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  • mmm, I like a B52 or two myself!

    Im sure it will still be a reasonable time the day after christmas....I believe anything, what ever distance or speed is an achievement on Boxing Day after all the over indulgence the day before.

    How old is your kid?

    Your run actually sounds quite will always be a little slower off road and up hill. 8:58 min/ml pace sounds good...its probably more what I should have been doing yesterday. Its still along way off until marathon day so just see how you go.

    I love kestrels, one of my favourtite birds after reading a kestrel for knave. A Llama farm sounds different and interesting as well.

    I missed the York eye of my list of sites yesterday!
  • This one is 19. He passed his test last year and is saving for insurance, usually he arranges transport but this match was at a school right on a really good footpath where you can do around fifteen miles without touching the road so it suited us both really and I only lost an hour or so, probably did me good to wait a bit.

    Oh, as for weight I buckled on my water belt for the first time since last year...had to slacken it off a bit to get it to close without cutting me in half.
  • Hi Sarah/Minni - I've had the odd little look in the last week or so, but not much chance of keeping up now I'm back at work.  Will continue to pop in every now and then though to see how you're progressing - looking good so far!image

    Minni - I'm not doing BM now.  I sold my number this morning as I don't feel I'm in shape to do myself justice.  The last time I did the race I did 84 mins and at present I'm nowhere near that.  I was going to run it as a MP session, but I know me and I'd get caught up racingimage  So I've decided to give myself a few more weeks before doing a proper race.  Dewsbury will be my next one and then Snake Lane 10.   Training is not going too much to plan at present though, but trying to stay positive about it and put in what I can.image

    Sarah - gels are very much an individual taste I think.  I've tried all the ones you mention and for me I keep going back to SIS as they're the only ones I like the consistency of.  Shot blocks sound a bitimageimage

    I wouldn't worry about losing pace from doing marathon training and slowing down.  I set all my shorter distance pbs within a couple of months of my marathon pb off marathon training!  Then when you go back to adding in a bit more shorter distance specific stuff you'll be flyingimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear you're not going to be at BM

    Hilly and also sorry to hear you're training isn't exactly were you want it to be. You put in some good miles over the Christmas hols though so hopefully it'll all come good.

    I'm an SIS girl too.

    Puffy - yes off road is always slower and tougher. Your feet stick to the ground with every step for one thing.

    Did you get a win today Sarah?

    With all the debates about whether to fuel or not here is my experience today: I normally just carry water on a long run and really just take gels later on to get used to them for the marathon but have never actually run with no breakfast. I ate 'dinner' last night at 7:30, which turned out to be a chicken and cheese roll on brown because it was all I fancied! Didn't eat anything else then had only a mug of coffee first thing (about 7:30am). 20m run started at about 8:30. I took an emergency gel with me and expected my energy levels to run out about 15 miles (due to hunger).

    I'd dumped a bottle of water on the hedge to have at mile 6 and 17. It was a cold morning with sleety rain so started at brisker pace than anticipated and this didn't subside. Started to feel hungry about 12 miles in but it was a different hunger to what I normally feel when I've eaten when I sometimes feel quite sluggish with it. It was a fresh hunger, if that makes sense. I didn't need to take the gel and felt really good the throughout the run. Avg pace: 8:02 with the last couple of miles under 7:50 pace. This was the fastest 20m I've done in training without having MP section in, and it did feel comfortable thought.

    So, I would have said prior to this that I couldn't run 20m without some pre-fuel but that's obviously no the case. It'll be interesting to see of the next one has such positive results.
  • 2M warm up sounds good to me Minni! Great 20M today, if you can run 20 @ 8:02 you can run 13 @ just under 7mm surely? Have faith.

    Enjoy your 10 tomorrow Sarah, running is always easier with friends image

    Might have to try that app, just to check out the alcohol calories.

  • Evening Sarah!

    Sounds like your training is going really well! image I haven't tried the shot blocks but can definitely recommend the Hi 5 gels! ... I'd hasten to add not like snot at all (which is my boyfriend's description! ... how does he know...!!)

    Re the cous cous I had some for lunch but I was starving about an hour and a half afterwards so wasn't too keen but will maybe give it another go tomorrow. Still reckon fruit and veg should count! image

    Have a fab run tomorrow!!

  • second attempt at writing something tonight....thought i would quickly put something up before I went to bed and it failed to go up and lost everything what I had wrote-grrr...I want to go to bed!

    Cant believe that im saying that at half past midnight on a sat getting old!
  • Mr P, im sure your water belt will be much slacker by marathon week!

    Hi Hilly, im so sorry to hear about your training and that you have had to give your BM number up. I hope you get back on track soon. Ive always fancied that snake lane race in Pocklington but it always seems to be full up by the time I think about entering. Thankyou for your reassurance about racing after Marathon training, its very reassuring to me and others on here, especially after you have had an amazing time of 84 mins at the BM before, you must be delighted with that time?

    Wow Minni, I cant believe that you managed to run all that way without breakfast or taking anything in along the way, you must be made of steel! Its amazing that you was able to keep such a fabulous pace up all the way around....who needs to eat!!!! How have you felt for the rest of the day?

    My team were awful today, we lost 2-0. It was cold and the match was worse than watching paint dry. The players just didnt seem interested and they looked like they had never played together...if i went to work and put the same amount of effort in as they did, I would be sacked!

    Hi Sarah, you and me both...your training looks to be going fantastic, your getting so speedy, im getting jealous. I think fruit and veg should count too....only time ive had cous cous is in a stuffed pepper!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 2 (day 13), recovery run.

    Aim; an easy 3 miles.

    Actual; due to having a busy day with travelling between York and sheffield, taking my mum shopping and my dad to the match, followed by driving through to Derbyshire to go to Clowne's AGM (a running club alot of maltby members are second claim for) I didnt have chance to get a 3 miles recovery run in, however I did instead;

    1. 2 x 1.5 mile walk to the football match and back

    2. ran on the spot/in my seat for almost 90 mins to try to keep my feet warm and less painful....does anyone else have raynauds?

    ..........can this count as a recovery run??

    My legs have felt fine all day after yesterdays 16 miler but ive felt hungry all day and done nothing but eat!!!

    Tomorrow.....hopefully about 10 miles of road at a steady pace!
  • Morning Sarah. Being happy with race times is a strange thing.  PBs always bring delight, but for many and me included sometimes there's still an element of thinking I could have/should have gone faster!  Runners are so hard on themselves at timesimage

    I have suffered with mild Raynauds, which has been worse since moving to Yorkshire. It's quite horrid and at times I could cry with the pain in my fingers.  Friends have suggested wearing ski mittens as they keep the fingers close together in the mitten providing extra warmth.  I don't get it in my toes very much, so not sure what would be worn on the feetimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    sarah osborne wrote (see)

    Wow Minni, I cant believe that you managed to run all that way without breakfast or taking anything in along the way, you must be made of steel! Its amazing that you was able to keep such a fabulous pace up all the way around....who needs to eat!!!! How have you felt for the rest of the day?

    The rest of the day felt ok and I wasn't any hungrier than normal.  I had 2 glasses of recovery drink as soon as I finished followed by a fried egg, bacon and mushroom roll and tea (yes I know!  Naughty but nice!) then a stir-fry and 2 glasses of wine (image I felt I deserved it) in the evening.   I'm starting to think eating is overrated!  Seriously, though as a nation we all eat far too much and its interesting to see what you can do on so little. 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    xpost Hilly - one of my running chums suffers terribly and wear's big fleece mittens even in the middle of summer.  I think they are definitely warmer than gloves.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - are you likely to have snow for your run today?  Nothing here yet but heading out now then nipping to Newcastle before it hits here.  Hope you have a nice off-road one.

  • Short recovery run as advised today, feel fine.  No snow here, frosty early on but mild 4deg now.

  • We had a little snow last night but didn't turn to anything other than a dusting.  More and heavier is due tomorrow,which I don't mind as enjoy running in snow, but today it is quite mild and I did 20 tough hilly miles.  It felt hard work but always a good one to do for leg strength.  Hope you all had good runs today! 

  • hi hilly, I know what you mean...we runners do tend to beat ourselves up alot when we should probably be praising ourselves for getting out there and for any improvements/hard work that we put in.

    I went running on the derwent moors this morning, and like you we had a light dusting of snow and frost on the higher ground. Im hoping that I get back to York tonight before the snow arrives. I have had a few bad experiences of driving in the snow, so the thought of doing it again petrifies me. Congratulations on your hilly 20 miles. I managed a very hilly 10.....was supposed to be an easy run....which the pace was but the torrain wasnt, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I got to bed my trail shoes in alittle more ready for the belvoir challenge in feb. Do you do most of your miles on hillier courses?

    Thanks for the tips with the mittons Hilly and Minni...I may give them a go. I wore two pairs of gloves at the match yesterday and that seemed to help alittle with my hands. On my feet I had two pairs of socks and my boots were wool lined, but they were still painful.....I may have to look for shoe mittons! I thought about trying medication for it because it can get bad, but because they are vasodilators im worried that they may affect my running.

    Have you had any snow yet Minni? I reckon its cold enough here and the clouds to the south of derbyshire looked like they were carrying alot of snow, but so far so good.....I really would like to get back to York before it hits!

    Afternoon Mr P, your making me feel guilty about me missing my recovery run yesterday now. What pace did you keep?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 2 (day 14) Aim; 10 miles easy (@8:50-9:30)

    Actual 9.77 miles at an easy pace (average 10:34 min/mls) but on a difficult terrain over the Derwent moors starting and finishing at the cutthroat bridge.

    My scenic run was over rocky, muddy and marshy terrain, there wasnt many flat stretches, maybe .5 mile at the most, the rest being either up hill or steeply down hill. One of the hills we went up was almost impossible to run up and our pace was almost at a walking pace. My friend who I went with fell over in to a puddle of mud and I nearly lost my trainer on two occasions in highly disguised bogs.

    No idea how cyclists manage up there as we were having difficult with just running, however there were many who was filming there ride actually crashed into a stone and went over his handlbars....both my friend and the cyclist luckily had no injuries except to their pride!

    My friend took some pictures whilst we ran around derwent edge so I will upload these later when im back on a PC. The photos however dont do it justice.

    We decided to celebrate our efforts with a sausage and bacon butty from a van near to where we had parked the car, enjoyed every minute of it and didnt feel remotely guilty (especially with not consuming any alcohol all week).

    I did set my watch to record laps/mile paces but im not sure how to get these back up from my watch....any ideas, do I need to plug it into the computer to do this?
  • Sarah - I read yesterday something about a race in Pocklington. Are you far from there. We have a friend from Pocklington. His name is Simon..............Pocklington!!!!!

    Absolutely true!

  • Sarah - sounds like an enjoyable, but tough run today! Look forward to seeing the picturesimage  I don't train all on hilly ground, but Barnsley does have a few hills when we run there.  I live close the Trans Pennine Trail, so a lot of my weekly runs are done on there.  In marathon training though we have a very  hilly 20 miles we do at the beginning of training to build the strength, which also helps with the xc season.  We then have a trail out and back 20 where we go out to the 10 miles point in a group at an easy pace then come back at our own pace as close to MP/effort as possible, then we have another 20 made up of laps of 5 miles again some done together and the last 10 at MP/effort.

    DS2 - the race in Pocklington is the Snake Lane 10 miles in February.  It is full now, but I have know people pick up a number on the day from people who can't do it.

  • I enjoyed reading about your run Sarah, then I went to sleep for most of the afternoon image  What watch do you have?  I have a garmin 305 and i plug into Sporttracks on my PC, but I think most people use Garmin connect these days.

    I did my recovery run at 9mm+ I didn't look at the watch much though.

    Tomorrow is our club hill night, we don't do reps, we run round the city mustering at the top of each hill on the route, I think there's seven plus an effort section.  I'm looking forward to it, last time I found it hard work but I haven't been for a few weeks so I'm expecting to see improvement.




  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Sarah - I read yesterday something about a race in Pocklington. Are you far from there. We have a friend from Pocklington. His name is Simon..............Pocklington!!!!!

    Absolutely true!

    DS2 im not sure whether to believe you or not image !

    I live about a 20 min drive away from Pocklington. I worked as a GP there when I was in my second year as a doctor (FY2) and loved the is what convinced me to be a GP

    Hilly...Barnsley is very hilly. I did two of the 5 miler road races there and the south yorkshire half last year...all of which were hilly, especially one of the 5 milers which had two killer wonder your so fast training there! Your so lucky living near the Trans Pennine Trail, you will have some lovely runs out that way. Sounds like you have some fabulous runs and routes mapped out and you run them in a very sociable but effective way. The running club I joined in York doesnt have any organised sunday runs which is a shame as one of the reasons for joining a running club in York was to go running with them on a sunday morning. I have made a few training sessions after work, but not many (due to finishing work too late)...never mind.

    Mr P I have a garmin forerunner 110. I have only connected it to the computer a couple of times as the first programme I used it on was pretty rubbish. My OH downloaded me another programme to try, but ive never really got round to it...maybe I can try tonight if I get my eportfolio for work updated with some time to spare. Its nice when you can run comfortably rather than clock/pace watching image

    Your club run tomorrow sounds fun. I have netball training tomorrow....if it doesnt snow much. If it does and its cancelled, I think I will go for a recovery run in the snow (I know which one I would prefer to do image). Hope you have a good run tomorrow



  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/derwent_1.jpg




    A few photos taken today as we ran along derwent moors with ladybower in the middle photo. We started off at Cutthroat bridge, ran along derwent edge (passing through Whinstone Lee Tor, Hurkling stones, Wheat stones, White Tor, Salt sellar, Dovestone Tor, Cakes of bread, back Tor and Cairn), before turning left to run down towards derwent valley. We touched the corner of ladybower before heading back up the steep hill, towards the hurkling stones again. From there we ran back to Whinestone Lee Tor and then to the food van at Cutthroat bridge!

  • I was going to do some action photos to prove I was there but then I thought that they would look alittle cheesyimage



    <img src='
  • Hi Sarah

    I have run out over Derwent hills but I went from tpath over at Strines. I remember it being very muddy with some hills that made you work hard. I have been for a casual stroll round Derwent Valley Damn today which was lovely.

    A running/medical question if I may - on Wednesday, I am due to give blood for the first time (at Bramhall Lane of all places). How does giving blood affect you running ? I am not due to run again until Thursday night so I am hoping I am ok to carry on as normal ?


  • well the map didnt come out as I had planned and when I went to edit it to delete it, the page crashed and now its perminant image


    Hi Carter initially all the mud was still frozen so it wasnt that bad, but after about an hour as the temperature increased and more people were out walking and biking it became quite muddy. It was a lovely day for a walk/run around there and because of the weather warnings it wasnt too busy either.

    Ive been told a mixture of things about giving blood. I once ran 13 miles and then gave blood...that wasnt a good idea as I was volume depleat before I went...afterwards I felt a little faint....everyone around me paniked, it was quite embarrasing as I was only airing on the side of caution and didnt want to get up too soon. I felt really stupid when I told them why I thought that I had felt faint (running 13 miles and finishing only 30 mins before I went to give blood) and felt even more stupid when they noticed that I was a doctor! image

    In theory, giving blood should affect your running for a week or two as your loosing haemoglobin and blood volume that carries oxygen to your muscles. However I know lots of people who have run afterwards and have felt fine/no different. I raced a 10k two days after giving blood and I got a PB. Have you given blood before?

  • No, I havent. I'm due an 8 miler Wednesday morning and never considered that it would be an issue to give blood at 12:00 !! I only thought it might affect me for running afterwards

  • Weekly mileage (week 2): 34

    (aim: 37, missed the recovery run yesterday, substituted with a walk instead)

  • I would probably say that you are better off running afterwards rather than before from past experiences, unless you get a good meal and lots of fluids down you wednesday morning before you give blood

    I also wouldnt give blood at least a month before a marathon...just shouldnt make a difference, but if it did you would be gutted!

  • My schedule for week three;

    Monday; Netball training

    Tuesday; 8 mile steady (@7:55-8:40) +/- 5 x 100m strides

    wednesday; Netball match

    Thursday; 5 miles easy (@ 8:50-9:30)

    Friday; 3 mile easy pace  (@ 8:50-9:30)

    Saturday; Rest

    Sunday; Brass Monkey Half Marathon +/- 2 mile w/u

     Total Mileage; 29-31 miles


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