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  • It's supposed to brighten up at the weekend....

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    It is a lovely day here in Edinburgh, been working from home and resisting the urge to go for a short run.

    Knees are feeling better but have had delayed aches and pains over the last few days. Last night was the first night of no aching in the limbs and managed to get a decent kip.

    Listening to the body over the week my main aches were originally in the knees and then moving onto the hips/glutes area. Obviously when I had the ITB issues the beginning of the year the glutes and hips were what I concentrated on, just wondering whether they were just not that strong enough to take me through the whole marathon...funnily enough it was my core that ached a bit yesterday..

    Well off to join my pal for a few pints of real ale tonight, I am taking advantage of this rest!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    So, 6 miles in to my run today and the ITB came back with a vengence. The next 2.5 miles were walk til the pain went then run til it came back then walk til it went. I eventually got home.

  • We have had a cracking week weatherwise - sun sun all week. 20 deg C today!

    Ran with two pals after work - lovely sunny 10k run taking in country lanes & tow paths. one of the guys has a marathon on Sunday so this was his final easy run. Pace avgd 7.55 so was approaching tempo pace for me! Mind u he just missed out on sub 3 in London by 40secs in April and target MP for sun is 6.52!

    Good news is that I had a very positive run and groin niggle is virtually gone. Planning some intervals tomorrow eve and a longish run on Sunday.

  • not good Carter image

  • image Carter. So what now?

  • Sh*t - that's rubbish Carter image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Indeed. Well it feels ok today so am off for a bike ride round Ladybower with mrs c. Might try a light jog in the morning if its ok. 

    So Spoons, how is your marathon training going ?

  • My training is going OK. My mileage is down a lot (I've recently moved house which seems to have taken up a lot of time). The endurance has suffered quite a bit with the lay off so mostly working on rebuilding that this summer. I'll try squeeze in a few marathons (slow and off road) before I start proper training for Robin Hood..

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carter, Can you pinpoint any changes in your regime that have changed or lapsed maybe?

    Like have you eased off on the strengthening exercises?

    Seems odd that you were doing all the right things and building up the miles slowly...

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Nell - I think you may have hit the nail on the head. I've been off work this week and been busy doing stuff. This means I have neglected my stretches and exercises. I will get back on to them and hopefully that will sort it out

  • Carter, that's really rubbish but keep beasting your ITBs with ur roller and doing the strengthening stuff. Are u doing weighted wall squats for your glutes? Was the biggest factor in helping my issues with ITBs a few yrs back.

    glad to see you've added your name to the race lost Rachel!

    its been glorious here today so after resting for the past 4 days I took myself out for a gentle 2 miles on Physio instructions not to start any higher. Went fine, gentle m/m pace and fingers crossed no problems. So will see how it is in the morning then either tomorrow or Sunday will go for 3-3.5 miles woo! Right shower now for a bit of self massage (stop giggling, I mean to the Achilles)

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Hi Sub 4ers... do you have room for a newbie?

    My running story so far:

    Took up running properly around 2 years ago to train for the Arran Half Marathon in July 2011, which I did in 2:02 and then became a running addict!  Since then I have done several halfs and my first full was a year ago at Edinburgh, 4:04 which I was delighted with as a novice to marathon running.  Loved the experience and found out that I LOVE running marathon distance!

    Then entered London this year, and was hoping for/training for around 3:50-4:00- DESPERATE to get under the 4 hour mark!  Had got my half time down to 1:48 (woo!) and felt like I was strong with really good endurance.  Did great training, a few 20 mile LSRs in 3:15, and was feeling awesome for London.  

    Went to London, felt shit, didn't sleep the night before, twisted my ankle at mile 6 and hobbled round in 4:26, in pain and feeling shattered.  Was devastated, and psychologically I lost a lot of confidence after.  Did a 10k a few weeks ago (first race since London) and was convinced I was a shit runner, thought I was going to fail in it.  Did 49:48, so by no stretch a PB but it somewhat restored my confidence that I was OK, could do a sub 50, and should dust myself off and try again with the marathon business.

    Desperate to get my marathon time under 4 hours, ideally a 3:50 which I feel I'm capable of so have entered Loch Ness in September with a few halfs in between then and now!

    Thought that it would really help me to speak to others and hear their progress alongside mine, so hope I can join in on this!  Have been a creep and read lots and lots of your posts in the past before joining in on this!

  • AliBali - welcome aboard! Hopefully you aren't superstitious as this thread has been thought to be cursed! It's become more of an injury clinic recently! Great story and I think you definitely have a sub 4 in you.... London was just bad luck but a useful experience and an illustration what can & often does go wrong on the day. Great to have run "the big one" all the same - I'm sure it was amazing. I have often read the blurb for Loch Ness and it always appeals to me as a marathon..... when does your training plan proper kick in and are you following any particular plan?

    I did my first speed session in a while this evening - 6 miles with 0.5ml w/up @ 9.14 then 4 x 1ml @ 7.24 with 0.25ml recoveries @ 9.30 followed by a final 0.5ml @ 7.04.
    I finally feel like I can pick up my training properly now with the groin niggle more or less gone - the marathon took more out of me than expected ... almost 4 weeks to get back to normal!

    My HM in a weeks time and my training has been poor since Limerick re: injury so original sub 100mins target looks like a big ask. I had planned to get 4 weeks of solid training in with 3 quality speed sessions per week but that hasn't happened image.... I will give it a go though and if the wheels come off then they come off.image

    So who's up this week in the race list?

  • Oh it's you Carl - 10k on Sunday!?

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Ricky- ...oh shit!  You better not bring injury upon me, people!


    Loch Ness is 18 weeks away so I planned to 'proper' train from 16 weeks.  Had not decided on a set plan for this one...any recommendations from people I would be glad to take.  But certainly getting back into the swing of a proper long run (2 hour plus) per week plus better tempo training and overall increased mileage.  I am excited for Loch Ness as apart from anything else it looks stunning scenery and a beautiful part of the world (I live in Aberdeen but haven't visited Inverness/that far north)

    What HM is it you're doing Ricky?

    I don't have any races v. soon but next planned is Dundee Half Marathon 21st July where I'd love to get 1:47:xx and so up until then I am working hard to get back to decent runs of 10-15 miles which seemed so easy to me up until London, but feel a good bit harder still at the moment!


  • Welcome AliBali, as Ricky says, hope you still enjoyed the experience of London? I've ran it twice now and your time injured throughout was still faster than my first run but like you I've also just missed out on the sub 4 (London this yr was 4:01:12, gutted!) Loch Ness looks good, no idea how easy it is to go for a 'time' there, others here will I'm sure know the route better than me. my understanding is that its largely downhill but with a biggish climb towards the end but the atmosphere is meant to be fantastic!

    ricky, assuming u feel ok over the next week then def go for it. Don't forget I ran my half PB of just under 100mins only two weeks after VLM so I'm sure you have it in you.

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Thanks andrew!

    The experience of London was wonderful (in retrospect- didn't feel it at the time!).  I hear Loch Ness is a bit more undulating than Edinburgh/London but overall still good potential for decent times.  I am determined it will be sub 4 come hell or high water!

  • Hi AliBali and welcome - sorry to hear VLM didn't go to plan. Roll on Lock Ness. image

  • loch not lock!

  • Such a glorious morning today, I put my headphones on, packed a gel and headed out for a pleasant 8 miler. 9:31 min mile averge, which felt extremely manageable and prevented the inevitable overheating that comes with faster runs in this weather. Really enjoyed it! image I'm already feeling more motivated now I've actually entered something!

    Oh and hi Alibabi!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Great running Rachel. 

    Hi alibabi. 

    Sun, BBQ and magners for me today. Last weekend blowout before starting training for Chester 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carter, Yes unfortunately I have been there. Think things are going well ease off on the strengthening work and still go for a run and bam!

    Good advice from Andrew on the squats, I find the weighted walking lunges (or static) are a bit help also on the glutes. Good to hear you are getting there too Andrew. Blimey you were right Ricky sounds like we are all sitting in the hospital waiting room having a chat!

    Hi AliBali, I think if you got 4:04 in Edinburgh last year you must have a sub 4hr in you. The conditions in Edinburgh last year were crazy, it must have been the hottest day of the whole year in Edinburgh on that day (maybe the only hot day!). Enjoy the Loch Ness, been contemplating that one...not sure.

    Lovely morning for a run Rachel, I myself have had a very lazy week and generally chilled out. Ate all the wrong things and enjoyed the taste of a decent pint and a glass of wine again. May start to ease back slowly into things next week and see if my own ITB issues are going to start making an appearance.

    Good luck tomorrow Carl!

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Thanks all for the welcome.


    Yes Nell last year's Edinburgh was not ideal running weather, some parts of the day were in the mid 20s temperature wise and there wasn't a breeze to be felt!  But luckily I'm quite good in heat and enjoyed it all the same- favourite race I've ever done actually!  So the fact I did 4:04 then makes me feel sub 4 on a cool day is within reach...just gotta actually DO it!

    Rachel your run sounds lovely, I love those long runs that feel like an achievement not only because you did it but because you enjoyed it and it makes you look forward to the next.

    Today was a beautiful day in Aberdeen but I was sadly working till 7pm (  However I made myself go to the gym after work and did a treadmill run, felt knackered and wasn't looking forward to doing anything so decided to do some intervals as they always fly by.  

    3 minutes warm up
    30 seconds at hard intensity (between 17.5km/h and 18.9km/h, increasing every interval) followed by 1 min 30 at recovery pace.  x10 of these bad lads.
    2 minute cool down

    25 minutes and about 5k in total, so was glad I made myself go!  Then did some strength and weights which I am enjoying just now.  Now, cheeky wine and a takeaway.... it's Saturday!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Been crazy busy at work the last few days and spent today recovering - if you can call being taxi driver for kids, waiting for the AA to come to sort the car out and cutting the grass - as relaxation.

    But I have started reading my P&D book.

    It has been very busy on here.

    Welcome AliBali. We are a nice bunch really despite our obsession with ITB's, foam rollers, self massage, grid rollers, solid rollers with 'nobbly' bits, physio's, ......

    Over the last few months there have been PB's in HM's, marathons and 10k's so we must be doing something right. image

    A sub 4 hour marathon is definitely round the corner for you. Sounds like London was just one of those days at the office where things did not work out as planned. And that is the thing that keeps us all coming back for more. We know that we can do better. We want to do better. AND we will do better ...... eventually.

    Carter - really rubbish with your ITB. But as you say maybe with a renewed effort on the stretching it will be ok. Enjoy the magners. It will be an interesting challenge staying away from it over the summer. I have never trained hard over a summer before so not sure how that will impact all of the 'nice' things I enjoy during the hot weather. I am partial to ice-cream.

    Rachel - great run from you today. It sounds like you are back in the groove.

    Ricky - as Andrew says there is a great HM time in you. You put in some awesome training before Limerick so just turn up and go for it. In a funny way the lack of a structured training routine may in fact benefit as you will not be so fatigued and it is only 13.1 miles image.

    Spoons - good to see you back on here. Moving house is never a straightforward experience. Hopefully it has not affected the running too much.

    Nell - after last week you deserved a lazy week. If you do start getting back out there, make sure you do not overdo it too quickly.

    Andrew - well done on managing to stick to physio's orders. Another short one tomorrow followed by a little more self massage ? image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    I have updated the race list below with the additional races that AliBali and Rachel have entered.

    June 2nd - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    June 8th - Larne Half – Ricky

    June 9th - Wargrave 10k - Andrew

    June 9th - Southend HM - Oirish

    June 19th - Lisburn Half - Ricky

    June 22nd - Wales Trail marathon – Spoons

    June 23rd - Toad Hall 10k – Andrew

    June 23rd - Torbay half - Big_G

    June 23rd - Hampstead Midsummers 10k - Carl, Bruno

    June 30th - Thame 10k – Andrew

    June 30th - Mersea Island around the Island race 12.2 mile XC - Oirish

    July 6th – Para’s 10M Colchester - Oirish

    July 7th - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    July 7th - Lake Coniston half - Carter

    July 14th – Dartford HM - Oirish

    July 21st - Olympic Park Anniversary 5M - Carl

    August 4th - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    August 24th - Thames Meander Marathon - Oirish

    August 25th - Torbay 10k - Big_G

    September 1st - Regents Park 10k Series - Carl

    September 8th - Langham 10K - Oirish

    September 8th - Salford 10k - Rachel

    September 29th - Robin Hood marathon - Spoons

    September 29th - Loch Ness marathon - AliBali

    October 6th - Chester marathon - Carter

    October 6th - Royal Parks HM – Carl

    October 13th – Oxford HM - Andrew

    October 20th - Yorkshire Marathon - Hannah

    October 28th - Dublin marathon - Ricky, Bruno, Oirish and Carl

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky W wrote (see)

    So who's up this week in the race list?

    Ricky - Yes I am running the 10k in the morning. Have not done anything since my last race on Monday so who knows what kind of time I can do. I am more interested to see how my ankle is recovering if I'm being honest. Hoping that the few enforced days rest (work has been manic and I was home late every night during the week including Friday) means it has improved a little. Every so often I feel a twinge but it must be a little bit better.



  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Great list of races!  I also have Dundee Half Marathon on 21st July and Helensburgh Half Marathon on 4th August planned.  Any other Scots on here I might see out and about?

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Good luck tomorrow Carl.  Hope you feel all good.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Best of luck tomorrow Carl 

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