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  • Pesky iPad.

    I enjoyed the Phantom, the sets were amazing. I found some of the words a bit hard to hear the audio could have been better but the music was great, I'd definitely recommend it if it comes near you.

    Was it the really bad weather year when you did it Minni, I did the long race that time and I've done the short race a few times, the ultra I've entered for may is the whole trail,33 miles.

    We ought to utilise the Forest more, it's only up the road from us.

    Sarah the clutch went bang so it is undriveable, the AA couldn't tow me to my own garage, the first garage tried to overcharge me and a few years ago he rather ripped me off on another car, so I had it towed to my usual garage but it's taken a while to sort out.
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    Go you Tenj image
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    No Puffy it was nice and warm. A few years ago now mind... Possibly 8? The finish in the forest was nice but I remember quite a big climb to the finishing point, or possibly steps? I think South Cheshire are going to run their 20m race in October this year. I've half committed to doing it but it'll depend on the date.
  • I thi k it's September 13th three weeks before Chester Marathon.
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    I've checked and its the same date as the GNR - 15th.
  • Afternoon everyone, is it a rest day Sarah?

    I was right up for today's run as it has been a difficult week one way or another, and last weekend was just a disaster. I eschewed any alcohol and had an early night, but I didn't sleep well, perhaps because I fell asleep in the afternoon. The plan was a ten mile lap with Mrs P then I would do the same again on my own. She runs more slowly than I do so I thought a slow ten miles would be ideal as I only did thirteen difficult miles last week and 18 the week before.

    So off we went, she likes to listen to her iPod and speeds upand slows down depending on what comes on, it's quite funny looking at the splits. So the first ten was in about 1.35 I was walking sometimes so as not to overtake, so when we got home I was feeling extremly comfortable as I set off for the next lap. The first mile is uphill so I relaxed a bit and then wound myself up a little. When I trained for my first marathon in 2006 I ran this route in 80 minutes. Now I understand abouT long runs but I'm very conscious that in this campaign I haven't really got any Mara paced miles in yet, although I've done a little speed work and Fartlek. So I decided that if I couldn't manage it at the pace I was running it nine years ago as a beginner then there was something wrong and it was time to grit my teeth a little!

    So the next few miles were all 7:59 - 8.02 bar one, and I ran quite fast all the way home. I had managed to switch off my garmin for a mile, so I put in half mile lap of the village just to make sure it was 20 because sometimes it comes up a little less than 10 miles and I didn't want to cheat in Febulous.

    I felt fine, I ate lunch and had a long bath, but I'm developing a slight headache now so I've taken some paracetamol and I'm going to bed for a while, I don't want to be below par at work tomorrow.

    Very pleased with the run, the pacing, the uplift in distance and my recovery, what a change from last week image
  • Hi Angela. I did Belvoir yesterday which was 6 days after Barcelona half which I did last week. It didnt seem to affect me, however I didnt do too much in the week. I did a short recovery run on monday, a steady progressive run on wed (5 miles) and a steady 10 miler on thur. I decided to miss my speed training session out and I think it helped my legs recover. Therefore I think if you was careful with what you do between your half and Orion you should be ok. Whats your normal road pace?

    When do the Halstead and Essex marathons fall? Thats such a shame about NYC marathon, you must have been devestated. I heard a rumour that you got an automatic place this year because it was cancelled but I dont recall where I heard it??

    Im the same as you, I have an october Marathon planned. I was only ever going to do one Marathon but my october one (in York) will be my third (all being well)...think I may have caught the bug!!
  • Haha Tenjiso..your forgiven. Congrats on a 22 miler....very impressive at this stage, you must be so happy with your training.
  • Hi Mr P. I didnt even realise that a clutch could bang (bet I sound blonde now)! Thats frustrating with the garage...I dont trust many garages, a few have tried to rip me of in the past so im always a bit careful now.

    I was about to say that the south cheshire 20 sounds good, until I realised that it was the weekend before York Marathon...maybe one for next year!

    What a fabulous 20 miler. I would certainly be happy with that. Sounds like you did it perfectly with the slower miles first and then some marathon paced miles. Did you drink enough water as your headache could be down to dehydration (or from not sleeping well last night, so hopefully you have managed a nice post run nap).

    As you described Mrs P I could picture a runner nodding her head, singing along to her ipod and changing paces according to the song, it made me smile. May try running with music outdoors on friday for a change...might distract me from the it me or is it freezing, I havent warmed up for two days!
  • Hi Sarah, think that's a good idea to take the between races week easy. In the past my midweek training had always been quite sporadic, so now I'm on a plan that has me doing a Saturday fast and Sunday long slow run, so I'll probably stick to recovery runs that week. Road pace depends on the distance image ive done. A24 min 5k, but my times decay more than they should as distance increases. my training runs tend to go over all sorts of terrain, but my best half marathon was at 1:59, so prob just over a 9 minute mile for that distance, so yeah, I'll probably be on the cusp of the cut off in the Orion 15.

    Halstead and Essex is one marathon with a very long name. It's on May 12th. I did my 14 mile lsr today and despite it being very chilly, I still wiped salt off my face etc... So in the heat I really need to replenish the salts!

    Yeah NYC marathon was soooooo annoying. Training had been terrible, so in a way it's good the race didn't take place. I have a lot of friends and family in the states so had more planned than just the race, but I did have 10 members of my family fly n from various parts of USA, and my sister from England to watch me race! So many thousands of pounds/dollars were spent unnecessarily... My fianc?? and I instead had an engagement party, as one of my bridesmaids lives in NYC and we had so much family there. I could have had a guaranteed place for this year, bt would have had to pay for it again! And I'm saving for the wedding, so instead I took the refund option...still waiting for it though!

    I've definitely caught the bug! NYC would have been #3. I did London and then Berlin in 2011. Berlin was actually really fun- would definitely try it again. You should do it sometime!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 55) Aim; 3-4 mile recovery run

    Actual; 5.2 mile easy recovery run.

    I went through to Maltby and ran with the running club today. There was only 5 of us (due to the race yesterday), two of us ran yesterday, one needed to be back in an hour to collect her daughter from the swimming baths and the other two had only been doing short milage so it worked out quite well as no one wanted to get a long run in.

    We ran from the swimming baths, down to Roche Abbey. At this stage we joined the "abbey dash" course. This is a race held by my running club annually, but one that I have never been able to do as it starts before I finish work. The route started with stepping stones over a river, this was followed by a muddy path in the woods (now both my trainers are muddy...going to get some more angry looks in the gym tomorrow) and then a steep uphill up a grass banking. At this point I was quite glad that I had never done this race was tough on a slow training run, never mind in a race! Just as I thought this we then came to a short steep down hill section (which was welcomed by my calfs) before the last section again up another grassy hill. From there we ran back to the sports centre to finish.

    My average pace was 10:20 min/ml but this involved bits were I was waiting around for others to catch up.

    Weekly milage; 38.3 miles
  • Hi Angela, my xc pace is between 30-60 secs slower than my MP at the moment but again they have all been extremely muddy courses. Lets hope that its dry leading up to Orion to make it a little better and easier. Its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it so think positive.

    Haha, silly me, I didnt realise it was one you probably guessed. I did think three marathons in one year was quite ambitious!

    Congratulations on your 14 miler today. Its been so cold so tempted to hibernate and not go out. What were your paces today?

    Despite you not running NYC marathon it sounds like you still had an amazing time with all your friends and family so least you made the most out of your time there. On a positive note, least you could celebrate your engagement properly without having the marathon hanging over your head. I cant believe that you have to pay again though to run this year.

    I did a 25k race in berlin and thought that was amazing too, really enjoyed it. Fantastic city, so clean with wide flat roads...perfect for running!
  • So my plans for week 9

    Monday; resistence training + speed training

    This involved a 2-3 mile w/u

    45 minutes alternating between 5 mins @ MP and 5 mins @ HMP

    1 mile c/d

    Tuesday; Rest day (as im going to the cinema with friends and they have already changed the date for me once already)

    Wednesday; Netball match

    Thursday; Rest day

    Friday; 20 mile LSR I plan to run this at between 8:25-9:00 min/mls with no MP miles in this week due to my 9 mile race on sunday which I am hoping to race

    Saturday; Rest day or 3 mile recovery run

    Sunday; 9 mile race (Norton 9) which I plan to race, provided my legs feel okey after friday!

    Weekly miles; 39-41
  • Hey Sarah,

    Today's run was hard! Despite 3 layers, a buff, a hat, and gloves, I was cold the whole time. Not so sure if today's paces are relevant... I was trying to find a reservoir (check out my post on the Halstead marathon thread) and kept on getting my iPhone maps out to try and find it, so the first 5 miles took me over an hour image I stopped the garmin most times I stopped. But after that was running pretty steady. My avg pace according to garmin was 10:35. I'm aiming for something between 9:30 and 9:45 for Halstead marathon.

    What run are u planning to do today? I would have thought rest after ur race?
  • Afternoon all,

    That was a great run at Belvoir Sarah - I don't do xc races very often and I always find them really tough, and that's normally doing about 5 miles, let alone 15.

    I did have a pretty good run yesterday though - I did 20 miles and felt pretty good throughout. I did exactly the same route as last week but was four minutes faster, and even managed to speed up in the last few miles (although to be fair miles 16 and 17 were mostly downhill). Still, the last mile was the fastest and that was pretty flat so I was really happy with that. My splits were:

    1 - 8:39            11 - 8:45
    2 - 8:37            12 - 8:58
    3 - 8.12            13 - 8:25
    4 - 8:24            14 - 8:13
    5 - 8:23            15 - 8:21
    6 - 8:18            16 - 7:57
    7 - 8:09            17 - 7:50
    8 - 8:06            18 - 8:10
    9 - 8:05            19 - 7:59
    10 - 8:08          20 - 7:50


    Total: 2:45:29 @  8:16/mile

    I also tried using energy gels for the first time (I've never taken anything at all during my long runs before). I used High5 ones, one every half hour - it's hard to say exactly how much they helped but they obviously didn't do me any harm, and they were quite easy to take, from both a practical and a not upsetting my system point of view.   

  • ... and I meant to add good run by Mr P as well yesterday. I hope you're feeling better today.

  • Hi Angela I just did an easy 5.2 miles recovery run yesterday with the running club - was nice to run with friends and catch up. We then met up in the evening to start planning our 3 peaks challenge which was quite exciting.

    Sounds like your paces yesterday were fine as most people recommend running 30-90 secs/ml slower than your race pace in training.

    Did you manage to find the reservoir? I will try and check out your thread later after ive been to the gym if its not too late

  • Hi Andy, there fantastic splits, especially the last ones on tired legs, although looking at your splits, it doesnt even look like you had tired legs image.

    I still havent tried the high 5 be ok with your first choice gels is amazing as some can really upset the system quite easily...I know I suffer with lucozade!

  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 56) Aim; 2-3m w/c 45 mins alternating between 5 mins @ MP and then 5 mins @ HMP + c/d

    Actual; I did my usual circuit on the weights with stretching inbetween sets. I then hit the treadmill to do todays session

    I started off @ 12:00 min/mls and slowly increased the pace to 8:34 min/mls over the first half a mile. I then continued at this pace for another 2 miles as part of my warm up.

    Following this I did 45 mins alternating between 5 mins @ 7:47 min/mls and 5 mins @ 7:08 min miles (except for the last set when I ran @ 7:03 min/mls)

    This was then followed by a 10 minute c/d starting at 8:34 min/ml and finishing @ 9:31 min/ml.

    I really enjoyed today, I think I was well over due a speed session after not doing one the week before and the week after Barcelona....I had really missed it.

    I found the paces do-able, especially MP which felt much easier after running at HMP for 5 mins. I would say that I enjoyed doing the HMP sections the most....but I think this is due to me not doing many quick paced running since barcelona.

    Total miles: 9.8
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done Sarah - I knew you'd like that session.  Its a great one for anyone and you can mix up any paces.   

    Until a couple of years ago I wouldn't really do any MP work in training and if it did I always dreaded it, finding speeding up to it so hard.  But now I do a lot more and sessions like this where you use it as recovery make it your friend.



  • Morning minni. It was reassuring to do some MP miles as I haven't done many so its nice to get a feel for them. Initially they did feel slightly tough (probably jumping from 8:34 m/m to 7:47 m/m) but then after running at HMP it seemed alot easier and more like I was running at a recovery you said MP became my friend.

    Slept rubbish last night-so frustrating as I'm trying to get more sleep to help me recover and try to strengthen my immune system (there's loads of viruses going around at the mo) but it just didnt happen last night, couldn't fall asleep, then I woke in the middle of the night and then 20 mins before my alarm!

    I kept meaning to tell you that I'm not going to be able to do that Northumberland half (but each time I came on here to tell you I got side tracked). Looking on my calendar I'm in Harrogate fri night and sat morning on a course ad then I need to dash down to sheffield for the match so I will be staying there for Mother's Day and the rest of the weekend.
  • Hi Sarah, the answer to did I find the reservoir is 'kinda'. 3 peaks challenge sounds fun! Ad even easier for u and ur mates as you'll gain loads of time by running not walking up and down those hills!

    Afraid I'm off running for a few days. Lower leg pain that concentrates in my ankle and surroundinf muscles when I walk- actually ok once I start running, but taking it easy. Sometimes transfers up to my knee- very odd- think I just over did it a bit last week.

    When are u planning to do 3 peaks?
  • Hi Sarah,

    I was certainly feeling it in my legs towards the end (and afterwards) but I guess that being able to keep up a decent pace with tired legs is one of the most crucial things in marathon training. 


  • Lol, Angela! I've been wanting to do the 3 peaks for a while so I'm quite excited, there are 11 of us aiming to complete it, providing we stay injury free. We're doing it on the last weekend in June, longest day of the year to give us a better chance of completing it. Think alot of people do it on that day though, for the same reason.

    Its so difficult to take a rest day when you have niggles like that which settle with running, however I think your doing the right thing as itts likely to only get worse otherwise. Hope you make a quick recovery and your back running soon.
  • Hi Andy, I think you've got it in one! I'm glad its not just me who has been feeling those last miles (in the 20 milers)
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 57) Aim; rest day

    Actual; I've had a very lazy day today, with the exception of walking on my home visit and to the cinema I've done nothing at all. Went to see beautiful creatures with some friends from work. It wasn't as good as it looked in the trailer but it was ok and I lost myself in the story for two hours. Going to try for an early night....didnt sleep to well last night and I'm worried about dampening my immune system when there appears to be alot of nasty viruses about.

    Tomorrow I have a netball match, feel like I haven't played for ages with training and matches being cancelled due to the weather and then missing some whilst in Barcelona. I always worry about getting injured....4 matches to go!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 8 (day 58) Aim; netball match

    Actual; steady 3.8 miles run with Chris

    I recieved a text late morning to say that the match had been cancelled due to the umpire having to cancel and us not being able to get another one at such short notice. I was happy that I didnt have to drive 20 miles there and back. In addition to this im getting more nervous about playing and picking up an injury. On the negative side, we still have 4 matches left until the end of the season which is still going to interfere with my training for VLM.

    I hadnt taken any of my gym things with me to work as I expected to be playing netball and as chris asked me to take him running I decided to do just that. I decided to get my new shoes out as I knew we would be only going a short distance and would be taking it steady...perfect for bedding them in.

    My watch was low on battery and didnt start working until the last 1.4 miles which we ran at an average pace of 8:03 min/mls. Chris went on runmyroute and worked out that we had ran 3.8 miles which was roughly in 30-35 mins. The first part felt very steady. I didnt need to blow my nose once (my nose runs more the more effort I put in).

    Im a bit annoyed that I didnt get a match out of the way, that I didnt get a quality run in or do any resistance training, but least I took chris on a run, in preparation for the isle of skye half in June and wore my new trainers for the first time.
  • Good evening image

    Sarah I sympathise over the sleepage. I wake up at all hours worrying about work, not good.

    Tonight's run was very positive though; my normal 8 miles, but much faster than of late.

    Tonight's splits were:

    Distance    Split time    Time
    1.00    8:46    0:08:46
    2.00    8:43    0:17:29
    3.00    8:39    0:26:08
    4.00    8:03    0:34:11
    5.00    7:40    0:41:52
    6.00    7:31    0:49:23
    7.00    7:37    0:57:01
    8.00    7:27    1:04:29

    It wasn't an "easy" run but I don't think I've gone too hard.  I didn't listen to Marathon Talk tonight, perhaps that's the secret weapon!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hey result Sarah, an extra run image  Is your 20 tomorrow or Friday?  Hopefully you'll get a day like today to do it.

    Puffy - you are f-l-y-i-n-g! Well done. 

    I'm another who wakes up worrying. image Then in the morning when I can actually do something about it I decide its not such a big deal after all!  

  • Evening Sarah!

    Sounds like your training's going really well! image Love the sound of the session where you alternated between MP and HMP ... might have to give that a try when I've stopped coughing and hacking!

    Which new trainers did you get?

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