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  • 33 so not tooooooo far behind?  Errrm next dumb blonde (actually ginge) question - Carter - you aren't actually in that band are you???

    oirish and carter - which are your teams?

  • A great age Dobster - I was 33 for years until recently .... funny enough Mrs Ricky W is the same age as you so a fine vintage indeed image

    Carter - I sense some mileage to be had with your band member status..image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - I am going to Pittsburgh on Monday, onto Toronto on Friday and will be back in London by 10am Saturday.

    There is a gym in my hotel so I should ne able to get the midweek runs in.

    Next weekend will be more challenging as I am taking my little fella to the footie on Sunday and as this is at Anfield (where we are playing Spurs) that is another trip by train. When I booked the tickets was not expecting Spurs to be in such fine form so not sure if the trip will have the right outcome. But this is something that I have been used to for the best part of the last 20 years.

    So only time next weekend to get a 20 miler in is Saturday afternoon. Could be interesting if the jetlag sets in early !!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So LSR complete.

    20 miles, 4 slow, 4 at MP, 4 slow, 4 at Mp and 4 slow to finish.

    Legs were gettng a little heavy towards the end.

    Miles 1-4 SLOW

    9:32; 9:27; 9:30; 9:26

    Mile 5-8 MP

    8:09; 8:09; 8:08; 8:13

    Miles 9-12 SLOW

    9:18; 9:27; 9:27; 9:35

    Miles 13-16 MP

    8:14; 8:06; 8:08; 8:08

    Miles 17-20 SLOW

    9:10; 9:20; 9:08; 9:21

    Overall 20 miles in 2:58:08.

    Adding 8 miles of MP into a LSR certainly makes it more challenging. Next weekend I might try to run the MP a little slower as I will be doing more of it (hopefully) and aim to start the marathon itself closer to 8:30.image

  • Hi all,

    Just back in from my LSR and to say it didn't go as planned is an understatement but I'll leave you to decide if it was in a good or bad way as I am still undecided.

    Just to set the scene Mrs.Oirish wanted to come along with her friend  because despite my jokes she too has entered the Colchester half marathon with a coven of five of her friends who have all vowed to run together and just want to get around. So I mapped a route whereby I did a bit, they joined me, dropped them off and carried on. My route was a figure of 8 with chez oirish at it's center. I mapped a route out in the country and one more urban as her friend had a phobia about running on the road. Turns out to be rubbish and she loved it.

    Anyhow in my mind I got my two routes a tad confused and got engrossed in the radio this morning and forgot to note my route. Long story short I tagged on a couple of miles on the section with the ladies and another two on my bit at the end.

    Result my planned 16 miles came out at 20.26 image The timing is a bit skew whiff because at one point I passed my timer when we picked up said friend and forgot to turn it on for a mile or two (I mapped route out again on

    I opened up on my own with 3 miles @ 9:00 before slowing down with the girls 11 miles @ 10:25 avg and then on my own recorded splits of  

    9:07 8:57 9:22 (that bloody big hill again) 9:18(less steep but more hills) and then heres where it gets interesting the last two miles when I thought I was tying up 8:26 and 8:30 despite not actually trying to go faster but just to keep some rhythm and form.

    The gels and drinks worked well and considering my LSRs are usually on a Sunday with the previous day being my rest day whereas I did 8 miles yesterday, to knock off those extra miles and still have a bit of a kick in the last two miles is really pleasing.

    The only downsides are 1) was I convinced myself today was Sunday towards the end and started to anticipate my Sunday roast. 2) If I have overreached and next weeks training suffers although right now I feel know, comparatively?

  • Wow, I turn my back for a minute, and you all go wild. Looks like you've been very busy. Super impressed by the LSRs that have taken place.

    I had yesterday off, nursing sore calf/shin (I shut not have done that sprint through Paddington station), and it's still a little sore today, and seems to be slightly affecting my gait. I am really hoping I'm back to normal tomorrow as I was really looking forward to doing the Half Marathon I entered, so fingers crossed that with a little more ice and rubbing it comes right.

    Hope your run went well, Dobster, and that everyone else enjoys the rest of their weekend!


  • Carl - sounds like your run went a lot more smoothly than mine! I aim to incorporate a similar pattern of MP pace miles over the next few weeks.

    You've set a pretty high standard. Gee thanks image

  • Oirish - make sure you study your marathon route... Don't want to turn it into an Ultra image .... All jokin aside great run!

    Carl - effortless LSR that all went to plan as usual.. Well done - u are a machine! Challenging week ahead for you - bet you ditch the treadmill and go outdoors running/exploring! Good luck with Tottenham Balester next Sunday - we have the old enemy tomorrow - crucial match & a big ask with our cack defence atm.

    Hannah - good luck tomorrow. Bet u have a great run!

    Easy 6 miler just done - country lanes, grass cutting, farmers with hats ... Almost felt like spring! Glad I rested last 2 days - felt like an easy effort and averaged 8.50 pace with nice low HR of 146 even though it was a v hilly route.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Oirish - am still laughing after reading about your adventure. It's the way you tell them.

    On the positive side. You ran yesterday and again today and despite the extra few miles that you added in you feel good. I think that says a lot about your endurance.

    Also they were some fast miles at the end so that is another positive.

    I think it hilarious that you convinced yourself that today was tomorrow and started thinking about the Roast.

    Overall I think it was a good workout.

    I am a little tired after my run today. Just a short recovery run tomorrow.
  • I have just taken the dogs out for a walk and considering I was walking like a drugs mule and one of my dogs has three legs I'm sure we made a fine sight. I think a bit of stretching tonight is on the agenda.

    I was pleased with the endurance side and mildly suprised by the stats as it wasn't a concious effort to pick up the pace. It goes to show what happens when you adjust your routine.

  • Carl - perfectly paced long run well done.

    Oirish - good long run there even if it wasn't what you had planned!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - I would not say it was effortless. I actually found it easier to run the MP sections as the slower sections felt like plodding. That said looking back on a week that has involved 56 miles in the last 7 days starting with a hard HM and finishing with a big 20 miler I have to be pleased that I have been able to get qualiy sessions like this in.

    My LSR next Saturday assuming that I can physically do it will reverse todays MP and SLOW banks of 4 miles. I then plan to do a 22 miler in 2 weeks time just before I start the taper. The aim for this will be to run over 3:30 so I will run it SLOW (9:30 - 10:00 pace)

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - you must be pleased with that 1-0 victory today. image

  • Hope Carter got on OK...... image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Maybe he got himself lost .... image or maybe he is playing a gig .... image or maybe he has had a few Magners ..... image

  • Maybe Oirish planned his route ...
  • Ricky W wrote (see)
    Maybe Oirish planned his route ...

    That's harsh, I only went the wrong way twice.

    image It's Sunday!!! I finally get my roast dinner image now all I have to do is not get lost on the way to the dining room.

    Still nothing from Carter? Maybe he really is unstoppable. Have a good Sunday one and all. Good luck today Hannah

  • Maybe he's gone on a reunion tour

  • Or he's back in the studio cutting a new album

  • I reckon he's gone on the apple wine....

    Just in from my 14 miler:

    9.26; 9.19; 8.44; 8.58; 9.07; 8.50; 9.02; 8.56; 8.59; 8.51; 8.50; 8.39; 8.21; 7.34

    Just ran it on feel and only checked the occasional mile split - conversational with my running bud until last 3 miles when we did a progressive run with fast finish. Garmin said I peaked at 5.51pace during last mile :-0 (last half mile we really opened up and virtually sprinted for home!)

    Averaged 8.50 pace and encouragingly avg HR was the normal LSR pace of 143bpm.

    Felt good and very strong at finish - enjoyed it!
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - great running from you today. You are in great shape and should easily smash some records when you race. Have you decided which marathon you are doing yet ?

    My money is on the magners and kebabs ..... image

  • Cheers Carl - prob Belfast... Still trying to persuade Mrs Ricky W for a long weekend in Limerick. Wait a minute why should that be hard to do?!

    Will have another look at it later - off out to my mums 70th birthday bash... Rock&Roll... Maybe Carter is the headline band?
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Still no Carter ...... Must have been a very good night then ....
  • Nice run Ricky!

  • Oh dear...sometimes I think I am just not cut out for running! Having been struggling for the past ten days or so with sore calves/shins/feet, my mind beat my body today and I ran the Half Marathon.

    Fitness wise I was ok. Injury wise I was not! Still, I finished it and also managed an extra 3.6 miles of warm up and cool down for an almost 17 mile run.

    Early on I got very tight calves, and then they started feeling a bit numb, radiating into my feet with pins and needles. By half way, every step I took made me feel as though my feet were on fire. I had to stop and stretch at 8 miles, 10 miles and 12 miles, meaning that even though most of the run was at 8.15-8.30/mile, there were a couple of miles that were 9.30-10.00, so ended up finishing in 1.53 (almost exactly what I ran in Portsmouth two weeks ago).

    The run was lovely though, through the New Forest, off-road, a sprinkling of hills and horses, mud and more mud, and brilliantly marshalled, so would have been a real pleasure had the feet not been so damn sore.

    This might be the end of my London journey, I fear. Have had a quick Google and it sounds like Plantar Fasciitis or Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, so going to go for an x-ray to rule out anything really bad. 

    As you can tell, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, but really impressed by how well everyone else is running!   

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi all - I know I haven't been posting much, but I'm still keeping up with this thread.  There's some great running by people, but Hannah, sorry to hear you're struggling a bit.

    I did Bideford Half marathon today, and got a massive PB of 1:42:02.  You may remember I did Exeter Half 3 weeks ago and although that was a PB (of 1:47ish) I was pretty despondent.  I have a full report here, but in case you don't want to read it the main things are the splits:  


     That is a really big negative split of about 4 mins.  My last mile was the quickest mile, so that's great and I finished strong this time (unlike Exeter).  You can literally see from the splits where I decided to pick it up with miles 1-7 mainly over 8 min/mile and from then onwards it was all under 07:30.  A serious question though:  is it "normal" to have such a big -ve split?  Does it indicate I was possibly a bit too conservative for the first few miles?

    For info, this Bideford course is billed a quick course, with no major hills or off road bits.  I'm really pleased though.  I felt strong and I think my training is paying off.  I've got no more halfs now until end of June, so my main focus now is on the marathon at the start of May.  I do have a 10K at the end of March and although I want to do well in it (and expect a 10K PB), it's not my priority.


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Hannah - considering that you were running in some discomfort that is a good result. Many others would have given up so well done you for finishing.

    Most important thing now is to work out what it is and looks like you have made the right decision to get medical advice. it is not admitting defeat more like being sensible which we all find hard. You will probably need some physio but be able to do cross training to keep the fitness up. You might still be able to make London depending on how your physio wants to treat this.

    If you cannot do not stress. There will be more marathons later this year and you can always defer your place in London on medical grounds. Best that you get yourself better as running on through a injury can cause long term damage and it is not worth doing that.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Good to hear from you Big G. Seriously impressive run from you today. Congrats on your new PB. Real confidece booster for your marathon and it sounds to me that you are in a great place.

    Which marathon are you running ?

    I think you ran the perfect race. Kept a good pace through the first half and then progressively get faster throughout. Others may think differently and I am no expert but if you had started quicker you may have struggled towards the end as you would have peaked too early.

    Not sure what advice to give you for the 10k. As your training is geared for the longer stuff it might be harder to run a shorter distance very fast. This probably does not make sense but is what I have seen on other discussions in RW that I lurk on.

    Anyway excellent run today. No doubt you will be on cloud 9 for a few days.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Still no Carter ...... Missing in action .... How do we start a search party image

    Just an easy recovery run for me today over in the park. Nothing special which is what they are supposed to be I think.

    Starting the packing for my trip over the wee pond. Running gear is the first thing going in the case. It will be cold (below freezing and maybe some snow) so it will most likely have to be indoors on the deaded treddie but then again our cold winter might have been good accimitisation for the local conditions.

  • Excellent stuff Big G, A PB is a PB and knocking off 5 minutes in 3 weeks has got to go down in the credit column.

    I think we often do the same thing post race which is to analyse it to death and torture  ourselves with "what ifs". I agree with Carl that you got it just right you started sensibly, got into your groove and got faster and stronger as you went on and that has to be a great indicator of your strength and stamina. And even more positively you still have room to manoeuvre if you want to push your PB lower on another occasion.

    Hannah - To match your time with the setbacks you have suffered is pretty darn good. Fingers crossed that the diagnosis isn't too bad and London is still on for you. 

    As for me, a straightforward recovery run today and feel absolutely fine after yesterday's little adventure. 

    Have a good trip Carl

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