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  • Hi all - well, I made it!

    Having had a slightly dodgy tummy and a sore foot this week, I decided not to go and beast myself and to try and run the half at as close to marathon pace as possible, so around 1.50-1.54 (though I suppose I would have liked to have gone faster)

    I went out conservatively and did the first couple of miles at around 8.30 and then found myself picking it up a little in mile 3, perhaps because the wind wasn't blowing straight into my face at that stage.

    The roads were pretty narrow and it was tricky to keep to an even pace, especially with having to dodge bollards, pavements, cars and other runners going in the opposite direction; still, it was sunny!

    From mile 3.5-7.5 we were faced with an impressive amount of mud, including two short stints across a boggy beach, where I saw one poor man lose a shoe, then numerous puddles and a park that would have been better suited to a cross-country course!

    I carried on at a decent pace, but the uneven, squidgy ground and a lack of sufficient drink stations, meant that I was starting to tire. At around 6 miles, my foot also started hurting like crazy - and then the other one also decided to throb underneath.

     I eased back a bit and decided not to overdo it, and try to enjoy a day at the beach!

     Seeing my other half at 9 miles gave me a lift, then it was onto the last few miles along the Portsmouth promenade, into a head wind and dodging what felt like every man, woman, child in the south of England,  plus numerous bikes, dogs, wheelchairs, scooters, buggies - everyone who had clearly come to enjoy the rare rays of sun.

    This made the last section a bit tough, especially as there were runners going in both directions, but I made it to the end in one piece (though with flipping sore feet!).

    Overall time was 1.53.27, which I am slightly disappointed with, but then it was only won in 1.16, so it wasn't a fast course and I made a decision at the start to be conservative. That's a 8.40 mile avg.

    I did also manage almost 3 miles with the warm up and cool down, so all in all about 16 miles (not bad!!)



  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - Hope you are right. It is so frustrating not to be running. I probably could have run today but it would not have been an LSR and I would not have wanted to push the pace so I decided that giving myself another day or so recovery time might be more beneficial in the long run. Really hard to judge. I guess I will find out.

    Will come back on later regarding this weeks planned training.

    Great 20 miler from you today. To be able to push on for the last 6 miles must feel great. While it might not have been at the MP you would like you have put in some massive sessions this week so it is no wonder that you were a little tired. Your goal MP is well within your reach as you are some way out from your marathon yet.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Hannah - great run considering the obstacle course that you were running on. Doesn't sound like the most organised of HM events but considering what you were saying beforehand I think that is a really fine effort.

    Overall it sounds like a good training run.

    I have forgotten which marathon you are running ? How many weeks left in your training before you taper.

    How are you intending to approach this week's training ?

  • Hi Carl

    Thanks for the kind words. This week is a bit of a nightmare for me, to be honest, with half-term and I may struggle to go out for a long time. I was thinking about doing a recovery run tomorrow, perhaps 4 miles or so, then a longer faster run on Tuesday - say 7 miles, as I can't run on Weds (though if I can run first thing Weds morning I might do that run then); i might be able to get out for 40 mins or so on Thursday and then hopefully do 10 miles at the weekend; it needs to be an easy week if my foot is still sore. I have another HM lined up on the third, but again will probably take as a training run, though aim to do slightly faster, with a longer WU and CD. However, I'd appreciate any thoughts you have.



  • Ta Carl - happy with that run as it came on the back of two heavy weeks - 97 miles total for last two weeks.

    Hannah - that course sounds like it was a real toughie so well done! I ran 1.53 in my last HM in September past and it was billiard table flat smooth Tarmac! As Carl says great training run particularly as u got 16 miles done in total. Important thing is you got round safely with no ill effects/injuries. I would say play this week by ear and see how you feel after today's race ... A bit of an easier week might be sensible.
  • Carter - ah isogels ... Yes that's correct I don't think they are water dependent and don't need mixed with water in the gut.
  • Good evening all

    Hannah - Congrats on your run, sounds like a good time in tough conditions. It's all miles in the legs and added experience isn't it? All good.

    Ricky - That is a couple of serious weeks you have to be satisfied with that?

    Today I was on my (alleged) LSR, 13 miles. I was hoping for 9:00 to 9:30 minute mile pace, after a couple of miles or two of going a touch too fast I started hitting 9:00 minutes fairly accurately. Is it common when trying to run a little slower that at first it's hard to get your running rhythm and breathing regulated? I felt very "choppy" running wise. 

    Anyway I did 13.4 in 2:04:27 and the splits were quite even so although it didn't feel entirely natural and against my instincts I was quite pleased with my pacing.

    Tomorrow is a 15 mile  2/10/3 run/cycle/run and a Pilates session. I gave up Boxing and Rugby and took up Pilates there's a sign of old age creeping up on me.

  • Ricky - great run from you there well done.

    Hannah - that's worrying re: the feet. Is this something new? Shoes OK?

  • Carter - you've got 3 x 20 milers over the next 3 weekends. Priority number 1 is that you get these done. If that means you need to reduce volume or speed on other runs that's OK. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - this has been a very frustrating week. I feel that I should have gone out to keep the legs loose but know that it would probably be detrimental at the same time. I have been finding it quite annoying and I suspect that the OH would prefer me to be out running as I would not moping about the house. Hopefully I can get back on where I got off and keep going.

    Well done on your efforts this week. Once Spoons sorts out your LSR's you will be laughing. They are the most important run  of the week and it is funny how I am dissapointed with missing a 20 miler. Never thought I would hear myself say that.

  • Carl - don't panic! You'll be fine. Just get back quick!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Spoons - advice for this week please.

    My plan before being lazy for  a week was as follows :

    Tues - Tempo 45 mins at 7:30mm with wu and cd

    Weds - MLR 10 miles with some miles at MP

    Thurs - Intervals, this week I was going to to 1km reps with short rest in between each rep

    Should I alter the schedue this week and include some miles at HM pace ? and if so what would you recommend.

    If all goes well during the week I will go for it on Sunday. If I am sluggish then I will use Sunday as a training run (I guess).

    A description of the course on the race website says the following :

    This is a lovely course which takes in plenty of North Hertfordshire Countryside. Yes it is challenging with a few hills but it also has several relieving downhill sections. It is a varied course taking in gravel tracks, open fields ,muddy woodland and road running.

    The first 4.5 miles go upwards including a stretch in open fields. There is an 800m section in woodland around mile 6. Some ups and downs until mile 10. Then a very steep climb for about 3/4 mile. The last 2 miles or so are downhill.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    I have to go and collect my running number on Saturday so I am going to try and drive as much of the course as possible so I have an idea what to expect. Really want to know where the steep climb is so that I am ready for it.

    It is probably going to make running a consistent pace impossible.

  • Hi Hannah - well done on your run today in what sounds like tricky conditions.

    Oirish - I find I need to use my watch to get the correct pace I need but once I've got it I can then be reasonably consistent.

    Carl - enjoy your week back on the roads.


  • Tonights run was a hilly 8.4 miles @ 9:03. I felt really good so pushed it a bit, especially up the two steep hills.

    Spoons - as I was running tonight I was thinking that I have struggled a bit with my long runs since starting the speedwork. The speedwork has gone very well so I was thinking that, for this week, I would try running all my runs at an easy pace. Here is my plan:

    Tuesday - 6 miles @ MP

    Wednesday - 8 miles @ 10:00mm

    Thursday - 6 miles @ MP

    Saturday - LSR 20 miles @ 10:00mm

    Sunday - 10 miles @ 10:00mm

    What do you think ?

  • Carter - I'm hinking of changing my water & high5 energy gel strategy.... the main reason is that I'm worried I'm not taking enough electrolytes on which might be a problem if race day is warm.

    This High5 4:1 looks good as a sports drink instead of water - did u go for the citrus or summer fruits flavour?  My only slight concern is that I would need to switch to the isogels which look quite bulky. How many of these do you intend to carry during the marathon? I was thinking 5 or 6 but am worried that there will be too much bulk to carry?

  • Carter - I think that's a really good idea. Yes - do it!

    Carl - I would suggest the same as what I have said previously on halfs in marathon training. Do Tuesday as planned. Do Wednesday as planned but slightly shorter, say, 8 with 3 @ MP. Thursday do 3 x 1km reps @ HMP plus warmup cooldown. Friday and Saturday either rest or short easy runs. Sunday - go for it!

  • Spoons - nice one.

    Ricky - I went for the citrus fruit but don't think I would have been able to identify them as citrus fruit unless I knew whst flavour they were beforehand !
  • Morning all. A rest day for me today. Hope you all have a good one

  • Morning everyone. Well done to all on some great weekend runs!!

    An easy recovery run for me today, which should be good, assuming I can get my legs to work and the foot doesn't cause too much pain (have ordered a new pair of shoes and will try new lacing strategy, so hopefully that helps, so they'll be here later this week)

    Carl - which HM are you doing. I've done a couple in that area of the world which were really lovely?



  • Ricky W wrote (see)

    . How many of these do you intend to carry during the marathon? I was thinking 5 or 6 but am worried that there will be too much bulk to carry?

    Ricky - I've only had one run using gels but based on that I was thinking of taking my first gel at 7 miles (so it kicks in at 8-9) then every 4/5 miles after that. That would be a total of 4/5 gels but I will keep practising over the next few weeks to determine the final number. I also have to work out how to manage the 4in1; as you know you add this to water. When I dont have any water with me I find that I dont really want any (until right at the end fo my long run). However, when carrying water for the first time on Saturday I found I wanted more and ran out earlier than planned. So, i think I will take my 4in1 with me but only use that inbetween drink stations and take on extra water at them. Youre right about those gels being bulky but I dont really know what the answer is, a drinks belt/bum bag ? I'm used to carrying my gut around with me so a couple of extra gels wont make much difference to me !! image

  • I thought it would be useful to make a list of who is running which race. I've gone back a few pages to get the names of the recent contributors but I couldnt find which race everyone was running.  So, next time you post a comment add which you race you are running.

    Pete - Manchester

    Rachel - Manchester

    Carl - Paris

    Will - 

    Ricky - 

    Hannah - London

    Oirish -

    Spoons - ??

    Dobster - London

    Big_G - 

  • Morning all.

    I am doing the Halstead & Essex marathon on May 12th. Well I see that in terms of events I have drawn the short straw, no bright lights or big cities for me just Essex countryside which may sound like some bucolic idyll but as far as I can tell from my training in reality means hedgerows for 26 miles and the scent of manured fields clogging up your nose.

    God I miss living in London and feasting on the fumes of the Finchley road.image

    I will be going to watch the VLM so it might be an opportunity to meet a few of you in person and cheer you on. 

  • Carter - no races planned for me at present....

    Oirish - my GF is thinking about doing Halstead so I may see you there (in a supporting capacity). If I do go I'll be on my bike telling you to get a move on image image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Spoons - thanks for the advice for this week. I will follow that an see what happens. Am feeling much better so tomorrow should happen. Will also be trying out my new Garmin that has been sitting looking at me since last week.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Hannah - I am doing the Baldock Beast HM. Going to be an up and down event narrow in places and some off road stuff so if I can get round in a decent time - need to decide what this might be later in the week - I will be pleased.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Carter - was up in your neck of the woods this morning. Got off a train at Market Harborough at about 9am, went on a car trip to visit a facility at Old Dalby and now catching a train back to London from Loighborough.

    The sun is shining and it is a beautiful spring day. !!!
  • Hi all - managed 3 miles very slow at 10 min miling today. Bit concerned about my right foot, which is pretty sore at the top. Not sure what to do about that, so might need to rest it for a while.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Oirish - the joys of the countryside. Manure, cows and hedgerows. The joys of London. Fumes. Traffic lights and people getting in the way.
  • Park run saturday!  And also managed to do 14 miles yesterday SLOW!  In fact it was a little too slow.  But I was extremely hungover and ran the first 3 miles with a beginner at our new running club so was good to pace myself with her.

    Spring is definitely in the air image

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