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  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    A picture of my running buddy.....

  • awwwwww....image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    I need to decide if I am going to run Robin Hood (Nottingham) on 29/09 or Chester on 06/10. 

    If I run Nottingham I will have to miss Ladybower 50 (where I am only running the 20 mile route) as that is the week before the marathon.

    If I run Chester that is 2 weeks after Ladybower. If I run Ladybower it will be a training run and run at a very eay pace. The question is, is it too soon for me to attempt to race at Chester if I run Ladybower ? A couple of things to conisder:

    • from now up to when I run Lake Coniston (which I am not racing this and am only going to run the half) I intend to build up my endurance base where all my miles are going to be an easy pace; there will be no speed work yet
    • After Lake Coniston there is at least one speedwork session each week in my plan
    • I do not have any other races planned before Nottingham/Chester
    • even though Ladybower is 20 miles it is in my second week of tapering. As such, my total weekly mileage is about 75% of my normal weekly mileage

    My preferred race is going to be Chester, I think, and if possible I would also like to run at Ladybower too. Any thoughts on how I could manage my plan so that I could run both ? Or is it going to be a case of running one or the other ?


  • Cater, I think it comes down to how much you want a time at the marathon. If your prepared to accept that your performance may be effected by the 20mile run and you go out simply to enjoy both and see what happens then I see no reason why you can't do them. One thing to be wary of is if you are anything like me then taking it easy in a race is very hard to do. The half marathon PB I ran on Sunday was meant to be a relaxing steady run only two weeks after a marathon but I got to the day and thought why not ill I give it a go. not too much of a problem in this case but then I didn't have a marathon two weeks later! I'm sure much more experienced long distance runners on here will give thier opinions soon.

    managed my first interval session in what seems forever today.  Warmed up with just over a mile at 7.50 pace then ran 6 x 400m all in 1.35-1.40 (think I hthat it right thats about 6.40min mile pace. With 200m slow jog recovery. I did try for a 7th 400 but got to 200m and thought better of it. Anyway glad I did it, but how many sessions a week should I do for interval? (Running 4-5 times a week) 

  • Just got my photo's from Sundays race - frustratingly there is none of me at the finish with my little girl image

    Anyway to continue todays trend here's a pic:



  • What point was this taken at Ricky, you look surprisingly chilled!!

  • Andrew - good interval session there - funny enough I do my 400's @ 6.40 pace also!

    I would tend to vary your speed sessions i.e do 2 or 3 speed sessions per week - one intervals, one tempo, one hill reps.

  • Rachel - this was around mile 20 I think... thus proving looks can be deceptive image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Andrew - I will definitely be racing the marathon. I wondered if it would also be ok to run the 20 miler and use it as a training run. Bearing in mind it's a taper week I would also need to reduce the amount of miles I run the rest of the week. 

    For my speed sessions I was running 2 out of my 5 weekly runs. Tuesday was a tempo run and Thursday was an interval session. I didn't need to include a hill session as where I live I can't run far without running up a hill so my 3 other runs would generally have hills in them. My thought is also that as I was training for a marathon it would be better training mainly for endurance and have a bit of speedwork thrown in too. But Ricky has proved you can get a decent time off 3 quality sessions, each to their own and all that. 

    Ricky - you're looking rather cool to say you are at 20 miles. I don't look that good when I'm walking out the door to start my run !!

  • Carter - I,d say if you want to do both then do the Mara 2 weeks after the 20 mile race. I know a few local guys who swear by a 2 week taper for a mara running 20+ miles as their last LSR two weeks prior.

    As Andrew says the challenge will be disciplining urself not to race the 20miler!

    re: the pic - must be the watercooling effect... I had just emptied a water bottle over my head at the previous water station! The camera sometimes does lie - Definitely wasn't feeling too cool at that point! Got some other pics from Sunday that confirm I'm definitely a big ol' heel striker!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Another busy day on here today and loads of photos. All good by the way. Ricky really impressed with the pose at 20 miles !!! Carter great running buddy. At least he does not talk to you non stop but no doubt has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

    Carter - if you are going after a time in the marathon, I would not think it wise to do 20 miles that close. You will have done the mileage by then so doing another 20 miles is not that important. You are also the competitive sort so will you really not race it. I know that I would struggle with that. But what do I know. To get the PB that you are looking for, everything needs to be perfect on the day and you will need to get the preparation spot on. You need to let your body recover fully and the effect of a 20 miler even run easy is that you will have reduced your taper to 2 weeks. Now I know some people think a 3 week taper is too much so this might be ok. Classic sitting on the fence advice ....... image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    AS I had a work engagement last night, I did my tempo run tonight. Decided to do it on the running track. Very strong headwind around teh corner and down the finishing straight which made it very tough.

    After a mile od easy stuff, I planned 3 miles at about race pace. Knocked out a 7:06min mile and followed this with a 6:57 min mile. Then the garmin shut down. I thought I had it charging on the cradle but obviously not. Really annoying. Running blind, I reckon that I did the next mile at about 7:00 min mile pace and then followed this up with 1.5 miles of easy stuff.

    Each time I do this it is hard. Tonight it was obviously a little easier than last week. 7 weeks between my marathon and the 10k just does not seem enough to get comfortable at this as race pace. I think it is showing me that I can probably get down to something about this pace but not sure if I am going to be able to hold it for 6.2 miles. So I might need to relax race pace back to about 7:15 / 7:20 and accelerate for the last mile or so. Not sure yet and maybe in 2 weeks time I will think a little differently.

    My 10k in late June is probably the A race and I will take whatever comes in the one at the end of this month. With this one being on the bank holiday weekend it looks like I will be away up north on the Saturday and Sunday and will be driving back to London on the Sunday night with the race on Monday am. Again not ideal race prep which backs up the fact that this is probably not the 10k to really go for it in.

  • Andrew - 1 x interval session a week max. Plus a tempo run or race. That's enough quick stuff. I would sometimes drop one of these for a hill session - ie hill sprints instead of intervals or rolling hills instead of tempo. Same thing really just on hills!

    Carter - don't do 20 miles 14 days before the marathon. Nothing to gain and everying to lose!

    Carl - treat all of the 10kms as A races. Just go out there and smash them. Recovery time is quick. There's a huge training benefit to them as well. You'll get quicker at each one. 

  • thanks spoons, thats good as it means I can just go out for a standard run this evening image There is a lovely park area close by with good hills when I fancy mixing it up.  How long would you suggest doing the tempo for as I assume Im trying to hit 10K pace in this (6.50-7.00 min/mile)

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Carl D wrote (see)

    Another busy day on here today and loads of photos. All good by the way. Ricky really impressed with the pose at 20 miles !!! Carter great running buddy. At least he does not talk to you non stop but no doubt has a few other tricks up his sleeve.


    That's just reminded me of something from the marathon I did.  I was trotting a long quite happily at around the 4 mile mark and I was near a group of people who were having a full on (fairly technical) discussion about pensions image   I hurried up pretty quickly to get out hearing range of them image

    Carl - I agree with Spoons.  Every 10K just give it some.  You've nothing to lose I don't reckon.  OK you may blow up (unlikely), or you may surprise yourself.  Even if you do blow up it's not the end of the world and there's always the next one.

  • andrew heley wrote (see)

    thanks spoons, thats good as it means I can just go out for a standard run this evening image There is a lovely park area close by with good hills when I fancy mixing it up.  How long would you suggest doing the tempo for as I assume Im trying to hit 10K pace in this (6.50-7.00 min/mile)

    not necessarily - it depends on the length of the tempo run. Somewhere between 5 mile pace and HM pace. My tempo efforts are anywhere between 3 miles and 8 miles at a bit slower than race pace. Again - it's best to mix them up a bit so you get to practice some longer/slower and some shorter/faster and some inbetween.

  • First post marathon run this evening for me - easy 3 miles @ 9 m/ml pace. Legs felt quite good but a little nag in my left groin still (this was sore/mildly strained after Sundays exertions).. will take it easy for a while.

    I forgot to mention - there was a world record broken at my marathon on Sunday. A guy was attempting to break the existing 3:25 record for running a marathon with a 20lb backpack. He managed 3:16! He evidently is a 25 yr old military pilot with the Irish Air Corp - I saw him still wandering around the finish area when I came in - chatting to everyone with backpack still on!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    That's nothing Ricky. Every time I go out for a run I have a 30lb pack at the front of me called my gut !! You take it easy for a few more days and get Mrs Ricky to look after you. 

    Rest day for me today so currently watching the golf with a beer. I will be attempting a 5 miler tomorrow. 


  • Take it easy Ricky...

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Oirish is up this weekend at Halstead. Are you ready for it Oirish ?

  • I have one of those too Carter!

    I found a little youtube production from Sunday and you will see backpack man in action.

    I am also very briefly in it at the finish area!.... watch the left hand side of the screen at 2.08 in (after the guy limping in with the sunglasses & black bandana) - the camera is trained on the WCH participant but if you are quick (or pause it at 2.08) I can be seen walking off to the left with a green bag over my shoulder. You will also see my little girl - red hair & purple top!


  • Hi all,

    There has been a lot going on with this thread this week so rather than address you all individually please select a positive quote of your choosing and insert here.

    I've been a bit quiet this week as with it being my last week my activity has been minimal and I am not much of a worrier, although I will admit to a little fist bump when crap weather was announced on the weather forecast last night image

    The race itself is 10 miles down the road from me so preparation is fairly straightforward thankfully. I think when I am preparing my drinks and gels tomorrow night and labelling them up then the excitement wil start to kick in.

    The race has waterstations where you can have your own drinks delivered to, which is a neat touch, so my refuelling strategy is to get a few small sports style mineral water bottles and have my drinks dotted about the course so I can then bin the bottle at the next station (I hate, HATE litter!!) and have a gel attached to the bottles at various points (i mean various points of the course not the bottle) and carry a spare gel on me just in case I need a boost between stations. 

    Running strategy is to start off at 8:30 pace and take it from there, I have usually had negative splits in my training runs so my thinking is that it's a pace I feel confident I can sustain but if the running gods are benevolent I might nick a minute or two off my overall time towards the end. It also gives me wriggle room if things are not going so well.

    Overall I am confident and just want to get on with it now, you can ponder it and talk endlessly about the thing, I really hate long build ups before football on tv, it's all just speculation and guess work. GET ON WITH IT!!!

    And that's kind of how I feel about Sunday. I know what I want to do so let's go do it.

    Plus not running makes me a grumpy bum.

    And I'm bored of pasta.

    And I fancy a pint or ten.


  • Good luck on Sunday oirish, sounds like you have it planned out well just fingers crossed that the legs feel strong and you can push on in the final few image

    well last night for me was meant to be steady 4-5 miles but set off quickly and it soon basicallbecame a tempo run at just over 7min miles. Got to slow myself down for my standard runs. ESP as my Achilles tends to get sore after tempo runs, think its a combination of very tight leg muscles and newer running shoes that are not so loose on the ankle. Goes away very quickly with ice in the evening and stretching.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Oirish - I'll do the drinking, you do the running.....

    Andrew - what sessions are you running each week and at what pace ?

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    5.2 miles for me at lunch time.....

  • Oirish - last to go. We are expecting great things!

    8.30 was my intended pace and I nailed it very well with the first mile 8.30 on the button. Although happy with my 3:47 I felt I underperformed a little although I did little wrong. On reflection I think the heat was a factor and I should have taken this into account and not moved up to 8.20 pace in the middle miles.

    Enjoy it buddy & stick to the plan.... I have a feeling our last Spring Marathon athlete is going to round it all off with a great time!

    I assume it is a 9am start on Sunday? What does the weather forecast look like?

  • Cater, there is no set plan at the mo, I'm just getting back to regular after marathon. But I think the aim is roughly 4-5 runs a week consisting of 1 interval, 1 tempo (at about planned 10k pace of around 7min/mile) 1 longer run (about 10 miles at 8-8.30 min/mile) on Sundays and then a couple of steady runs at about half mara pace (7.30-7.45 min/mile) the prob is that most my intended steady runs become tempo runs (not least due to being told to be as quick as I can by the wife haha) will try a 6-7 mile tonight at a slower pace tho

  • Oirish - I know what you mean about the waiting... image Best of luck to you. Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭
    carterusm wrote (see)

    5.2 miles for me at lunch time.....

    Hi Carter, Looks like the miles are building up nicely? Have you had any pain from the ITB? I would be interested to know what actions you have done to overcome the problems. I am hoping not for future reference,  I'm 4 months without it coming back so far, but always waiting for it to kick in ! image

  • Carter - you are a true friend. Willing to go that extra pint for somebody in their hour of need.

    Ricky - It is a 10 o'clock start. The weather forecast is for a cool, dry day with a bit of wind (that'll be the gels) which suits me just dandy, not anything I can do about it one way or the other so I haven't been overly concerned

    the best news is our local paper , control the controllables and all that but given some of the hotter days we have had here lately I'm happy enough not to be finishing in the midday sun. 

    The best news is that the local paper was previewing the race and a couple of soilders are toting an Aga around so even if i blow up I'll have somebody to talk too at the back of the field image

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