

    Lap 7 - 6:42

    Lap 8 - 6:38

    I then did a couple of laps before going for a one off 800m which I completed in 3:24 @ 6:46.

    Cool down of 1 mile @ 9:28

    I was blowing at lap 5 partly due to the cold weather and it made it slighlty more difficult than normal to breath.

    All looking good at the moment -

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Carter - good running. Am on my way home a little later than planned. OH is out and I need to do homework with the kids before going for my interval session.

    Lights go off at 8.40 latest so looks like I am saling the fence and running in the dark again.

    Hoping to do 12 x 400m depending on how much time I have.

    Let you know later.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Rachel - sounds like you are a wee bit competitive. Are you both running Manchester ?
  • Hope so. Be good to have a thread smack downimage

    Carter - great session there. And you got quicker throughout which is perfect. What was your rest between laps? And (because I've forgotten and I can't be bothered to look back image ) how do the paces compare to what I originally suggested?

  • Carl - yes we. And I'm going to kick her ass !!
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