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  • Hope it goes well tomorrow Carter, look forward to hearing how you do!


  • And no Magners tonight...... 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Spoons - I ran the first 13 miles or so quite steady and very slow (for me) with an average pace of 9:53. The last 7 miles were quicker with an average pace of 9:10 and in fact mile 18 was my quickest at 8:57.

    I consciously sped up as it had started to rain and it was quite cold bearing in mind I went out the door at 7.50am.

    I was very comfortable during the last 4 - 5 miles and could have carried on if I needed to. I only carried a lucoxade sports drink with me today as I eat immediately before going out and as it was a slow run figured I would not need anything else. Interestingly enough I started getting noticebly hungry around mile 16 but it did not affect me.

    Did eat well when I came in and have taken o a lot of fluid since.

    Next week my training plan is Tues - tempo run; Weds MLR of 10 miles, Thurs - intervals, Sat - LSR with MP as follows (4m easy, 4m MP, 4m easy, 4m MP and 4m easy) with a recovery run on Sunday.

    While I feel fine now I know my legs will be somewhat tired tomorrow.

    So do I run at a steady pace throughout and if so how slow / how fast or do I mix it up a little ? image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky W wrote (see)
    Nice LSRs Hannah & Carl... I'm psyching myself up for a 7.30am start 17 miler tomorrow. Looking at the weather forecast I will need flippers & a snorkel! 

    Ricky - go for it in the morning. I managed it today and I am not an early bird when it comes to running as you well know.

    If I was doing some MP in my LSR I would probably have a good bowl of porridge first, wait for it to settle before heading out. If I was doing easy / slow as today I would eat and go.

  • Spoons - the pub I'm going to doesnt do magners image
  • You seem to be very strong on these 20milers Carl - bodes well. Are you going any longer than 20 before Paris?

    Carter - enjoy the carb loading and atb for the race tomorrow .. Hope to read about a shiny new PB tomorrow!

    Ran my 7 miler this afternoon at MP or maybe a shade faster:

    1 - 9.20 (warm up)

    2 - 8.31

    3 - 8.26

    4 - 8.26

    5 - 8.14

    6 - 8.26

    7 - 8.20

    Just totting up miles this week - I have 30miles in the legs since Monday so hoping it doesn't prove detrimental to LSR in the morn! I feel fine though but time will tell.
  • Strong indeed Carl. I would forget about the garmin and run on feel. Just keep it nice and easy, slow and comfortable.

  • " Remember pain is temporary and pride lasts forever" Very wise words...I need to remember that phrase!

    Good luck tomorrow Carter, I have faith in you that you will try your very best and get a PB, hopefully
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - good luck for tomorrow. Just had a look at the course map. Looks like a testing course.

    I am hoping to get my MLR in circa 7.30 tomorrow morning - real shock to the system this running early business but it is the best way for it not to interfere with the family too much at weekends.

    Spoons - I will take it slow and comfortable and see what happens.image

  • 17.5 mile LSR done - 2:43 and 9.22 avg pace. Last couple of miles MP and last mile fastest. Avg HR 142bpm.

    Such a difference to last attempt - felt very fresh and virtually no fatigue and felt like pushing on & on. Just the mental boost I needed! Porridge & bagels with honey are the future.

    Spent all run jumping puddles & the rain was incessant but I really enjoyed it!
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky - great run from you this morning. Very strong finish which is good. Having the strength to pick up the pace at the end will bode well when it comes to race day.

    Completed my 10 miler MLR in the rain. My sports watch played up on me again and lost the GPS signal for a period. Still waiting for my new garmin to be delivered.

    Will update later with details.
  • Ricky - that's brilliant we'll done.

    Carter - finished yet?

  • Thanks Lads - that run puts the bonk to bed and looking back on it was a good learning experience on the importance of fuelling & hydration.

    Carl is ur new watch coming by pigeon post? Loll . What model garmin did u go for?

    Go Carter go!
  • Hopefully Carter has finished and he just hasn't got online yet.....

  • Could have run a marathon by now....

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    While waiting for Carter here are the details of my MLR this morning.

    I felt strong running up hill for the first mile and a half so I pushed on and was doing miles at just over 8 mins.

    I felt comfortable and was able to hold conversations with myself.

    As my watch stopped recording after 5 miles I was running on feel and pushed on. During the initial stages my legs felt it but the longer I ran the stronger they felt. My breathing was controlled and it was not until the last mile or two that I felt I had to make a real effort.

    I maintained this type of pace throughout finishing strong in just under 1 hr 19 mins with an average of 7:53 min/mile.

    I am amazed that I could do this after running 20 miles yesterday.

    No ill effects so far and as I say while not slow it was comfortable.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    I ordered my garmin from Runners Need but as they had more orders than stock I have had to wait until the new stock hits the warehouse.

    I went for the new 610 as there was ??100 off which might have something to do with the lack of stock.

    I am hoping it arrives in the next few days so that I can get used to it before my HM on Sunday week.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Wonder do we need to send out a search party ?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi all - whilst waiting for Carter I thought I'd post a bit of a race report for my Half.

    I was well prepared for it in terms of hydration, rest and food and I felt good, although I was feeling a bit peckish on the start line. Unfortunately, 5 minutes before the start I was told that due to flooding the course was going to be shortened to only 12 miles!! This was confirmed on the start line by the person on the tannoy. I shouldn't have let it, but this affected me right at the start and I went off too quickly. In hindsight, this was a stupid reaction but at that point I was thinking "Sod it! It's not going to count as a half PB, so let's see what I can do". However, from about mile 8 the road markings (and my Garmin) suggested that if anything it was going to be over distance....and it was! It ended up being 13.22 miles.

    Anyway, enough of the excuses. The first 8-9 miles went well (in terms of how I was feeling), I needed a pit stop in mile 11 and ended up doing the 13.22 miles in 1:47:49...this is averaging 08:09 min/mile and any way I look at it, that's a PB (if not "officially"), so I've got to be happy with that. For some reason though, I'm not happy....I think that realistically I'm still shy of the sub 8min/mile half pace which is frustrating me! I even said on here that I expect my time would be more like 1:48, but the confusion at the start put me in a bad mood!

    Also, the last 2 miles were slower (by some margin) than the first 2, which I know is not a good thing, although I did pick it up a bit on the finishing straight.

    It was a flat course, and the rain did stop at the start of the event. It was funny, because at mile 4ish people were taking tops off as it was hot, but the temperature dipped and mile 9ish onwards it was very cold.

    Because I went off too quickly, I haven't really learnt anything in relation to pacing a half marathon event, or what my training paces should be for the marathon that is in 12 weeks time.

    Oh well....I'll take what I can from it. Onwards and upwards! I have another Half Marathon at the start of March, so I'll see how that ones goes and my marathon is still 12 weeks away.

  • Finished
  • Just getting my excuses together and will give full report shortly
  • Right, here we are.

    Firstly, it was snowin but I didnt find it particularly cold.

    My preperation went exacrly how I planned it this morning so that was good.

    Next, this course was not conducive to running a PB.

    So, the first mile was really downhill, it was like dropping off the side off a cliff. It was impossible for me not to run fast so the first mile was 6:49 ! Right from the start I was feeling a bit sick. For breakfast, I had a big bowl of porridge at 8:00, 3 hours before the start so I would have expected to be ok. I need to expirement a bit more with food. The next 4 miles steadily climbed uphill which I found quite hard going. As you know, I run plenty of hills round my way but not anywhere near the pace I was running at today. Many people were overtaking me so I was feeling a bit down during this stage, which didnt really bode well for the rest of the race.

    At about mile 5 there was a steep downhill which made the first downhill look like it was flat. I lost a lot of ground on other runners here as I wasnt feeling too confident descending on something so steep as this. However, I forced myself to run my own race and not to try and chase them down. At mile 6.5 there was, what can only be described, as a bitch of a hill. Having looked at the profile of this hill it wasnt as steep as I run in my training but it made feel even more sick, especially when a bloke in pink leg warmers went past me.

    The next 2 miles were gradually uphill and then followed another mile stretch that you good see ahead of you that gradually went up. This didnt do much for the morale so I got my head down and buried myself. It also didnt help that we were running past Brighouse and I had The Floral Dance in my head then (one for you older ones out there).The two large downhill decents had not done my legs any favours so I was really feeling them at mile 10. At this stage I had Spoons words in my head so I tried pushing on. I also checked my average pace and was surprised to see that I was actually ahead of my target pace. Miles 11 & 12 were gradually downhill so I pushed on at a decent pace. You could then look to your left, and up, and see the other runners heading towars the finish line. As I turned the corner my legs felt heavy but the people who braved the weather were very encouraging so I managed to keep pushing to the end.

    Overall, I didnt find it a pleasureable expereince whilst actually running but after having a bit of time to reflect it was a good day.

  • So, according to my watch, and from the glance of the race watch as I crossed the line, my time was 1:45:48 @ 8:05.

    My realastic target was to break 1:45 but considering I wasnt on top form today and felt rubbish and that the course was really hilly I am quite chuffed with a 2 minute PB.

    I need to find a flat HM !

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - well done on your PB. A pb is a pb and I would take a load of positives from your run today. I thought it was going to be very hilly when I looked at the various maps of the course yesterday. So a pb on a hilly course is a great achievement.

    It did not go exactly as you planned yet you dug deep and have a very respectable time. So you have proved that you have the mental strength.

    You should not be beating yourself up over it. I think it is great.

    Also Manchester is billed as being the flatest marathon course in the UK so building on your training to date should get you the PB there. And whilst a big PB in the HM might be nice the real objective has always been the marathon PB.

    So again Well Done. Enjoy the rest of today. image


  • Carter / Big G - not sure why you both seem unhappy. You both got PBSs! Rarely do they feel easy. 

    Big G - shame about the confusing distance. However far it was, you ran for 1:45 at a much quicker pace than you would have done. It's all good training for the marathon. And you have learnt about pacing. Don't go off too quick!

    Carter - sounds like you performed well on a tough course when you weren't feeling 100%. Maybe you felt sick because you did the first mile in 6:49? Brilliant that you managed to push on in the last few miles. A 2 minute PB is brilliant and remember you will be tired from training. You didn't really taper. I'm pleased with the result. Shows the training is working. You're allowed a Magners tonight. Only one though. 

  • Great running Big G & Carter!

    BigG - psychologically that announcement must have been crushing. Psyched for an HM and anticipating a PB and 'sorry folks just 12 miles today'. No control over the weather I suppose. Anyway it turned out to be alright on the nite for you and you ended up with a great time & a PB so a result in the end! Well done.

    Carter - are you sure you didn't inadvertently enter a XC event or adventure race?! I didn't realise your course was so challenging so as Carl says that's a PB to be proud of. Congrats! What do u put your sick feeling down to? Maybe a combination of too much breakfast/pre race adrenline?

    On a flat course & on a better day form wise with continued progress you will knock 5 mins of that I'm sure.
  • Big G - well done indeed. It wasnt easy out there today and to be told the course was to be shortened certainly didn't help. Which half was it and what's your next one ?

    Carl - cracking run sir. I think I need to rethink what time you are going to finish in. You seem to be getting stronger each week.

    Ricky - I wasn't really nervous before the start so don't think that made me sick. I need to practise my eating habits in the run up and on the day itself. I also might start bringing in some hills into my training again. Do you do much hill work ?

    Spoons - I think the effort for the first mile was same as 8:00 on the flat. My thoughts are that the huge bowl of porridge was too huge ! I'm not overly disappointed given the conditions and the profile. There are some positives to take away from it, mainly i could push myself when the going got tough. One crate of magners, that's very kind of you. It will go nicely with my kebab image Back on the healthy eating tomorrow and a light gym session at lunch I think
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Hi all - thanks for the comments.

    Now I've calmed down a bit I can see I should be pleased, and I am. I'm sure the Race Director didn't take the decision lightly to change the course and it was the same for everyone. The winner of the race is a fellow club member and he was after the MV40 club record. If it had been measured accurately he would have broken the record, but as it is I don't think his time will stand as a new record that is frustrating for him! For me, being told the course was 12 miles and then finding it was over the distance is what is frustrating. From Facebook, I think there are a few people who are annoyed but on reflection I'm happy enough with my performance.

    Carter - this race was the Exeter Half. It was a flat race, with loops around/near a canal. My next Half is early March and is Bideford so I'll see how I feel at that one.

    Next Sunday has an 18miler in my plan which is the furthest I would have ran in this build up so it'll be interesting to see how that goes!
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