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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    CW - great run today. And good news about the shin splints.

    Just back oin after my LSR. It was COLD. I spent a few hours standing on the side of football pitches this morning so think I had not fully thawed out before I went out. And it felt like the cold had got inside me it was that bad.

    Had no fixed route planned before I went out sp after looping round the top of Hampstead Heath / Highgate I made for St Pauls, crossed the Thames on the Wobbly Bridge, South Bank, Hyde Park and back via the perimter of Regents Park. So CW our routes crossed briefly albeit at totally different times of the day.

    No ide of my stats as my watch packed up after 14.52 mile s. I was wondering for ages why my average pace kept going out.

    I have my startr and finish time so I will be able to work it out later. I was targeting 17/18 miles and I think I might have done 17ish.

    And I went over on my right ankle in a bit of a pot hole. It feels ok at the moment but I might need to treat it later.

  • Carl - at least you got out in the cold weather and logged some more miles, well done. Let's hope the ankle is ok.

    CW - well done to you too, sounds like a good run.

    I went out about 8:30 this morning about 30 minutes after tea and toast. It was very foggy and really cold out in the exposed peaks. Actually it was bloody freezing and it took me a couple of miles to warm up properly. I felt my breakfast lay on my stomach for quite a few miles and it felt quite uncomfortable. I had a total of 4 jelly babies during the run but I dont know if it made much of a difference really, I guess this will be something I learn about my body as I progress. So, I covered 18.1 miles in a tad over 3.00 houes @ 9:58. The course I cose looked nice and flat on Google maps/earth yesterday but there were 3 nasty little climbs, 2 were about 0.5 miles and the other was about a mile. On top of that there were a couple of long drags to get up. Here is the link to the run - To get a better look at the elevation have a look at this -

    Spoons - a couple of thoughts about todays run.

    1) I have done a couple of runs of similar length to these over the last few months. When I finished those I could hardly move and had ceased up straight away. Today, though, my legs felt ok considering the effort I had to put in. This would indicate my endurance and strength is improving ?

    2) I'm not sure how much benefit I am getting out of running so much on hills. Yesterday, you suggested that I run on feel rather than looking at my watch and that's what I did. However, because of the hills, the effort I had to put in to achieve a 9:58 average was more than is probably required for a LSR. I would say my average effort over the run was about 5/6 out of 10 where I understand a LSR should be about 2/3 ? Obviously, there is a place in a training plan for running hills but I was thinking of trying to run my LSR over a more flat course ? At the moment, after all of my LSRs I am knacked but I shouldnt be. What are your thoughs and suggestions on this ?

    I'm having a couple of beers tonight. It's my first beer since 01/01 and represents somewhat of a record for me at not drinking beers for 11 days

  • In addition, I started to feel a bit hungry about mile 13/14. I did take some flapjacks with my but while I felt hungry I also didnt feel like eating anything, if that makes sense

  • Wow, I can't believe you ran so far on jelly babies!! That's a looooooong run! And in the cold too!! I felt hungry on my run too this morning. I guess as you say, it's trial and error!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    I had a banana sandwich, cup of tea and granola bar about 2 hours before I went out. Then only thing I had whilst running was one Clif Shot Blok which I think I prefer to gels. The last mile or so was tougher than I thought it should be.

    But I now know that I ran 18 miles in total having tracked my run on googlemaps.

    My sportswatch must have lost its GPS connection around mile 14 and it was another mile or so before I noticed. At this point I was comfortable and running at about 9:20 min/mile avg.

    Running blind I actually sped up for the last 3 - 4 miles and finished with an overall average of 9:11 min / mile. It was getting late and I knew dinner would be ready so I did know that I had increased my pace.

    While probably faster than I should have run overall other than the initial 2-2.5 mile climb whilst I was warming up, the last mile and for a little while immediately after going over on my ankle I was comfortable and running at conversation pace.

    Ankle is ok at the moment so I might have got away with it.

    If it is very cold again in the morning I might do my recovery run at the gym and then go for a quick swim. Probably only going to do 4 miles tomorrow rather than 6 as I have put the odd extra mile in here and there this week.

    Good running today everyone. image

  • Well done on getting the long runs done in the cold. 

    Carter - at the minute you are building strength and endurance. It's obviously working because you didn't feel do fatigued at the end which is good. I would continue running on feel, using the hills and not worrying too much about pace. When you are doing MP sections it would be worth running on the road on a flatter route so you can get the pace bang on. 

  • It's probably already been covered, but as I was late to the party: what marathons are people training for? What dates? Mine is Virgin London Marathon Sunday 21st April.

  • I maybe running Brighton. Haven't decided yet. 

    It's official. I'm never drinking again. image

  • I too am feeling the effects of a booze-fuelled evening! Can hardly move today. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    CW - I am running Paris on 7th April.

    Decided that it was too cold to run outside again this morning so did 4 miles on the treddy at the gym. 9:35 mm pace. No problems with the ankle so that is good news.

    Gym was busy and it just reinforced why running outside is so much more pleasurable.

    Running complete for this week. Rest day tomorrow.
  • I hate treadmill running. Sometimes though it is a necessary evil! I can't imagine you get the same benefits as outdoor running though; can't be as good at working the stabiliser muscles for example. That's just a guess, mind. Does anyone know how the two compare?
  • The trick with treadmill running is to keep adjusting the incline a bit. If you just keep it on 0% it's too easy and you always use the same muscles in the same way. 

    I've done 2 hour runs on a treadmill whilst watching a movie.... image

  • Good running guys, interesting debate about fuel, I didn't take anything at all today during my 14 mile run just about 2hrs 40mins on my feet, I felt comfortable for the duration, but the legs were a little achy at the end, but I could have ran more if asked, so I suppose that's good even if the HR was a little high, I'm blaming the hills
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Spoons. wrote (see)

    The trick with treadmill running is to keep adjusting the incline a bit. If you just keep it on 0% it's too easy and you always use the same muscles in the same way. 

    As it was a recovery run I stuck it on 1% incline but kept it there.

    If I use the treadmill again for recovery, should I vary the % inlcine as you suggest ?


  • For recovery I would probably keep it at 1%. Easier the better for recovery runs.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Carter - you out there ? Or just busy ?
  • Evening. I've had an afternoon stroll around Derwent Valley Damn with the missus this afternoon. I've just got back in from a 10.6 run at 9:16. It was meant to be a recovery run but I started off at a nice pace and just kept going. I ran on feel rather than the watch and I knew it was quicker than it should be but it felt comfortable. At about mile gill 7 the legs started tiring a bit but I kept ticking along nicely. The last 1.5 are uphill so I slowed down a bit. I've just climber out the bath and am feeling good now.

    Rest day tomorrow image

    It looks like there is some good progress with the running this weekend from everyone.

    Sppons, hope the hangover is feeling better now image

  • CW - I'm running the Manchester marathon on 28th April

  • Just to add, my weekly total is 49 miles which is the most I have ever run and I'm feeling ok after it image

  • Carter- a 10 mile recovery run?????? Are you human?? 

  • Ha. When I feel good I tend to just keep going. I do need to learn to stick to my plan though which was meant to be a 6.5 recovery today. Oh well, what harm can it do !!!!! 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - some recovery run. Interesting to hear what Spoons has to say about that.

    I ran just short of 45 miles this week. image which is more than I was running this time last year so that must help.

    General question. How important is it to stick more or less to the plan and how important are recovery weeks ?

    Going to be a tad cold this week so it might be tough to get all these miles in.

  • He will be drunk for a couple of days so won't notice.

    My thoughts on sticking to the plan are that providing you don't overdo it too much but do enough so you don't fall too far behind then that is ok. Plans don't take into account illness and family life for a start ! I'm not due a recovery week for 2 more weeks yet so I will be aiming to get out whatever the weather. The white stuff is currently coming down up here
  • hmmm - well there's no such thing as a 10 mile recovery run. It's only a recovery run if it's short, light and easy and you feel better at the end than you did at the beginning. Obviously there is a definite training benefit in a 10 mile run though, especially running it on tired legs after a heavy week. The only thing to be cautious of is doing too much too soon. It's all going really well but the marathon is still a long time away and you don't want to peak to early, have a fantastic next few months and then be exhausted in April and ready for a break from running.

    I know I have experienced fantastic January / Februarys in the past where I have smashed loads of PBs and knocked out loads of miles, then come the marathon I'm knackered and blow up at mile 20.

    That said, I'm really pleased with how it's all going so far image

  • Yes, it is going well. And yes, I need to be aware that I could overdo it. I have sent you my training plan that I have been tinkering with a little bit recently; if you want to have a look and suggest any changes ta

  • Hi, I thought I would quickly pop on here before my afternoon surgery starts. It looks like things are going swimmingly for you at the moment, which is fantastic. Its nice to read through your thread and pick up some more tips and advice. image

    Had to laugh at your 10 mile recovery run though...I classed that as my MSR yesterday, but then again I am doing a lot less weekly mileage than you at the moment. image

    Glad to hear that you had a successful speed session down at don valley. Did you have to pay to use the track or was it open to anyone like what woodburn road use to be? I still cant get over the fact that they might sell Don Valley, its disgraceful!

  • I think the guys on here are climbing over barbed wire fences at midnight and using the running track with head torches on to avoid paying any entrance fees.....

  • Spoons, Carter will do anything in his bid to beat me, breaking into a running track is probably the least he'd do!!

  • Hi Sarah - you have to pay down there; it's either £4.50 a visit or £15 per month. I have only been twice so far and it hasnt been too crowded although there were plenty of other people using the othe facilities - gym, indoor straight track, stretch room and the Sheffield rugby league team train there.

    The snow has already started freezing up here so it may prove difficult to go training outdoors tomorrow. If it is this bad tomorrow lunch time I may well end up going to the gym and hitting the dreadful treadmill. Such is life..

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