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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Oirish - well done on yet another PB. You are putting a marker down for the rest of us.

    Big G - good to see you back on here and going strong. The strong silent type .... A PB is a PB and every couple of secs on a parkrun counts.

    I am thinking of doing my local parkrun next Saturday morning. I need to check the time but if it starts at 9am I think I can squeeze it in and be back home in time to take the little fella to footie.

    I am guessing that most people took it easy today.

    I am thinking of getting up early tomorrow and going for something greater than 6 miles. Do not want to rush the comeback but need to see if I can sustain something a little longer at a sensible 9 min miling. If it goes ok I might even consider starting my marathon training next week.

    Of course I am expecting Oirish to have completed his long run well before I get up as I definitely do not do silly o'clock.


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    have never really been an early bird so failed miserably at getting up early. So as it is now way too hot I will go out later when it has cooled a little or at least when the sun is not so hot. Enjoy the weather all.

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the PBs oirish and big G.  Good times.  Believe it or not through all my races and time running, I've never run a 5k.... Even a 10k feels a bit short and fast for me...but I would really love to try one soon.  Wish I could do park runs but the perks of working in retail mean a Saturday off is not really much of a chance for me!

    Carl- I am definitely not an early bird either.  Always been a night owl.  I will too go out later today, maybe around 5 or so for my run.

    Have a lovely day all.

  • 18 miles this morning @ avg 9:02 all done and dusted by 10 o'clock image 

    47 miles this week and my legs were stiff by the time I got home but a nice ice bath seems to have seen me right.

    Ali - A guaranteed PB there in the offering. To be honest I would rather trundle a 20 miler than bang out a 5k and the idea of going through that pain over twice the distance terrifies me. Not the greatest sales pitch from a Parkrun Run Director you'll ever hear.

    Enjoy the sunshine folks.

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Anyone done many hill races?  I am contemplating one this Thursday as I have a day off.

    It is 4 miles.  The female course record (by a very good club runner) is 36:13.  Which scares me- I can't imagine how slowly I'd end up doing it in!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Evening all, a lovely weekend and the sun hasn't stopped shining. 

    Oirish - nice long run. I tried a cold bath the other day which is a right shock to the system so an iced bath must be worse. Has it helped ?

    Ali - I've recently run a 6 mile fell race and Coniston half both of which had plenty of hills. If you don't train in hills then they can stop you in your tracks. My suggestion would be to run the hills as slowly as you can to make sure you get up them and recover on the way down. 

    Ive been out twice in the last couple of days for a 14 miler and an 8 miler. On both runs the knee was giving me grief and forced me to cut my runs short when I was wanting to get a 20 miler in. Looking at my mileage in the last 9 days I have run 65 miles which is a big increase in mileage for me at the moment (this was due to me chafing to change my runs around as other stuff was going on). 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Evening all. What a glorious weekend.

    Oirish -  a great long run from you today. And 47 miles this week. You are flying it.

    Followed by an ice bath. You are definitely hardcore.

    AliBali - carter is the king of hills on this thread. He always seems to be off running some crazy route that resembles more of an obstacle track than a nice pleasant run. He is right. If you are not used to hills they are a bleedin 'orrible thing. Important to take them steady. Be careful on the down slope as you do not want to pcik up too much speed and be running out of control. Can be a dangerous thing.

    Best of luck with it if you go for it. Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. Just think that you can grab another PB assuming that you have not run the distance before.

    Carter - time to listen to your body I think. You have built up the high milage very quickly and maybe with the HM at Comisatn last weekend you are pushing it a little too much. I would have a cut back week this week and give your knee a break.

    Wonder what shade of pink Ricky is after his weekend at Goodwood.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So after 2.5 hours in the front garden pruning the bushes and weeding out the flower beds I set off for my run.

    The target was more than 6 miles.

    First two miles were uphill (gain of 270 feet), - probably not even a hill in carter country but definitely a hill in London.

    Mile 3  down hill and then undulating all the way home.

    Boy was I pooped after the gardening. My quads were hurting all the way up the hills for the first 2 miles.

    I had an electrolyte drink with me and after mile 4 I thought I was going to get sick. I was so so hot.

    I had thought that I might push for 10 but thought better of it and only did 8.7 miles in the end.  8:25 min miling average with mile 2 beuing the slowest at 8:49 min and mile 3 the fastest at 8:02 min.

    I could not have done much more this evening. Not sure if it was the heat or the gardening or a combination. Or the fact that my legs were still a little heavy after Friday night.

    The positives are that it was not until the last 2 miles that I was conscious of my ankle. So hopefully that is a good sign.

    Since last Sunday I have now run a grand total of 24 miles. This is clearly a long way from where I need to get to to get into marathon training. I am going to try and transition this week and get my milage up into the higher end of the 30's. Do not want to add too much but will have to see how it goes.

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    oirish- well done on a great long run

    carter- big mileage- nice one!  I have just done around 36 miles this week.  Wanted it to be more like 40 but as I ended up cutting my LR short alas, not this week.  However it is much more than I've done since I was in Berlin and that was more than a month ago.

    carl- 8 miles in excellent time- great progress for you!  You should be chuffed.  Yes carter sounds like the hill king.

    I am thinking about this hill race...I think it would be a fun change for me!  I do actually incorporate quite a lot of hills into my running but am very slow with them... but looked at the results for this race in past years, and with people taking up to 1hr 45 mins to complete the 4 miles, at least I don't think I'd be last!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ali - you might surprise yourself how many people you pass when going up them hills. Like Carl says, watch yourself on those decents. 

    Carl - slowly getting back there sir. That gardening stuff doesn't sound like good cross training for running to me. Better get Mrs Carl on the case. 

    I've just watched today's stage if the tour, they were going up Mont Vetoux. How good are those boys and they really do suffer. Currently sat in the garden enjoying the evening and its still quite hot. I'm really enjoying this weather, is anyone fed up of it yet ?

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Carter- I will NEVER get sick of this weather- we get so little of it that you have to take full advantage when it is here, I feel.

  • Oirish - nice long run

    Carter - be careful - maybe take it easy for a couple of days

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Evening all. Mrs C and myself went out on our first run together tonight. It was week 1 day 2 of the c25k program and we covered 1.17 miles ! It is quite undulating in our park so she was blowing a bit at the end but she did really well, quite enjoyed it and is looking forward to going out again in a couple of days. Plenty of stretching and rollering for me too....

  • what a lot has happened since Friday! PBs for Oirish & BigG - well done guys! And also great 18 miler from Oirish and speedy session from Carl. 

    And Carter's missus is wondering what he is getting up to when he claims to be off up the hills for a run & is now chapperoning him... have I got that right?! image

    Goodwood was glorious - it is to Motorsport what Glastonbury is to music. Amazing weekend - plenty of factor 50 Carl so no pinkness in sight thankfully! Plenty of walking but no running - diet was woeful consisting of hog roast baguettes by day & pub grub and lager by night!

    Anyway back home late last night & normality has been resumed with 8.25 mls GA run @ 9.33 avg pace tonight followed by 10 x 100 strides.




  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Ricky - nice to see you straight back in action after what sounds like a fun weekend. And yes, Mrs C cant bear to be apart from me for too long !!

    Despite the knee giving me some grief recently I thought I would strap it up and give it another try (I wasnt totally ignoring Spoons' advice). A fairly flat 10 mile route in Nottingham (it seems to be the hills where I struggle with my knee) @ MP pace of 8:29 with no knee trouble. A beautiful morning and now I'm sat in the office sweating like a pig, I'm sure my colleagues appreciate it.....

  • Good MP run Carter image

    Club session for me tonight - 4 x 7mins with 2 min recoveries followed immediately after by 6 x 100m sprints.

    Hard session - 6.55 pace for the 7min intervals.

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Treadmill for me tonight post work. Just back from gym. Did 4.23 km in 20 minutes. (treadmill measures in km... But think that's just over 7:30 mile pace)

    felt tough, was looking forward to the gym as I thought it would be nice and cool.... But it was stifling hot, felt like the air con was broken and it was miserable! Wished I had just ran outside!

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Just back in from run, think I left some of me out there. Am drenched but not from wet weather and covered in dead flies. More later when I have recovered.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    What a tough run that was tonight. First night of marathon training so I set off quite late on a LT run. Now this is something akin to a tempo run and I need to do a bit more thinking about pace and all that to make sure I am doing this right.

    It was really warm and I was hot before I left.

    First two miles were easy at 8:55 and 9:05 miling. Maybe a tad fast.

    I was not sure if I could do 2 or 3 miles at pace as it has been so long. Next mile was 7:28 pace. Pretty good and I felt not too bad. Picked up the poace a litte for mile 4 and completed this in 7:20min. Now I was hurting bad by this time. A combination of many things so I decided that I would give it my all and get a 3rd mile in at pace. Well I think I nearly died on this one. Was beginning to feel a tad starnge and no wonder. 7:06 min. There was no way I could go another 100 yds at pace so I slowed back and did 2 recovery miles at 8:51 and 9:01 pace.

    So 7.02 miles in 57:54 (8:15 min/mile avg).

    I struggled through the last two recovery miles as I left a bit of me on the footpath during the 3 fast miles.

    My ankle did not bother me much whilst running but is throbbing a little now.

    So am cautiously optimistic that maybe it is behind me.

    Am both really pleased and really knackered. image


  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Good work Ali and Carl 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    My Club run last night was a "reccie run" of the Haytor Heller event, which is taking place this Saturday.  It's 6 miles and I'd say it is a very tough trail/fell course; I would say it's unrunnable for large parts of it, with large boulders/stones, very steep incines/declines, a small river crossing etc.  However, I just had a look at the course record, and it is under 40mins, which is actually quicker than I can run 6 miles on a nice, flat tarmac course.  Hmmmm.  The group that I was in ended up being the middle group, and we did stop a few times to let people catch up etc, but we took 90 minutes to do the course!  This was on a pleasant, dry evening, if a bit hot.  I can imagine it would have easily been 30mins longer if it had been raining heavily.

    Generally, I don't like the offroad stuff but I did enjoy it last night even though it was very much a shuffle/walk/climb strategy that I adopted.  It was made even better that we all ended up at a hotel owned by a fellow Trotter near Haytor, which we had a meal and a couple of shandies image

    I'm marshaling the event on Saturday so I hope I don't send the lead runners off in the wrong direction!  I can imagine it would very easy to do in the middle of nowhere on Dartmoor.... I understand that a few years ago it was absolute chaos as runners were going off all over the place image

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Well done carl and big g!


    Big G that sounds like a tough course, I don't understand HOW the course record can be under 40 minutes!!!

    I did a long run this morning, just a very easy pace, 8 miles in 80 minutes.  Was boiling in the sun though.  Hottest it's felt so far up here in Aberdeen.

    Felt fine afterwards, but then went out and when in supermarket I fainted.  Thankfully I knew it was coming and before I went down I managed to shout to a shop assistant that I thought I was going to faint.  She helped me and after a few minutes seated and with water I was fine.  Very unpleasant though, totally lost my vision and felt scared as it was happening.

  • BigG - sounds more like an assault course than a run! hard going.

    Carl - a fast middle 3 miles there for being out of action for so long - impressive sir!

    AliBali -take it easy.. a bit of heatstroke maybe?

    I had a GA 10 miler this evening .... 25deg when I left at 8.30pm and still 21deg at 10pm when I returned. Although it was a gorgeous sunny evening it strangely didn't feel overly warm on the run though - must be acclimatizing! Mind u it was an easy pace averaging 9.23

    Not much speed work in this P&D lark so far which is a bit disconcerting - still gotta trust the training I suppose. That said my Tues evening speed session at the club will keep me ticking over image

  • AliBali123AliBali123 ✭✭✭

    Yeah Ricky I think the heat today was too much for me, plus I definitely wasn't hydrated enough. Don't know if anyone else is the same but I practically have to force myself to drink water during the day... Need to work on that.

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    Ali - glad to hear everything turned out well.

    Big_g - good running from you there. I expect its even hotter down there too.

    Ricky - maybe you should be grateful for the lack of speedwork in this heat ? Still, Stick to the plan and all should come good.

    I too am really struggling with this heat. I went out at 8 this morning with the intention of doing 20. I managed 15 before I had to pack it in and get home for a cold shower. Not the 20 miles I wanted but I think you gain an extra couple of miles of fitness due to the heat. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out into the peaks on the bike for a few miles. It's only a crappy old mountain bike but I'm going to get myself a new road bike shortly. I'm heading for the hills but not sure how I will fare ! I will definitely be taking plenty of fluids with me. 

    Stay cool everyone, if you can

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Ali - I must say, it's one thing I'm reasonably good at, and that's trying to make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day.  I always have a pint of water on the go at work.  However, in this heat I am still struggling.  If I am out in the heat, I'm slowing right down and just trying to get the miles in, but even with that I've had to cut a couple of long runs short.  Before a long run, I actually drink 2-3 pints (!) of water in the hour or so before, on top of being well hydrated the day before.  I am a sweaty runner though.  Have you looked at electrolytes/salts in any drink you take with you as well, as that may help?

    Carter, I was wondering if there was any "formula" in terms of extra fitness gained in this heat.  I know from my HR monitor that my body is working harder even though I'm going slower.  I'm trying not to worry about lost miles on LSRs.  I'm still getting 40-ish miles in per week anyway so I feel I'm doing all I can, even if I'm not following my plan exactly.

    I did 10 after work yesterday and it was very hot.  I got around though, so I was pleased.  Also, I happened to find a crispy five pound note on the path, so that gave me a boost image

    I have a planned 18 miles this weekend.  I think the only way I'll do that is if I get up early, so that is the plan.  We'll see how that goes!

    I'm hoping that I'll feel the benefit of all these miles in this heat when the cooler autumn weather comes....


  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Agree with everyone. This hot weather takes its toll and keeping hydrated is the key to trying to get some miles in the tank. 

    AliBali - good to hear that you are ok and it must have been a shock 

    Big G - some interesting running from you this week. Seems like fun. 

    I got out for a GA run late last night. 8 miles at 9:02 min / mile. Probably faster than P&D suggests but it felt slow and I was tired from the run the night before and th general hot conditions. 

    I have the 5m race on Sunday at the Olympic Park which is probably a week too soon for me so I need to think of my strategy for the weekend as a whole. Should be trying for a 10 plus mile run plus a shorter run. I do not think that I can keep it together for 5 miles at a 5m race pace. Need to think about continuing my recovery as being the critical thing. 

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Big_G - I have tried the early start but by the time I get home the temperature has already shot up to unbearable levels. I think I would need to start at about 3:00 !

    Carl - good run last night mate.  Steady progress is being made by you so you will soon be back to top form.

    I went out on my bike this morning and headed off to the hills. I was quite quickly reminded how difficult riding up hills can be if I havent been on a bike for a while. So I decided to come back down and do 20 miles on a flatter terrain. It goes without saying that it was hot. I'm off for a little run later with Mrs C on her C25K plan

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - so far so good I guess. I am running again which is great. The ankle is sort of there but I am managing it and suspect that it is something I will have to live with for a while. It does not seem to be stopping me from running so fingers crossed that steady progress continues.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the weather and getting out for plenty of rays. Make sure you keep hydrated.

    This weather is great but does get a little tiresome when travelling in London. PLus my office has air cooling which does not work so it has been a bit unbearable this week.

    This weekend is supposed to be 4m recovery run followed by 10-12 mile LSR. Am planning doing the recovery run tomorrow and then I will do the race Sunday followed by 4-6 miles slow later in the day.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So a bit cloudy here in London today. Temperatures fell to about 26deg so it was a little cooler out when running. Should be much the same temperature tomorrow so this should make race conditions a little more bearable.

    5 miles for me today with an average 8:24 min/mile with the last mile at 7:51 min.

    I have never run the day before a race before so no idea if this will help or hinder. The key for me tomorrow will be about getting in some quality stretching to try and loosen up all the joints. All a tad sluggish at the moment despite the times being reasonable.

    The course tomorrow starts outside the Olympic Stadium and traverses the Olympic Park which by all accounts is fairly flat. Then it comes into back to the stadium, does a lap around the outside and then comes inside with the last 300m around the running track. Mrs D and my eldest are coming along to support so they hopefully will have something to cheer about.

    Have not got a race pace in mind. I do not think I could maintain my 10k pace for 5 miles at the moment so I think I will try and be sensible for the first 2 miles and then pick up the pace to finish strong. But we will have to see.

    AliBali - assume you are running the Dundee HM tomorrow so best of luck with that.

    Trust that everyone is enjoying the weather and safe running if you are still putting in the miles.

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