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  • Hmm, Minni, I shall take heed of your wise words, and save the superspeed for a 5k! I'm on the committee getting a Parkrun in Colchester. Our first one is April 6th and will possibly be the slowest Parkrun in the country. 2.5 laps of castle park, which if u remember, Romans tended to build castles on hills, which gives u an idea of the terrain! Hopefully I'll still be able to get a pb on it anyway- long time since I did a 5k race!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Angela - you don't need kids to enjoy Disney. I do have kids and reluctantly agreed to go when they were 7 & 10. Thought I'd hate it but the opposite was true and I loved it. We went back the following year, missed a year then went again although the third time we didn't visit Disney but stuck to Universal and did some travelling. You definitely don't need children to enjoy it, in fact really small children would spoil it! We've always stayed in a villa (which are amazing - huge with private pools etc) so we can get away from it and chill.
  • Hmm, I think it'll be a stretch to convince th OH on a honeymoon in Disney instead of playing golf and other sedentary stuff in st lucia (at least I could sneak in some early morning beach running) image teehee!! I was thinking when the non existent children were a bit older... image
  • Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)
    Hi all,
    Minni, I would like to use hills for control, but the first 2 miles are downhill to the steepest uphill but only about 300m long. I wonder if I should use that downhill for free speed?
    Sarah- No speed work except for race pace. I'm doing Hal higdon intermediate 1 plan- all my friends in the states who run swear by him, so thought I'd give it a go.
    Sucks working indoors all the time- everyone who knows me, even some of my colleagues say I should have a job that takes me outdoors, I did study geography after all! I'm working on it- doing a PT and nutrition course at the moment image

    Yeah, I was aiming for sub 2 hours in that race, which I think worked out at 9:09m/ml.. I think I started and for 6-7 miles was at 8:30 to 8:45, but then blew up. Still hit my goal but was certainly a positive split.

    I like the contraption Malcs showed...I took up knitting a few months ago- I found that helps me to stay sitting down image

    Ive never heard to hal higdon....but I only learnt about P&D after joining the forums. Maybe thats the next book for me.

    I love being outdoors but im rubbish when im cold as I get raynauds so my fingers and toes really suffer. Despite this though if I dont get some fresh air every day and use a bit of energy up I do tend to get agitated and frustated with myself. Chris always laughs at me. When we were in Kenya, I spent so many days by the pool that one day I had a little tantrum as I had all this built up energy from not running/walking....this was despite doing all the water sports that they offered!

    A nutrition course sounds good. There is a job thats come up locally to work with one of the clinical leads for nutrition to develop some e-learning modules and guidelines...was so tempted but I really dont think I have the time at the moment.

    My nan taught me how to knit when I had chickenpox at the age of 6...not sure I would be able to remember how to do it now, something about round and up and under???


    Id aim for a negative split if you can, its far more enjoyableimage

  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)


    My knee was a bit sore, but I noticed that when I concentrated on my form it felt much better so I think it will ok tomorrow. I'll drop Puffy Junior off at 8:30 and aim for 20 miles, I can add a bit on if I feel good, but there's still plenty of time for a couple of 22s if it doesn't happen tomorrow.

    I know what you mean about the breakfasts...we stay at the same hotel every year, and I have porridge and a banana and they have what the Hotel calls the Braveheart Breakfast after I've left for the start.  It's right by Tower Bridge so they can stroll out to watch in good time.  Last time we stayed there was for a mini-break so I got my money's worth.

    What do you eat the night before?  We take our own pasta lunch to eat at the expo, then go to Pizza Express early evening.

    How did your 20 go today? I hope your knee problem is a simple as that to manage and nothing serious.

    I think I will only do one 22 3 weeks before VLM if minni agrees. Next week I have the 20 mile race then the week after only a 9 mile race in france. Hopefully I will do a 22 and then taper, although if I dont get it done, im really happy that I have done three 18 and three 20s so far.

    Last year I had a cooked full english for breakfast, fruit for lunch and salmon, a jacket potatoe and salad for tea.....listening to Ruth I think I made all the mistakes possible. This year I plan on having cereal and toast for breakfast, a jacket and beans or tuna for lunch and pasta for tea, with a milk shake and bagel for snacks....gona be stuffed. image

  • Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)

    Personally I'm also curious about the Disney marathon, though I'll save that for when I actually have children (is it strange to be planning running holidays probably 10 years in advance?)

    I saw a write up about that in looks absolutly fantastic, I had completley forgotten about it....who needs kids...Im with Minni on that one image

  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 9 (day 69) Aim;  10-12 mile steady run.

    Actual 11.2 miles steady (average pace 10:03 min/mls)

    My RC has decided that once a month we will go somewhere else away from maltby to do a different run. Today we met at one of the members cottages and ran from the local village, in to a small woods, by the side of a railway track. After running through several extremly muddy fields (after almost loosing my trainers twice) we hit a flooded road for about 1-2 miles before a long stretch home by the side of a river on another muddy bank.

    My paces on the road were roughly 9m/m and those on the muddy fields, paths and banks were 10:00 - 10:50 min/mls.

    It was nice to run off road and save the knees and it was nice to run with friends again. Im glad that I had done my 18 on friday though as I would have been disappointed if it had been my main run of the week due to having to stop and start a few times due to slower runners. Because it was supposed to have been a very steady/easy run I was quite happy though (even when it started snowing and blowing a gale) and was even happier when we got back to my friends and had fruit cake and coffee. image

  • Congratulations minni on a fabulous HM in awful weather conditions and after a recent injury and illness image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Hi Sarah, I only got back from my run about an hour ago, after running round doing Mothers' Day stuff. Puffy Junior and Mrs P have gone to Old Trafford for the Chelsea game so I thouhght rather than rush things this morning I would do the run at 3 o clock.

      I managed 20 at about 9mm with pretty even splits and my knee did hurt towards the end, I'll see how it is tomorrow but I think it's on the mend.

    I tried the high 5 gels, they were less gloopy than SiS but bloody hard to open! Talk about not fit for purpose.  I feel a bit sick now but I did have a huge slice of home made chicken pie with chips for lunch.

  • Hi Sarah,

    I'd never heard of P&D either... I would say that P&D is a really interesting read, and certainly incorporating the strength and core stuff is great.  I would say that the Hal Hidgon book probably wouldn't tell you anything you don't already know, but all the plans are available on his website for free, together with a description of what he means by each pacing bracket.  What was attractive to me was that its in plain english.  If anything, my one criticism would be that we all know you should increase weekly mileage gradually.  which it does in the main, but then sometimes there are big jumps.  For example I think my recent weeks were like this 28, 30, 26 (step back), 36 (woah 10 more miles), 37 (d'oh niggles), 30, 41  (I may be a bit wrong on those last two, but it did seem to go from 20s into the high 30s pretty instantly.  I would probably try to put a middling week in between in future.

    I didn't run today.  Was going to do 14, but when I got up early (had to play piano in church) and saw the snow I thought that was the final straw in me not feeling very much like it.  firstly a bit concerned that my 17 miles was only 6 days ago.  This lower leg thing, though not affecting my runnning at all anymore is still in need of some tlc, and its mothers day, so instead, I invited my mum over after church for some home made lancashire hotpot and to chill out.  Was very nice, and glad I did.  Plus, I can just say  I started the taper for the half mara next week a day early...  If I had done 14 today, it would have technically been a 50 mile week, which is higher than my plan prescribes at all, and I'm still 2 months away from the race.  Quite happy sticking at 36, and going for 50 mile weeks when I'm training for Bournemouth.

    Bet you're glad you got the long run in on Friday.  Can't believe when I was running on Monday I stripped down to just my vest, and today its snowing.  I hope this is the last lot of cold weather!  Don't want Colchester Half to be snowy...

    Knitting- I have to show you a picture of what I made pre= Christmas, but I don't know how to put pictures on these posts... can I do it from iPhone?

  • Evening Mr P, im so glad that youve managed to bag a fabulous 20 miler and managed to keep the same pace throughout. I hope your knee is ok in the morning. Im not sure I would have been able to run after eating pie and chips, hats of to you!
  • Evening Angela, I found P&D really interesting aswell, really enjoyed reading about exercise physiology again. I will have to have a look on Hal Higdon's website, but like you I agree that jumping up by so many miles seems a little crazy. I thought that it was supposed to be by no more than 10%.

    It sounds like you had a lovely rest day, I really think I would have been tempted to have done the same and like you said you still have a while until your target run. Mums are special...we show them how much they mean to us on Mother's Day.

    I thought we had seen the last of the cold weather a few weeks ago. I was so disappointed to see snow again yesterday...I just hope thats it now, although living in England, I know that it could potentially be worse for much longer. I can remember it snowing on a friends birthday when I was a child (19th april).

    The only way I could put photos on was to upload them to facebook first and then save them from there onto my desk top before loading them on here - facebook automatically makes them idea how to do it otherwise but sarah (RRR) is sure to know with all the pics she puts on!
  • Not sure about my training plan for next week just yet (I think Minni is celebrating a fabulous half that she ran today), although I know I have my final two netball matches tomorrow and wednesday and East Hull 20 on Sunday all being well.

    I will update you when I can.
  • Plan for this week (week 10);

    Monday; Netball match

    Tuesday; 10-12 miles at an easy pace + resistance training if I get time.

    Wednesday; Netball match.

    Thursday; Resistance + speed training, 8-9 miles ( w/u of 2-3 miles, 6 x 800m @ 10k pace with 90 secs recoveries, c/d), this is so I still have some 10k work in my training ready for my 9 m race in two weeks time but also so its not to intense that I tire myself out ready for sunday

    Friday; 6 miles easy

    Saturday; Rest day

    Sunday; East hull 20. First 10 miles easy/steady at 8:30+ m/m. Second 10 miles at MP (7:45-7:55 m/m)

    Total milage; 44 - 47

    The key sessions now being MP work in the last few weeks.
  • Decided it was far easier to put the pic on my blog:

    Totally irrelevant to running, but never mind...
  • Morning all,

    That was a great 18 miles the other day Sarah, it's good that you are getting those MP miles in and still keeping up a good pace for the rest of the run. 

    I had a bit of a rough day yesterday. I was intending to do 20 miles but a couple of miles in I felt my tummy starting to give me a bit of trouble and although it settled down after a while I was still conscious of it as I went round and I changed my route so I didn't get too far away from home. Then after about ten miles my legs started to feel heavy and I had to ease off the pace, and by the time I got to 16 miles I was really struggling, so I called it a day as I was quite close to home at that point. It was a bit disappointing at the time but I'm not feeling too despondent - I think I was still feeling the effects of last week's HM a bit (I found the midweek runs hard going this week as well) and I expect to have the odd off-day anyway. I was due to have a shorter run next Sunday so I'll do a 20 miler then instead, but I think I'll take it relatively easy the next couple of days and maybe swap one of my midweek runs for some cross training in the gym.

    Hi Angela - thanks for the info regarding the SF Marathon. Unfortunately I'm constrained by the school holidays so LA wouldn't be possible, nor Disney (which is a shame because it looks like fun). I don't mind hills too much - I do most of my long runs on a fairly hilly route, and I'd be going more for the experience than to get a good time.  

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    How was the netball Sarah?

    Rest night for me, early to bed with no alcohol again. My legs were heavy today but my knee has improved immensely, so I shall be either at the gym or a short tempo run tomorrow, normal 8or9 on wednesday then another sharp session on Thursday I need to do my long run on Saturday this week so I don't want to overdo it.
  • Hi Angela, im loving the reef, it looks amazing. How long did it take you to make. I didnt realise that your big aim was boston, I know you had mentioned it though. How are your aches? What have you decided on nutrition wise?
  • Hi Andy, thankyou, I did find last friday very reassuring but im still concerned about it all going so just waiting for something to put a spanner in the works!

    When you think about all the training that we are putting our bodies through, its not surprising that they fight back occasionally and try to stop us. Im just waiting for mine now to say right no more!! just hope that if its going to happen its going to be after the marathon now.

    Sounds like you had a very difficult run yesterday and did well to do 16 miles which you should be proud off. How are your legs and stomach today? It sounds like a few days rest will do you the world of good then hopefully your 20 next weekend will be like a walk in the park for you. You did a fabulous HM last week and I know after mine my legs felt heavy until at least the following thursday and I only did 14.8 on the saturday rather than doing a longer run.

    Hope your feeling better today and your running gets back on track
  • Evening Mr P, after worrying about playing netball tonight, risking injury and being too cold, I thoroughly enjoyed it and didnt find myself too cold. The snow starting coming down in the 2nd and 4th quarter and it looked so pretty and christmassy, it felt quite surreal.

    I had a baileys coffee when I got in to warm up properly but other than that im trying to avoid any alcohol until after sunday now.

    Im relieved to hear that your knee has improved so much. Looks like you still have a busy week this week running wise. Do you have any nice plans for Sunday?

    I have a feeling that this week will be my biggest total milage wise, but I have a quietish week planned the following week with going to france and with netball finishing.

    Hope youve recuperated tonight
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 10 (day 70) Aim; Netball match


    After being worried about injury and it being too cold to play out doors all day, I really enjoyed tonight. It was -2 outside and kept snowing on and off. Despite this it didnt feel too cold and it was quite peaceful watching the snowflakes come down.

    I played WD again tonight and had a good game. I was voted the man/women of the match despite me trying to be careful and conservative. After the match someone mentioned that I had played my best matches in the last two games.....the two that I had decided that I would take steady and be careful....was I just trying to hard before?

    We won 17-15 and I again I finished injury free.
  • Hi Sarah, I bought a Christmas knitting book in October and wanted to have it ready by 1st December- I had to re-learn how to knit as well as fancy stitches and sew it all up. Actually did most of the knitting part when I was in New York recovering from not running a marathon.... Then on my commute, so quite a lot of time. My mum laughs at me because I've been knitting this one scarf since I was 18.... It's taken so long because the yarn is so fine....

    Back to running. Yes, well I took a picture at the finish line of Boston marathon when visiting my cousin a couple years ago, just a few days after running Berlin- it's actually painted on the road. I just think it would be a really great achievement, and a good challenge to focus on for the next few years...

    Ache seems fine-it was a knot in whatever connects to the itb in the lower leg- had tightness there before from when I pulled my calf, and its just build up again. I gave it a fairly deep massage myself on Friday and again on Saturday, so it felt bruised, but has calmed down and feels much better. I'm sulking about the snow though- usually Tuesday is my early morning 5:45am run, but that ain't gonna happen tomorrow!

    Well done on the netball match!

    AndyA sorry ur run wasn't to plan, but like u say, we can't always have good days... Hope ur feeling better after some rest?
  • Hi Sarah, Angela

    Yes, I've been feeling fine yesterday and today thanks. In fact a nice hot bath after I got back on Sunday seemed to do the trick nicely. 



  • Hi Angela, I cant believe that you have been knitting a scarf for so long, I've got to hand it to have fabulous determination and staying in power. I think I would have made it into something else so I could have completed it a few years ago!

    I wish I could get knots out of my own legs!

    Was the snow bad where you are? We had a light dusting but that was all. 5:45 am....I dont think I would be able to get out of bed and run at that time....although instead I was running until 9:30 tonight and didnt get my tea until 10:00!

    Hi Andy glad to hear that your feeling fine again. I had a bath on saturday, first this year.....was nice and relaxing and so soothing.
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 11 (I think I lost a week earlier) day 71 - aim 10-12 miles easy

    Actual; 10.5 miles, average pace roughly 8:35 m/m

    I started off with my resistance training but was constantly clock watching as I had to pick my husband up from the football match just after 9:30.

    I did my usual circuit with my stretches inbetween sets and then started on the treadmill.

    The more I run outside the harder I find it running on the treadmill. I started wearing my new trainers and managed to do 6 miles in them before I thought that they were irritating my feet so I changed quickly in to my old trainers. It was quite strange as at about 2 miles I had a sense of awareness of my trainers, something I dont normally get. I increased the incline to 0.5% and it went away for the next two miles before returning again. I increased the incline again to 1% and the sensation stopped until 6 miles.

    At this point I decided to change my trainers and reset the treadmill. Even though my feet felt better in my old trainers my legs felt heavier for some reason. I ran the next 4.5 miles but by the 8th mile I had really had enough. It felt like id been on the treadmill for hours and not just over an hour. I so much prefer speed training than just plodding on a treadmill....the different speeds helps occupy your mind!

    By 10 miles I realised that I was going to be late to pick up my husband so I decided to reduce my speed over the next 0.5 miles and cool down. I also felt ready to stop as my legs actually felt quite tired. Im not sure if this is because of running 18 on fri followed by 11 on sun, with then a netball match yesterday, or if it was due to my new trainers. I just hope what ever the reason its gone by thursday so I can do my speed training.

    Today my first mile was ran between 10-8:34 min/mls. The next 9 at 8:34 m/m and the last 0.5 miles at 8:57-10:00 min/mls
  • Hi Sarah,

    I must say your shoe situation sounds really weird... I wonder (given they were so cheap) if they were at all legitamite??

    Scarf= hmm its more that I forget about it for months on end then see it again and think, that would be nice to wear... and then well, the cycle starts again!

    Snow was not much= would have been beautiful for skiing.  All melted now.  I had a loong day yesterday.  Had to attend a conference, so had to leave home at 6.30am and didn't get back in until 11pm, so that was more the reason for no run.  That together with snow on Monday and my trip to Dublin has meant I haven't been i nthe office since last Wednesday.  Sooooooo much to catch up on, but hopefully I'll get a run in tonight.  My body is crying for it!

    Do you have your own treadmill?

    AndyA, glad you#re feeling better image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good evening, I did my regular 9 miles tonight, a beautiful night for a run here. It was about 6 degrees, really crisp without being too cold and a really fresh smell off the fields.  Good night sky too, Jupiter is very prominent tonight.

    I set off with two laps of the village to make a mile then down the hill for the next mile; 8:41 & 8:33, then 2 miles up the long hill at 8:47 & 8:35, a mile to speed up; 8:14 then8:03; 7:45; 8:07 and a final uphill mile of 8:00.

    I tried a new gel, not because I thought I needed it, the opposite, I thought it would be an opportunity to try it out in stress free situation. It was called Vooma, and it tasted OK, chocolate & Vanilla but boy do I feel odd now! I've had a home made pizza and salad and a mini chocolate cake, and I feel very light headed and my stomach has that feeling I get after a long run, so I don't think I'll be using them on marathon day!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Blimey Puffy out -6 here and snow on the ground!  Nice run.

    Sarah - Well done for listening to your body yesterday and knowing when to back off.  I agree the more running you do outside the less you enjoy the TM.  This is good!  image image

  • Evening Sarah!

    I'm struggling with the pics on the thread too at the moment! Have fired off an email to RW Towers begging for help. Think they've decided I'm too snap happy and have banned any more pics! image

    I've just switched to new trainers - first run in them yesterday. Old ones from December have just died and make soles of feet sore. Which ones are you going for for the marathon?

    Totally agree with you about the treadmill - i HATE going one speed ont here. SO boring!!

  • Good evening Angela, im not sure, it does feel odd and im starting to wonder, but I did get them from the nike store and my previous two pairs were fine from there. The right shoe is perfect its just the left one thats causing problems. Im going to leave them now until after london and will then take them with me when I see my podiatrist and see what he says!

    Are you keeping to the original plan with your scalf or is your design changing with seasons and years?

    Sounds like you had a horrendous day yesterday, I feel guilty now for moaning about my 14 hour day yesterday (but least that included a run)!

    I dont have my own TM yet but im hoping to get one once we move house. At the moment I go to the gym to use theirs
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