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  • Thanks Spoons,

    I'll give it a try and see how I get on.

    I think my problem stems from the fact I have always run to unwind and clear the mind, pop on headphones and just keep going and enjoying the solace.I am quite a natural runner so have always found it relaxing. Now I have specific goals my approach needs a bit more method. Plus my long runs keep coming in at 6.66 mph   which is disturbing me a little

    My family are all Ferndown and Christchurch way although my late grandmother would of insisted it is Hampshire still, mind you she was madder than a box of frogs towards the end lord love her.

    I'll let you know how it goes and get back to you, thanks for being normal image 

  • Spoons. wrote (see)

    Very speedy session there Carter. A lot quicker and longer than I suggested though. Hopefully it won't affect your half too much on Sunday...... 

    Spoons - previously you said that it was ok to run quicker on my intervals and that I should run 'a few' 800s and 1000s tonight. However, I've read back and you did indeed say I should have run tonights at HMP so apologies as I've obviously missed that. What was the purpose of running tonights at HMP if it's ok for me to run other intervals basically as quick as I can ? Ta

  • Hello Big G, Hannah & Oirish - great to have you on boad, I'm sure you'll find this a friendly & informative thread!

    Carter you really are motoring! That pace for your 1k splits is v impressive! If that's HMP pace you'll be sub 1.30 on sunday image

  • OK so I had a very enjoyable run tonight. Down for a 7 mile run and went out with no partiuclar pacing strategy in mind but ended up kinda doing first 5 @ MP and final 2 @ tempo as follows:

    1 - 9.14 warm up
    2 - 8.43
    3 - 8.18 (Downhill)
    4 - 8.39
    5 - 8.52 (uphill)
    6 - 7.32
    7 - 7.21
    Cool down 2mins followed by 10 x 60m strides

    Total time 58.38 @ 8.23 avg for the run

    Really enjoyed it image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Welcome to all our newcomers. This is indeed a great thread and some good advice being handed out here.

    And you don't have to be from Dorset to join in.

    I live in London but originate from the Emerald Isle. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Interval session at the track after lights out tonight. At one point I had the park police van shine their light down on me and they clearly must have thought I was barking mad running round and round in the dark as they left me alone ....

    My plan was a mixed session. 1200m to start, followed by 2 x 800m , another 1200m and a tempo mile to finish.

    Results as follows :

    Warm Up   1.75miles    8:48 min/mile pace

    1200m        4:39 mins   6:16 min/mile

    800m          3:07 mins   6:15 min/mile

    800m          3:04 mins    6:13 min/mile

    1200m        4:36 mins    6:11 min/mile

    1 mile          7:14 min/mile

    Cool dowm    1.25 miles     9:35 min/mile

    Couple of weird things went on here. I really was not looking forward to the second 1200m. As I crossed the line at the start of this interval I was thinking that I would have to change the tempo mile for a MP mile and mentally at that moment in time I was ok with that.

    My 800m pace and 1200m pace is about the same. Which one is fast and which one is slow ? Are they the same because I ran them in a mixed session ?

    The 1200m hurt. It really hurt. I was pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible particluarly on the third lap of the track. I was so tempted to stop after 800m but really glad I didn't.

    I found the tempo mile easy and I could have kept going.

    And I feel great after doing so and it is a world apart from how I felt after my tempo run on Tuesday.

  • Carter - the theory was preparing you for Sunday so 1. Doing some running at bang on half pace whilst 2. Not tiring yourself out.

  • Carl - that's a great session. Not sure which is quick or slow. Not sure it really matters either. It's true that it's not easy to adjust pace in a mixed session. 

    Nice run from Ricky too

  • Spoons. wrote (see)

    Carter - the theory was preparing you for Sunday so 1. Doing some running at bang on half pace whilst 2. Not tiring yourself out.

    Ok, I see. Well, I'm feeling ok today so hopefully no damage done. A couple of relaxing days for me planned but I might go into the peaks and take some photos tomorrow. Regarding the pace, I am hoping it's something that I will learn with experience, but I get your point

  • I got myself down the local running shop last night to sort out some gels. I have ended up with some High 5 4in1 energy source. This is mixed with water and will keep me going throughtout a long run/race. I have also got some High 5 IsoGel's and these are in liquid form. On my previous runs when I have tried to eat anything, jelly babies or flapjack, I have really struggled so I have opted for liquids. 

  • Hi all - and nice to meet you all. Very impressed by your speed there Carl, and hope it doesn't make you too tired for the 1/2.

    I wanted to check: know it's a question that gets asked a great deal, but for our LSRs, what kind of pace should we be looking at. I get bored running much slower than 9.15-30 and also feel like I can't get a rhythm going, but if I am aiming to do a 8.45 as MP, what should I be doing my LSRs in?


  • Hannah - between 10:00 and 10:30 pace

  • Hi Hannah.

    We should be looking to run our LSRs at 60 - 90 seconds per mile slower than our target marathon pace. I find this the hardest part of the training but everyone on here keeps insisting that this is definitely the way to do it, so I guess we have to !

  • Carl - you're getting faster! Well done.

    Hannah - I struggle keeping LSRs slow enough too... target MP is 8.30mmls and if I can keep my LSRS to 9.30 I'm doing well...I have also started doing my LSRs with company and he's faster than me so it's even harder to stay slow enough. I really should be running 10 m/mls but always end up going somewhere between 9.20 - 9.30.  It's the ability for the body to burn fat (which conserves muscle glycogen &helps endurance in the latter stages of a marathon) that slow/aerobic running trains the body for... or so I am told anyway!

  • Carl - did you make it into Royal Parks HM ? There is another thread going about this and so far nobody on here has made it.


  • Hi Carter, after you popped in on my thread I thought I would pay a visit and catch up on yours.

    Im another one that struggles to run slow on my LSR although my last two have been better than the rest. My average pace was 30 sec/mile slower today and 49 sec/ml slower last week...ive still alot to work on!!

  • If you do all your long runs at marathon pace or close to marathon pace you'll burn out at mile 20. I had a chat with Helen Decker (England marathon runner) about her training in Kenya in the run up to the olympics and she said that the Kenyans kept asking her why she was running so fast. She was overtaking the elite Kenyan men on easy runs. But she couldn't get anywhere near them on the track.....

  • Thanks is something im working on. I did feel the last 2 miles today...maybe thats because I was over enthusiastic with my pace. I find if I go with others im far more sensible. By the time I get to do another LSR my friends at the RC will hopefully be at the same milage as me so I can go with them.

    Carter what do you hope to get time wise on Sunday?

    Good luck

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So LSR's must be slow then ?????? image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Just checked my email and I have a place in the Royal Parks Half. First time I have ever won a place in a public ballot. so my current set of races for this year is now :

    Baldock HM on 24th Feb

    Paris Marathon on 7th April

    Bupa London 10k on 27th May

    Royal Parks HM on 6th October

    Dublin Marathon on 28th October

    20 mile LSR in the morning. Will be going real slow. Going to try and get up extra early and go for it but am out at a parish dinner tonight so I will need to behave. image

  • Carl - however slow you run tomorrow it will be too fast !!!!!

    Well done on getting in the royal parks.

    Spoons - I'm often overtaking Kenyans in my training runs in Sheffield !!

    Sarah - I'm going to be very confident and aim to break 1:40 and that would be nearly 8 minutes better than my one and only previous half.
  • Nice planning ahead Carl - an exciting year to come for your running!

    OK - it's predictions time for Carter's HM on Sunday.

    I'll kick it off and say 1:41
    Who's next?..... closest to the actual finishing time wins a date with Spoons image

  • Lol - you don't want that!

    good news on the ballot Carl

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    20 miles at 9:38 min/mile.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Spoons - for my 8 - 10 mile MLR tomorrow what pace should I aim for ?
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Carter - trust you are taking it easy today. Best of luck for tomorrow. Every confidence that you will nail it.
  • woohoo - I managed to pace myself on my LSR. It was still sleeting/snowing, so grim conditions, and I was still perhaps a little bit fast, and I managed to get lost, but I averaged 9.18 per mile for 14.36, even checking at the end that I was ok and picking it up a little. Thanks for the advice on the pacing. Looks like your LSR went really well too Carl - and hope you have a good run tomorrow Carter.

  • Nice LSRs Hannah & Carl... I'm psyching myself up for a 7.30am start 17 miler tomorrow. Looking at the weather forecast I will need flippers & a snorkel!

    Off out shortly for a 7 miler.
  • Well done Hannah

    Carl - great 20 miler. Before I answer about tomorrow - How did you feel in the last few miles and did you slow at all?

    Ricky - have a good one

    Carter - best of luck for tomorrow (not that you'll need it). Just keep a steady pace until 10 miles, then ignore the pain and go for it. Remember pain is temporary and pride lasts forever.

  • Thanks for the good wishes all. 

    Some good running today guys. I've missed getting out today but looking forward to tomorrow.

    Currently carb loading with my feet up ! 

    Wise words Spoons.


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