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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Thanks RR. how is your own training coming along ?
  • Carl - brilliant well done.

    CW - Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear of your issues and unfortunately I know of them too well. I'll copy and paste my post from another thread if you don't mind.....

  • Physio report is everything I expected really but just the kick up the arse I needed. Due to all the shite in my life over the last year my mileage has halved. You would think that might help but...... I have a history of issues due to dodgy gait, lower back issues and muscular imbalances. I have managed these through doing loads of swimming, core work, yoga, pilates, weight training, massage and foam rollering. The problem is that whilst 50% of my mileage has been dropped, 95% of the other stuff has been dropped as well.

    So the good news is the solution is simple and what I already know. Up the other stuff massively. I also need to take a week off running and then gradually build up again.

    Spring marathon is still a possibility although it won't be a quick one. I'll use it as a stepping stone for building up fitness again.

  • CW - so as you can see I know full well the problem. It sounds like you're doing the right stuff. Build up slowly. Don't run too much or too fast. The more things you can do to build up muscular strength and to keep muscles moving the better. Hence swimming, yoga, pilates and massage are all brilliant. The more the better. You can't overdo that stuff. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    CW - as I have only been running for a short while in comparison to many on these forums I do not feel qualified to give you any advice.

    I injured my calf about 6 weeks before my first marathon and deceided to plough on. I spent the weeks leading up to the marathon visiting my physio twice a week. One session was aimed at getting me out for my long weekend run and the other was to recover from it. I had to drop the midweek sessions as I was trying to protect the injury. My physio was execellent and he ahd 6 people that he was treating with all of us wanting to run the marathon (VLM 2011). He thought we were nuts.

    He got me to the start line and I managed to get round but the leg did not hold up.

    It took me 6 - 8 weeks of complete rest afterwards to recover.

    Running with an injury is very personal and only you can decide if it is worth it.

    I am sure that most people would say that rest is the best way to recover and that it is worth the rest.

    When is your marathon ?

    Whatever you decide to do best of luck and keep us posted. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Spoons - planning a 5-6 mile recovery run in the morning. What pace should I run this at ?

    Good to hear that you have got to the bottom of your issues. Funny how it always takes someone else to tell us what we already seem to know. Which spring marathon are you thinking of ? image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    carterusm wrote (see)
    Indeed. I'm hoping to get properly stuck into the speed stuff next week when I've got my new trotters and found a track to do my speedwork. Do you do much off road stuff ?

    Carter - I tend to run on roads / pavements and tarmac paths in the parks. Todays LSR took in a mixture of footpaths around the perimeter of local parks, high streets and alongside the busy ring road in central london. Dodging cars at road crossings and people who always seem to be wandering aimlessly when I am trying to run !!

    There is not much scope for off road stuff which is a shame as I started running as a kid doing XC stuff and really enjoyed it.  

  • Carl - run at conversation pace. If you can't comfortably have a conversation while running it's too quick.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Going to hit the sack now as I am planning to get up at silly o clock to get this recovery run in before the OH gets up. Kids will get up themselves and no doubt be in front of the telly when I come back in the front door.

    I wonder who I will have that conversation with on my way round image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Running now complete for this week. Recovery run complete. Just under 6 miles at 9:48 mm pace. Found the first half mile to mile tough trying to get the legs moving and the brain in gear. It is a long time since I got up and went straight out the door to run.

    Once I got going I settled into a steady rhythm. Felt every incline. Was going to say hills but realised Carter that my hills in London are nothing like your hills.

    Carter, how is the ankle today ?
  • I thought I would pop on to wish you both (spoons and carter) a speedy recovery after Carl popped on to my thread and said you were both injured. From a doctors point of view I would recommend rest from running with cross training(that doesn't affect your injury, as spoons is going to be doing) to keep up your fitness. However whats recommended and what you do is two different things completely. I had a calf strain last year, didnt want to stop running so kept ploughing on and it got progressively worse. It wasn't until I got whopping cough and couldn't breath properly, let alone run that I took 3-4 weeks out and my calf injury completely resolved. I still managed to do the marathon but 17 mins slower than I had planned.

    Hope you recover soon guys.
  • Thanks tricialitt, Spoons and Carl for your comments.

    Ran Regent's Park Winter Series 10km this morning as my weekend long run. DId first 4 miles at 9 min/mile but got caught up in the action and finished final 2 miles in 8 min/mile for a time of 52:55. Woops! Hopefully won't pay a price for that. Still, it was good to get experience of racing conditions.

    Shin splint seems "OK" - there was a 30 second period this morning where it hurt a little during the run, but then it went back to being fine. So far after 9 runs into training I am yet to experience pain when running (that aside). Occasionally I feel a dull aching pain when in bed or whatever, but not too often -- it only hurts if I squeeze it. Continuing to ice/heat, foam roll, ibuprofen, stretch (I can now touch my toes! Hurrah) daily. My next training run is Tuesday so it'll be good to get 48+ hours recovery in now. I might do a treadmill incline session on Tuesday because that doesn't seem to aggrevate things at all (and hill work is good).

    Carl, I fully agree that only I can decide if it's worth it. The marathon is April 21st (VLM). I know full well the right thing to do is to just rest and not run a marathon, but I am determined to do this. I am not stupid, though -- I am OK with pulling out and deferring my charity place for 2014 if I feel the injury reaches a point where it's a no go. My physio is a marathon runner and is doing all she can to help me navigate this. I've been doing a lot of core work and at least one swimming session per week.

    Will be interesting to see how it feels after 9 mile LSR next weekend. That will be 1h 25m of running - furthest so far was today (55 min).

  • *52 min, not 55. It was supposed to be 55. image

  • Nice 10km CW. You're right - hills are good image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    CW - well done for today. I was wondering what was going on at regents Park this morning as I saw loads of runners turning up. I ran round Regents Park for my recovery run. In fact Regents Park is sort of the centre of most of my runs apart from the track session.

    Very interested to hear how you get on with your LSR next weekemd. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - you have been very quiet today. Everything ok ?

  • Evening. Sorry I haven't been in contact but I have been rather busy with one thing or another i.e. the missus found me loads of jobs to do around the house !

    Managed to get out for a couple of hours tonight for an easy run but haven't had chance to look at the details of the run yet, will post some details when I get to work in the morning. The knee is fine but the ankle has stiffened up in the last couple of hours so its going to be more icing tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is running or resting well, catch you tomorrow
  • Morning. Be careful with that ankle.... Maybe you'll have to tell the missus you can't do any more jobs round the house for a bit image

  • If you want to tell her thats fine by me !!

    So, here is yesterdays run -

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    My list of jobs just keeps getting longer and longer. When I eventually get round to doing a few I find a few moe have been added !!
  • Hi Stewart – hope you  are fully rested. What marathon are you training for ?


    Hi Caustic Window – hope the shin splints are getting better. Welcome aboard.


    Hi Rachel – I’ve just had a text confirming my new trotters are being delivered this morning image I may give them a test run when I go to the gym at lunchtime !


    Hi Sarah – I pop in to your thread most days and it seems like your training is off to a really good start. At the moment my ankle isn’t too bad so I am going to carry on with the training and see how it goes. I will monitor it carefully and do what most of us runners hate doing and that’s rest only if I have to !


    Hi Carl – I think the answer must be to make such a bad job of what jobs we are given to do that they will never ask us to do them again. Alas it’s never that simple is it image What have you got planned for today on the running front ? Did I mention I have a running track to do my speed work, so that’s tempo run tomorrow and intervals on Thursday.


    Spoons – how are the shin splints, feeling any better ?

  • So, a quick review of week 2 of the plan.

    A total of 30.2 miles run last week of which 5 miles were a tempo session. The rest of the miles were all easy miles.

    Week 3 starts today.

    Monday - no running, gym at lunch time

    Tuesday - gym at lunch time, tempo session on the track to include 30 minutes @ 7:45

    Wednesday - 8.5 miles easy, gym at lunch time

    Thursday - gym at lunch time, intervals on the track to include 8 x 400 @ 6:40

    Friday - Rest

    Saturday - 17 mile LSR

    Sunday - 6.5 mile Recovery

    Total - 44

    Happy running everyone

  • carterusm wrote (see)

    Spoons – how are the shin splints, feeling any better ?

    They are fine thanks. They don't hurt when I'm not running and I'm not running at all so no pain! They will be fine though I am sure. I just need to keep doing what I am doing and gradually get back into it.

  • Sounds like a good week Carter. Lots of gym work. What do you do in the gym? Do you look like Arnie?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    carterusm wrote (see)
    Hi Carl – I think the answer must be to make such a bad job of what jobs we are given to do that they will never ask us to do them again. Alas it’s never that simple is it image What have you got planned for today on the running front ? Did I mention I have a running track to do my speed work, so that’s tempo run tomorrow and intervals on Thursday.

    Normally because I take so long to get round to them my OH subcontracts them out. Whilst that has some positives it comes with the drawback of cost.

    Today is a rest day and it is much needed as I had a terrible sleep last night. Was awake at 4am and nver really got back to sleep.

    Training for me this week looks something like this :

    Monday - rest

    Tuesday - Tempo run increasing the speed section from 15 mins upto 20/25. 50/55 mins run in total.

    Wednesday - easy 8 / 9 miles

    Thursday - intervals, probably 12 x 400's at faster pace then I did the 4 x 800's last week.

    Friday - Rest

    Saturday - 16 miles LSR

    Sunday - 6 miles recovery

    This will increase the weekly mileage by about 2/3 miles into the low 40's.

    Have an evening out with friends tomorrow night so will need to get the tempo run in before work.  Running this fast first thing at daybreak is certainly going to be interesting. image

  • Spoons. wrote (see)

    Sounds like a good week Carter. Lots of gym work. What do you do in the gym? Do you look like Arnie?

    More like Annie !

    Gym is at lunch time so will get about 40/45 mins. I jogeed the 1/2 mile there in my new trotters. It was downhill and I could feel my ankle. A few mins on the spinning bike, stepper, rowing machine, elliptical cross trainer, a bit of stretching on the calfs, 2 x 10 on the horizontal leg press and cool down on the spinning bike again. Jog back 1/2 uphill to the office.

    The ankle feels good right now so could do with your thoughts/advice on what to do for the next few days. When I run downhill/ pressure on my foot I can feel my ankle but after a good warm it was fine going uphill/flat. I guess speedwork might put more pressure on it than on the flat ? Should I try my tempo run tomorrow (on the track) after a good warm up, sitck to easy runs for a while or rest ?


  • Won't be starting marathon training until May, my first will be Loch Ness in September,image I'm currently getting ready for a HM in March, hoping to go below 2hrs, my pb is 2:03.

    Looks like a varied week's running you've got planned, fingers crossed this ankle thing is nothing more than a niggle.

  • Cheers. How long have you been running ? Have you raced any other distances ? I bet it's a nice trot round Loch Ness !
  • Carter, I started running in feb 2012' over 16.5 stones, did the local 5k fun run along side Inverness HM and I've been hooked since, I've done baxters 10k, aviemore HM and a 17.46k race around culloden battlefield, I've not got a lot of racing experience, but I'm working on that

    Loch Ness, I hear its a toughie, looking forward to it image
  • If that's your picture now you've lost plenty of timber !

    Now you're hooked though I guess you will want to run plenty of races and you have some beautiful scenery up there. I worked in Scotland for 3 years but unfortunately wasn't in to running then
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