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  • Dear god woman .... I have that as an afternoon nap  image

  • Well done Sarah....

    Day one....bottle of red

    Day two...double session...bottle of white at lunch, red in the evening

    Day three...recovery drink,  resolve

    Day four....long drink...2 bottles of red

  • Well done Sarah- again you are too speedy for me, but as a fellow medic, some of the issues are the same. I'l tag along if I can.

    Off to the gym now for LSR on tready- it's waay too stormy for a proper LSR.

  • yeeee haaaaaa Sarah image. You are one lucky lady. I'm so happy you made it. Crikey, it means we have to keep two sub 3:30 threads going image.

    haha, AA - that's the spirit image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image we'll manage Chick!

    Not sure Sarah has made it back from last night's party yet....

  • Haha, thankyou everyone for your kind messages. It was a late one last night, finally getting to bed at around 3 after one too many drinks. Luckily the litre bottle of water at the side of the bed kept the hangover at bay!

    I had friends stopping over last night and they have only just much as I wanted to come on the forum I didn't want to be rude to them so I apologise to you guys for the late appearance!

    My plan today is to go for a 7 mile run and do some core training at the gym before heading down to my aunties and parents at 3 ready to celebrate Christmas with my family. I plan to come back on here tonight to tell you abit more about me and answer any questions you may have.

    Thankyou minni for keeping my thread going so did you manage with so little sleep, I thought I was bad....but 4 hours?

    So far minni I have a place for the brass monkey (1/2) on the 20th of jan and Barcelona half on the 17th of feb. I'm hoping also to do the belvoir challenge (16m) on the 23rd of feb, the east hull 20 on the 17th of march. My running club is going to France the following weekend (22-25th march) to meet up with their twinned running club, there is a race that weekend which I'm wanting to do, however that is only 9 miles!
  • What are your thoughts Minni on those above races?

    I don't think you have anything to worry about with regards to me beating your marathon PB , I really need to work on my endurance and I can safely say I don't think I would be capable of a sub 3:20 marathon (unlike my fabulous mentor).
  • Great match up!! Great mentor - good luck Sarah - you'll be fab!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Haha Sarah - never say never. With the times you're already running I don't think you'll have any problems getting much faster.

    I'll get back later about the races. I'm busy making chocolate bread and butter puddings on a commercial scale and our electric has gone off!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Races - definitely Brass Monkey (fancy a drink afterwards? image) and definitely Barcelona since you're going.   The Belvoir challenge sounds great as a long run and you could add a bit more on to make it up to 20.  The 9 mile race in France will fit in really well too since you don't have a HM. 

    The only one I'd question is the Hull 20.  I have never run a 20m race let alone during marathon training but I know lots of people that have.  If you can use it as a training run and perhaps do some of it at MP then I'd say that's fine, but if you think you might not be able to hold back and want to race it all then I'd say give it a miss.  I know of so many people who knock out great 20 races in the weeks leading up to the marathon then find they have dead legs on marathon day.  

    10th March is the Northumberland HM if you're up this way that weekend?  But you don't want to get bogged down doing too many races.  The long runs are more important.

    What was your plan for BM and Barcelona - race them both?


  • LAAst Christmas wrote (see)

    Well done Sarah....

    Day one....bottle of red

    Day two...double session...bottle of white at lunch, red in the evening

    Day three...recovery drink,  resolve

    Day four....long drink...2 bottles of red

    Lol AA!image

    Sarah- well done for getting out there after such a late night.  Running with a hangover is a very important skill in mara training.  I'm a bit of an expert on the subject.image

    I would agree with Minni on the 20 mile race.  I've done a couple of them before in mara training but only as training runs (10m easy/ 10m @ MP).  I definitely wouldn't go all out.

  • Yeay! Belated congrats Sarah on being selected and on ending up with such a great mentor image
  • Brolish wrote (see)
    LAAst Christmas wrote (see)

    Well done Sarah....

    Day one....bottle of red

    Day two...double session...bottle of white at lunch, red in the evening

    Day three...recovery drink,  resolve

    Day four....long drink...2 bottles of red

    Lol AA!image

    People do realise that AA is for Always Aching, not Alcoholics Anonymous, right?

    + 1 for what Bro suggests re: the 20 miler, great opportunity for a quality long run but don't race it.  I know a few people who've raced a 20M in the build up to their target marathon and the marathon always goes a bit Pete Tong.

  • Sarah - Well done. Enjoy your journey on here and the great friends you will meet in the process. I'll follow you but I think I'm more likely to be a lurker than poster most of the time.

    Minni - be gentle with her, at least to start with.

  • Excellent news - just realised you two are linked up. I've been awfully busy this past few days - I even had to do some work!image so am trying to catch up in the world of forums.

    This should be a really interesting thread. At least you two will keep me laughing!

    Scuba Trooper wrote (see)

    Minni - be gentle with her, at least to start with.

    No need to be gentle Minni  - last week sarah did 12 at MP hardly trying. I reckon there's a potentially fast marathon for the taking here!

    Mind you she'll try to convince you that she's a really busy person and only has limited time for training!image

  • Belvoir Challenge is one of my favourite events. Would the 26 mile option be too long? image

  • Evening all. Finally's been a busy day, but I managed to get some core/strength training in and a 7 mile progressive run in, starting at 8min/ml increasing to just under 7min/ml. I think I need to step it up a bit next time though, i just didnt want to push myself too much, not knowing how my body would respond after the drinking session last night!

    Since then I've been to Doncaster, maltby and sheffield to visit friends and family.

    Minni, at the moment were on a half term break from netball but training and matches start back up the second week in jan. The season finishes on the 13th of march. Training is on a Monday (although that is usually not very strenuous) and then we have a game later in the week, usually on the Wednesday. If I can I would like to continue with netball as I am in a team and don't want to let the others down, but at the same time my running does come first and if I can't continue playing netball then I would try and find someone to replace me.

    Tricialitt do you work in primary or secondary care? How much of your training do you tend to do on a treadmill?

    Thanks Minni...I guess one step at a time....sub 3:30 in 2013 and fingers crossed a sub 3:14 (to beat my dads PB) within the next 4 years!

    Minni did you get the electricity back on? Mmmmmm choc bread and butter pudding.....sounds good for carbo loading!!

    A drink after BM would be lovely, count me in. The Northumberland half sounds great as well, I will have a look into it and get back to you. I'm free that weekend so it will be a good excuse to head up north to visit my inlaws!

    I was planning on racing both BM and Barcelona you think this will be ok? I'd read somewhere that its good to do one race a month...although I'm not sure where I read it and how reliable it was!

    If I did hull 20 I would def be using it as a training run and would hold myself back as I wouldn't want to jeopardise VLM although I know what you mean about getting itchy feet and wanting to race it. My main thoughts about doing it was that it would guarantee to get me out doors to do 20 miles (rather than risking having to do it on a TM).

    Spoons I was planning on doing the 16 miles at Belvoir....which I've just been told is tough and more like 20.....what's your review of this race?

    ST....I want Minni to be gentle on me throughout.....not just at the start!

    Thankyou Becs, and Mr Zuvai and everyone else for your kind comments.
  • DS2, lovely to see you on here....I can't believe you've been made to work.....and on a Sunday!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    So you started today's run at MP and finished it at 10k pace?! Was that outside or on the TM?

    I think 16 for the Belvoir would be ideal with a warm up added on to make it up. If you're not used to running 20+ miles then I think it would be a mistake to consider a marathon in training - especially if it's tough. The recovery would just be too long.

    Hull - in that case definitely enter it. Why would you do your long runs on the TM rather than outside?
  • Hi Minni, I did it outdoors today as it was such a nice day and it was day light.

    The most I've run on a TM was 16 miles after work, I finally got of the TM at 21:55 just before the gym shut....I did it to get the mileage in as it was dark so I was banned from running the streets on my own....I have a very strict OH....but I do see where he is coming from!

    I love to run outdoors, is far more enjoyable than being in a gym, especially when your stuck indoors at work all week.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I live in a small place and run in the streets on my own in the dark. I used to hate it but now I really don't mind.

    Could you do your longer runs on a day off to ensure you do them outdoors? Does Mr O have a bike - would he accompany you?
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    With those pbs can't wait to see how fast you go in London!

    A few views from me below on questions you've raised - hope its helpful!

    Re 20M races - I like them as I find it hard getting in long runs and its a great way for me to make sure I get that training run in. If you don't have that problem and see it as a race then I'd agree with minni and bro.

    Re netball, for the last 5 years I played WA in a work netball team with a match once a week. I'm a big fan of cross training and didn't find it conflicted at all with my running. if its something you enjoy and want to keep doing I'm sure there's a way to build it in to your weekly schedule.
  • Belvoir challenge review - It's muddy image

  • Sarah: Don't drop the netball, X training is the future. ALL my PB's have been run off Tri training. Now we just need to get Minni back in the pool.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I play pool in the pub! image

  • sarah tinsel toes osborne wrote (see)
    Thanks Minni...I guess one step at a time....sub 3:30 in 2013 and fingers crossed a sub 3:14 (to beat my dads PB) within the next 4 years! 

    I can relate to that. My dad was running 2:5X.xx when he was "about your age".  So that is definately a long term goal for me (though not toolong term as I'll be forty next year).  Only just started running this year though so no marathons planned at the as I think I need to get a few miles in my legs before I take that step.  


  • Morning all. We did do that a few times last year Minni but he as managed to brake his third bike in three years a couple of months ago ( the reason why he has had to take running to work and back up) but we are looking to buy him a new one in January, so that's a plan ( although last time we did it, he complained I was running too slow)!

    Thanks kfc, I'm a bit like you, I want to use it as a training run and not as a race, but I do know how easy it is to get carried away with the excitement at a race. Thankyou with regards with the netball aswell. I do normally play centre so I get to run around a fair amount. I was worried about risking injury with it more than anything with the stopping and starting, jumping and twisting, but I guess you could easily get injured out on a run especially doing cross country. for the trail shoes??

    Thanks DD, I do try to swim and cycle one day a week aswell, just as long as I can get the mileage I need in. I do like the variety that cross training brings and would love to attempt a tri later next year!

    Ow, does pool in the pub count???? That can be my training today!!

    Hope your LSR went well today Minni.
  • Morning Lou. Parents can be so mean sometimes.....but it does give you some encouragement to get better!

    I had been running about a year and a half when I did my first marathon this year. I had only done about 4 halfs prior to it and felt extremely nervous but it was an amazing experience and one that I'm proud off. I'm sure by 2014 you will be raring to run a marathon. Think your being very sensible ensuring that you are getting more miles in your legs before attempting a marathon. When I was at boot camp, they did mention that they had looked for entrants who had at least two years running experience so they would be ready for marathon training.
  • Hi Sarah - congratulations on getting picked, and I know Minni will be the perfect mentor for you image

    I'd agree with the other comments on using the 20 mile race as a chance to build in some MP miles, just don't get tempted to race  the whole thing. I really like using 20 mile races in my marathon training, just because I get the chance to run with other people for a change..but you have to go in with a plan and stick to it, which is not always easy. I have three of them in my schedule this year - I'm planning on running the first one at close on MP throughout, which I think is OK as it is early in the schedule (24 Feb), so loads of recovery time. The others will be much more controlled, with MP miles built in but starting much slower.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    hello Freemer & kfc! 

    Good luck with the build up to 2:5X Lou!

    I think the cross training is good (image) but you really want to make sure you're not sacrificing runs for it.  Its all great if you can fit it in but you might want to think about swapping the cycling and/or swimming for another run, if its not too important to you.

    The more easy running you can do the better but in the same token you don't want to be suddenly jumping up the mileage.  What kind of weekly mileage have you run the past few months? 

    Have you had a chance to look through the P&D stuff and what do you think?

    I had a lovely run this morning with 2 running chums and thankfully it wasn't raining.




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