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  • Carter- did you manage to get some icing done?

    There's a lot of research into trainers going on for more miles than the suggested 500 miles so in my honest opinion I wouldn't worry doing shorter runs in old ones. Also ive heard It can take up to 48 hours for the cushioning to return to optimum in trainers so its always good to mix and match them and keep your newer ones for longer runs.
  • Hi AA

    I did some icing last night and am working from home today so will do it as often as I can.

    Thanks for the info about the trainers.

    Will kepp you posted

  • Hi Carl

    Excellent dedication to get into the track when it was locked up image

    Do you find it easier/better doing intervals on a track ? I chose a fairly flatish route near me to do mine but I stil ldont think it's ideal; you've got cracked paving stones, tarmac that is raised or dips, stuff lying around, lamposts and bus stops to navigate etc. I can imagine it to be quite tricky when running flat out to focus totally on your running. I might try looking for a track near me 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Definitely much easier to do it on a track as you say nothing to negotiate and it keeps you focused. Also you can see the finishing line so you know how far you have to go.

    If there is a running track closeby it would be well worth giving it a go.

    Another advantage is that it is a softer surface so the impact is less and that must be good to help prevent injuries.
  • Carl - that's awesome well done mate image

    I would try mixing up the distances. e.g. - 400m reps x 12. These could be run a little bit faster pace than the 800s. Good to get your legs going even quicker. Or, 1200m reps x 4 or 5. These would be a little bit slower pace but being longer will make you stronger.

    I would gradually build up over the next few months to around 20x400 or 10x800 or 6x1200 or 5x1600 or even 2 or 3 x 2400 (those are tough).....

  • Carl - maybe we should consider doing 500 x 3600 intervals image

  • I have located the Don Valley stadium in Sheffield I can use for my tempo and interval training runs image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    carterusm wrote (see)

    Carl - maybe we should consider doing 500 x 3600 intervals image

    No doubt there is some Ultra event out there that would require such madness image

    Spoons - just what I was looking for in terms of where I should go with these type of sessions. Doing the same thing every week cannot drive the kind of performance improvement that is needed here.

    Will build this mix of intervals into my schedule.

  • Carter!!!! I venture back to your thread and you are asking if you should rest!!!!! Shocked is not the word!!

  • I have a friend that runs 100 mile ultras for England...... On a 400m track image

  • Hmm. Can't say that that sounds to appealing. There is a race, I think it's in Monaco, where they do approximately 3km laps round the same route. The thing is they have to see who can run the furthest in 8 days !

    Rachel - I was asking about resting for a couple of days due to a little ankle sprain I have got. I reckon it's been brought on by all this running slow malarkey !! I will be right back on it when I get my new trotters on Monday image
  • Carter - how's the ankle now?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - do you think you'll be able to do your LSR tomorrow ? If the ankle is not fully better I would only do a short run at most. You have loads of miles in the tank to compensate for a reduced run.

    I am planning mine for about noon and hoping to get 14 / 15 miles in. For some reason I am really tired tonight. image


  • Spoons - it feels the same as yesterday. I have iced it and done a bit of rollering. I am inclined to give it another couple of days and then try again with the new trotters. As Carl says I have got plenty of miles in the bank so shouldn't affect me too much. Thoughts ?
  • Ok..will let you off if injured. Oooo new trainers- exciting times!! Hope they're a nice colour!!

  • White and orange so nothing exiting. Same ones as I have now except the new ones hopefully won't cripple me ! Maybe you should run some extra miles tomorrow on my behalf ??
  • Maybe take tomorrow off and see how you are on Sunday. 

  • Will do. Keep us informed how you get on at physio tomorrow.
  • They'll probably put me in a wheelchair..... image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Well while you two are taking it easy I will carry the flag for this thread and put some miles on the clock (big smiley face)
  • Nice one Carl. It's a good job you're on board image What have you got planned for today then ?
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Going to go for an easy trot of 14 / 15 miles after I have picked the boybupnfrom footie training. Focus will be on keeping the pace sloooooooow.

    After all it has been a tougher week with the mix of speed work.
  • Indeed. I'm hoping to get properly stuck into the speed stuff next week when I've got my new trotters and found a track to do my speedwork. Do you do much off road stuff ?
  • Carter hope the ankle is not giving you to many problems and you're back out running soon, ideal chance to catch up with core work/cross trainingimage

    Rest day for me today and a slow run tomorrow unsure of route or distance, might just strap on the trainers and see where they take me
  • Cheers Stewart. I have joined a gym near work do that is going to be in my plan for 4 lunch times every week from now.

    Do you have a spring marathon lined up ? I enjoy just going out on about and seeing where it takes me, I have found some beautiful runs doing just that that are now regular routes for me. It certainly helps when i hit a bad patch on a run. Are you near any countryside so you can escape from the people and traffic etc ?
  • Hi all.

    Long time lurker but first time poster. I am registered for VLM 2013 and aiming for 3:45-4:00 ish. Bit about me...

    I turn 27 just before VLM, started running recreationally around Autumn 2011, purely for fitness but now have the bug. In September 2012 I did the Ealing Half Marathon in 1:49. My training for it was really flawed: because I started out in 2011 with 2-4 milers, I used to always run them as fast as I could (using RunKeeper on my phone to see if I had beat my previous best). This was fine, but I continued doing it whilst upping the mileage for HM (didn't follow a training plan, just went running every 3-4 days) resulting in 11 mile weekend runs at 8 min/mile pace! Mental.

    Anyways, you can guess what happened: I got injured. Two weeks before the HM I felt a pain in the inside of my left tibia where it is attached to the bone. I ignored it and ran through the pain. After the DOMS had subsided post-HM the leg still hurt. I went to a physio and was diagnosed with medial tibial stress syndrome. For all of October and November my only exercise was swimming, bike and some incline treadmill running (recommended by physio and does not cause the shin splints to flare up).

    I started running again on December 19th - first two weeks doing 1-2 miles every other day. Now though I am following Higdon Novice 1 ( -- the problem is the splints have not totally healed. I have to ice/heat, foam roll and stretch after every run. I'm also taking ibuprofen to prevent any inflammation immediately post-run. The one positive is that they haven't worsoned (yet??) eight runs into my training plan. If I wasn't injured I would be following a plan with more mileage, but I am treading a fine line here and need a lot of recovery time. This week I have done 3, 4, 3 milers (at around 9 min/mile pace) and tomorrow will do 6 miles at 9:30/mile. Next week I have 3, 4, 3 and 9 miles in the schedule. I think the 9 miler will be a real indicator of whether my leg will hold out during this marathon training plan.

    At this point I will be chuffed with simply making it to the start line in a fit state. Setting a goal time is not an option right now.

    My advice to everyone is to SLOW DOWN. I injured myself because my aerobic engine improved more quickly than my muscle conditioning. Four months on and I am still not 100% healed (although a LOT better). In a way, this has been a blessing in disguise for me because during my down time I read Advanced Marathon Training and have spoken a lot to a friend who has Boston Qualified. I laugh now at the idea that I had no idea of the concept of a Long Slow Run less than six months ago.

    In February I am doing the Race Your Pace HM at Eton Dorney but will treat it as a LSR training run. If I race it I will likely ruin my leg again. image But it'll still be a good experience of race day conditions.

    Wow - apologies for the long post! Hopefully it's useful for some people. I will keep you all updated with my progress; it'll be interesting to see if I can make it through the training and race in one piece.

  • Also, if anyone has any advice or experience of what I am going through, I'd be delighted to hear it! Cheers.

  • CW- sounds like a classic tale of too much, too fast, too soon. Hopefully all will hold together for this campaign- I did my ITB the first time I trained for a marathon- ended up running off only 1x 18 miler, and a couple of 16 milers, everything ( including the race itself) was run/ walked, but still manged 4:20 - don't be afraid to run/ walk the LRS's if it keeps you safe- take it easy, though.

    4hr should be fairly easy to manage off a HM time of 1:49 - I've done it off that time- and it sounds like you've never tried training properly, so if you manage to get through the trainig this time, you clearly have much more potential than I do ( and age is on your side!). Good luck.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    LSR complete. 14.5 miles. 9:35 mm pace. Going for a long soak in the bath.image

  • Good running Carl!

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