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  • Carter - hope Mrs C is feeling better soon, glad its nothing serious but still very uncomfortable!.  Trying to connect Garmin Connect to Strava but for some reason it's not connecting properly may just be the computers at work so will try later.

    PS hope that blister heals up soon, it sounds bloody huge horrible and painful... also hope your new shoes give you a boost!!! You still been putting the miles which will put you in good stead for CHI and NYC!!! 2 amazing races I'm a tad jealous as I got Abingdon (residential and industrial estates) and Thames Meander (cold bleak Nov morning along the river trails).

    Will was looking at the forerunner 110 seen a lot of reviews saying peoples had allowed moisture in so decided to miss in the end.  Just found my Brighton Marathon report and it's not as brief as I thought it was so will try and cut it down a bit.  Never heard about the Huntingdon marathon but would be pretty idea as local however gave a quick google but couldn't find any info... Stevenage have a marathon every 10 years decided to miss it last year so 9 years till the next one.  Training is going well, done a 20 miler already with 6 weeks to go have plans for either 1 or 2 more 20 miles and a slow 22 miler before 3 week taper.

    Sean wasn't surprised Arsene didn't strengthen the squad its hard to compete with Citeh and Chelsea's spending although bit concerned about our start maybe Jose will try his luck in the Champions League lottery this season.  I got told no contact sports after doing my knees at London mara 2012 would love to get back playing footie but don't want to risk it, I'm pretty useless too so not missing much.  The mile race sounds fun but also tough not sure I'd be a fan of breathing out my arse!!!

    This week been okay in terms of training Tues Spin, Thurs Spin, Body sculpt in the morning then did a 5 mile run in the afternoon around 10k pace about 7.40 pace.  Today woke up my stomach feeling sore from workout yesterday did a slow 6.5 miles before work.

    Managed to reboot my forerunner 10 and seems to be back running, then today the watch strap came off.... bit of superglue sorted that out.  I have however bought forerunner 220 yesterday the two watches will come in handy when Mrs R starts running more.

    May go for a light few miles tomorrow afternoon with some short intervals of 10k pace before running at Duxford RAF 10k, organised by its the 1st time they have held an event at the museum, so don't know what to expect they say flat course but will see. Should see me go to 40/ 41 miles for the week which again is improving on my biggest weekly mileage. (although from Saturday - Friday have done 46 image ).  


  • Not been on here much this week. Mentioned that I picked up an injury whilst away on hols and it is interfering with my running.

    Funny how when something you enjoy gets taken away from you, it really screws around with the head.

    I had a fall towards the end of the holiday and cracked the lower left part of my back rather hard against a rock. No external bruising is evident but I have got some internal bruising / damage to the base of the spine and muscle that runs up through the buttock.

    When I came back from holiday I was hoping that I could run through the discomfort. It was not painful as such but uncomfortable. Loads of Deep Heat applied and all that.

    No impact on day to day activities although was a little stiff, bending and stretching.

    On Tuesday morning I decided to test it. Was hoping for 8 miles, with 5 x 1km sprints and 400m recoveries.

    2 miles warm up. Not too bad. It was slightly uncomfortable as every time I put my left foot on the ground, I felt the base of my spine.

    Ploughed on and knocked out the first 2 1km sprints at about 6:30 filing. This is about the same as the last time I did this sprint but this hurt.

    The third rep was really hard and I decided that enough was enough. I somehow managed a 2 mile cool down.

    Wednesday evening I said I would give an easy run a go just to see if this was easier. Weather was crap but I persevered. Plan was 6 - 8 miles. I had to call it a day after 6 miles and I knew this from mile 4 as it was just too uncomfortable.

    Went to see my sports physio Friday morning. We both agreed that as I have run a few marathons getting to the finish line in Chicago in just over 5 weeks time should be achievable but I may need to adjust my goals. 

    He knows that i am going to run this so this is all about how he gets me to the start line in the best possible shape even if I have to be on painkillers. Not ideal but it is not likely to be a hot race so as long as I have trained running whilst on painkillers everything should be ok.

    I am off running until at least next Tuesday when I will have another consultation. He has given me a set of exercises to try and work the glutes / buttocks to loosen everything up a little. To keep the legs turning over I can do some non impact stuff at the gym - cycling / cross trainer and that type of stuff.

    Am trying to maintain positive attitude but it is hard. Training was going well and I felt i was on track for a crack at sub 3:30. I have not given up all hope of this but it is probably unrealistic. It will depend on when I can get back out there again. If I can get some light running in next week with minimal reaction, then that leaves me with 4 weeks. I can reduce the taper from 3 weeks to 2 and gain a week back for some proper training. But rather run the 50 - 55 miles as per my plan for these 3 heavy weeks of training I will probably knock it back to 40 - 45 miles. 

    Anyway that is what is going on with me.


  • Carl hope it's not too much of a set back a week off training hopefully won;t cost you too much and you get to Chicago able to run a decent race and as pain free as possible. I'm sure others will comment but my personal opinion would be stick to the 3 week taper but maybe in the 1st taper week up the mileage slightly.

    Today was my 10k race at Hendon, been telling everyone it's Duxford as thats the RAF museum I used to go to when I was a kid and thought it was the only RAF museum.  Glad I knew it was always going to be in London as I'd look pretty stupid turning up 30 miles in opposite direction.

    Still suffering from stiff abs and hamstrings from Sculpt class on Thursday and not having done much training for 10k wasn't sure what to expect.  Hadn't really given any thought to pacing either just go out and hold on.  

    Arrived at the RAF museum, with plenty of time to have a warm up and stretch... somehow managed to run out of time and ended up with a very quick stretch and spray of deep heat to warm up the muscles.

    We had to meet in the museum for the briefing which was pretty unique, 500 of us standing by the Lancaster bomber listening to instructions and speeches about the 75th anniversary of the battle of Britain and what it meant and how in percentage terms if we were going to war less than 10% of us would return home.  Really did drive home what our forces did for us.

    Started the race about 3 meters form the museum tried to get gps on my watch but no luck and thought they have km markers so would use them.  Went out too fast for the 1st km 4.12.  markers for 2k and 4k weren't in the right positions and 3 was non existent.  Hit 5k in 22.15  but was starting to tire.  6,8 again in wrong positions and no sign of 7 or 9.  managed the 2nd 5k in 23.20 to give me a finish time of 45.35 which I was delighted with as a) aiming or 47, b) ran 49.23 only last year which I was pleased with then c) i felt I had left some in the tank for a sprint inish bud decided to hold off with the marathon in 6 weeks and legs feeling tight.  Came 36 out of 491 runners good mix for all abilities fastest male 38.00 woman 42.13.

    Hope you all had good weekends!

  • Ali - Mrs C is back home now; not in pain but a lot of discomfort as there is some swelling making everything tender. She has to rest to try and get the swelling down as they won't operate due to a higher risk of infection. How was your weekend ?

    Robert - well done on the milestone of your biggest running week yet, it should give you plenty of confidence to keep going and looking to improve. Good job you got to the right location yesterday ! Very well done on the race, is that a new PB ?

    Carl - not again ! you really have had some bad luck with injuries just before your marathons. Let's hope your physio can perform some magic and get you to the start line in good condition. What are you thinking is your revised target or will you make a call nearer the time ?

    I've managed to get a couple of short runs in despite trips to the hospital and keeping the house running smoothly and looking after the mutts. Mrs C is home now but needs to get plenty of rest so I will be busy for the foreseeable future. The diet has taken a right battering recently so I'm feeling rubbish and desperately need to get back on track with it. I also need to get my arse out running again and get some serious miles in if I'm to run the RRR50 in 5 weeks time.....

  • Carter sounds like Mrs C has a keeper!!! Taking your sickness and in health part quite literately... Glad she's back home and recovering fingers crossed for you get a chance to get some miles in.

    My 10k pb is 40.48 from 2010 (june) regents park summer series.  Never really knew how good I was at the time. But since 2012 when I had a year out due to injury and managing a pub which helped pile on weight I came back with 54.06 in Jul 13 and Sept 14 did 49.23 so its kinda born again pb!

    Have started to think beyond Abingdon and Thames Meander I will take a few weeks out which takes to the start of December, Then spend 2 months working on my short speed and really try to get my 5k and 10k times down testing myself with a few park runs, few 10k races and Silverstone or another half Feb-April before Kent Roadrunner marathon at the end of May.  If I get Mrs R permission I'm hoping to give an ultra a go Chiltern Wonderland (centurion running) in Sept 2016, 50 mile loop 1400m elevation but plans always change.

    Put my 45.35 in Runbritain handicap system good to see its in the top 20% of 10k ran this year and my handicap gone down to 14.6 which is the best since Nov 2011.   

  • Carl that must be so frustrating for you. You know though that a week or two out of training will not have an overall impact on your race. I think in a fortnight you lose something like 3% fitness which easily comes back in a couple of runs. If I remember rightly, your Hansons plan has only a minimal taper anyway doesn't it? I ran Chester on painkillers without any ill effects so hopefully you'll be the same. I have always thought you have more of a shot at 3:15 at Chicago rather than 3:30 so don't revise down your target yet.

    Robert that sounds like a great run yesterday. It still amazes me how the organisers of events so often manage to get the simple things like distance markers so wrong. With the times you're doing at the moment, are you going to revise down your Abingdon target? 

    Carter good to hear Mrs C is out of hospital. Sounds like a horrible episode for her. If it doesn't settle will they maybe consider operating? Does she have to make changes to her diet or is that not done anymore?

    Ali you can go to work the day after a marathon! I had to drive 50 miles to wiri after I'd run London. Staying on your feet and moving around is good for you. The worst I had was having to drive 50 miles to work the day after London last year. Getting out of the car was not fun!

    Blistergate continued last week with it being impossible to run on Wed and Thurs as I couldn't put any weight on my foot. Friday I went running shoe shopping again. Had a full gait analysis and tried on countless pairs. I've now got a pair of Mizunos for the first time. They feel great. Running wise, I did 4 miles on Saturday and then 20 yesterday. That run was at an av pace of 8:51 but I think that's flattering as I had the occasional stop for water/gel etc and my Strava was auto pausing. It's still very hot here in the day but the mornings are ever so slightly cooler and I went out yesterday at before 6 so missed the heat. So last week I was 2 runs down on where I should have been but having run well at the weekend I'm relaxed. 

    Mr PS and the ten year old are away at the moment - Mr PS is now in China having gone via Stratford upon Avon to drop off the boy who is with his grandparents and doing his 11 plus next week. So I have childcare running challenges this week with the 3 year old. She can go to the crèche at the gym but that doesn't open very early so I'm going to be running in hotter conditions. Can't really avoid it and I might do a treadmill session for my intervals one or two of the days if the temperature is in the 30s out. 

    All in all though I'm feeling much more chipper about my running than I have for a while ????????

  • All of those question marks were a couple of smiley faces on my iPad. One day I will learn how to edit my posts!

  • PS : How is the foot ? Hope it has all setled ddown

    Carter, Ive lost track a bit did you do or are you doing a 100miler !! 

    Sean: Great running on your mile race, Id be interested to see what I could do on a mile race...

    Ali : AMAZING running from you !! (ive finally caught up on 2 months worth of post reading image


    So for me the mojo is back image I raced a local 4miler (well 4.08 on garmon/strava) on Thurs with alot of county club runners there, managed a 27.34 which was a PB of 1min 10s.  Splits were pretty good too 6.45, 6.51, 6.48, 6.44      

    So now I am back on it I have entered a few races .....

     Cotswold Classic 10 on 2oth

    Oxford Half 18th Oct

    Candleford Canter (ladies only 10k) 25th Oct

    Benidorm Half  29th Nov ( I am going to Soain to run the half .... although we are making a mini break of it as Husbands parents live 1hr away)

    Andy Reading 13th Dec ...... That will then take me up to the start of marathon training again


  • Have only got a few mins to post tonight. Normal service returning tomorrow evening.

    So apologies if I do not comment on everything. Will catch up tomorrow as if washed can read back over 2 months I can do a few days. image

    Robert - I am hoping that a week of so of not running will not have too much of an effect. Suspect that I will be running with painkillers as it takes the spine some time to recover from a hard knock. The trick I think is to get the muscle working again and the exercises I am doing seem to be getting easier so you never know.

    Carter - i have absolute faith in my physio. My first marathon I pulled my calf about 4 weeks out. He got me to the start line and I finished in 4:46. Any other physio would have told me not to be stupid. So his view is that having run a few, finishing is not much of an issue. It is about getting to the start line in the best possible condition and learning to run on painkillers by trying it out in advance. The trick here will be to take on sufficient fluids but probably not gels. But we are planning on trying it out beforehand.

    Too early to tell what A revised target should be. Will probably decide on the morning of the race.

    PS - what type of Mizuno's did you get. I am on the Wave Inspire 11's. They are great. By far the best shoe I have run in. I have tried Nike, Addidas and Asics before.

    Great that you got a run in and that blister gate is receding.

    Washwood - that is one heck of a list of races. The race list fairy feels a race list coming up. Will put it together tomorrow night when I read back and see what everyone is doing.

    I am toying with entering paris again as it is the 40th time next year. Registration for the next phase of entries opens tomorrow and with the pound strong against the euro it is not too bad an entry fee.

  • Carl, Yes I have gone a bit race mad but the Cotswold 10 is a bit of a training race for Oxford half as it has a few hills, Ill be trying for as near to my PB as I can get at Oxford. Similaarly Benidorm half is just to experience something different... of course I will try ... but the temps will be reasonable and I think there are a few hills in that one too.... The 10ks ill be trying for a pbimage


    Also with you on Mizuno inspire, I found them brilliant for my long distance running but tend to wear Saucony for shorter races image

  • I've got the Wave Inspire 11s too. First ever pair of Mizunos - I've worn Asics Nimbus for years very happily but they brought out a new version, I had to go up half a size and then they were too big which led to blistergate. The edge of the blister where my sock ripped the skin off is still very sore but healing. I'll carry on with a dressing on it for running until it's healed. Sold the Asics tonight for $50. Rather an expensive mistake when I'd paid $160 for them but at least I recovered something. 

    Better get that HM entered then so that Carl can keep his list up to date. 

  • Washwood - my plan is for a 50 miler in October, a 55 in March and the 100 is in June. I've always fancied running a race abroad but would somehow need to persuade Mrs C which won't be easy.

    Carl - interesting that you are planning on taking painkillers for training runs and also for race day. I'm assuming that after the race you will need to take some time off running and get to the root of the problem and get it fixed ?

    PS - there's nothing worse than finding a great shoe and then they, for some weird reason, change the design in the next release. Surely, that's not a sound business decision. Good to hear you're feeling a bit more positive about running now. Running conditions over here are perfect at the moment, about 15 degrees during the day so not to warm at all. How long until you return home ?

    Robert - get signed up for the Chiltern Wonderland as soon as you can as the Centurion events tend to seel out quite quickly. For example, the SDW100 has only been open for 2 weeks and only has a few places left. That will give you plenty of time to persuade Mrs R that it is a good idea that you run it !

    Just a gentle 4.5 miles for me yesterday. Having abused my body recently, and with not much running, it wasn't a pretty run yesterday. My legs felt heavy, the breathing was laboured and I just felt so out of condition it was untrue. Out again today though..

  • PS Sub 4 is the reason for running Abingdon, the further into my training I go the more I know I will smash that time.  sub 3.45 is the fastest I think would be possible would like to go sub 3.50 as long as I stay injury free I'm feeling positive about it.  Hope the new wheels work well for you its annoying when they change designs, thankfully never encounters any problems with any of my shoes.  How long are you planning to tapering for? nervous and exciting times!!!! imageimage


    Washwood great to see you have the mojo back!!! Looks like some great races you have planned there plenty to look forward to.  Oxford half and Abingdon Marathon on the same day!!!! Lets hope the courses don't collide could end up at the wrong finished.

    Carl, I'm just about to unleash a years worth of races soon myself.  gave it a lot of thought over the last few days now just need to start planning! 

    Carter mentioned the CW50 to Mrs R last night she chose to ignore it... may try in a weeks time, if no objections the bam in there like swimwear.  4.5 miles is 4.5miles gained in he legs as you're aware better than 0 miles. 

    Yesterday evening decided to pop the trail shoes on, hit some trails for 10k stuck at about 9 min miles then when back on road for last 2k picked the pace up.  Sports massage tonight as legs/ itb/ hammy feeling a bit tight follow up with a spin class after.  Planning 7-9 mile alternating run tomorrow and 7-9 mile progression run on Thursday few light miles on Friday lunchtime then will decide if to put 20miles in Sat or Sun, if I choose Sunday will probably attempt a Park run on Sat.



  • Good job you mentioned oxford and Abingdon being on same day ... !!! They arent !! Im a week out my half is the week before lol !!  I will look out for you at Abingdon as I am coming to cheer on some team mates. Was offered a place to make up ladies team but not sure Id get round as havent run over 13 miles since April ,,,,,

  • Rob; Fantastic work on the 10k. Hendon used to be my old stomping ground (The Hendon, chequers, the claddah) when I worked at Brent X so I know the area very well. I saw someone post one of the medals on facebook and it was a spitfire. probably one of the coolest medals ive ever seen. Reckon I might even tie in a visit to London for this one next year. 

      Carl: You have rotten luck with injuries and the timing of them. I was running on some quite strong painkillers when I had my knee issues the other month. No real issues or problems to report but obviously im not a doctor so cant tell you if it will be the same for you.   

    PS. That sounds like the mother of all blisters you've encountered. Sounds like you've sorted your shoes now but I was having similar issues with Nike and they were shredding my feet. Switched to adidas a couple of years ago and havent looked back since. The boost range are the running shoe equivalent of straping a cloud to your feet. In my humble opinion anyway. Finished 2 marathons on them now without a single blister.  

    Washwood: Nice full race calender there for you and well done on the 4 mile race. Really great consistant splits. Negative splits next for you young man.  Cant recall ever running on myself and not a distance you ever see advertised much for a race.   

    I ran the Leeds Country way relay on Sunday which is a 6 team of 2 relay around Leeds. Roughly 60 miles with 10 miles per leg. I ran Morley to Pudsey leg which is bloody hilly if you know Leeds.

    I must admit I rocked up with a bit of a hangover and could have easily got found out with this type of race. Luckily my running partner was a last minute substitution and wasnt in great running shape himself so we managed to totter round at quite a respectable but not too challenging pace. Stunning day for a run as it turned out and saw some lovely parts of Leeds that you probably wouldnt get to see as a non-runner.   

    Im into the business end of my marathon plan now and have 2 weeks of solid running ahead of me (48 and 55 mile weeks) ending with the Vale of York Half marathon next Sunday. This is a huge PB race as its flat on closed roads, but last year I set out way to fast and bonked at 9 miles and literally limped home. Still my 2nd fastest HM time to date. It will be a good fitness test for me as im looking for sub 90 mins at RPHM so this is a great dressed rehearsal. 

  • Sub 90 !! Awesome time to aim for image 

    Yes neg splits would be good at some point Sean, the 4 mile race was part of a series of races we do in Oxon, they are all around the 4 mile mark. There was some stiff competition in this one and I only managed 17 lady and 8th in age !! Top 2 ladies were running under 6 min mile average !!! 

    May get to do a park run on Sat depending on how many kids I have, sadly its not my fave course 3 loops :/ but its where daughters footy match is so all fits in well ...

  • You'd get round Washwood it just depends how quickly. 

    Carter - I had originally said I'd do 18 months out here and then go back in time for our eldest to do the 2 years GCSEs. Mr PS has signed up for 2.5 years but the children love it here so much that they are saying they aren't going home! We could actually end up in a different part of the U.S. too as Mr PS's company is considering relocating its US office to where the new factory is being built. So I just don't know. I haven't seen my parents or one of my sisters since we came out here in February and that is hard. 

    Sean well done to you for your run on Sunday complete with hangover. I'm very impressed - are you now off the strong stuff until after the marathon? I'm trying and have managed 5 days so far whic is pretty impressive for me ha ha. 

    Robert I'll be doing a proper 3 week taper. I'll also cut down from 5 to 4 runs and the last week won't do any of my Pilates etc. I'm sticking with what worked for me at New Jersey. So just under 3 weeks now until the taper starts. I'll have 3 x 20 milers in the bag by then so should be on track. Still plenty of time for things to go wrong of course! 


  • How esciting PS, I cant wait to see how you do image 

  • Sean: following you on strava - you are looking very strong I have to say. sub 90 for a half has got to be well on for you I reckon. Glad your knee has sorted itself out. also 5'29 for that mile race, great time. I can imagine the lungs would have been burning like nothing before!

    PS: Seems like the 'blister' is on the mend now? No pics required thanks! Saw your 20 miler on strava - great pace. you seem to be on better form now than your last marathon. What time are you targeting for this forthcoming one?

    Carter: 3rd male at the ultra and finishing with the ITB issue is a great effort - well done indeed. Hope Mrs C is ok and that your running is getting back on track (no pun intended!)

    Ali: My HM PB is 1'40'10 from Reading this year. that is a v flat course though so don't expect to get near that at the Great West Run really..

    Rob: Sorry I meant Abingdon not Huntingdon!! Durrr! Your training sounds like it's going well - is it your first marathon? Great work with that 10k time

    Carl: Sounds like really bad luck again. You will have put in so much mileage already though right? And I think in the past you have triumphed out of adversity so I think there is every reason to be positive... hope you are on the mend regardless and not too frustrated. seems like you have a bit of time till the race as well?

    Washwood: 'Good splits'?! Brilliant time for a 4 mile race and a 1'10 pb for such a short course really is pretty stunning. well done

    I got up to 24.5 miles last wk which was quite high for me out of marathon training season. threw a cheeky 5 mile run in prior to a wedding Saturday in Northern Ireland to take the mileage up. Have been out today for a long progression tempo - 7.5m @ 7'50 average pace. Felt pretty good which was encouraging.. apologies to those on strava that see lots of cycling from clogging up their feeds - I stupidly signed up to a 'climbing' challenge and am now trying to gain 9,000 metres of ascent on the bike during September!!

  • Will, Thanks, spring marathon training has relly paid off for me ! I knocked 57s off my 5k pb in May too and seem to be getting quicker image

    Cycling is great cross training, my husband races so I have a decent road bike, Actually went out on it Saturday to see what I could do  on certain stretched on stravaimage got myself a few trophies lol  Strava is a dangerous tool for competitive people !!!!


    JAnyway, just back from tonights club pace session ..... it was a killer

    2 x 1000, 2 x 800 2 x 600 2 x 400 2 x 200

    Im not good at setting my watch so just let in run, stopping and starting for each rep.... ave pace was 6.21 and each mile was faster so thankfully reps werent getting slower

   Not sure if this works



  • Washwood, marathon training and club sessions seem to have massively worked for you! I would definitely join a club if I could commit the time... Maybe when the kids are a bit older..

    yes the cycling seems to be having quite a benefit for me at the mo and strava is dangerously addictive in terms of segments and mates followed etc! I am also way too competitive!

    v good fast reps session there, have given you a follow on strava image

  • I only go 1 night a week to club as also have young kids, but the pace sessions are run from the end of my road .... handy image Weekly long run and a paxe session are my staple, the others I can mix or drop but always have those 2 sessions in there.


    I ought to do more cycling as I enjoy it when i go out image

  • Sean, defo worth a trip d the medal next year, Don't run races for the medals but it was kinda special and don;t have anything like it in my collection.  Sub 90 will be an awesome time good luck!

    PS don't fret you seem to be on track and (fingers crossed) will hold you back.  I'm currently in new territory 6 weeks before a marathon and I've usually talked myself out of training to avoid injury.  Looking forward to seeing what you and Carl do, will be a special race.  Which race you looking forward to most?

    Will you had me and my other half both looking online for the Huntindon marathon, the only reference I found was some nutter is running 401 marathons in 401 days and only started on the 1st sept so will follow them with interest Abingdon will be my 7th marathon 3rd this year, but the 1st one I've followed (loosely) a training plan for.  My running before this marathon has been to try a long run most weeks and maybe run 5-9 miles a week with a few spin classes and circuit sessions.  For Brighton my longest run was 18 miles so fingers crossed don't cramp up at mile 22-26 like I did at Brighton.

    Got my new forerunner 220 watch look forward to having a play tomorrow.


  • Also printed out forms to join Ware Joggers my local running club, thinking in the right direction!!!!

  • Rob great you are thinking of joining a club, I love running with a club and being spurred on to catch up with other club members, also found it opened my eyes to a whole lot of other events image I always train harder at club nights but if I cant make it I also now have a bank of sessions I can use on my own image

  • Carl - for the race list. 26 September Hogsback Half Marathon 

  • Washwood - those are seriously quick intervals. 6:21 average is rapid considering you would have rested in between intervals. Have followed you on Strava too.

    Will - Mrs C is a rubbish patient. Constantly moaning that she's sore and gets bored very quickly. This leads her to do stuff and overdo things which brings on the pain and tiredness. Finally, yesterday, she acknowledged that maybe I was right to tell her off about doing too much ! Thankfully, I don't get too caught up in those Strava segments and challenges as, like you, I am far too competitive.

    PS - why don't you come home and leave Mr PS over there with the kids !! Glad to see you are being so positive and not hinting that things could still go wrong for NYC !

    Robert - 401 in 401 ? I couldn't even contemplate thinking about doing anything like that, that's just madness but extremely impressive. You could always tell Mrs R that you are planning to do something like that and when she hits the roof you can say that you will compromise by just doing the 50 miler you've got your eye on image

    Just a short 6 mile trot for me yesterday lunchtime. The legs felt so much better than the day before. I feel a lot better in general too now I'm being more healthy. Have just looked at the route for the RRR50 and it looks horrible, well the section I've looked at so far does. It's running through industrial and housing estates and doesn't have the views I'm used to. This race is just going to be so I can qualify for next years SDW100 rather than being an enjoyable day out. 


  • My new garmin forerunner 220 picked up GPS signal within a few seconds of leaving my house for its 1st outing may be just luck but time will tell.

    9 mile alternate pace sub 9 sub 8 average pace

    8.44, 7.40, 8.51, 7.36, 8.50, 7.41, 8.58, 7.43, 10.06. total time 1.16.13.


  • Sorry folks 6 days since I've posted.  Been so so so busy it hurts.  But I am enjoying my new job and still fitting in good running so that's OK.

    Robert- that was a smashing 10k time you did.  Really chuffed for you.  Glad you're looking at a club- well done!

    Carl- sorry to hear about your difficulties.... how are you feeling now?  A wee bit time off will not affect fitness at the stage you've reached.

    Carter- hoping Mrs C is feeling better and better.  5 weeks till your 50 miler eh.  Knowing you you'll pull it out the bag.

    PS- so glad you're feeling chipperer.  And looking good.  Well done you.  Your boy still away just now?

    washwood- nice hearing from you and good set of races planned!  The mojo is really back!  Good to hear.

    Sean- good luck for your upcoming HM.  What time are you aiming for?  Sounds a good course.

    Will- good to hear from you again.  You have a speedy HM PB!  That's where I'm aiming for but it's a long long way to come!

    Well last week I ended up getting in 30 miles.  Included a 6.2 and 9.2 miles on the Isle of Arran whilst visiting my family who were holidaying there.

    Was my birthday today and I have enjoyed a LOT of good food and drink over the last few days.  But a nice run on Monday and back to it tomorrow.  Sunday I'm running a 10 mile race on the Isle of Cumbrae which is meant to be beautiful.

    Work extremely busy and stressful but enjoying.  Loving keeping up with you even though I'm finding it tough to post much!

  • Much improved. Muscle strain is gone and now just a dull ache in the lower spine.

    Physio is saying stay off running util early next week.

    I am tempted to put the trotters back on tomorrow night for an easy 6 miles. I think I am ready.

    Will let you know tomorrow.

    Anyway I have put together a race list but apologies to anyone whose I have left off missed. If I have just let me know and I will update it.

    Going forward I will keep it up to date.

    Current Race List


    19/09 Hampstead Trail 10k – Carl (tbc)

    20/09 Cotswold Classic 10 - washwood

    26/09 Hogsback HM – PS

    11/10 Chicago Marathon – PS, Carl

    11/10 Royal Parks HM – Sean

    17/10 RRR 50 - Carter

    18/10 Abingdon Marathon – Robert

    18/10 Oxford HM – washwood

    18/10 – Great West Run HM - Will

    25/10 Candleford Canter 10k – washwood

    01/11 New York Marathon – PS

    07/11 Thames Meander (Marathon or HM ?) - Robert

    29/11 Benidorm HM – washwood

    13/12 Andy Reading 10k - washwood


    03/14 Paris Marathon – Carl 

    11/06 South Downs Way 100 - Carter

    19/08 Mr & Mrs C – Wedding 

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