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    Sarah - glad you stopped the progressive run when you felt your legs stiffen but you still got a great session in beforehand.

    Go onto You Tube for some clips on foam rolling.  Its the firm inner tubes from the wrapping paper that work - not those flimsy cardboard ones. 

    As for the drinking:  I seems to have a bit of a reputation for liking a drink - I really don't know where that has come from!  But I'm hardly touching a drop these days.  Training has to come first just now! image

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    Sarah - I was looking at your paces you got from RW.  I think they sound pretty good.  We need to put MP in there, which will be about 7:45 - 7:55 and HM 7:00 - 7:10 for training purposes.  

    I did a session today for the first time this year and its one of my favourites. 4m w/u followed by 45 mins of 5mins MP / 5 mins HMP continuous. Using MP as a recovery to something faster really makes it your friend and I think it would be a session you would enjoy.  We could add something like that into Tuesday's session?  Then your 20 next week should be run at a nice easy pace because you've got the 9 mile race on Sunday, which I'm assuming will be flat out?

    The following week I think you should put some blocks of MP into your 18m, say 4 easy/ 4 MP/ 4 easy/ 4 MP/ 2 easy.

    Then we can look at how you're going to approach the Hull 20 depending on how you feel closer to the time?

    The weeks will come in quite fast now but you're right on target and everything is falling into place nicely.  The taper can be used for a fair bit on MP stuff too. 



  • I'm trainng for the VLM and have done 2 x 20 miles now.  They definitely haven't been easy but as I'm a Fitness Pilates teacher I've found that taking a class on the evening following the long run has meant that I'm not aching at all the next day.  I'd certainly recommend a pilates or yoga class to anyone that has the time to fit it in.


  • opps...just pured myself a glass of wine and got comfortable ready to catch up on here...then read Minnis feeling guilty now......but it just wouldnt be right to pour it back into the bottle! Think this will be my only drink of the week with getting up at 6 on saturday morning!!

    I never even thought about looking on you tube, what a fabulous idea, its amazing what you can learn on there.

    Your run today sounds great, its amazing how a slower pace can initially feel tough until you run quicker....then it feels surprisigly easy. I would happily give your run today a try, its nice to try something different and mix it up alittle.

    Thankyou aswell for my missing paces.

    What do you think about the 9 mile race, do you think I should run it flat out or be more sensible. I know I will find it difficult on the day to be sensible but I am seeing why it might be better to take it slightly steady so that my training the following week isnt affected as much.

    Im loving your suggestions for the 18 miler the week afterwards will be nice to test the MP during a longer run again.

    I really cant believe how quickly the weeks are going, its quite scary.
  • Hi Teresa, thankyou ever so much for your recommendation. I keep meaning to give both classes a try but I do find it difficult to get to the gym at the times that they run (and im worried about being completely inflexible and showing myself up)!

    When I had my Wii i use to do some of the yoga poses on there but I got rid of it about a year ago and havent done them since.

    Will this be your first marathon?

    Hows the rest of your training going?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 52) Aim; 9-10 miles easy.

    Actual; 10 miles easy

    Well, I think my afternoons at work are jinxed! Had a lovely steady morning and early afternoon, but once it turned 14:00 it just went stupidly busy. I ended up having 7 extra patients to see at the end of my clinic due to a lack of emergency appointments and a large demand. I was just so lucky that I didnt get any late visits to do aswell.

    After work I was dying to run out doors and get some fresh air but due to it already being dark, I got the red light from my husband and had to go to the gym again instead.

    I just wasnt feeling the TM today. Im normally okey when I run on it but today I really struggled to day dream and forget that I was more or less running on one spot. It ended up being an extremely long 90 minutes.

    Despite my heart and mind not being into the 10 mile run on the TM, luckily my legs felt fine throughout. I was concerned about them doing the same as yesterday but they didnt thankfully. I really cant believe what an effect the HM on sunday had on my legs yesterday....It does make me realise the importance of the slower pace in long runs now.

    My paces today were pretty boring. My first mile I increased the pace from 12:00 min/mls to 8:34 min/mls. The next 8.5 miles I ran at 8:34 min/mls and the last 0.5 mile I reduced my pace from 8:34 to 8:57 min/mls

    I was glad when the run had finished, not because of tired legs, but through boredom...every song that came on over my ipod just seemed to annoy me and I just couldnt loose myself in my own thoughts....on a positive spin, its good mental preparation for london!
  • Minni wrote (see)

    As for the drinking:  I seems to have a bit of a reputation for liking a drink - I really don't know where that has come from!  But I'm hardly touching a drop these days.  Training has to come first just now! image

    image What has the world come to...  Another one feeling guilty now!image

    Sarah- I don't blame you for not enjoying 10m on a dreadmill, I really don't know how you do it. I would much rather run in complete darkness/ snow/ rain/ howling wind. Can't stand the thing. Well done for getting the session done.

  • Sarah - I was just off on Wednesday but that still made a difference as it took a lot of stress out of the midweek runs, ie my hill runs on Tuesday night were less daunting knowing I didn't have work the next day.

    Teresa - I do a pilates class most weeks, usually on a Monday morning so it helps me recover from my long run on Sunday. I certainly find it helpful, both in that respect and for my running in general.   

  • Hi Sarah,  this will be my 2nd marathon, I did Halstead last year in 3.38 so got into London as a "good for age" time (57). Well done for sticking on the treadmill for that length of time - I did 5 mins last week and couldn't even breathe properly after months of fresh air outside.

    How do you all manage to stick to your paces so well?  All my routes have hills in them so obviously I slow down then - although it does mean that a flat race route will be easier!  I've done 2 x 20 miles now in 3.48 each time.  

    Does anyone else have twinges in their glutes or painful toes (either during the long runs or during the night?)

    I'm hoping for under 4 hrs for London but have decided that I'm going to enjoy the experience rather than try and get a PB which will probably be difficult due to the number of runners.

  • Evening glad its not just me...on the water tonight though ready for the early start in the morning. Despite the early start I am looking forward to getting outdoors and exploring new paths in Belvoir. I never use to mind running on the TM but the more I run outside the harder I find it running in doors.

    Hi Andy, its amazing the difference a day can tempting to drop a day at work, although I would probably try and do something else work related but which isnt as stressful e.g womens health clinic, palliative care or research.

    Hi Teresa, this will be my second marathon too, although I didnt do as well as you in my first one and only just managed to scrape a good for age to get me in to VLM this year.

    My first 20 miler this year was on a hilly route and like you my paces did vary quite much however in York there are not many hills (as there wasnt at Barcelona last week) so its easier to stay at a constant pace. Was Halstead flat or hilly? My 20 milers this year have taken a similar time to do as yours.

    I had a painful 4th left toe today after a few hours of walking around meadowhall but I think it was more to do with the shoes that I was wearing. I get the odd twinge in my quads at the moment which occur quite randomly. It feels more like a tickle than a pain and lasts seconds and then resolves. It can occur at rest, whilst walking or running, there is no pattern to it so I dont think its anything to worry about (I hope).

    It shouldnt be too bad for you in VLM as you will be in a different start to the majority of other runners with having a good for age place so you may be pleasantly suprised.

    I bought a foam roller today....ive had a little go with it but think I had better look on you tube for some exercises before I have another go. I found that it felt nice on my quads and hamstrings but quite uncomfortable on the IT band....if I was doing it right!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 53) Aim; rest day

    Actual; I had a rest from running today ready for my 15 mile race tomorrow morning in Belvoir. As its supposed to be a tough off road run im just going to see how it goes and not particularly race it. I have been told that it is so tough that its the equivalent to an 18 mile road race...which does scare me a little...the reason why I dont want to race of at the beginning.

    Today I met my mum and auntie in meadowhall at 11:30, after doing some last minute house work. From there we were on our feet until 17:30 except for the hour when we sat down in les iguanas for lunch (I would recommend their spicy chicken burrito...its lush). So even though ive had a rest from running, it hasnt been a lazy day.

    I managed to get a bargain foam roller which had been reduced from ??12 to ??6. Its obviously not one of the best ones, but I thought it would be a good starting point to see how I get on with one, without waisting too much money.....Now for you tube to learn how to use it properly
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    Yes Sarah if it painful you're doing it right!! Use it tomorrow after your race. Hope it goes well for you. It's likely to he cold? Don't push it any harder than you need to, especially with the race next week. Btw, yes I think you should race it full pelt next week. It sounded like you held back slightly on the HM so will be good to have a real blast.

    Consider your TM run yesterday a great mental strength building one. image

    Teresa - I often get achy glutes and hams when doing my long runs in a high mileage week. It never develops into anything but they just complain.

    Teresa - yes you will be on the Green start with us other gfa ladies. It's the place to be. This will be my 8th London!
  • Hi Sarah,  Foam rollers are good - what you need to do is roll it over your calves, quads and hamstring and when you feel a "knot" or uncomfortable area hold it for 15 - 20 seconds, trying to relax into it.

    Good for you - water on a Friday night.  I must admit I like my glass or two of red at night even though I've got 2 PT sessions in the morning then a pilates workshop.  I've changed my training prog and moved it all fwd a couple of days so that Sundays are now Tuesdays.

    I thought Halstead was quite flat compared with where I live, although there was a couple of slight hills.  It probably seemed hilly for people who are used to the Suffolk countryside though!  It's a lovely course though and has very good reviews although a long way from York!


  • Thankyou again Teresa, I will have another go with it....its a friday night with a difference this alcohol and foam rollering!

    You must be so fit with all those classes and running, im so envious.

    Im rubbish with red wine, I always feel dehydrated with it the following day and tend to wake up with a bit of a thick head.

    The countryside down there is gorgeous so I bet it is a fabulous race.

    Im from Sheffield originally so I dont mind the hills that much, but people in York tend to struggle with them. I think the resistance training helps me on my hills, its either that or its all those years of walking around sheffield thats helped!
  • Thanks Minni. I do think its probably the lateral (outer) aspects of my legs that cause the most bother so with it hurting on that area with the foam roller shouldnt really come as a surprise to me...glad that im doing it right. I will let you know how much pain im in after the race tomorrow....which im sure isnt going to be helped by the 1.5 hour car journey home!

    Im quite excited now that I have the green light for racing a week on sunday...ive last years time to beat (was one of my first few runs after my illness so I should manage it)!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 54) Aim; Belvoir Challenge

    Actual; 14.6 mile mainly off road race....The Belvoir Challenge.

    I got up at 5:55 and quickly had some porridge and a cup of coffee before driving to my friends house to start our journey to Belvoir which is a little village in leiceister.

    It was a cold start and it tried to snow all morning.

    We arrived at the race HQ at 8:00 and managed to get a psrking spot close to the start which was lucky as places quickly filled up.

    Our number was on a laminated card that we tied to our tops.

    The race started at 9:00 - there were a mixture of walkers and runners both doing the 26 mile race and the 15 mile race. We managed to get ourselves in to the middle of the crowd...but due to the huge congestion I wish we had pushed our way to the front alittle more.
  • The race started and due to the congestion all I could manage was a slow plod down the road and out of the village. We turned of the road and on to a ploughed path. I got stuck behind some people being far to cautious and slow. I thought my friends were also stuck behind me but they were on the other side of the path, racing off in front. At the end of that section we hit a wide main road so I managed to over take alot of the slower runners. At this point I thought I had lost my friends, however after hitting the next two fields I saw them in front and caught them up.

    Just as I caught them up we reached our first style. This was a bit of a nightmare, we were all stood in single file waiting to reach the front. This took what felt like 5 + minutes. At this time runners that were behind us started jumping and pushing through the hedge and ended up back in front of us. After a couple of minutes of waiting I paused my watch so that I could get a better idea of my paces.

    Shortly after this style there was another one were again we were waiting a good 4-5 minutes to go over it. Then there was a run up a field and in to a woods. At this point there was a steep climb up a narrow path. This is when alot of people slowed down to a walk...much to my annoyance as I wanted to run up it. At this point I was glad that I was just running this race and not racing it.
  • After this section we ran through a number of fields (divided by styles which didnt involve as much of a wait to jump over) which give us the opportunity to over take the slower runners. At about 4.5 miles the race branched in to two - the 15 milers went left and the 26 milers right. At this point I also left my friends as I was running at a faster pace than them and had gotten quite infront.

    From 4.5 miles - 6.9 miles we ran through field after field (some muddier than others) and I found I was really enjoying myself. It was really nice to be running on something other than the road.

    The first check point was at 6.9 miles where I had a quick drink and then headed on. This was followed by a short section through a village where I managed to pick up my pace a little.

    I did find myself on my own for a while at this point and did become alittle worried as I hadnt picked up a map, thinking that there would always be others around me. Luckily this section of the race was well signpost (unlike an earlier part where some runners infront of us went the wrong way). I eventually caught some more runners up and then passed them in the next very muddy field. At this point I was given a compliment by a male runner who just said "amazing" as I passed him on a steep up hill grass bank.

    After alot more muddy fields we then hit a road which took us towards Belvoir castle and the second check point. Here again I managed to pick up my pace.

    A had a quick drink at the second check point at 10.2 miles and then headed off again
  • +1 for the foam roller!  It took me a few weeks to get used to using mine on the IT band (probably due to my extremely low pain threshold image) but now it feels great after a long run.  Persevere and you will be glad you did.

  • The next 2-2.5 miles was through some woods and was absolutely gorgeous. Even though this bit was trail and stony it was dry and I was able to continue picking up my pace and over take alot more people.

    As we left the woods we hit another road which was steeply downhill. I was on my own again until I passed a few bends and spotted two women ahead...I quickly passed these and caught up with a man infront as we hit the next set of fields and styles. These fields were extremely muddy and slowed me down somewhat. After climbing over one style to get in to the second to last field there was a bog and no way around...brambles lined both sides. The only way was forward...worried about loosing my trainers I decided to walk through it and became ankle deep in mud and water...Im sure that this bit was put there on purpose to catch any of the runners who had manage to miss any of the earlier mud.

    Following these fields we were back in Belvoir village. I could see two women in the distance and decided that I had to try to pass them. I picked up my pace but didnt go all out as I still thought that I had a mile left. I slowly pulled them in but then I turned a corner and saw the finish...gutted, despite the sprint finish, the finish line was too close to over take them but I finished seconds behind them...if only the race had been 15 miles instead of 14.6 or if I had done the race before (so I would have realised how close I was to the finish when I first spotted them).

    My Garmin time was 2:09:08 for 14.6 miles. My average pace was 8:51 min/mls which im over the moon with as I took it steady, felt comfortable all the way round and thoroughly enjoyed the run. I finished with a huge smile on my face and felt like I could have done a few more miles. I enjoyed being out doors in the country and running on the springy and muddy ground.

    I would certainly do this race again and recommend it to others. The race was fantastic and the soup and home-baked niceties at the end where the icing on the cake
  • Hi Tenjiso,

    I used my foam roller once I got home (after putting my compression tights on...just incase) and found it quite fun.

    I was alittle sore in my calfs and alot sore on my IT band again but it was a nice discomfort and quite legs felt lighter afterwards and at the moment I dont even feel like I ran this morning.

    Hows your running going?
  • Hi Sarah, sounds good fun. There is a race here that always queues up at the styles it can be very annoying. It's two in one but the longer race starts seven miles down the county so those runners don't like waiting behind the ten mile people who have only just started.

    I felt very tired on Thursday so I skipped my run and rested. We went to see The. Phantom of the opera last night and I had a couple of drinks so I did a few easy miles today to qualify for Febulous and tonight I am preparing for tomorrow's 20.

    My car is still not fixed, won't be ready till Tuesday.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Perfect race today Sarah! Sounds like you got it just right and had fun along the way. Great report too. image

    Loving Tenjiso coming in with a commercial break part way through!!

    Puffy - which race is that? Hope the 20 goes well tomorrow.
  • Sounds like a fun race. I must say I have very limited experience of cross country... I'll be doing the Orion 15 next month in Epping forest, a bit nervous about it, as I'm a bit grumpy in mud image
  • It is the sandstone trail race, the A race stars at a pLace called bicker ton at Ten and the B race starts at Beeston at eleven. Both races finish in Delamere Forest near us.

    There is a new parkrun at Delamere forest starting on 4th march, looking forward to that image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Though so Puffy. I did it a few years back. I did the longer one and the first half was great but the second was lots of start stops. And I got stung by a bee! image I have a friend runs for South Cheshire Harriers and I came and did it with him.
  • Evening Mr P. I might have to try your race next as I did enjoy today, despite the time though I will just have to start nearer the front! What was the phantom of the opera like? ive been wanting to see it for ages but still havent got round to it as chris doesnt fancy it. I might see if mum wants to see it whilst were in London for the marathon (if its still showing)

    Good look for tomorrow with your 20 miler and let us know how you get on. Whats actually wrong with your car?

    Thankyou Minni, I really enjoyed myself and it was a good confidence boost passing so many runners.

    Haha...I thought that too Minni...I was trying to type all the bits up quickly just incase it happened and then my mum came along with my tea so I had a 10 minute rest and thats when it happened!

    Hi Angela, I love mud so I dont mind cross country. I think one thing I like about it is that you can take it steadier and you cant compare times due to the mud in varying quantities therefore you can relax more and enjoy it. Will keep my fingers crossed for you that March is a dry month so it isnt too muddy. What marathon do you have planned?
  • Hi Sarah, yes, I was hoping to take Orion 15 really easy as its just 6 days after my half that I really want to race, but there's a cut off at 9 miles and 90 mins, which shouldn't be bad for a race, but I'm told its usually muddy, which I'm not used to, and I,ll be post race, so it'd be embarrassing not to finish because of not doing 10 min miles! I'm sure I'll be fine though.

    I'm doing the Halstead and Essex marathon image last year out of 6 races I entered, I only ran 2... 2 were cancelled due to weather (including NYC marathon image) and 1 I couldn't find due to driving in bad weather!

    I've also entered Bournemouth in October. I want this year to be my first sub 4hour, and I think that'll be Bournemouth... But we'll see, if its not too hot in Halstead, maybe I could do it there...

    Do u have an Autumn marathon planned?
  • Great race report.  Apologies for the intermission image  I forgot to mention that ice cream and popcorn was available in the foyer.

    I'm chugging along quite nicely.  Ran 22m today, which is my longest ever training run (was supposed to be 20m, but since I had already started....image).  

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