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  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    I'm tempted to try running in the park on the grass over the weekend. I figure it can't make it any worse but I suspect Spoons would advise me to err on the side of caution, which I think I probably will do. It's starting to feel like I'm losing some of my fitness now so hopefully a few more days rest and a physio session should sort it.

    How did your run go ?
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - if you cannot get to a gym to do work on a cross trainer I would forgt it. You will still be hurting the knee even if it is grass and with a knee injury it is better to be safe than sorry. Rest it, have some physio, Do as you are told to make sure you recover in time for Manchester.

    So I went out there and did 7 miles today. The legs were a little heavy but that was to be expected. I ran the first easy, increased pace for the second, ran the next 3 reasonably consistently and then eased off for the final 2 miles.

    This was a tough session particularly from a breathing point of view and overall it felt hard even if the intensity was not as high as previous. Splits as follows :

    Mile 1 - 8:40

    Mile 2 - 8:24

    Mile 3 - 8:17

    Mile 4 - 8:15

    Mile 5 - 8:14

    Mile 6 - 8:42

    Mile 7 - 8:49

    Overall 7 miles at 8:29 mm pace.

    So its great to have got back out there. But this felt hard which I suppose it was always going to and I need a bit more recovery time to get my breathing working as it should. Not sure if this will happen in time for next weekend. Suddenly 26.2 miles is seeming an awful long way !!

    I do not feel overly tired a few hours after doing this. I do know I have been exerting myself.

    I guess the next run is going to hold the key to what I do.

    Spoons- what would you do next ? I am assuming a LSR on Sunday (rather than tomorrow) ? Would 10 miles be too much ? And should I throw some MP miles into it ?


  • Fantastic Carl that you are back running again! How did the last couple of miles feel as they were nearly @ 3.45 MP.?

    Bear in mind - you will feel more comfortable over the next few runs so don't panic if today felt harder than it should. Another couple of runs before making a decision I reckon?

    Drinks made up & Resting tonight ... Aaaargh the pressure with all Oirish's money riding on me! image

    So tomorrow .... Flat out & hang on or the thinking man's race. Which is it to be?? Will decide on after the gun goes off... but I think I know the answer!
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - overall the run was hard. Mile 1 was probably the easiest as there was not time for my breathing to go haywire. Last two mies were ok considering I had just put in 3 faster miles.

    I am not going to put too much pressure on myself just yet. Need another few runs without overdoing it to try and ease myself back in. I can then think about race MP but like you I have a feeling that it will very much depend on how I feel when I stand on the start line on race day.

    Go get em tomorrow. Do not let Oirish's wager stop you from going for it. Best of luck. Good running.

  • Carl - glad to hear you're running again. Are you over the illness? The breathing issues suggest not but it could just be the shock to the system after not running for nearly 2 weeks. Assuming you are better I would normally suggest 8 miles but as you have had so much rest (enforced) I think 10 might be beneficial. With 4 @ MP. To be honest I'm really not sure what a sensible MP is for you now. I would see how your goal MP feels and adjust if necessary. 

  • Yeah we have Carl bac.k!!  image

     I bet that first run was a bit of a shock to the system? The pace was good from you so hopefully once you've cleared out the cobwebs you'll be more or less back on track. I suspect your options will become a little clearer once you have done your second run.

    Ricky - Good luck today, i can't wait to hear all about it. No pressure, I accept all major credit cards, postal orders or bankers drafts.



  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ouish - indeed it is good to be back.

    Woke up this morning and I knew I had been out for a hard run yesterday. But it is a good feeling.

    Next run tomorrow is going to be important. Hopefully as you say it will narrow down the options.

    Go Ricky Go. .
  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Best of luck Ricky.

    Well done Carl, good to see you back in action
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Spoons. wrote (see)

    Carl - glad to hear you're running again. Are you over the illness? The breathing issues suggest not but it could just be the shock to the system after not running for nearly 2 weeks. Assuming you are better I would normally suggest 8 miles but as you have had so much rest (enforced) I think 10 might be beneficial. With 4 @ MP. To be honest I'm really not sure what a sensible MP is for you now. I would see how your goal MP feels and adjust if necessary. 

    Spoons - lets run with this .... yesterday was a shock to the system. Being a couch potato for the last 10/12 days was never going to make yesterday a stroll in the park. I think I am over the illneee, obviously I have not recovered from it fully which are two different things. Lets run with what you suggest and it will tell me a whole lot about where I really am.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky should be getting ready for his final push to the finish line.

    Go for it. .
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Rocky - did you get lost ?

    I am hoping that you owe Oirish that 50p !!!!!!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Wonder what Ricky has been up to today . Race was on at noon so he must be done by now. Maybe there is no phone reception in Omagh ....
  • Well guys I made it.

    Oirish get your hand in your pocket - I ran close to my PB but no cigar. Finished with a chip time 1:42.34 - just 35 seconds slower than 7 years ago although Omagh was quite an undulating course with some long drags. My PB was set on a much flatter course so I am happy.

    I also surprised myself with my discipline in pacing and ran a very even race. Start was a nightmare - 5k runners including kids & walkers all starting ahead of me near the 1.30 pacer combined with narrow streets for first two miles made it difficult to get into my stride.

    Windy on an exposed section miles 9 & 10 followed by a hilly 12th mile and then a steep uphill finish made it tough.


    7.50; 7.53; 7.41; 7.57; 7.39; 7.40; 7.44; 8.01; 7.44; 7.46; 7.43; 8.05; 7.42; (0.1 6.55 pace)
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky - fantastic run from you today. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare at the start but your splits are testimony to really good training.

    Mile 12 would have been challenging.

    Some rest and celebrations tonight no doubt.

    We have had some good HM on this thread over the last 2 months.
  • Great run Ricky image

  • Those little b*****d kids getting in your way at the start and making me break in to Mrs. Oirish jnr's university fund. I'm willing to go double or quits if you want to try again tomorrow?

    Great run there Ricky, sounds like it was a bit of a tough course. The opening mile at some races can be a bit of a lottery sometimes can't they? Overall it shows that you are in great shape.

    Well done and enjoy your race celebration tonight

  • Cheers Guys - ice cold Carlsberg is going down a treat!

    Oirish - Think last weeks postponed race is rescheduled for 8th June so double or quits it is then?! Much more PB friendly course too image
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - well deserved.

    These clocks going forward an hour tonight are a real nuisance. Was thinking of getting up early, having a bowl of porridge and going for my run. Then I remembered that I am losing an hours zzzzz's tonight. Not good. But maybe it is preparation for next Sunday. Race starts at 8.45 am which is really 7.45am. Fuelling might even need a strategy with those times.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭
    Tremendous race Ricky, well done.

    Carl - sounds like you're feeling a bit more positive. How did today's run go ?

    Oirish - what running are you up to this weekend ?

    Spoons - good to see you spending more time out running. I expect you are rather pleased with that
  • Carter - yep mega pleased. 2 hours done image

  • Oh my giddy aunt I have just had the worst run I think I have ever had!

    I felt strangely letharghic and unmotivated this morning before I set out, my head clearly wasn't in the right place as became apparent later on.I had mapped out my 20 mile route and noted it all down and off I went.

    7 or so miles in was when it started to unravel, I just felt very unfocussed all the way around, I'd tried listening to an audiobook and just couldn't take any of it in, silence then a bit of music but none of them worked.

    By this time I was out in the countryside and I took a left turn as directed at a junction that on the map had looked like quite a major road and was in reality not only unsignposted but appeared to be nothing more than a muddy track leading nowhere.

    And here is where it all when t he shape of the pear........ I turned around and carried on along the road telling myself that if it turned out to be the road I needed I'd just take the next left and try and meet up with where I wanted to be.I knew the second half of my route was a bit loopy so I could trim any extra  miles off later.

    Good theory. Long story short I find myself at a dead end at a marina with the nice lady from runkeeper telling me I had just passed 13 miles. 13 bloody miles from home and having no choice but to turn around and just go home the way I had came. This is when my fragile mood just became a total collapse of mental strength and morale.

    Knowing I was facing a 26 mile outing, I at first pondered adopting a walk/run policy after 16 miles only to stiffen up the minute I started walking, so I tried a light run or more a slow, sulky trudge until I had done my 20 miles and just walked the rest

    I was on my feet for the best part of 5 hours  image I am shattered.

    Thankfully I used the walking section to have a little talk with myself. Pretty much anything that could go wrong did but better it happens now rather on a day that matters. Oh and the law of sod says the one day you don't take cash with you, you will need it.

    Ho hum. Anyway 20.14 miles @ 9:45 avg another six miles @ a good stomping pace.

    Now I'm going to sit by the fire eat my weight in food and then I am looking after 4 kids so that Mrs. Oirish and her coven can go out later. The first kid to try and jump on me is getting a stiff left jab and Esther Rantzen's phone number. Wish me luck.

  • Oirish - not the first time you have had mapping issues if I remember correctly?!

    Still, on the bright side you had a great long run of 20 miles with an xtended cooldown of 6 miles at the end. Sure what else would you have been this fine Easter Sunday.

    Did Mrs Oirish phone search & rescue OR throw a party?
  • Ricky - The fact I headed in the right direction and changed my mind is the most annoying bit of all!! Once I skipped that turn I was unfortunate enough to be on a road to nowhere with no turn-offs unbeknown to me.

    I can assure you I was more than cool by the end i was frozen solid. I got home to find Mrs Oirish going through the details of my life assurance policy and holiday brochures.

    How are you feeling after yesterday?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - remind me never to go on a run with you. We could almost end up anywhere ..... At least when you run the marathon for real in a few weeks time, there will be marshalls and signs so you won't have to rely on your map reading skills ... image

    But as in all things there are some good positives. You got a good 20 miles under the belt. Cannot think of anything else. As you say it was all a bit unfortunate and not your fault that there were no exits off te road you chose. At least you were able to find your way back ....

    A nice pleasant Easter stroll ....


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Spoons - great run from you today. Must feel great to be out there for 2 hours.

  • Oirish - sounds horrible! All good training thoughimage

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Did not get out today until early afternoon. Family things came first.

    10 miles with 4 miles at just above MP. Felt really lethargic before and during the run. Feel a little bit better since.

    First 4 miles at 8:46 mm avg.

    Next 4 miles as follows : 7:55; 7:49; 7:49 and 7:48

    Final 2 miles at 8:30 mm each.

    Overall 10 miles at 8:21 min/mile avg.

    Still have not decided what to take from this. I had to really push through on mile 8 to keep it consistent with the other fast miles.

    What is good is that I did what I set out to achieve. The 4 fast miles were hard and as of today its kindof telling me that a pace around my goal MP of 8:05 mm is probably too much to maintain for 26.2 miles.

    I keep telling myself that this was only 10 miles and I would have cantered through this a few weeks ago. Now I had to work very hard. Will it be easier in a weeks time. Who knows.

    I have probably convinced myself that I can get round the 26.2 miles. Just need to convince the OH that I will be sensible.

    I am still recovering from the effects of the virus and my lung capacity is not what it used be. This is bound to be a factor on the day.

    This is going to be tough. If I stand on the starting line in a week, I will want to do as well as I can. The problem is I am not sure whether to run this conservatively or to race it. If I go

    And of course there is the question of what further running I should do this week. I am travelling on Saturday, got to get to the Expo and all that so I cannot see me getting anything in that day.

    Tomorrow needs to be a rest day. It is important that I do not overdo it this week. Should I do a tempo run on Tuesday ? but for how long ? And Wednesday how many miles ? 3-4 easy I am thinking.

    Going to be a challenging week.

  • Mon - rest

    Tue - 4 x 800s at MP

    Wed - 4 miles easy

    Thu - 2 x 800s at MP

    Fri - REST

    Sat - REST

    This is a little bit more than I would usually suggest but you have had complete rest for 2 weeks so you need to stop being sluggish whilst not getting tired. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Spoons- thanks. That is the training settled then. Lets see how that works. image

  • Carl - I think you need to go to Paris with mindset of enjoying the experience and just feel your way into it. Forget deciding on a rigid pace per mile that you must stick to at all costs - instead go out on a perceived effort that feels comfortable knowing you have 26 miles ahead.

    This way you take the pressure of yourself to run "a time" and concentrate on enjoying it. You may just surprise yourself & then a decent time will be a bonus and very satisfying.
    Save the pressure of "a time" until your May/June effort when you will hopefully be in a better place.

    That's what I would do if I had just gone through what you have anyway.

    Spoons - nice one on the 2 hours.. sounds like progress image

    Oirish - I feel fine today... in fact I am not as tired today as I would be the day after a LSR, which confirms my thoughts that I should have pushed on a bit harder yesterday... think it was the thoughts of that 50p that reigned me in image... My niggly right knee is a little stiff though which is mildly concerning. (I was thinking of going out for a 4 mile recovery run today but the stiff knee persuaded me rest might be more sensible)

    Carter - how's that knee of yours?

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