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  • Nell, that's an amazing run! Your splits are almost unbelievably consistent! Well done you, makes me feel rather lazy only running the 6.1 today!

    carter, the next two months for me are all about the 10k. Aim is to break 42mins by the end of July. Alternatively I may enter a half I've been wanting to do for yrs but always seem to be injured. It's called the up tow down flow half and is ran all along tow paths from marlow to Windsor I think

    Carl, if you bump into Mo be sure to mention that you really hope he finishes this one! Good luck

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Morning all. Breakfast over. Bag packed. 

    Lovely day in London. Going to be a little warm out 15/16 deg so need to keep hydrated before the race.

    not sure what my race strategy is yet. I think it is going to depend very much on how the ankle responds to the first mile.

     Need to make sure that the media circus surrounding Mo does not disrupt my per race preparation. Wouldn't it be funny to out sprint him down the Mall from the start.

    Back later with my race report. 

  • Carl, you should do it, then retire from the race at about half way announcing very loudly that you only ever intended to run the first half as preparation for completing the whole race next year!

    good luck, whatever happens 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Good luck today Carl hope the ankle holds out.

    Carl, Carter, Andrew. Thanks guys. Yes I am pleased with the time and really pleased that I could control the pace throughout. I was just a bit miffed that at the end having the ITB issues scuppered the stronger finish I had in mind. But I really enjoyed the race and am pleased with the result....even if I sounded a bit of an old!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Now to see if the knees will agree to mowing the lawn image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Carl - best of luck today, hope the ankle holds out. 

    Andrew - have a nice relaxing recovery day. 

    Nell - mrs Nell should be looking after you today after your exploits of yesterday !

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all. 

    Met up with Jim from the Paris thread in Green Park pre race. After dropping my bag headed for the start area. Warmed up outside the elite runners marquee. Scott Overall came out first to warm up. He acknowledged the crowd. Mo came out next with his minders. Loads of people were shouting to him for a picture but he ignored them. 

    i had decided that I did not want to take off too fast so headed for Red B pen rather than Red A pen. Even still this was too fast for me today.

    The start is controlled in waves here and they bring each group up to the start line very slowly. Very impressed with the marshalls.

    My group were running at 6:30 miling from the start. I decided that I would not try and keep this up and ran a more controlled mile. Mile 1 was still sub 7 mins. 

    I ran a more controlled second mile and dI'd this in about 7:15. Mile 3 was tough. Course turned and climbed a little towards St Paul's.  There was little shade and I started to feel my ankle. This was a 7:35 mile. 

    I tried to keep it together in mile 4 and completed this in 7:25.

    The lack of training in recent weeks combined with me nursing my ankle was beginning to tell but I kept telling myself that it was not far to go and that I was doing fine.

    Started  passing a few people who had stopped which made me feel so much better considering I was feeling crap by now. 

    I really struggled in mile 5 and this slid out to 7:44.

    Began to focus on the finish line during mile 6. The crowd support was amazing.  Knocked out a 7:35 mile.

    came round the bend onto the Mall and with 400m to go I knew that there was not much left in the tank. Picked off a few people and saw Mrs D with the three kids just as I crossed the line.

    Shattered.  Finished in 46:56 according to my garmin which is a 3 minute PB 

    i am really pleased with this as my preparation has been rubbish but have never felt so wrecked after a race. The good thing is my ankle held up and although it was niggling  me during the race it was more a lack of race fitness that wtrouble reason I struggled.

    More drama followed. My wife and kids were following me on the outside of the barriers. I then had to stop for the walk through to remove the race tags. When I came out the other side I looked across and my wife was in a bit of a state. she shouted that 2 of the kids had run off ahead while she was putting a jumper on the youngest. 

    5 minutes of pure hell. I went down the length of the runners enclose thinking they might have tried to go to the end to meet me. No sign. Phoned my wife. She said the youngest had said they went on ahead. I told her to track back and if she could not find them that I would have to call the police as there were just so many people about.

    Fortunately they had remained where they were with the 7 year old in tears and my eldest looking after her. 

    They had never moved. The youngest said whey had and my wife turned and went,

    All's well that ends well.

    It was warm out there today. Happy with my performance and know that with some decent weeks of running I could get much closer to the sub 45 mark. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Interesting to see that my garmin connect has not picked this up as a new PB as according to this my race distance was 6.35 miles !!!

  • No wifi or any semblance of phone signal on campsite - just nipped in to civilisation to get some 3G so just a quickie from me:

    wow what a lot has happened since Saturday ! Amazing Mara PB for you Nell you have to be over the moon?! Very well done.

    Andrew - super rapid 10k - well done sir very sharp. Congrats.

    Carl - great time esp considering your ankle woes etc... A PB is a PB - well done!



  • Well done Carl, just think waht you could achieve in full health!!

    Sounds like a nightmare moment with the kids- I've been there and it's horrendous to not knw where they are. Glad all ended well!!!image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - enjoy the camping. Really pleased with my PB considering I had never really kicked back into gear after the marathon and my prep was poor.

    However this has given me the confidence to get back in the saddle so to speak and give it a lash over the next few months.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Rachel - you are right. I am down for another 10k next Sunday but think that is too early to go for a sub 45. I am going to target the 10k I am doing the first week in July as the sub 45 one as the one I have planned for 23rd June is too hilly by far.

    No doubt we have all had a moment when the kids dissapear. It is certainly no fun but they were not too far away. Just so many people that you cannot see them and of course you spend too much time going frantic. But they were none the worse for wear and once I put my medal on my 7 year old she was all recovered. image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carl, Superb stuff. Looks like a good weekend all round then? Three good runs in all!

    I think you are primed for your goal, but I suppose you will just have to watch the ankle and choose your race (which sounds like you have all planned out anyway). Yes, it is a nightmare when you lose sight of the kids. We lost our then, 9 yr old son last year on holiday in France on the beach. We had the coast guards and  police out for one and a half hrs. He had wondered down the beach and went on to another site. Luckily he had one of the site wristbands on and someone recognised it eventually...Worst time of my life and scary how it happens just when you lose site for no more than a couple of minutes!

    Interesting fact though, is apparently kids always stray towards the sun. Which he did. A Dutch lady told us that and she was right on that occassion...

    Hi Carter, No missus was away to work this morning, kids are at school (not a BH in Edinburgh council!). So I was left on my own to cut the grass, do the shopping and clean the floors, kept me moving though and I think it has helped. Just the knees are a bit tender today. To be honest I can't complain after she has put up with all the training up to the marathon and was up and down the East Lothian coast with the kids following me yesterday...

    Hi Ricky, yes I am very pleased. That time is there teasing me to be beaten, being so closely to 3:30 image A rest first though...


    Great weekend, pleased with my run and great to see Carl and Andrew achieving their goals...

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - camping eh. Have they started playing duelling banjo's yet ??

    Nell - yes, our better halves have to put up with a lot while we are training so you will have to make it up to her now. 

    Carl - that's a terrific PB mate given the injury and hampered training. I agree that you can get under 45 if you have a good spell of training and remain injury free. Glad the kids are ok

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    I went out for a trot in the midday heat today. I didn't have a plan or route in mind and just went where I felt like going at the time. Most of the run was on the road but I found a couple of new trails and at one stage I was fell running when the trail disappeared ! I took in a couple of naughty climbs too which hurt a lot as its been a while since I have done any hills. Anyway, I ended up running 11.2 miles with mile 11 being an effort run of about 8 miles up the drag on the way home. That really hurt but I carried on pushing so that was pretty good. Very minimal knee pain so the improvement is still slow but it is improvement. Mrs C and I then got the bikes out and did about 10 miles along the Monsall trail. As this was only our second ride the fairly flat trail felt anything but flat. My bum and legs are now hurting very much ! Training for Chester starts next week so one final blow out tonight and then I need to start eating more healthily and cut down on the booze. We are off to Chester zoo tomorrow so that will hopefully sort the legs out

  • Crikey Carter- that's great progress! Do you feel you are back to full health then?

    Anyone know how Dave got on today?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - really pleased for you. Seems like you are well on the road to recovery. When do you start your marathon training and which P&D plan are you going to follow ?

    For some reason Amazon failed to deliver my P&D book on Friday so hopefully it will come tomorrow and I can spend the week reading it.

    A great weekends running come to a close. Loads of PB's. Recoveries moving along nicely. People getting back into it after their marathons.

    All to play for as they say .......

  • 3min PB with bad dodgy ankle? Carl, that's amazing! Well done. Really glad that the kids were safe and sound also. Thankfully not had to experience that yet but our boys are 3 yrs and 6 months so plenty of yrs for them to scare us

    Been flicking through my copy of P&D, some reagood useful advice in there.  Onthing though is looking at the lower mileage training plan, there are not many 20+ mile runs. I find they are a really good confidence boost and having a few of them under your belt is helpful mentally. Will those of u using them stick to them religiously or adapt them a little?

    physio booked for 2 this afternoon to take a look at my achillies. Fingers crossed


  • Great PBs from Nell and Carl well done. image

    Apologies for being offline so much. No internet at home and too busy at work image

  • Back to civilisation today.

    Nell - how are the legs today? That was a pretty perfect 26.2 you ran other than the knee issues flaring up towards the end. I suspect you will not rest until sub 3:30 is yours! Autumn Marathon?

    Carl a great time given all your troubles - you are surely due a run of good luck so will hopefully get some solid training in to go sub 45.

    Andrew - hope the physio hasn't sidelined you!

    I had my slowest run in a long time this morning but undoubtedly the most enjoyable one by a country mile.

    I did a 10.5 mile proper trail run at 7am this morning around the NT property we were staying at.

    I ran through forests, bluebell rich woods, open fields,  along the coast, past farms, ancient castles, yacht clubs, through herds of cows (inc 2 bulls with the biggest swinging pair of crown jewels I've ever seen), past ducks in rivers, pheasants taking flight from the undergrowth 5 feet from me, opened (& closed) 15+ gates, ran country lanes, ran single track mountain bike trails, up steep hills, down steep drops, jumped cow pats, through muddy bogs, got lost (twice), ran the lawns of the stately home, was diverted from the trail by a massive bull standing on the trail (he didn't look like he wanted to let me past so I wimped out and backtracked and took an alternative trail!).

    The first (and only) Human being I clapped eyes on wasn't until 400 yds from the end of the run! What was planned as 7ish miles all went a bit 'oirish' and ended up 50% longer. A leisurely avg pace of 9.47 mmls.

    Think I like this trail running lark!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - trail running is great is it not. All the things you encountered on your run yesterday are regular occurances on a trail run. So much better than road running in my opinion. 

    Andrew - I'm doing the P&D 18 week 55 mile plan for Chester. I think there are only 3 x 20 milers on that plan so I have added miles on to some of the others so now have 7 of them. This leaves a bit of flexibility for injuries and other commitments. 

    Carl - training starts next week on the 18 week 55 miler. Due to my lay off I'm not sure i will be able to go straight into the plan as it might take me a few extra weeks to get up to speed. 

    Rachel - no, I don't feel I'm back to full health yet. Im not getting pain when im running nor immediately afterwards but last night it really hurt when i took the dog for a walk, this morning it is fine again. All the time I'm running I feel as though the knee is going to go at any moment. I don't think I'm too far off but not really sure when I can say I am fully recovered. 

    Been to Chester zoo today and it rained all day. A really good day though and it's been a while since I've been so ripped off for food and drink !

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Thanks spoons, the miles seem to be building up Carter, does everything seem ok on the ITB front?

    Legs are ok today thanks Ricky, knees seem to be recovering ok and the glutes have been a bit aching. Went down to the in-laws to water the plants on the bike and the quads protested a!

    Yes, It was a perfect run all up until mile 22 Ricky...That finish seems to have lined me up to challenge a sub 3:30 finish. I will have to have a look what is happening later in the year...Must admit the Nice to Cannes marathon on Nov 10th looks very inviting. Now how do I sell that one??

    Nice to do a bit of trail running too Ricky. I usually head off and when running switch the garmin to display the time. My curiosity always wants me to know how far I actually went, but at the same time you are just enjoying the run at the moment... I think you need that every now and then don't you?

    Hope you got on ok at the physio Andrew. I remember when I switched to mine who was recommended and I was suffering with ITB at the time. Her opening words were "Right lets strip down these legs" and she did, brings tears to my eyes thinking of it now! She is brilliant though and a runner herself...and only £20 an hr session!!

  • physio was positive, she basically said what I was hoping, that the pain I'm getting is linked to my insanely tight calf muscles. She had a look at how I ran and checked my orthotics then spent 20mins working on the problem calf with ultrasound before giving the achillies itself a working over using friction. also advised me to get a roller (I've used foam ones before and destroy them in a month, currently use 'the stick') she said it would be more beneficial using body weight to ensure more pressure. so brought a more solid roller with 'nobbly' bits... Bloody hurts! Also meant to strip my running right back for a few weeks down to 1-2 miles then increase only if it feels fine. If I can feel the pain during or after the run then I miss the next day. Basically keep breasting my calfs and once they are looser the miles will come easily again. biggest prob will be getting to 2 miles on a run and not pushing on, also I've just started getting into my interval runs. But much better outcome than other options

    nell, I'm very jealous of how little you pay for ur Physio! Keep resting those legs

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Andrew, Sounds like your money was well spent though? I have The Grid roller which I use a lot and is a lot better than the foam roller. I have seen those chunky rollers....they look like they should have a health warning on them!

    I do agree, when you are used to hitting the miles, a 2 mile run does not seem right. Best to listen to these guys though as they will make you pay when they are repairing the damage!

    Yes, I must admit I am waiting for the physio price to go up, she is my hidden!

    I am enjoying the rest this week, I have been using the roller and icing the knees on the evening. Must admit I am getting delayed aches coming in around the body each day...the aforementioned physio warned me definately nothing this week, I'm sticking to that.....

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Nell - If I had a physio who only charged £20 I would be going every other week. And that is good advice to do nothing this week. The body needs the recovery time and while it is tempting to get back out there recovery will be quicker in the long run (pardon the pun).

    Andrew - sticking to 2 miles is tough considering that your training runs have been great and you were clearly ready for another push. But having spent the cash listening to the advice is probably the right thing to do.

    Ricky - great account of your last run. Sounds quite enjoyable really.

    Carter - the miles are coming back nicley. Looking forward to the report that says 15 miles done, no pain. Training for Chester in full steam ahead !!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    My copy of P&D arrived today. I have resisted the temptation to go straight to the training plans and will try and read through some of the early chapters first. looks very interesting. 

  • I've got the normal foam roller - the chunky rollers don't sound nice at all!

    Carter - sounds promising - you've been very patient. 

  • Well, I've finally entered something! Salford 10k on 8th September. Wooo hooo image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carl, Yes in training I was going every other! She has not got all the fancy gadgets, but has some wicked tricks up her sleeve. One in particular is running that knobbly bit of her wrist down the ITB band...when I was first suffering with the ITB that brought tears to my eyes! She also has sharp glutes will testify that!

    Bad timing for the marathon though, as she went on holiday last Sunday for a week, so couldn't get booked in until next week.

    Hi Spoons, I use the Grid roller that is more solid than the foam rollers and keeps it's shape. It has a kind of block segment for a bit more intense massage, but nothing like the sound of Andrew's beast of a roller...that is hardcore!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Good stuff Rachel.

    Spoons - I had a good teacher, if it wasnt for you guys I believe I would have tried running through it and ended up making things worse.

    It's another rubbish day weatherwise up here today but I will venture out for a few miles later. I am off work this week so obviously it's rained for most of the time image

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