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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - 17 miles. You must be beaming.image  It is only a few short weeks ago that you were on the injury couch. What a recovery. Are you still keeping up with the stretching ? How are you finding the P&D training compared to the USM training plan devised earleir this year ?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Andrew - great to have you back. If you do run the 10k tomorrow best of luck but do take it easy. We want you better soonest.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So my physio is pleased with my progress. Certainly my ankle is pretty much fine now during the day and is feeling alot stronger. It is still a little stiff early in the day when I first get up. He recommended one more week of no running and then hopefully I can return to some light training.

    The organisers of te Regents Park 10k are great. I had only paid for the July race and had not entered the one in August althought I ahd intended doing it. Told the that I could not do the July one as I was injured and they emailed me to say that just turn up for the one in August and the entry fee would roll over. How good is that ?image

    I have also entered the Bupa 10k in London next May again.

    Tomorrow I am planning a day doing the garden.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Andrew/Oirish - best of luck in your races tomorrow. 

    Ricky - good running. As Carl said, P&D know what they're doing so try knocking out some 10 min miles if you can. 

    Carl - a couple of differences in the plans I have noticed. The LT/tempo runs are longer with P&D. There are only 3 runs of 20 miles with P&D so I've added more into my plan. They also have marathon paced runs earlier in the plan than I had previously. Due to getting back into running I have only managed one full week out of the four so far where I've managed the plan. The next two weeks I have things taking place that means I won't follow P&D plan to the letter again. That said, I'm feeling quite good at the moment so I'm not worried at all. Yes, I am still stretching nearly every night. I still don't feel 100% recovered but they certainly must be helping so I need to continue with them. 

  • Hey boys and girls

    Well what a delightful day for a run by the sea, the temperatures are predicted to be around 27c today here. image

    I've necked plenty of fluids over the last 48 hours so all should be fine. image

    Everyody seems to be in a reasonably good place at the moment, even those carrying injuries can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Carter's recovery from nearly being taken out the back to be humanely destroyed and telling his kids he has gone to live on a farm to gamboling around the fields and meadows in such a short period of time is pretty inspirational. 

    I'll check in later with my race report, I'm not expecting it to be particularly quick (starting the excuses already) but it seems like a fun challenge and I am really looking forward to it and as I have said before here comes another PB


  • Best of luck Oirish!

    I'm the same with long runs on P&D ... Have increased the LRs by a couple of miles in the 1st phase of the plan and will also add a few more 20 milers in. Possibly do a 21 & 22 also but none over 22.

    Right - off to lose some balls on the golf course!

  • Good afternoon one and all, I trust you are enjoying the sunshine?

    I have my feet up on a garden recliner recovering after what turned out to be a pretty gruelling event this morning.

    It didn't start too promisingly when I realised I had forgotten to grab my sleeve for my phone which meant A) No music and B) No Runkeeper to keep me abreast of my pace. In the end this wasn't a problem as I don't think the setting lent itself to music, it was nice just to immerse yourself in the event and surrounding scenery. Also for great portions of the run it was single file so if I wanted to go slower or faster than I would of been out of luck anyway.

    Weather - sodding hot image my thermometer is now touching 30 in my garden and it hasn't been much cooler all day. But what of that cooling North sea breeze I hear you ask, well it was only really present in the last few miles and was fairly stiff and obviously directly into my face.

    The course - If I tell you the start line was ON the beach in loose sand and continued for about 3/4 of a mile before picking up a grass trail you can start to get the feel for the event. After this was 6 miles of trail which was in the main a foot wide path of  trampled down knee high grass or on a few parts an actual trail path. The only sounds in this peaceful bucolic setting you could hear was the panting of my fellow runners and the snicking sound of trainers kicking their way through overhanging grass. 

    It was about this time I decided I didn't give a monkeys about time I just wanted to finish and get it done and had decided I wasn't enjoying myself all that much, mainly because my head was being fried and had reached a temperature not short of the middle of a McDonald's apple pie. Another difficulty was having to stop to negotiate style gates, although the breather came in handy the restarting from a standing stop wasn't floating my boat.

    But lo here we fell upon an actual tarmacked path for a while which made life a lot easier. A water stop and a gel and of I popped where turning a corner we pass straight through the patio-ed area of a cafe between benches of tourists clapping and cheering whilst stuffing their fat faces ( I was hot and bothered) with examples of the ice lollies so prominently advertised on banners that filled my eye-line.

    Damn they looked good, at this point I would of probably wrestled a baby for a mini milk. 

    Around mile 9 or 10, their wasn't a lot of mileage signs en route we returned for a bout of trail and more grass kicking before being guided down a ramp and onto the beach once more. The thing I am pleased about here was this is where I started picking off runners as my stamina really started to tell. This was a section that ruined a lot of people, I picked as best I could my path along some of the firmer sand, got my head down and dug it out. For some reason Morrissey and "Everyday is like Sunday" came into my head. The lyric? "trudging slowly over wet sand" So I cheered myself up humming that to myself for a bit.

    This is when the aforementioned sea breeze kicked in, on the most arduous section of the whole thing! And God wonders why I am not a fan? And after not a hint of wind it went for it.

    Two miles of running on sand which culminated in cutting up to the sea road for the final 400m across deep, loose sand. At one point I'm fairly sure I was running on the spot if not going backwards. The thing to note on the beach section we were running through sunbathers and supporters on the sand and incredulous pensioners watching from their beach huts. It was a very English occasion.

    Once onto the sea road it was a quick turn at the pub beer garden - where all my supporters had found themselves and a nice flat road to the finish.

    I can't of b

  • That sounds a bit of a challenge Oirish! But well done

    ricky did you have a good time playing with your balls?

    i did my 10k this morning, not the best prep as ive not ran over 5 miles in a month so last night to see how the ankle reacted, I did a gentle 6miles hmmm. Well the achillies and nerve were sore last night but then I butchered them on the roller and they felt loads better so when it felt ok this Morn I thought, why not!

    this was meant to be the course I had a crack at sub 42 on but I know that was never on the cards so aimed for a course PB (under 47.12) and possibly sub 45, ankle and fitness depending. As with Oirishs run today it was seriously hot which didnt help, but I started fast and was bang on 45 min pace until about 6.5k. I realised I didn't have the legs to keep the pace up so slowed slightly but still quick enough for the course PB. The ankle started to pull and burn in the final 2k and The final k felt tougher than the final k of my last race when I ran 43.03! But i managed a strong sprint finish over the last 100m to cross the line in 46.14. All things considered by pleased with that.

    the ankle was really stiff afterwards but it eased a fairly quickly and an hour or so later did felt fairly normal again.  I rollered again when home and its felt pretty good all day so keeping fingers and toes crossed that this is a good sign!

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Well done Andrew. It is good to set realistic goals. And you aced that one.

    oirish- very much enjoyed your report! That sounds hellish! 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - an excellent report from what sounded like a gruelling event particularly with the heat that was on show today. Clearly you really benefited from a good base built up during a tough winter. To be passing people out at the end is a great achievement really.

    Not having had a McDonalds apple pie for many a year but remembering how insanely mouth burning they were, I am imagining that it must have been really tough and relentless with the heat.

    But you did it and whatever time it was, you got a PB.

    Assume that you downed a few pints of the black stuff for medicinal purposes of course. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Andrew - while Ricky was out playing with his balls and loosing them !! you were out proving that you are some sort of machine. Here I was thinking that I was not the only one still lounging about on the injury couch and there you go and with a dodgy ankle go an d knock a cool 46:14 10k out. And yes as you have not been running it was tougher than usual but it is still bleedin amazing.

    Really well done and by the sounds of it you seem to have leapt off the injury couch and should be back in business.

    Hopefully it will be business as usual from you now.

    Really well done. Amazing result considering. image

  • Oirish - sounds very "alternative" but fun... apart from running on the soft sand bit into a headwind which isn't anyone's idea of fun! Sounds like you had a strong finish which is always a feel good factor. Well done sir.

    Andrew - well done .... great result considering your recent troubles& limited training....... and yes I had a great time playing with my balls this morning.... bit wild at times though and lost more than a few image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Ricky - the weather was a bit wild or your golf was a bit on the wild side. Assuming it was the latter it is vital you stop trying to emulate Rory. image

    I of course cannot speak having not really played for quite a few years. The product of living iin London and having kids. Anytime I do play, the players on the course need a health warning as i am often seeing trying to recover from the wrong fairway and I am almost alway over ambitious in my shot taking.

  • I am ashamed to say, and it reflects badly on both my family and the running community at large that I didn't drink a drop yesterday. I hang my head in shame.

    Isn't it funny but in less than 24 hours I am now beginning to look back on it all fondly, in fact I found myself thinking "when I do it next year.......". Now I know what to expect, the fast sections  and where to save myself for I reckon I could push that PB I attained yesterday. Running, it's a form of madness isn't it?

    Speaking of mad, Andrew that was a top performance yesterday. I think the word gritty applies here considering th pain and discomfort. I hope you don't feel too sore today.

  • I've just noticed the last two paragraphs of my race report were chopped off which missed the most important bit,- my finish time. 1:47:45 approx. A new PB for the 12.2 mile distance.image

  • I've just checked the results on the race website and my official time was 1:45:50

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Andrew - great running by you considering your condition. I'm not sure I would have been able to not go for it so well done.

    Oirish - man up ! Those conditions you describe are a normal run for us Northerners image. Seriously, it sounds like you had something to deal with at regular intervals on the way round there so a jolly decent run indeed. And you didnt get lost once ! You obviously felt string if you were passing so many people towards the end so that is a good sign. Well done mate.

    Ricky - balls. How many did you lose ? What did you shoot ? (I am referring to your score rather than any wildlife you may have seen on the way round).

    Carl - how is the injury coming along ? Any idea when you will be back out there next ?

    8 miles for me tonight with 4 @ LT pace. It should be jolly good fun running at that pace in this heat & humidty........

  • Good work Oirish! It was hot yesterday!!

  • Carter - "Heat and humidity"? Man up, we southerners have that all the time image 

    To be fair if I had got lost yesterday running in a big circle around an island next to the shore would of represented a new all time low for me.

    I have a fantastic vest tanline from yesterday, all I need is a crap tattoo and a baseball cap and I will have the chav look down to a tee.

  • Carter- how did the LT run go?

    I ran a very controlled  8 mile GA late this evening ... trying to keep the pace no faster than 9.35....... came out @ 9.44 pace... don't think I have logged a run this slow since about 3 stone ago image ....... still that is what P&D prescribed so I stuck to the task.

    Incredibly difficult not to pick the pace up in the last few miles - I was just itching to open up for a fast finish at mile 6 but restrained myself.

    Finished off with 10 x 100 strides ... incredible how fast they felt after the slow pace for the previous 8 miles!

    Golf - Carl my shots were wild & lairy ... the weather was fine. Carter I lost at least 8 balls image .... I am embarrassed to say my score was 22 points playing off 28! The week before I had 36 points after a good back nine just 8 over par gross - that's golf!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - at our level, golf can be the most frustrating game. One day you can be brilliant the next day utter rubbish. 

    I ran just under 8 miles with 4 @ LT pace which turned out to be 7:11, which is getting closer to my target pace of 7:00. 

  • I am going to have to study this P & D training a bit, mainly because I don't have a clue what you are talking about half the time! image 

    It'll also give me a feel for what you are looking to acheive with each run, who knows I may even adopt it myself.

    I had Golf lessons once. Once.

    My swing is 3/4 length and I have good distance and control and we mutually agreed once he stopped sobbing in a corner that I was better off sticking to what I had.

    You never really master golf do you? Look at the meltdowns the Pros go through.


  • Oirish...You've hit the nail on the head - the golf swing is a black art and , for me anyway, the perfect swing is rarely replicated! Anyway enough of all this swinging talk - I'll be getting banned by the mods image

    Carter - great pace for your 4 mls @ LT pace ... I ran 7.30 for mine last week and was pretty busted!

    I was at the club session this evening - it was their annual memorial club race for a deceased former member. Good fun - about 50 runners all handicapped by starting at intervals depending on ability - slower off first and the speedsters off last. I was well handicapped with only 5 or 6 runners (the fast guys!) starting behind me!!!

    The course was all on grass and was just short of 2 miles.... the weather has been foul all day so the going was heavy - muddy & squelchy and resembled a steeplechase in places! 

    Felt a bit tired after last nights session so didn't feel I ran particularly well - passed 5 or 6 and got passed by 3 of the speedsters. Clocked 12.46 for the course and garmin said avg pace was 6.53 ...... nice spread of sarnies & traybakes afterwards made up for being drenched in the heavy rainimage ... enjoyed it - something different.


  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - tray bakes ??

  • loll = aka buns!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Am with you Oirish on the mastering golf thing. It is a great game but can be so frustrating. When I had the time and used play most Saturday mornings (before I had kids) I rarely ever had what I would describe as a great game of gold. I had a great round of gold enjoying the camaraderie and all that but I could never get the consistency. If the drive was good, the chipping was worful. And the drive was rarely that good. The head would be telling me to play the drive a little safer but the driver would almost always come out of thee bag and there was usually no telling where it was going to end up. But a bit like running I kept going back for more.....

    Speaking of running. Am really itching to get out there and get going again. I think the ankle is pretty good now. Am working on it nearly every day and it is only the morning when I get up that it gives me some trouble. But this might be something that I have to live with. I will be good and wait until I see the physio one last time to see what he has to say. But next week I am out there regardless.

    Ricky - glad you enjoyed those traybakes image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Just got in from attending a work function expecting there to be something to catch up on and nothing. Trust everyone was just having a quiet day.

  • Yep - work apptmnts for me yesterday evening.

    10 miler planned this evening image

    I see a heat wave is forecast for weekend & next week image image

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    I've been very quiet as I haven't run much this week....had a great week last week but this week I've been feeling a sore ankle (the one I twisted during London) and something has told me to ease off it.  I have the Dundee Half Marathon two weeks on Sunday so I hope it feels better by next week so I can squeeze in a couple more long runs in this gorgoeus sunshine before the race!

    How is everyone enjoying running in the heat?  Personally, I quite like heat and running in sun...makes me feel alive, and living in Scotland we have to take all the sun we can get I feel.

    Carl- you've done well through this period to give yourself the rest you need, you will be right excited to get out next week.

  • AliBali - you are right to take it a bit easy with your race looming.

    I am loving this summer marathon training - a real novelty for me as I have never done an autumn marathon before! However there are different challenges to contend with when summer running on country lanes - I have recently almost swallowed a fly (twice) and also had a fly in the eye image

    10 mile GA run tonight on a warm sunny evening albeit with a stiff wind. Was a little pushed for time so ended up slightly faster (9.17 avg) than the 9.35 pace intended.

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