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  • G- how's the legs today?

    Nell- have you started your training plan for Edinburgh yet? If so which one? Just curious.

    I got out after work tonight and it was not very nice and pretty windy but I enjoyed it and felt good.

    annoyingly I managed to turn off my garmin part way through my run so had to restart it when it turned on again. But I know my run went like this: first 2.36 miles, 22:43, 9.:38 pace, pretty much all uphill. Second part: 2.98 miles, 23:31, 7:54 pace and mostly downhill to home. So total 5.34 miles in 46:14. Pretty chuffed with the pace for the second part of my run even though it was downhill that was fast for me and I was giving it my all the last 3 miles to home.

    13 miles tomorrow which I'm a bit nervous about as haven't done that since the Fraserburgh HM on 17 November... It's been a while!

  • Hi Ali, I am on the first week of training. I have used the sub 3:15 plan from RW as a base and tinkered with it a bit. I will not get in 6 runs a week and will aim for 5 and get in 6 if I can (don't think that will really happen). I want to try and keep up the S&C so have to balance things out ... I had a similar happening with the watch also. I was just using my wife's timex and paused the watch at the top of a hill to take in the view of the Forth as I always do at this point of the run and it never started again, that was user error!! I had a rough idea when I stopped though ;0)

    Yes back to the longer runs now Ali!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi Ali.  Legs are fine.  I got a long run in with the "slower" group from my club this morning, so it forced me to go out very steady which is what I wanted.  The route had lots of loop backs so I could have turned around at multiple points if I needed to.  However, I ended up getting 16 miles in and am feeling fine this evening, so it seems the hip is sorted image

    I do have a slight "clicking" achilles issue, which I've had before.  It doesn't actually click, but it kind of feels like it might (if that makes sense!??!).  Hopefully that won't turn into anything as I know achilles can be very problematic.  I think it may be shoe related as I was eeking every last mile out of my old shoes, which have today gone in the bin.

  • Grindleford Gallop recce for me today. The route is 21 miles up and down some lovely village trails. What they didn't tell me was just how muddy and windy it was going to be. Ye gods. After 3 miles I would have gladly gone home but as I was with a couple of friends I stuck with it. I'm glad I did. The views were terrific, the mud was great fun, after 7 miles or so I felt great and all in all I had a tremendous day. Just over 4 hours to cover the 21 miles should give an indication of just how tough it was but a great day and loads of time on my feet with me feeling strong in the last 5 miles gives me more encouragement for Manchester 

  • Sounds a good run carter

    well this 'recovery' week is fast becoming a lazy ass week! Should have done 8 tues, 8 wed, 5 thurs, 8sat and 14 today, instead I've done 8  wed, 6.5 fri and will do the 14 today. All I can say is thank goodness I've rejoined the gym, treadmill is horing but still preferable to running into this wind! Only 2hours or so, but with a number of tv episodes stored on the iPod should be manageable.

    cannot wait for the summer to return and nice evening runs along the riverside... Stares longingly into the distance and is swiftly hit in the face by piece of rubbish propelled by today's 90mph wind!

  • Hi Carter, great running. You seem to be in a good place at the moment!

    Hi Andrew, I had a couple of similar weeks in my build up to the October marathon. I remember at the time feeling bad, but there was nothing I could do about it but write them off as rest weeks. After the marathon my physio said that those weeks acrually did me good!

    Out for 12 miles this morning. Nice and sunny, but the wind was strong. Last 3 miles were pretty much all up hill, the killer was the last mile up hill with the full force of the wind....character building image) finished up about

    1hr 33mins. Then quick turnaround and back out the door to meadowbank stadium to watch my son in his judo competition.on at 13:00 so fingers crossed!
  • Character building??? Hahaha that's one way to put it.  The real shame is how lovely it looks out there until you stand in an exposed area!

    managed about 12 miles on the treadmill in the end, ran quicker than planned as I knew I would not have time to do all 14 the first half was at 12.5 km per hour which I think is a little under 8min miles then second half at 11km per hour

  • Hi everyone

    andrew I do t blame you for using the tready so much in this weather! But you are truly the king of long tready runs!

    and carter- your run does sound terribly 'character building' well done to you!

    nell that's a pacey 12 miles! Good stuff.

    i got out and did my 13 miles in 9:47 average pace (thought I'd be a bit slower to be honest). Started along the coast then did a city to country out and back. Conditions not pleasant at all but well chuffed that I got it done. 36 miles this week for me! Biggest in a good 6 months I'd say!!!

    next week going to have to be a bit of a step back as I'm going to a hen weekend Friday- Sunday. But then I did start my training plan a couple of weeks early, for reasons like this! So I will just jump straight back into my next big week with its 15 mile LSR the week after next. Nice to feel like I'm not cheating by having a bit of a cut back week. Will probably be good for me anyway as the legs are knackered after this afternoon.

  • Well done everyone in keeping going in floods, mud and beers (Ali next weekend)

    LSR yesterday brought me past the  200m mark in the training plan -  only about 300 more to go!


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    Busy few days on here despite the shocking weather we are all having.

    Been a tad busy the last few days with my parents being over. I did surpass myself and mnage to get some running in.

    I have only read back this page but will have a look back further later.

    Carter - that Grindleford Gallop sounds really tough. Really impressed that you did it and under 4 hours too. Manchester will be a doddle come April image.

    Nell - the conditions are certainly character building. On my run yesterday I crossed the Thames and at one point I was running  - or at least I looked as if I was running - but I was not actually going forward.

    Andrew - well done for completing the run on the dreaded treddie. I think 10 miles is my record and I was close to slashing the wrists .........

    Ali - sounds like a great weekend is in store. Every so often I do think it is important to let life get in the way of running. Otherwise we become a tad boring.

    Canter - over 200 miles. Great running from you. Have a feeling that you are going to get that sub 3:30 time quite easily.

    So last Thursday night I was due to do 5 miles tempo at HM pace and 7 miles in all. Needless to say that it rained on me again and as the parents were due to arrive I did not think being out running would be the right welcome. So I cut the run short and only did 5.5 miles in total.

    Was out at a dinner with the OH on Friday night (left the parents to babysit ... they are still talking to me)

    Saturday was just busy with kids activities and looking after my guests and having other family members around for dinner. So while the plan had a few miles in it, I decided in the interests of peace and tranquility that I would give these miles a skip.

    Sunday was going to be busy with me taking the parents back to Heathrow and having to take the little fella to his first footie match of 2014. So I knew when I went to bed on Saturday night (late) that if I did not get out of bed early on Sunday I would not make it.

    6.45 I got up. Wind was still howling outside and it was dark. Snuck about the house, grabbed a quick brekkie and out the door by 7.15. It was cold and windy. Did I say it was windy. It was horrible in places and worse than my race last week. I covered much the same route down to the Thames as a few weeks back but extended it as I was planning 18 miles. I misjudged it slightly and to get back home ended up doing 20 miles in 2:50:40 which is 8:32 min/mile average.

    It was bitterly cold and in places very hard to run. I took 3 gels during this run and think I have settled on both the gel  and flavour. I used High 5 Rasberry flavour.

    8 of the miles were slightly faster than 8:30 at circa 8:20 and the other 12 were 8:35 to 8:45 range.

    Legs have been a bit tired today. Have got to get back in the saddle tomorrow night and do some serious speedwork.

    My parents could not understand what I was doing going out of teh house at silly o'clock. They thought I was mad. And maybe I am .....

    Watched my little boy play footie in the afternoon. Froze in the process. The wind was bitter and it rained. Only good thing was they won 3-2.

    Another storm is coming our way by all accounts. image


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Big G - great to hear that you got back out running on Saturday even if it was with the slow group.

    Funny how we all hold onto shoes until they fall off us. I have 2 new pairs sitting in boxes and have still not given up on the old pair yet.

  • Hi all.

    Been lurking on this thread for a while now, so I feel like I know you all already image, and I thought I would finally say hi. Your training all sounds bang on track and even those with knocks or niggles are doing sensible things.

    I ran my 1st sub 4-hour marathon at Yorkshire in October, and I was lucky enough to get a club place for London in April. I'm aiming for a 3:30 something time, down from my 3:56 at York.

    Ive locked 100 miles in January and looking for 120 in February. I've done 2 HM's already this year, but run no further on a single run yet, so really looking to get a 15 miler (or 20 if I can do another circuit) under the belt this weekend.

    Anyway, thats me, and I look forward to chipping in a bit more and conversing with you lovely folk.


  • Andrew – I've tried wording this without it sounding like criticism but I can’t so I will come right out with it so please don’t take offence - what will you do on race day if the weather is as rubbish as it is now and you have been doing all your training on the treadmill ? Personally, I think you would benefit in the future by running in these conditions as if the weather is like this on race day you will be used to running in them and know you will be able to cope with it. Just a thought.

    Nell – yes, I’m in a really good place at the moment and am feeling very positive. I've got 4 x 20 milers in already and still have room for a couple more. Confidence is high, I’m managing the niggles ok at the moment and I can’t wait for race day ! I agree with you about the rest weeks. With my dodgy knee I have been forcing myself to go no more than 2 weeks without having a cut back week. I think it’s actually benefiting me and making me stronger.

    Ali – a nice long run from you and a very impressive weekly total. Where are you off to for the hen weekend ?

    Canter – good stuff on getting to 200 miles !

    Carl – more cracking sessions from you despite the horrible weather conditions and the fact that time has been at a premium for you.  And yes, you’re definitely mad ! Have you done any more sessions down the track on your own in the dark ??

    Hi Sean – well done on the sub 4 at York, have you entered it for this year as well ? What training plan are you following for London ? Which HM’s have you run this year and what times did you get ? One thing I noticed from your post is that the furthest you have run so far this year is 13.1 yet you might be looking at doing a 20 mile this weekend. That seems to me to be too big a jump in one go in terms of the distance you are planning to run, it might be sensible if the weekly increase was a bit less than that, at the recommended 10% per week increase ?

    So, after running the GG on Saturday, I decided to go out and run a few miles at MP on Sunday to see how the legs coped feeling tired. I only decided to do this as this week is a cut back week for me. I managed 7 miles @ 8:30 and while the legs were indeed tired I coped with the run quite nicely. This week, I’m only intending on running a couple of short runs at lunchtime and then a medium run on Saturday which should be about 25 miles. This approach seems to be working fine for me at the moment, with regards the knees, so I reckon I will just carry on with it. 

  • Hi Caterusm

    Not entered York this year as looking at the Lisbon marathon instead. Ive ran a 1/2 marathon in South Africa in January which involved over 1500ft in climbs up to Table Mountain (1:50) , hardest race ive ever done in my lifeand ive just done the Liversedge HM in Yorkshire this weekend just gone, which was also very hilly and windy and rainy in 1:42:01 which was actually a PB for me. Thus on a flatter course this year  I think I can comfortably get down into the 1:30 somethings. We shall see.

    I have a nice and flat 5 mile circuit I can run from my house, so im planning to run it x 3 for 15 miles, but do one more if I feel OK on the day. I wont push myself though if I feel any niggles.

    Im not really following a plan as such as they dont really work for me, but Im in a running club and so my typical week goes something like this.

    Mon: rest

    Tue: Club session (hills, intervals, track on alternative weeks)

    Wed: 5 miles steady (if not to sore from night before)

    Thur: lunchtime fast 10k along the canal 

    Fri: jog into work steady 5-8 miles

    Sat: Parkrun + 3 miles

    Sun: race / LSR


    Total: 30 - 35 miles 


  • Welcome Sean. They’re good HM times, and point to you being in the right bracket for your target marathon time. As Carter has highlighted, you probably need to build those extra LSR miles incrementally, and a 10% weekly increase seems to be the general rule.

    Carl – there must have been some cheap flights coming out of Ireland last weekend, as my folks were visiting as well.

    I’m in the need of some advice from you guys.

    I have two races in my training schedule – a 10k this coming Sunday, and a HM (Surrey Half Marathon) on 9th March.

    My training programme for Sunday has a 16m long run in it – 8m easy then 8m at MP – which I’ll miss by doing the race. Do I just forget about this week’s LSR, or try to fit the miles in elsewhere?

    (I want to do the 10k to see if I can get an improved time based on the training schedule so far).

    Any input most appreciated.

  • Carl- fantastically speedy for 20 miles.  I am really impressed by your pace at the long runs nowadays.  As long as you're not injury prone etc.  But wow, I wish I could accomplish similar.  Fantastic.

    Hi Sean and welcome.  I agree with Carter on your long runs, 13 to 20 is a big jump and your body might not thank you.  I'd personally go for 16 at the weekend as 3 miles extra is quite manageable.  

    Carter- thanks, I am doing well just now and completed 3 weeks of marathon plan to a tee.  The hen weekend is in Inverness and I am really excited.  This week I am just writing off in terms of running (as in it won't be to plan) but when I go back into week 4 next week, I will still be ahead of schedule for Edinburgh.  It sounds like the perfect time for your cut back week Carter, after your GG and MP run the next day.  Take it easy this week.

    Canter- a question with regards to your question.  What's the longest you've run so far this year?  If you've already ran pretty close to 16 so far then I would most likely choose just to miss the LSR for one week and race the 10k.  It will be great for fitness and a nice speed session.  There is probably no point trying to get in a longer run elsewhere in the week if you want to race the 10k.  You need fresh legs for the speed of a 10k I think!  Can you catch up with LSR distance next week easily enough?

    I was meant to be meeting my friend to run tonight however we ended up cancelling for various reasons.  I am quite glad actually as my right ankle has been giving me some pain today.  At least it's happened during a week when I had a kind of planned cut back anyway due to social events so it's not interrupting my plans too much.  The right ankle/achilles tendon area is really problematic for me and has been so on/off recently!  Almost thinking of seeing a physio to see what they could do for it.  

    Those who regularly use physios do you think it would be worth it?

  • Carter... **####**%* that's for reading my mind.  No your right, and I will get out again soon, some of this weeks runs will def be outside no chance of me running another twenty on the treadmill.  But on the flip side last year I ran every single run outside in freezing weather and even snow, then marathon day was only the second day all year I'd ran in weather warm enough not to wear a top as ell as tshirt, needless to say I struggled with the heat.  However, that has nothing to do with my current treadmill obsession, it is pure lazyness of not wanting to be outside.

    i did recovery 7miles tonight which included 7 100+m strides/sprints in mile 7. I've always put them off before but really enjoyed them today. Tomorrow is 11 miles with 7 at LT pace, won't be able to start this until about 8.30pm due to meetings so really unsure if it will be indoor or out. Really don't like running out doors that late, but not sure I can maintain 7miles at LT on a treadmill. 

  • Sean - sounds like you've done some nice races so far. I ran Liversedge last year and it was snowing and it was a real tough course. A few weeks later I ran a flatter HM and knocked 7 minutes of my time at Liversedge so I think you can definitely get a 1:3X at your next race.

    Canter - it depends what your main goal is for the next few months. As Ali says, if you are going to race the 10k this weekend then I don't think you should try and get extra miles in on other days. Maybe you could add a few miles before and/or after the 10k if you're feeling up to it ? i would then just carry on with my training plan as normal rather than trying to 'catch up' by adding extra miles the following week. I tried to catch up last year and felt that doing this contributed to me getting injured as I was just doing too much.

    Ali - when I got injured last year I went to see a physio about 5/6 times. Looking back, I'm not sure what I achieved by visiting him after the first time where he identified what the problem was. He gave me exercises and stretches to do but after that I think I was just wasting my money going to see him so regularly. I think I would have been better off spending the money on getting sports massages as these would have helped improve my fitness along with me doing my exercises and rolling. After doing more investigation, I found that basically the role of the physio is to 'identify' the issue and the role of the sports massage is to 'repair' said injury. So that is what I will do in the future if I was to get another niggle/injury.

    Andrew - just man up and get out there image  I have never done strides as part of my training, how do you do them and what benefits are they meant to give you ?

    2 days off running for me so far this week and I'm feeling fully recovered after the weekends exploits. I will be off out at lunchtime though to do a bit of a tempo run. The wind and rain has gone from here thankfully and the temperature has dropped and we had some snow yesterday.

  • Andrew. Last time I tried strides I tore a hammy so im scared to do them again, but like cartersum id be interested to hear how you incorporated them into your run.


    BK canter I have the same dilema. I need to do my 15 - 16 miles this weekend, but have a X-country race on Sunday. Do I miss parkrun and run my LSR on Saturday and run a steady race, or do I incorporate the race into my LSR? Or Do I run parkrun and incorporate my LSR into that? That is a runners first world problem if i've ever heard one. 

    My club session was cancelled last night as the track was frozen, so I went home and ate a pizza and drank a bottle of wine. Training went right out the window. So feeling very guilty and remorseful this morning I put on my running tights and braved the icy roads of Leeds for a steady and safe 5 miles into work. 

    I have a canal 5 mile handicap planned for tomorrow with some other city centre lunchtime runners, so that should be a good gauge for my current fitness levels.

  • Thanks Ali/Carter (there’s a snooker joke in there somewhere) – I did 17m last weekend, and with a good number of miles already ‘in the bank’ I’m gonna just focus on giving the 10k a good go. I’ll just continue then with next week’s plan.

    Did a 7m run yesterday lunchtime down here (along the Embankment/Green Pk/Hyde Pk) in horrendous weather. The rain was horizontal, and it was a mighty effort to keep the legs turning over into the wind. About 3 miles of it was the along the final stretch of the VFM route – let’s hope for better weather in April!

  • Carter/Sean... regarding strides, I did them on the treadmill (cue shock and surprise from all!) I ran just over 6 miles at a recovery pace then accelerated the speed to about 20KM per hr and run for 100-150m before dropping to a gentle 9km per hr pace for about 200m I did this 7 times.  The idea behind them is that they get your legs used to moving at a faster pace and should be done after a shortish gentle run so legs are fairly fresh.

    I was meant to run last night but didn't get home from work until 9.00 and had not eaten so had to give it a miss.  Ran it today instead (should have been a rest day) 11 miles with 7 at LT pace.  I ran a warm up mile in 8.34 then picked up the pace and ran the next 7 at 7.33, 7.03, 7.19, 7.10, 7.11, 7.07, 6.59 this was followed by 3 cool down miles at 7.49, 8.35, 8.32.  Felt good at the end of the LT pace and could have managed the pace for longer if I had needed to.

    Advice now though... the plan for this week was meant to be 7 on tues, 11 wed, 12 fri, 5 sat and 20 on sun.  Now ive missed yesterday so the 11 moved to today, not sure what to do for Fri and Sat? The simplest option is to rest tomorrow and do Sat and Sun as planned but not sure

  • Sean - how did the 5 miler go ?

    Canter - hang in there, hopefully the weather will improve for you soon. 

    Andrew - if it was me I would do an easy run on Friday, rest Saturday and do your long run Sunday as planned. Take it from someone who has tried to play catch up after missing sessions that it might not work and you could end up injuring yourself doing too much. This time round, if I miss a session then so be it, and I have to say that I'm feeling a lot stronger for taking an extra unplanned rest day. To me, the important session is the long run on Sunday so I would focus on being in good shape for that, hence my running Friday, resting Saturday and doing a long run Sunday. 

    Tempo run by me Wednesday followed by a short run this lunchtime which turned into a bit of a fartlek. I charged up a hill to start with, did a couple of easy miles, a few hill repeats, a bit of quick stuff and finished nice and easy. A couple of beers tonight and still undecided what I should do Saturday - 14 miles of easy road running or get myself up the peaks and take in 3 big hills and plenty of mud. What would you chose for me ? 

  • Cartersum - yee went well. Didnt get back from the Arsenal game in London the night before until 3am, so was kinda dredding the run. Legs were pretty tired and blistered from Liversedge still but I did it in 35:38 mins with 5 very consistent miles of 7.08 mins pace. I am going to run home from work tonight (5 miles) , then bin off parkrun and do my 15 miles tomorrow, so I can do my X-country on Sunday (4.7 miles). bringing my weekly mileage up to 35 for the week, the longest I've done so far this training cycle.

    Andrew - that sounds a bit more sensible. When I did my Hammy I was bombing it at 100% for as long as I could, stopping, then repeating x 15. Might give your approach a go.


  • Sadly running tonight is not an option we the wife has gone to the gym leaving me with the kids (she deserves it with the number if times I vanish!) and I need to cook dinner later so the choice has now become (baring in mind I will do 20 on Sunday) do I race parkrun tomorrow or do I add a couple of miles to the start/finish and do it at a steady recovery pace?

  • If you do anything at all tomorrow do it at an easy pace. Save yourself for the long run on Sunday. That's what I would do

  • Advice taken Carter. I met up with my mate at his local parkrun.  He has only just started running goes out a couple of times a week with his gfriend. this was his third parkrun his PB was 29.52 So spot on for my recovery pace. Arrived with about 5mins to spare, I know this parkrun never starts on time so shot off for a quick mile before the start, crossed the line last and moved up quickly in search of my mate. Found him after a few minutes and slowed to run with him.  I pushed him on with a few words of encouragement from time to time and he kept going (his previous parkruns had involved a short walk each time) He even managed a sprint finish so crossed the line pretty much together in 27.25!!  I'd helped him round to take roughly 2.5 mins off his PB. Really really chuffed for him and the run was just what I needed before the big one tomorrow.

    hope everyone's running this weekend is not too badly effected by weather.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Not had much time to get on the old internet this week. Just been catyching up with what everyone is up to.

    Welcome Sean. So London will be your second marathon. There will be a few of us doing London. Some good races under your belt and with the 1:42 at Liversedge 3:30 is well within your grasp. Most important thing is to build the weekly mileage steadily to avoid overstressing the body and leaving yourself open to injury.

    Canter - I am hoping you settled on the 10k race and did not try and get those extra miles in. Some races while preparing for the marathon are a good thing but trying to make up for 'lost' miles is a dangerous game.

    Ali - I am with Carter on the the physio front. It is probably not worth going to a general physio more than once as it will cost alot for very little benefit. With a sports injury or niggle targetted massage is key along with stretching focussed specifically on the injury. I am lucky in that my physio specialises in sports imjuries and therefore knows what he is looking for, and gives a great massage. Hopefully I will not be seeing him for a while.

    Andrew - tend to agree with Carter even though I have had to resort to the treddie a few times over the last couple of weeks. But you are also right. You train in the winter and inevitably on race day the sun comes out and the body struggles to cope with the heat. I know some people swear that they can do all their training on the treadmill and then go out and run the 26 miles on race day. It would drive me insane.

    Canter - the route along the river is lovely in the sunshine. But is tough in the rain having been caught in it a few times. Hopefully this awful weather will go away soon.


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    I have managed to get 4 runs in so far this week despite the weather and am planning a 16miler in the morning.

    Tuesday night I did 4 x 1mile intervals at sub 10k pace on the running track. The track was very busy with people doing laps at different paces, people sprinting on the front and back straight and some rugby practice going on. It was very windy but dry.

    I am always very aware of where the other runners are (as they are all mainly club runners) so while running in lane 2 will move over to lane 3 when they are coming through. When running recovery sections I always move over as far as I can.I have always done this and it has never been an issue. On Tuesday, some woman - whom I had never seen before - wanted to know if I was with the club and said I should not be in lane 2 . Bloody cheek !

    My splits for the intervals were : 6:50; 6:32 ; 6:50; 6:38

    Intervals 1 and 3 were clockwise around the track and intervals 2 and 4 were anti-clockwise. Wind caught me in different sections of the track. On interval 3, I had just startesd when one of the rugby guys stepped onto the track in front of me. This was not ideal but I just carried on. Had to work hard to get it back to sub 10k pace.

    Wednesday night I completed a steady 7 miles with 2 miles at MP  at an average pace of 8:21 min/mile.

    Thursday night I managed 8 miles at a steadty 8:20 min/mile pace. . As it was very cold I did this on the treddy at the gym. Really struggle with the treddy mentally.

    We had some neighbours round for dinner last night so it was a tad late when I hit the sack.

    When I woke this morning it was still very windy but no longer raining. I headed straight out and managed 6 miles at 8:45 min/mile.

    So getting the runs in despite the weather. Have enetred the phase of training where it sort of takes over your life. Does anyone else find this happening ?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So how is everyone else getting on this weekend ?


  • Andrew - well done on getting your mate round for a new PB. And for taking it nice and steady. Hopefully you will see the benefits on your long run tomorrow. 

    Carl - nice to hear from you again ! Good running as ever when you get out there. Sounds like you are getting back out there regularly again.  Re training taking over your life, I'm actually experiencing the opposite of that this time round. I've running less (due to trying to protect my knee) but feeling much more stronger. If the knee is showing signs of hurting I feel comfortable in missing a run and getting an extra rest day in. It doesn't seem to be doing me any harm either. 

    I went out this afternoon and of course it was wet and windy. I thought I would have a couple of miles warm up and then go for some MP miles. It's a cut back week for me so I didn't really have a plan of what I wanted to run. Well, when I checked my watch I found I was running just under 8:00 min miles and it felt like I was running about 9:30. This feeling continued for the whole run and I really struggled with my pace, although it is in a good way as the pace I ran was so comfortable. Anyway, 11 'easy' miles covered. A couple more rest days then I will be back on it next week. 50 days to go to Manchester so I will be pushing hard over the next few weeks. 

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