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  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Carl - thought you had gone over there to work ? Sounds more like a jolly boys outing to me image

    Hannah - hopefully the injury is clearing up.

    Oirish - not sure why they are showing Man U v Real Madrid on tv when they could be showing the mighty reds against the tractor boys
  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    20.3 miles @ 10:05 for me this morning.

    My legs felt tired right from the off even though i had breakfast, took water and gels with me. I struggled up the hills and had to walk for a minute up a couple of them. I did manage to keep going on the downhill, flat and slight incline but didn't feel comfortable at all. It felt different today to when I bonked a few weeks ago. Therefore, I'm putting it down to doing too much. I've checked my plan for the last 6 weeks and I haven't really had a proper cut back week. 4 of those weeks has been around 50 miles, one week I raced liversedge and last week I ended up running 4 speed sessions. Time to put my feet up for a bit methinks.

    Spoons - what say you ?
  • Carl - I too watched a ice hockey match in a jet lagged, half drunk daze and having t-shirts fired at you from a cannon by a 9ft duck does nothing for your sanity and frankly the fights were the only times I really understood what was going on.

    Carter - I think we'd have to time travel back about 30 years for anyone else to give a sod about our boys. Oh those were the days image

    I did a bit of a speed session today doing intervals, of course you would on the hottest day of the year so far wouldn't you? image

    7.58 miles avg 8.20 pace.

    1.3 mile warm up @ 9:17 followed by 10x 500m with 400m recovery and 1 mile home @ 9:01

    I really do need to get myself sorted with a Garmin for better break down of the splits, I was a junior county 400m runner way back in the mists of time so would be interested in those splits. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    After a restless nights sleep I got up and headed for the gym at 6am.

    Small but functional.

    Running on a treddie is much harder than the comparable paces.

    1 mile wu at 9:40.

    3.5 miles at 7:41 pace. Was overheating at this point which is something I do mot experience running outdoors.

    1 mile at MP at 8:30 pace and 0.5 miles cd at 9:40.

    Glad I did it but it was harder than I thought it should be.

    Will try and catch up on all your activity a little later but internet connectivity is poor on the move.

    Need to think how this impacts my plans for runs for the next 2 days.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    I meant to add that I set the incline to 1.5 for my short run earlier today.
  • Carter - I've just followed you on Strava image .... that was a tough run  -  last half all uphill! Yes I would say looking at all that mileage you need to ease off for a few days. Rest is as important as the training as they say.

    Hannah - nice running, hopefully the feet thing is on the mend.

    Carl - I agree 100% re: treadmill ..... there's no shirking from the pace/nowhere to hide unless u wimp out and hit the minus button. It is warm work - I did an interval session tonight on mine and couldn't believe it is possible to perspire as much as I did... and that was running barechested with shorts only!

    Anyway I did 8 x 0.5ml @ 7.04 pace with 0.2ml recoveries @ 10 m/ml pace. Warm up of 0.25 ml at start with 0.5ml cool down at end.  Just over 6 miles in total in around 50 mins.
    Very tough session although I think I could have pushed through for another 2 reps but ran out of time - Dad's taxi duties. But you're right Carl - it feels harder than the same pace feels out on the road for some reason.

  • Carter - well done on getting the 20 miler done. Shorten the MLR to around and hour at easy pace and let's see how you feel in a few days.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Oirish - looks like we had a lucky win with you having two sent off and a deflected goal.

    Ricky - tis yourself is it. I have also followed you too. Do you log all your runs on strava as there is only 3 runs in the last 28 days ?

    Spoons - will do
  • Tis I indeed Carter.... I have only just started using it recently and usually only once a week on my long run when I carry my phone with the app running.
    Do you upload after your run or bring your phone with you on the run? One thing I don't like about strava is there doesn't seem to be a delay function prior to start (i.e. to give you time to get phone wrapped up in plastic bag and zipped away before it starts)... maybe I'm missing something?
    Just the Mighty Gunners left in the CL .... image...well until we meet Bayern again that is.. ahem *glass half full"

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Did United loose ? You forget about what is important in the world when you are stuck over here in one of the world's outposts ......
  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Ricky - I update the data from my garmin watch into strava so I don't have to faff about using my phone. Arsenal have got no chance really have they.

    Carl - yep, united got beat. How are things going in the US of A ?
  • Carter- By all accounts both red cards were well deserved so we only have ourselves to blame, he says through gritted teeth.

    Carl - That is the thing about America the media coverage is so insular you might as well be at the North pole as far as keeping in touch with the world is concerned. I've been in the arse end of India for 6 months and had more of a clue what was going on. 

    Today was suppossed to be a steady 8 miles today for me but ended up with the last 4 being  3 @ MP and 1 @ 8:00 at the end. A bit of a mixed bag session as it was meant to be a 8 mile steady at about 9:20 avg pace but I ran the first half with Mrs O and friend at a snails bloody pace so decided to knockout the last few miles as I was bored silly. I even managed to chuck in a few decent hills in to the mix, I had that lovely euphoric feeling in the last mile when everything is smooth and flowing, I could of happily of carried on and on. Running is a pure joy at moments like that image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Well it is 6:55 over here and the run is done for today.

    4 inches of snow on the ground with more coming down but the snow ploughs are out in force. That said have been told that we need to leave a little earlier.

    6 miles on the Freddie today followed by 10 mins on the cross trainer.

    1 mile wu followed by 3 at MP of 8:13 pave followed by 1 mile at HMP of 8:00 pace and 1 mile CD all at incline of 1.0.

    X trainer at level 12 and heart rate of 152.

    Going to do a progressive run tomorrow and try and finish at 10 k pace.

    Got to go will check in later to see how you all did today and keep a track on the footie.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Oirish - I too have been to India.  It was only for a couple of weeks for work, but you're right about their news coverage.  Also, I knew the Indians were mad for cricket, but when I actually visited it was like nothing I've seen before.  Sachin Tendulkar is almost some kind of god...think David Beckham times 100 and you'll be on the right lines.

    I've only been to the USA once...I spent a long weekend in New York.  I'm an F1 fan, and although I didn't want to watch the race I wanted to know who had won.  I couldn't find anything on TV at all.  However, there were endless repeats of the New York Knicks game which we had seen at Madison Square Garden anyway!  That was a strange experience....the team hadn't had a great season, and it was the last home game.  To help get the crowd on side they were giving/hurling out icecream/crisps/drinks to anyone who wanted them throughout the game.

    I have a club session tonight, which I know will hurt....they always do image

  • The Americans treat every sporting event like a full days entertainment, the actual sport is almost secondary to the big day out. Look at American football, 4 hours long with action delivered in 10 seconds bursts and the single most tedious experience of my life.

    I was in L.A. when the Rosebowl was being played there, it is College football FFS and it got a 80,000 crowd. It was nuts. Try getting that for UCL vs Open University at Wembley. The University of Texas has a 100,000 seater stadium that is sold out years in advance season tickets get passed down through generations. 

    As for Indians and cricket..... bonkers truly bonkers. Cities of millions and millions of people go from 100 mph mayhem and unimagineable  noise overload to post apocalptic eerie quiet simply because a test match is on. It's like something out of  "28 days later". IMO Sachin Tendulkar is the biggest sports star in the world. 1 billion people worshipping you like a deity? No one else even comes close to that kind of  reverential fanbase.

    Ricky - I fancy Arsenal to go down in glourious failure tonight, I reckon it'll be a case of close but no cigar.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Wenger will have an excuse already planned for when they do !

    Is anyone racing this weekend ? I've got the South Yorkshire half on 17 March - I guess you Irish boys wont be racing that day !!

  • Carter - I have the Colchester Half Marathon that morning, shouldn't be hard to spot running in an irish flag vest and a couple of cans of Guinness in my bag for post race refuelling image Should be home and hosed in time for the pub opening. 


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Oirish - the thing that surprised me about the one and only basketball game I have been to was that even though there was a lot of analysis and fanfare over lots of the game, there was virtually nothing over the "tip off".  So much so, that I nearly missed it!  I think the ref started the game, the tip off happened and that was it.

  • Had a tough day at work today and a run wasn't the first thing I fancied after a 2 hr journey home, but I feel so much better having gone out. Again, I was just running without undue time/distance/speed pressures, because I think I've been stressing a bit too much of late about those. Lovely 45 min run which took me along the sea wall, looking out over the Isle of Wight, with just the birds and the noise of the water for company.

  • Well done for getting out Hannah. You never regret going for a run but you often regret not going for a run....

  • Totally agree, Spoons. Hope all is going well for you!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Manchester - 7 weeks on Sunday. Not long now.......
  • Woohoo! Exciting stuff. A big month of training ahead!image

  • Carter - I must plug my watch in and see if I can upload too Strava - good thinking Batman!

    Also only been to the States once (West Coast) ... I actually didnt have a problem with keeping up to date with UK sports coverage.... in fact I remember watching Arsenal beat Man U 1-0 in our Ceasers Palace hotel room when in Vegas! Sept 2006 that was...

    Carl - are you not sick of the treadmill yet? Bit of a novelty at first but they are damn hard work!

    Oirish - Arsenal don;t play their 2nd leg until next Wed... a case of prolonging the agony I think! Anyway.... positive thinking & a sending off in our favour early in the game could just produce a comeback!

    No races for me until Larne half on Sat 23rd March.... There are a couple of races over here on St Paddys weelkend though. A 10k on Sun 17th and then the inaugral Dune Half Marathon on Mon 18th which is a cross-border race starting in Dundalk in the Republic of Ireland & finishing in Newry in Northern Ireland. 

  • So 9 mile MLR for me this evening  - wet & windy... 2 weeks without rain had to come to an end sometime!

    I always go into these mid week MLRs not really sure what to do and kind of make it up as I go along. This evening I had a mile w/up and then decided to run somewhere between MP & HMP... it got quite tough to keep pace in the middle miles 5-7 as it was a hilly part of the route and at that point was straight into a strong headwind with driving rain... felt good in the closing stages so upped the pace to what felt like HMP over the last 2 miles.
    8.58; 8.21; 8.10; 8.26; 8.41; 8.31; 8.28; 7.56; 7.46

    Avg pace for run 8.22 with avg HR of 150bpm ... these HR stats fascinate me and the averages are continuing to get noticeably lower for given paces as the training progresses. Gotta to be a good sign I think.

  • That's a good sign Ricky. I have to admit I can't really be bothered with heart rate training any more and I think the more you run you get a better idea of running on feel.  At the minute I am only doing my easy running which I know is 130-140 zone and the pace is 9:30 - 10:30. This will improve though. I got this up to 8 min miling at my peak. Then I work on my tempo pace which is around 150-160. Once I can hold 7:30 pace for an hour I'll start working on my top end speed. 

  • Thanks to Spoons and all of you for your advice.

    Much appreciated.


  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - I'm stalking you on Strava now !

    Carl - hope you're enjoying the time on the dreadmill ! Is it not possible to run outside while you're there ?

    Bruno - how is your training going ?

    Spoons - South Yorkshire half a week on Sunday, here is my plan.

    Tuesday - Tempo run, 20 minutes at 7:20 plus w/u and c/d

    Thursday - 2 x 1 miles @ HM 7:30 plus w/u and c/d

    Sunday - race - this time I am going to warm up for about a mile; I haven't done this in previous races.

    I've deliberately made next week a light week so I can have a good crack at a 1:39. The question is, is it too light bearing in mind my main goal is Manchester ?

    7:36 is the average pace I am aiming for (I have added an extra 30 seconds to my overall time to take into account this race is not chip timing). Am I being too optimistic aiming for 7:36 considering my PB pace was 8:05 ? I am of the opinion for this race that I go off at 7:30 and try and hang on. I have run at this pace for 6/7 miles in some of my training runs and felt reasonaby comfortable. If I blow up during the race then so be it but I would like to give it a go and see how I get on. 

    What do you think about my plan for next week and for the race itself ?

  • Bruno - let us know how you get on

    Carter - sounds like a good plan. Go for it!

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