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  • Alright fellow runners and wise people, I’m in need of some peer advice.


    No running done for 11 days due to injury/illness – I’ve missed 8 sessions, a grand total of 63 miles, and the equivalent of nine and a half hours on my feet.

    But I’m back in the land of the living so, do I:

    -          Jump straight back into the programme at the next scheduled session tomorrow (a 7m progression run in approx. 60 mins; or

    -          Something a bit more on the ‘easy’ side of things

    -          In advance of a scheduled HM on Sunday which I had targeted for a PB

    As always and feedback most welcome.

  • BK I would say do the 7m, but at a steady pace. Then back on the programme. missed miles wont matter at this stage as we are all highly tuned athletes now. image

    Carterusm: yeah exactly my problem. The amount of running I do I should weigh 10st, however I must admit my diet is generally crap and I like beer, like a lot. So as it stands when I started running I weighed 15st, abliet this has dropped to 14st last year, but now I dont put any weight on, but I don't lose it either. i.e. ive plataued at 14st. After Munich im having a detox month up to London, so hoping to get this down to 13 for london . fingers crossed.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Sean - if you're anything like me your willpower is rubbish. I've said from march I will not have a beer til Manchester. Off to the pub with the missus shortly....

    Canter - as Sean says do the 7 at an easy pace. If the half on Sunday is an A race then go for a PB, if the marathon is then I would make Sundays run a training run, maybe at marathon pace but certainly no quicker. My problem previously has been missing sessions then trying to catch up but I just end up aggravating my knee. 

    Big_G - or do we have to call you sir now ?? Does this mean you are going to check our spelling and grammar for mistakes ? Another sub 1:40, very well done. How are the trails and general running conditions down there now ?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Carter - no need to call me Sir image  I am pleased I've got the role though.  I wanted to get more involved in the club and I knew the previous post holder was standing down so I put my name forward and I was voted in at the recent AGM.  I do run a couple of blogs so it was right up my street really.  

    The weather has been okay recently actually and I was really lucky on my recent halfs as the conditions were good for both.  I had a 2 or 3 races in January/February ruined by the wind (in terms of posting a good time), so I was lucky as the halfs were my "A-races".

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Evening all. A lot going on today and Big G nice to see you back.

    I had wondered where you had wandered off to. Another sub 1:40 for a HM. You see to be in cracking form so I see no problem with you not having done much above 16miles. You will just knock out another great time whether it is 20 miles or the marathon itself.

    Sean - great 800 reps there. In fact super 800 reps. If you push yourself really hard you might sneak in at just under the 3 hr mark in the marathon .... lol .... I agree. I do not think the Yasso 800 theory is up to much.

    Interesting that we are all struggling on the losing weight front. I wanted to lose half a stone or so to get to my ideal running weight. But I have not shifted a thing. If anything I have gained a pound or two. Really annoying. All this running and no benefit !!!!

    Stuart - I only have 5 runs of 18 miles and over in my 15 week plan. 1 x 18m, 3x 20 m amd 1 x 22m. I did my 18mile run 9 weeks out if that helps for a comparison.

    Canter - as the others say. Do not go out on a speed session. Ease yourself back in with an easy run. I would treat the HM on Sunday as a fast training run not a race and get back into the training plan next week. You cannot make up the mileage and do not even try. If you do you will get injured. Pretty much fact. You have been doing some cracking training so you will be fine. You will have lost a little bit and may need to adjust your MP a little but you can guage this closer to race day.

    Carter - nice run from you today and I have to admit you seem to be managing your running very well at the moment. Take it easy on Sunday as you do not want to over exert yourself off road and risk undoing all the good work.

    I enjoyed the fartlek session on Tuesday and followed last nights comfortable run tonight with a progressive 7 miler on the running track. 28 laps of teh track. Floodlights were on and they went off when I was on lap 27. The plan was to start at just over 9 min mile, and kncok 15 secs off each time with the last 2 laps sub 8 mins.

    I have to admit this was a much harder session than it seems it should be. I struggled to keep the first 2 - 3 miles slow. But then as I moved from mile 4 to mile 5 where I was moving up to 8min miles it was a harder transition than I thought it should be.

    Stats as follows :

    9:02 ; 8:41 ; 8:24 ; 8:12 ; 7:57 ; 7:38 ; 7:09

    I did however enjoy really going for it on the last mile and this was done at a fairly constant pace. If anything I got faster as the mile went on.

    8:09 min/mile average.

    So Carter, you asked how it is going. Overall it is going well. I set my plan up with 5 sessions per week but do not always do 5. I usually have a 3 - 5 mile session in either before or after the LSR at the weekend. I am just conscious of how much time during the week I dissapear when I come home from work so if the short run fits in at the weekend I do it and if it does not I do not stress about it. And in reality I am not sure how beneficial this run would be. I would need to race it in a parkrun for it to be of help but they just do not work with me being a taxi at that time on a Saturday morning.

    In any case  will run approx 580 - 600 miles training for the marathon this year.

    For my first in 2011 I ran 380 miles.

    In 2012 I managed just over 500 miles.

    In 2013 I only managed 450 miles.

    So if I can stay injury free I will have put in alot more miles this year. I also think the speed sessions during the week are of a higher quality than before. The question is will it translate into a better marathon time.

    I am also much busier at work this year and what I need to make sure I get over the next 5 weeks is enough rest so that I really am refreshed when it comes to race day.

    I have 2 really tough weeks ahead o

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI sean, Cracking workout on the 800's!

    Hi Carter, There are some young guys that play and I am probably about 25 yrs older than them (or more!) but I can still keep up with them, to their annoyance. Problem is, they wake up the next morning bright as can be as I am aching like hell!! On the whole though the guys that play are pretty good and there are no rash challenges. You usually find with the guys that play regularly that there are no stupid tackles, that happens when you arrange a one off game at work or something like that. The only danger I have is myself when I overstretch or try to make a ball I shouldn't really attempt....Good running from you Carter, you seem in a far better place than last year ;o)

    Hi Canter, Personally I would go a steady 7 miles and then aim to go into the HM as a practice run and end up not being able to resist going for it on the best not to take any advice from me!

    Hi Carl, You seem to be progressing well in training, I am like you next week a couple of days away with work in Brussels (which could be messy) and I think pretty hectic when back, so training could be a case of being squeezed in here and there.

    Good to hear from you Big_G!

    Hi Ali, Good run the other night from you, hope you are ready for next week at Alloa. Have you run it before Ali?


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Well not a bad week so far.

    Hill reps on Tuesday, and to answer your question Carter, as always they hurt. Then some S&C at the gym later.

    Wednesday 8.5 miles at 7:30 pace apart from two miles when it went down to 8 mile pace due to the hills.

    Thursday 6 miles with 4 miles at 7:00 pace with 7:45 to warm up and 8:00 to warm down. Then footie later that day.

    Friday I have rested and been aching from the footie.

    Sat planned 4 miles and then Sun 16 miles.

  • Hi everyone

    Nice to 'see' you Big G.  Good HM times.  You wanted that to be more your aim this year than the marathon so you're doing well

    Sean- speedy 800s.  Very good.  I find the shorter the distance the harder for me.  I'm not natural with speed.  I think somewhere in the middle suits me best probably.

    Canter- you've probably done it now but I think a very easy 7 miles would be best for today or whenever you get back to it.  7 miles is never going to kill you but speed can aggravate injuries.

    Carl- you have a tough couple of weeks ahead but you are also sensible this time knowing you have to get in the rest too to benefit from all this mileage once you get to race day.  Plan that taper.

    Carter- I am another one with no will power.  Pure greed me.  But I do try and eat sensibly most days for an occasional blow out...

    Nell- have not run Alloa before but am looking forward to it.  My 13 mile run at below MP the other night put me in the mood for it.  I am not going to say I could do a PB but I think I am in decent shape.  You feeling less nervous about it now?


    Last night I had limited time but had time for 45 mins on the treadmill at the gym before having to rush home.  So did a session of quick warm up, 10x 400m intervals, couple minutes jogging in between.  All 400m splits between 1:33 and 1:45.  Found these even harder than the 800s I did the other week.  (well at the quickest speed anyway).  I'm not a natural for speed.  Enjoyed it though and did a quick cool down for a total of 45 minutes, and 8km/5 miles approx.

    Rest day today then running again tomorrow and Sunday after work.  Then take it easy the week of my HM.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI Ali, After Sunday I have had a couple of good runs through the week. at the physio on Wednesday she gave me a good massage and I felt superb Thursday morning! I have been on call this week so have been getting disturbed throughout the night but I have still managed to get out in the morning. I don't think I will PB but I will still go out to enjoy it ;0)

    Yes, I saw you had a good run earlier in the week and a nice speedy one last night. It certainly gives your ego a boost when you have those runs ;o)

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Nell - some good running fom you this wek despite the intrusions of your 'calls'. A week away before the HM. Certainly a challenge.

    Ali - a good session from you last night too even if it was a bit rushed. You seem to be enjoying it too which is a great place to be.

    Well I was not expecting to get an email today telling me that I had got a place through the ballot for the Royal Parks Half in October. But I got it and I am really chuffed with that. I love this HM. Although a lot of runners it is well supported nad usually the weather is just about ok. It will probably become my main focus for a HM PB this year. image

  • Nobody here today, hope you all had a good days running. I'm off to the Treadmill tonight for a 5K and then tomorrow is LSR day. Have a great evening everyone

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Stuart - well done for keeping the show on the road.

    Have not been feeling great today. Not sure if it is a virus coming on me or I am just tired. Heading for bed to see if I can sleep it off and hopefully will be able to get out there tomorrow for my LSR. It is a toughie as it is meant to be 20 miles with 10 miles at MP. Need some energy in the tank for that.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Evening all. 

    Grindleford Gallop for me today. 21 miles of muddy off road trails, some ambling through the fells and 3 nice hills to get stuck into. 

    My plan was to start at the back, which I did, and have a gentle trot for the first 6/7 miles and see how I felt. As we were running on trails, and I started at the back, there was plenty of gongestion at gates and styles. I was stood around waiting for ages. It was fairly muddy under foot in a lot of places and I found it really hard going at times, very energy sapping. I got to an old disused train line at 8 miles and went at MP for a couple of miles. I thought that if I kept going at that pace I would struggle later so I backed off a bit. I walked all of the 3 hills, I couldn't have run up them if I wanted to. I ground it out, and I was struggling in places, but came home in 3:54 according to the electronic dibber thingy machines. My watch had me at 3:35 so the difference was me waiting in the early miles. So, considering how tough I found it, either of those times on that route is pretty good going for me. Another 4 hours on my feet is great preparation for Manchester. So despite the fact that I am struggling with my legs and feet at the moment it was a successful day. Now I have the job of climbing the stairs to bed !!

  • Hi all

    Carl hope you feel better soon.  Sometimes a good sleep is enough.  Good stuff about the Royal Parks- I've always fancied that one.

    Stuart what's your LSR this week?

    Carter- great run there.  What kind of times do the winners pull out on a course like that?  You must be close to tapering now for London, how long is it to go?

    I was going out tonight after work for a dinner with my workmates but got in a 10k on the treadmill before doing so.  Started slow and sped up as I went, avg pace of just over 9 min miles, keeping the legs feeling fresh for same distance tomorrow but outside not treadmill.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Carter - that fell race sounds tough, but great training. Down this way there is a race called The Grizzly that is taking place today. I'm not doing it but it I'll have to write a report about it. It's 3500ft of ascent over 20 miles, some of it through waste high gloppy mud, and other parts on the beach. Glad I'm not doing it!!

    I got 8 miles in on Friday after work and then 20 with the club yesterday. That's the longest I've gone for a while and the last 3 or 4 were tough but I got them done, so I was pleased with that.
  • Morning all, Well done on your run Carter, i'm looking forward to my Half on the 30th now. Will try and run it at marathon pace rather than go flat out. But knowing me, i will decide halfway through to up the pace and go for it, especially if i am able to drop belo 1:40 for the first time.

    Ali, my LSR this week should have been around 20 but i am going to do 15 as i a didn't do many miles this week and decided to use it as a cut back week. What about you?



  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carl, Good news on the Royal Parks, hope you are feeling better?

    Hi Carter, That run sounds bloomin horrible and you and Big_G are welcome to them ;0)

    Although grinding out a run like that will no doubt help on your endurance side of things....

    Hi Stuart, Forgot to respond to your post on the LSR's, I have 1 x 18, 4 x 20 and 1 x 22 planned. Start 18 miler on week 7 and then on to the 20's with the 22 miler at week 12.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Went out yesterday and ran 4 miles whilst the kids were at their swimming lesson, I always find this stifles any resistance to the swimming lesson when I announce I really don't want to run but I am going to go out anyway....even if I am lying!

    Ran 4 miles just took it as it came: 7:50,8:00,7:37:7:17. The first two miles are on the flat and then ascending on the second mile. I stop at the top of the hill and have a look out on to the Forth and then make my way back. I enjoy this run and look forward to it on a Saturday.

    Went out for 16 miles today, ran from were we are at Fairmilehead in Edinburgh down to Portobello and then back. One of my neighbours informed me that we are the highest area in Edinburgh. So I basically run downhill to sea level and then back again. Ran the 16 in 2:11 which came back with an average pace of 8:11 which was a bit faster than intended by 10 secs. I slowed down a bit on the last 3 miles as they are grinding up hill and then on a kind of trail for the last mile and a half or so.

    Refuelled now and about to clear out the cupboard under the stairs, wish me luck!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Ali,

    Found a report on the Alloa HM and an elevation chart. Seems couple of hills on miles 10-12.





  • Hi Nell, saw that report myself funnily enough, he does a good blog that man.

    Stuart I am racing a HM next week so that's my long run.  The next week I will be doing my first 20 miler of the campaign!  Scared/excited.

    G- must be good to do 20 miles with the club.  Always someone to pull you along if you feel it getting tough.  No excuse to stop or walk.  I think that could be beneficial.

    Did a couple of slow miles after work today just to relax really as was too tired for anything else.  Had planned 6 but really wasn't in the mood, tired, long day at work, and slightly achy legs after this week.  End the week on 33 miles though and though I had planned a bit more that's OK by me.

    Next week busy travelling with work a couple of occasions so it will just be an enforced taper/rest period before Alloa HM on Sunday.  The week after that I have my first 20 miler scheduled.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - hope you managed to get up thoses stairs to bed last night. That sounded a really tough run whatever the time was. Curious as to the time of the winners. It must give you confidence for Manchester that you can stay ob your feet and grind something like that out. It will be so much easier on a road with no mud !!

    Big G - well done for grinding out the last 3-4 miles to make it a 20 mile run. You really have dived right in with your club and I think it is really helping with your running. Where can we find your articles. We will naturally want to critique them ... well just read them.

    Stuart - you have got plenty of time to your marathon so why don't you go all out for the half at the end of the month and see how far you get before you need to slow down a little. You might surprise yourself and if you overdo it tyhere will be no harm done as you have loads of time to recover.

    Ali - some great running fro you at the moment. Even with your busy life you seem to be getting teh runs in. And your enforced taper this week might help with your race. Particularly now that Nell has shared with us teh profile. Looks a tough one but sometimes these are the ones where we do best.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    I had a much better sleep last night and did not get out of bed until 10am. 10am. I have not done that for years. I felt so much better for it.

    We were having my 8 year old's class birthday party today so I had mentally decided that I would run later in the day as I would have had to been out the door by 7am otherwise.

    30 girls for pizza / pasta and then to the cinema for Monster High something or other. The good thing is we did not misplace anyone else's kid.

    Having survived this I left for my 20 miler at 16.45.

    It had been a lovely day in London with blue skies, sunshine and summer temperatures. It did cool down quite quickly and it was chilly down by the Thames.

    With it being late in the afternoon there were a lot of people in my way as I passed through Oxford Circus, down Regents Street etc. The worst place was Tower Bridge where I had to walk for a while as running was impossible with all the tourists and the stretch back to London Bridge was also congested.

    The stretch through Hype Park was a little bit challenging due to there being no light. Daylight dissapeared much quicker than I was expecting but I guess it is still early spring. It was only yesterday that we were having floods and gales.

    The plan was for 10 miles of MP in the 20.

    I somehow managed to go a little off piste and did 14 miles of MP.

    Overall I completed 20 miles in 2:41:20 which equates to 8:04 min/mile.

    That explains why the body is telling me that it is tired and achy.

    My MP miles were at an average of 7:51 min/mile which again is a little faster than I should have  been going as I had planned for 8:00 min/mile.

    So considering I was feeling crap yesterday, this was a great run.

    41 miles this week.

    2 more big weeks before my taper. image

    This week will be my biggest week and I plan to break 50 miles.


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Carl - here is the first report that I did last week:

    And I published one earlier for the races that took place this weekend:

    Slightly cut down versions of these get published in the two local newspapers.

    Yes, I'm enjoying the club.  I'm not complaining as I knew this when I signed up for the role but it's a bit of a stressful role as I obviously have to get the details right.  For example, on the first report I missed a couple of PBs (I wasn't made aware) and on the second one I nearly missed a club mate who didn't appear in the results as a Trotter.  It's only when I went to double check everything before I submitted it that I noticed she wasn't mentioned in my report.  If I had missed her, that wouldn't have gone down well!!

    There are some crazy races out there.  One guy did a marathon around a track on the weekend.  I get bored on an out-and-back route, so 105 laps of a track?!? image   Then another guy did a 33-mile off road race - I knew he was good as before I took on the role I remember that a few months ago that he won an ultra (it was something like a 60-miler).  Bonkers!

    At the end of the day, the report is only as good as what people tell me they're up to.  I obviously know about the "big" events (especially the championship races) and chase up photos etc for this, but all these other races go on so if people want a mention they have to let me know.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Ali, yes it's good to get the long runs with the club as the miles tick by quite nicely.  I do them when I can, but it's not always possible.  I think there were about 20 of us out on Saturday so it was quite good and it was a very nice route on cycle paths so no concerns about traffic etc.  Basically, there are 3 groups that go out at different mileage/pace options and someone leads that group so it means that I don't have to worry about the route/direction and I just run.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all. 

    Internet issues here so posting from my phone but will read back later but some good running still taking place. 

    After my race on Saturday I did 7 miles yesterday in the early evening sunshine, that was after taking Mrs C and the mutt out for a nice long walk in the moors. My 7 miles was run far to quickly really, about MP +30 seconds, but I wanted to see how it felt on tired legs. It was ok but the legs are aching today. That made me just over 50 miles for the week and with only 27 days to Manchester things are still going along quite nicely

  • Hey Carter – 50m week – that must be the last of the high mileage now?

    Carl – my heart sank for you when I read your post on Sat about not feeling too good. I’m glad to see that whatever it was passed and you got out for your LSR yesterday. I think I’ve mentioned before that you and I are more or less on the same plan. So a 52m week this week? That coupled with a trip to Loftus Rd on Sat, I think I’ll be divorced by next Monday.

    Ali – that Alloa HM profile looks like a wee beastie! Two gels and a taxi around mile ten I’d suggest.

    As usual some good, sensible advice given on here (thank you all), which lead me to undertake an easy(ish) slow 7m on Friday, and to form a conservative race plan for yesterday’s Surrey HM.

    This was the inaugural Surrey HM, so there wasn’t any info around as to what to expect in terms of the course potential for good times etc.

    There were approx. 5,000 runners, and overall the organisation and roadside support was very good, with the weather getting people outdoors along the route. They’ll need to address some congestion in the first mile next time round, by funnelling starters into their pens in a more organised fashion, but overall it was well marshalled and should become a regular fixture in the calendar.

    The plan was to run the first 10k in about 43 mins, (7.10mm) and see how I felt after that. Having abandoned the hope of a sub 1:30, I was quite happy to wave the Runners World pacemaker off into the distance in the first few kms and just concentrate on finding a comfortable rhythm to half way.

    The refuelling strategy was to take on some water at all the stations  -  3.5m, 6.5 and 10m markers (definitely needed in the heat), and a gel at 5m and 10m to keep me going.

    At 7 miles I felt good so decided to pick up the pace to 4.10 min/km (6.40mm) and grit my teeth.

    The last mile and a half was a long slow incline, at which point the legs were feeling heavy and I had to slow the pace a bit and stop myself from looking in the distance as the road rose ahead.

    But there he was in the distance, the RW man, his little flag bopping up and down about 500m ahead of me,1.5km to the finish. I couldn’t, could I?

    Head down(Nell would have been proud of me), I went for it. I was running in a sparse pocket with not much company except a few people who had fallen off the back of the 1:30 group. One guy passed me, but I couldn’t keep up with him for pacing as he was absolutely tanking along. With about 400m to go there was a decline on a sandy path from the road through the park and into the stadium for the finish after ¾ circuit of the track. I’d lost sight of the RW banner on the final twists and turns, but as I came into the track I could see him on the top bend about 150m ahead, encouraging his group to the line.

    I went down to my boots for the last effort to get that sub 1:30, but it wasn’t to be.


    It was a short-lived disappointment though -  a PB by almost 6 and a half minutes, and coming off the back of the last couple of weeks it didn’t take long to be happy about that.

    Now to those fifty odd miles…..

  • Well done BK, thats an amazing time, i am hoping for a sub 1;40 in my Half this month, but i am long way off of that sort of time. I am going to take Carls advice and go for it and see how i do. Will be running with other members of the club so hopefully i can hold onto the back of them. Looking forward to this weeks running after last weeks poor show. Feel a lot better for it though and just goes to show that i was probably overdoing it. 

    How many of you all do a Parkrun on the weekend? i really enjoy them, even though i have only just started doing them.


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Big G - great reporting. Compared to some of the running club websites I have seen in my area yours is fab. Loads of info and it does look like a club for everyone - not just the super fast. Well done on your new role. Guess you will struggle to post on here so much as you look to have your hands full.

    Carter - 50 plus miles for you. That is great running considering your dodgy knees, You must be easing off now with Manchester just around the corner.

    Canter - a great half from you and on the back of mixed training with illness recently. Sub 3:30 must easily be within your grasp. I will be watching you from behind on race day as you are a bit faster than me for sure.

    Stuart - I love parkrun but at 9am on a Saturday I am usually taking my little fella to footie training. I got a few in last year and will try again in the early parts of the summer. 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Carl - yes, it is a a good website.  When I was looking around for a club 18 months ago or so the site was up-to-date with relevant information, whereas others were quite poor in comparison.  I see the role as keeping that going with relevant/timely information.

    Stuart - I like parkrun also and get along when I can, although it unfortunately hasn't been that much this year as I've been racing fairly regularly. 

    I've got a dreaded injury as my achilles are hurting.  I've been nursing them for a few weeks (maybe even months actually!) but I'm finally seeing someone tomorrow so it'll be interesting to hear what they say.  I probably should have seen someone before my recent halfs but I didn't want to hear the dreaded "don't run" statement.  However, I've got no main races lined up so I thought I'd get in and see someone.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone. Apologies for my short replies of late (some of you might prefer it that way !) but have been having tinterweb issues, all sorted now though.

    Ali – the winner of the Grindleford Gallop went round in about 2:30, so an hour or so quicker than me. I thought that work was going to get easier for you now you’ve got some help in ? Hope he is pulling his weight, if not you best give him a rollicking ! A nice week of running for you of 33 miles which is building up nicely. Good luck at Alloa. Hang on, don’t you live in Aberdeen ? That’s a right old trip to get to Alloa for a half.

    Sir Big_G J - nice to see you getting back in to some longer runs. When is your next race ? I will read your reports when I get chance. Just seen your last post about your Achilles, denying having an injury seems to be very popular with us runners but, unfortunately, they eventually catch up with us. Let us know how you get on at the physio.

    Stuart – which half are you running ? I assume it’s a road race and not on a ship ??!! I’m not really a big fan of park run, I seem to struggle to run flat out so early in the morning, especially if I’ve had a few beers the night before ! I’ve only ever done one park run but my take the mutt with me on a couple of them when I’m taking it easy after Manchester.

    Nell – tut tut, fancy lying to your kids like that !! From what I remember, that climb from Portobello up to Fairmilehead is a long old climb. Good luck to you as well at Alloa.

    Carl – 30 screaming girls at your house, rather you than me on that one ! A great long run with MP miles for you, I’m getting even more convinced that you will crack 3:30 at London. Last big week of running from and then I start my taper in 6 days’ time.

    Canter – yep, I’m currently at my peak for mileage for last week and this week. A 6 minute PB is a tremendous effort, especially running at that sort of pace, to knock a huge amount off your PB is great going. What’s next for you ?

    Well, my race number arrived yesterday so the excitement levels are increasing for the big day, 26 days to go to be precise. The legs are still feeling a little tired today so it’s off for a gentle 5 miles or so down by the river at lunchtime. Tomorrow will be  12/14 miles @ MP depending how I feel followed by another gentle run on Thursday lunchtime. Saturday is an 18 miler up near Clumber Park (I’m running with my friend who is training for the Marathon De Sables) and on Sunday I will do as many miles as I need to to make up 50 for the week. That will be it for me, the taper madness will then begin

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