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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Good to see we are getting a reputation on here for going that extra mile to get the training in image

    I have been toying with the idea of getting up at silly o'clock to go and do my tempo session but have decided against it. If it freezes overnight the route I do will be treacherous and the other options would not be great.

    I am going to gamble on it being ok tomorrow evening to go for it. I really want to see if I can both increase the length of the speed section and also squeeze a little out of the time (my target will be 7:15 mm or better over 25 / 30 minutes).

    If my gps is still playing up I can always use the stopwatch for this section and I will be able to work out my time. Must see what deals are out there on the garmin.

    If not I will have to go to the gym.

    Spoons - how best to approach a tempo session on a treadmill ?

  • ooo..good question re treadmill Carl. I am seriously considering dusting mine off and getting some miles of boredom in. It was just hazardous outside this morning!

  • Morning campers. Another cold and frosty day up north. Speedwork at the gym at lunchtime or risk waiting and go to the track tonight and hope its open and safe. Decisions decisions.....

    Carl - my thoughts are that it could be too much of a risk trying to do a tempo run on the roads. As Rachel said on her thread there was lots of frozen puddles and of course there could be plenty of black ice lurking. Have you run on the track in these conditions before, how was the track itself ?

    Spoons - I see you have logged a couple of runs Jantastic. Are the shins feeling better now ?

  • Carl - when there's snow on the ground is a good time to dust off the treadmill. We don't want any broken legs on here! Treadmills are actually quite good for tempo runs as it's very easy to keep the pace consistent.

    Carter - I did a 2 mile and a 4 mile run and definitely better although not perfect....

  • Thats good to hear spoons.

    I've just got back from a session at the gym and can confirm that I did not enjoy my tempo run at all on the treadmill. I got bored so quickly that I kept increasing/decreasing the incline and then increasing/decreasing my pace (there wasnt even any sights to keep me distracted image). Hopefully the weather improves quickly so we can all get back out where we belong ! I also did a few minutes of weights plus there was a gentle 0.5 miles there and 0.5 miles back to the office. Horrible

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - looks like we asre going to escaoe the snow so as long as it is not freezing around 8pm tonight I will probably go for my usual road / footpath run.

    Otherwise |I will take all your good advice and go to the gym.

    Well done for getting to the gym Carter. I agree that it is one of teh most boring ways to run when we are spolit by running in the open air and all the benefits that come with taht. image


  • Evening all. Crappy 3 miler 8:50 pace tonight: shin splint was pretty sore from the off (first time this has happened) and hurts now after, too. Pain eased off a bit once I was warmed up but that's likely just masquerading the issue.

    Straight on to the ice now and have taken a couple of ibuprofen but the signs aren't good. Schedule this week is 5 tomorrow, 3 Thursday and 10 Saturday. Guess I'll know fairly soon whether I can continue. So frustrating!
  • If I were to clutch at straws I'd say it's the cold weather that made it hurt, but that's not my gut feeling.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    CW - sorry to hear that but probably best to find out now and rest to make a full recovery rather than it to reoccur closer to your marathon.

    I would be gutted if it was me.

    About to go out for my tempo session. It is close to freezing but hopefully there I no wind chill.
  • Sorry to hear that CW 

    Carter - yes the dreadmill is boring. I used to have one and watched DVDs on a laptop on it. At least you got it done. 

    Loads of snow here image

  • Wasn't windy south of the Thames tonight, Carl. Quite a few runners out too - good to see.

  • Spoons - makes a change for the south/east to have snow but none up north. Maybe it's a day for WFH ?

    Bad luck CW, take it easy and don't overdo things.

    Carl - are you doing your tempo at the track tonight ? If you are, can you let me know what the underfoot conditions are like on the track when it's like this. Cheers.

    No more treadmilling for me I think. I am going out in the morning for an easy 9 regardless of the weather ! Then I'm off to give some blood for the first time ever. If I don't make it out alive its been good talking and good luck with your marathons ........image And make sure your all fun faster than Rachel !!!
  • I always fun faster than Rachel. Oh, run faster? No.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    It was cold out there and very few runners out and about tonight. It was also seemed darker than nornal and as I could not use my backlight was running on feel for much of the run as I was away from streetlights.

    Good thing is the GPS was working normally tonight.

    Warm up 1.59miles 9:29 min/mile avg (15mins)

    At pace 3.33 miles 7:11 min/mile avg (24 mins)

    Cool down 2.15 miles 9:08 min/mile avg (19.45mins)

    My fastest mile was mile 3 which I did in 7:02 min. I was dying for the last few minutes of the speed section and stopped after 24 mins because I came to traffic lights.

    Certainly was tough both physically and mentally but glad I did it.


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - sorry forgot to answer your question on running track.

    I ran my usual road / footpath route tonight.

    Last year when we had snow which froze, I could not use the running track for weeks as the temperature being lower than the surrounding area it took it longer to thaw out and the park people would not clear it.

    When I ran on it last Thursday the back straight was a little slippy with falling temperatures.

    So it will very much dpend on the approach of the people looking after the track.

    Why don't you give them a ring tomorrow to see what they say.

  • I am due for my track sessions on thursday so will see how things are then but we have forecasted snow for a few days from Thursday. Might be a case of just toughing it out and doing what you can, when you can and where you can.

    That's a cracking session given the conditions Carl, well done mate. I think you feel even better than normal after such a good session, it makes you feel like you can run in any conditions.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    You are right carter. Never easy to go out on.nights like this but certainly does make you feel good when you come back in and realise that you had a great session.
  • Good work Carl. And mile 3 was the quickest image

    take care out there in the snow and ice

  • Morning all. It's another freezing cold day with fog now thrown in foor good measure. An easy 6.5 miles for me this morning at 9:54 -

    Stay warm and safe everyone

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Looks like the weather is going to turn nasty here in London from Friday. Just in time for my next LSR.

    That said it will just be getting colder for each of my next 2 runs.

    Got get 10 miles in tonight after birthday celebrations for my 7 year old and a parent teacher evening at my sons school.

    Keep warm and safe.
  • Hope everyone's OK. I registered -11 degrees in my car today.....

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    About -2 deg outside according to the car so probably -4 deg near the parks.

    Heading out now but probably cut it back to 8 miles depending on underfoot conditions.
  • Well done Carl. Do you find it colder last thing at night or first thing in the morning, which is your preference to do your running ?

    The track is shut at the moment because of the weather so I will have to find some road/pavement to do my intervals tomorrow. After last weeks surprisingly good 8 x 400 I am going to do 4 x 800 @ 7:00.

    What have you been up to Spoons ? I assume road running is out of the question for you at the moment with your shins and the weather ?
  • Not a lot I'm afraid. I don't have access to a treadmill, the roads aren't safe and I can't get off road as I leave for work at 7am and get back at 7pm image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    It must have been cold out there as I still have not warmed up fully and I have been back in just under and hour !

    Did not see another runner tonight but I was much later going out as the parent teacher evening ran late by nearly an hour.

    So I decided that I would have to push the pace to get back home at a sensible time (not sure that 10.45 is a sensible time).

    8.5 miles at 8:36 mm pace.

    Some dodgy underfoot conditions in places but generally ok. My legs felt fine and could have kept going but I probably needed another layer on as it was late and cold.

    Carter - to run in the morning I would need to be out at 5.30. I think it would be much colder then than in the evening. It is always tough going out in the cold and going back out after coming in in the evening is never easy but I still prefer it.
  • Well done for getting out guys!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Planning to go to the track tonight before it closes for my interval session.

    Last week I did 12 x 400 reps sp tonight I am planning on doing 6 x 800 m.

    Hopefully it is not as cold as last night but I guess it is better than conditions for some of you.

  • Evening. Hope the track went well Carl.

    Carter - how's it going?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Very quiet on here today. Everyone surviving the cold ?

    It was very cold at the running track tonight, windy and icy underfoot in places.

    I got there early enough and just managed to get my intervals in before they turned out the lights and I did my cool down in the dark.

    I found it tough from interval 3 onwards tonight. A combination of a very late run last night slightly faster than I should have done and the cold tonight. AS this deamnds more from the lungs I found breathing in loads of cold air extrenely unconfortable.

    Section times as follows :

    Warm up, 8 laps at 8:55 min/mile

    Intervals of 800m as follows :

    1. 3:15 min

    2. 3:12 min

    3. 3:11 min

    4. 3:10 min

    5. 3:14 min

    6. 3:12 min

    Cool down, 6 laps at 9:08 min/mile

    Really tough.

    Thanks goodness tomorrow is a rest day. Supposed to get snow here in London tomorrow so Saturdays LSR might be a challenge.

    Anyone else get out today ?

  • Carl- very impressed indeed! My treadmill is becoming my friend....

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