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  • Hannah - sorry to hear it's not going well. I think you're right to get a professional's opinion. Best to get it sorted properly rather than make it worse.

    Big G - brilliant PB well done. Probably a tad conservative on the first half but until you've done it you just don't know what you're capable of. Next time try and run 7:30s all the wayimage What's your 10km PB?

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Evening all. Apologies for being 'missing in action'. There has been some family issues at USM hq over the weekend. Basically, Mrs Carter's daughter in law has been, how can I put this, a bitch. Mrs C has therefore had a difficult weekend and I have had to be on hand for a shoulder to cry on etc. obviously this has played havoc with my running schedule but a man has got to do what a man's got to do. I did find a bit of time to get out but it wasn't enough to do a long run unfortunately. The way the weekend went meant that I didn't eat as well as I should have done and we also had a few beers.

    Saturday - 9.3 miles. With not having much time I decided to put some speed into the run - splits are 9:40, 8:11, 8:31, 8:23, 8:38, 8:27; 8:08, 8:31, 9:26, 9:14.

    Sunday - decided to run some HM pace followed by MP - 8:39, 7:55, 7:33, 7:23, 8:30, 8:30, 9:49, 9:53.

    Both sessions on there own are decent sessions but I am disappointed I couldn't do the LSR I planned. Sometimes other things are more important though. Onwards and upwards
  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    I've only quickly glanced at the previous pages and there has been the usually good running and racing from everyone. Well done
  • Carter, the fact that you got out and ran amidst the "stuff" is impressive in itself! And you're right, sometimes you have to prioritise! Since you are doing so very well with the training, I doubt this will have set you back much at all. 

    Hope the "stuff" improves soon! image

  • Hannah 1.53 is a great time considering all the stopping & stretching you were doing & the discomfort you were in. As previously said however the priority now is diagnosis and getting it better.... early days yet and VLM is still very realistic but the option to defer will be there. Plenty more marathons in the calendar but there's only one of you!

    Big G what an excellent race you had - sounds like you underestimated your pace and I think you could have probably gone sub 1.40 had you lifted the pace a few miles earlier. Great target for the next one eh?! Can't help on the 10k - the shortest race I have ever done is a 10 mile road race.

    S**t happens Carter but you worked around it and got some good sessions in - in the grand scheme of things one missed LSR won't hurt. When is your cutback week?Maybe you could juggle things around and count this week just completed as your cutback & get that LSR in after all? 

  • Hope you get everything sorted Carter. Well done for getting out there. You've got Grindleford Gallop next weekend? 22 miles. Take it slow and easy. Train hard for the next few days. On Thursday, if you feel OK then carry on but don't overdo it. If you feel tired then swap the session for an easy 60 minute run. You need to get round 22 miles in one piece and 22 miles is a long way!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - good to hear from you. Life sometimes gets in the way of running and at least it was not all the running that was causing the grief. I think you did the right thing and somehow you still managed to get some good runs in. You have done enough quality training that a slightly different routine is not going to harm the outcome. Wel done and hope that everything sorts itself out for you.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Hi all.  Thanks for the comments.  Yes, I'm really pleased with the time!  I had a few ales and a large mixed grill this evening to celebrate image

    Carter - sorry to hear of your woes.  At least you got out and got some good sessions in.

    Oirish - I think you're right.  I do tend to over-analyse these things.  Something seemed to click today though, whereas 3 weeks ago in Exeter it was a comparative disaster and I felt horrible.  There I went off too quick at 07:45, whereas today I averaged 07:47 overall.  Today, I purposefully went out a little slow and had a goal of doing a negative split and I managed that for the first time ever, so that is something for me to take from it image

    Carl - I'm doing North Dorset Village marathon at the start of May.  I'm lurking on this thread, but if I'm honest I'm not totally focusing on doing sub-4 on this occasion.  It sounds a cliche, but my main aim is to enjoy this one.  My first (and only) marathon in 2010 was a disaster, and it's only recently that I've decided to take up the challenge again.  Realistically, if I get around in sub-4:30 I'll be happy and then maybe target sub-4 at another one in Autumn or next year.

    Ricky - yes, 1:40 would be a great target for my next half.  My next one is Torbay Half in June.  It's my local half, and I know the course very well and train on it regularly.  It's certainly a target to aim for!

    Spoons - my 10K PB in an event is 49:17 from August 2012, but I know I've improved since then.  In January 2013 I did 46:18 on a training run.  I think I should beat my "official" 49:17 time at the end of March.  I'm doing the Marathon Talk Jantastic challenge (I'm currently at 100%...whoo hoo!), and I've put 46:30 down as my time challenge for March.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Carl - have a safe trip.

    Big G - great run and fine post run diet if you ask me !

    Hannah - hope the injury clears up soon. Stay positive

    Oirish - hope you enjoyed the roast !

    Ricky - another good run sir, things seem to be going well

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Spoons - I'm not galloping next week, if you recall I have changed so I am running the South Yorkshire half the following weekend instead.

    Due to the issues of the weekend just gone I am changing my training plan for this week. I deliberately ran with pace at the weekend knowing that my time was restricted. As such, I am not going to do any speed sessions this week but need to get some extra miles in (last week turned out to be a cut back week of 36 miles) so here is my plan for this week.

    Monday - rest

    Tuesday - LSR 20 miles (I've booked the day off work to get this done)

    Wednesday - rest

    Thursday - MLR - 12 miles with 8 @ MP

    Friday - rest

    Saturday - LSR 22 miles

    Sunday - recovery 6 miles


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Damnit!  I shouldn't have looked at my age category rating for the event (Senior Male)!  103 out of 169 finishers.  (85th, roughly midway) was 01:39:19.  I don't know why I look at these, as I'm pleased with my own progress and I know I'm comparatively slow for my age group.  I'm still really pleased though image

  • Carter - Sorry to hear of your travails, hope the ship steadies soon and kudos for fitting in the runs you did. I agree with the others that the two sessions were good quality ones and by the looks of your schedule you are going to more than make up for it

    Lunch was awesome thanks, after the anticipation it had a lot to live up to but it was divine as was picking at cold roasties and bits of lamb all afternoon (my potato fetish goes beyond a national stereotype)

    Big G - A mixed grill eh? well deserved. Although worryingly potato light image

    Carl - Travel safe 

    Ricky - What dates are Belfast and Limerick? Stab city for a marathon? that has PB potential written all over it

    I am going to switch my days around this week as a consequence of doing my LSR  on Saturday rather than yesterday. It is meant to be a rest day today but I am chomping at the bit to be getting out so going to do a speed session today me thinks and split up my three consecutive days in my plan.

  • Carter - that's a lot of miles!

    I would suggest:

    If you feel good on Tuesday you could make this the 22 and do the 20 on Saturday.

    Dropping the MP from the MLR, otherwise you might really struggle on Saturday.

    If you feel OK on Saturday then add some MP on the 20. If you feel tired then stick to running easy

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Spoons - It is, but they are all at an easy pace (now) so hoping it should be ok. I've deliberately made sure I have got a rest day after each run this week by reducing the number of runs. I'm happy with my speed sessions and feel I need to focus on the longer slow runs for a while. Obviously, Saturday's run will be depending how I feel whether or not there is any MP stuff in it, as you say.

    I've updated my plan based on your suggestion, so cheers for that.

  • I took a cycle out on the bike to peruse my half marathon and marathon routes today, I have to say it was all very pleasant in the sunshine and I'm glad I did as it really helps me focus on what I want to achieve. 

    The half marathon route is lovely and flat from about mile 5 on so I am hoping for a good time on this one as it starts downhill, one big hill up which I have been doing my hill runs so that doesn't hold any fears, I did it during mile 19 Saturday without a problem. Then it is downhill out of town again and a slow steady incline to mile 5 and then like I say flat.

    The marathon course does what it says on the tin "undulating". There are no significantly large hills to fear but it is up, down, up, down pretty much all the way around so I am keeping an open mind on target time, it is traditionally not a fast course ("challenging" is the word bandied about a lot) but I think a steady paced 3:45 to 3:50 is more than a realistic possibility, that is my aim but if I attain at least a sub 4 on this route I'd be happy and go for a faster time come autumn on a course more conducive to a good time. I think it is definitely one of those races where the first couple of miles will tell me all I need to know. 

    Riding the course made it all more real today and I'm am really looking forward to both now. Bring em on!

  • Oirish - limerick is Sunday 5th May, Belfast is Monday 6th May (bank hol). Don't listen to the stereotypes - Belfast is a very hospitable city.. Mind you back in 2005 (I was running a leg in a relay team) the chief constable was running and typically there was a bomb scare. Part of the course was closed during the race and runners diverted... From memory it added a mile on to the course so everyone ran an ultra that day!

    That said I am erring towards Limerick - a nice hotel for two nights and the magic words 'my treat' seem to have sealed the deal for Mrs Ricky W.

    Wonder has Carl found the hotel gym yet?

    Home for 5pm today so got a nice 3 ml recovery run done at 9.27 pace in the sunshine and then got the lawnmower fired up for the first lawn cutting session of the year. All before dark & dinner on the table when I came in image
  • Hi- looking for some advice here please. Doing the London marathon for the first time in April. I have done 3 half marathons with finish times of 1:50, 1:45, and 1:42 ( 2 weeks ago). I did the Surrey spitfire 20 mile yesterday. The race went well time wise for me, finishing in 2:46 but to be honest was totally exhausted at the end of it. I did follow the usual advice re gels, water etc during the race and forced myself to drink and take gels even when I didnt really feel like it. In fact I did the first 10 miles in 1:17, at 17 miles my time was 2:16 but then, disaster-  the last 3 miles took 30 minutes and I was totally empty at the end! I could not have faced another 6 miles. My questions are as follows;

    1. Is 3:40 or so a realistic finish time for me in the full marathon (thats what I had planned),

    2. Is doing another 20 miler before the marathon a good idea, given that it nearly killed me! and

    3. Any advice on how to avoid completely blowing up like that again would be greatly appeciated.



  • Hi Bruno

    Welcome aboard. Spoons is the man in the know on this thread and I am sure he'll be along to feed you some great advice. 

  • Ricky - Papa Oirish is a Belfast boy and I have always loved the place since I was knee high, during the troubles people seem to have got it confused with downtown Beirut! It's great how the city has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. A victory for the EU that nobody seems to mention.

    I was in Limerick a few years back for a wedding, it was the weekend Munster bagged their first Heineken cup and the place was mental!!! Brilliant fun, it was the only subject of conversation wherever you went before and after the match. Nobody said hello but "have you got yourself a ticket?" they were like rocking horse poo and some lady who was living in Biarritz who they were against went along to their box office and bought 50, she was all over the media "The lady of Biarritz" you would of thought she had been canonized a saint!

    Both great destinations for a weekend though, Mrs Ricky W will love it.

    Where did we all go wrong that on a business trip the first thing in the hotel we look for is the gym? Mind you I did a 15 mile treadmill run on a hotel treadmill before a friends wedding once, when my missus asked "why?" I told her I'd seen the bar prices and it'd help me get drunk quicker, and it did. image

    I was loving today's sunshine, I don't do cold weather, summer can't come along soon enough.

  • Evening all! 

    Carter - sorry to hear of your rubbish weekend, hope Mrs C is ok.

    Oirish - Nothing beats a good sunday roast with excessive number of roast potatoes image

    Hannah - Sorry to hear about the running probs image

    Spoons - Went to Physio today.  Had rested my calf for over a week and tried 3 miles saturday and again sunday.  Pain had completely gone but reappeared this morning.  Physio has told me not to worry.  I have to run 3 miles on alternate days until I am comfortable that I can up the distance.  He has said its ok to run at my marathon pace to keep up the speed.  I need to cycle aswell to keep up the fitness.  Then with the calf it's all about heating it before the run, icing it after and using my roller twice a day.  Also going to have some more ultrasound on it.  He tells me I don;t need to worry, the marathon is still looking good.  In may need to get some advice from you at some point about ramping up the training again, especially when it comes to my long runs.  But for now, just happy that it's all under control image

    Have a good evening peeps x

  • Hi Bruno

    1. Yes it's an achievable time as long as you have built the endurance through running long runs at a slower than marathon pace.

    2. Yes - do several but run them at 9:30 - 10:30 pace

    3. The problem was that you ran the first 10 miles at 7:42 pace when your goal marathon pace is 8:23 pace. When you run the marathon run consistent 8:23s from the start - no quicker. When you are training you need to be 60-120 seconds per mile slower to build the endurance.

  • X post - good news Dobster image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Oirish - sussing out the course you're going to run is very keen ! You've now got me thinking about having a Sunday roast myself. I haven't had one for ages and my roasties go down very well at USM hq.

    Ricky - you've got the lawn mower out already, very impressive. We just let the chickens out and they do the rest !

    Bruno - looks like you're building a good base and have had some decent half marathons. Take on board Spoons's advice, he is the man.

    Dobster - thanks, things have settled down now. Mrs C has had her say and feels a lot better for it. That in turn makes my life easier !! Hope the injury clears up soon.

    Spoons - how is your injury coming along ? I see you went out for a decent run the other day ? Triathlon next on your list ?

    A day off work for me tomorrow and my 22 mile route is planned. I'm going along the Pennine Way via Kinder Scout. I've never done this route before but have seen the profile and there is a steep climb for a couple of miles (about 1000ft ascent I believe) and then it's all flat. The forecast is for mist early in the morning but I'm taking my camera in the hope of getting some nice shots.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky - have not founf the gym yet. In a traffic jam on the way to the hotel after leaving my house at 7am this morning. The joys of international travel ....

    It has been suggested that I go to a Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey match tonight. The challenge will be to stay awake.

    Planning on hitting the gym in the morning as tomorrow evening is likely to be full on with work.

    Looks to have been a busy day on here today. Will catch up with everyone later when I have a chance to read on a bigger screen than my work blackberry.

  • Carl - have fun!

    Carter - I've run up Kinder Scout before. It's quite steep! Great views from the top though. Injury is oncoming on nicely. I just need to be careful so I'm holding myself back whilst I rebuild me base properly. I'm up to an hour, 3 x a week, at 10 min miling. I'll add 15 minutes per week and next week I'll go to 4 runs. 

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    It's freezing fog up here this morning so I don't think going up Kinder Scout would be the sensible option so will be changing my route
  • Carter - to be honest I was suppose to be on a rest day or cross training and with the weather being so glorious yesterday wanted to get out and about and do something. I have my cycle across Ireland the first week of June so need to keep half an eye on my cycling. I did 42 miles yesterday and that kept everything ticking over nicely.  

    I feel in fine fettle this morning so it's an intervals session this afternoon followed by the biggest and most eye catching football match of the season so far tonight.

    Nottingham Forest v Ipswich town, the clash of the Titans

    Carl - good luch trying to sleep through a hockey match, apparently American sports fans shrivel up and die if there is even a moments pause in the noise and excitement levels. A great experience, one of those do once and that's enough things in life.

  • Hi all - hope everyone's ok. Dobster - sorry to hear about your calf problems, but glad they seem to be improving. I'm going to go for an easy run today and see how I feel and then will probably try and do an LSR later this week. I spoke with a chiropractor yesterday and he said I probably had plantar fasciitis and that if I took it easy for a few days then I could still get my long runs in. I'm going to try and do 18-20 on Friday but will go very slowly. I think I've realised that London may not happen for me this year, but - looking outside at the glorious sunshine - I'm just so happy to be a runner and be able to get out and enjoy the exercise!!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Oirish - you are right about the noise. It was constant mind numbing non sensical noise even when the play was actually happening. There even was a brawl on the ice for good measure.

    Pittsburgh Penguins came out 4-3 winners over Tampa Bay so everyone went home happy.

    Been there done it, do not need to do it again.
  • I am soooooo glad I'm a runner. Glorious spring sunshine, not a breath of wind, warmth on my face and gorgeous scenery on the south coast. 7 miles in just under an hour, starting at 8.40, then 8.29, 8.15, 8.21, 8.12, 8.19 and a mile cool down in 9.27. Feet didn't hurt until almost 6 miles, but the best thing was I really enjoyed it and didn't put pressure on myself to do a time or a distance, just did what felt right!

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