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  • It was - 0.5 according to my car whilst I was out playing netball....I might have to move to your neck of the woods Mr P!!

    Looks like you had a fabulous run, especially with being able to maintain, and even pick up your pace up hill.

    After reading your report on Vooma I think i will be giving it a sounds so sickly even when im not running!!

    Keeping with the astronomy theme...the moon looked fabulous tonight, lovely bright crescent
  • Your slowly changing me Minni....just need to get my husband up to speed now so when I find it impossible to run on the TM I can go with him after work instead!
  • Hi Sarah...did all your pictures make the font size change on Minni's thread aswell?

    I love your thread with all the pictures. Makes it far easier and interesting to read.

    Have your trainers already died? youve only had them 3 months. How much has your weekly milage been? I didnt think you had been doing that much more than me but I could be wrong

    I started using my old trainers in august so im worried that they wont last until London, but the new trainers are not playing game and I dont think I want to try with them again now until after london. My new left trainer appears to be doing to me what your old ones are doing to you.
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 11 ( day 72) - aim netball match

    Finally its arrived and gone, my last netball match of the season. I managed to survive injury free (although I did end up on my knees once...but I dont think any damage was done). We lost today unfortunately and the team we were playing were quite physical and kept fouling so it wasnt the nicest of matches, but its done now.....time to concentrate on my running,

    My legs felt ok today but my arms felt alittle heavy. I cant really blame the weights as I have been doing them for the last few years and have been on the same weights now for a while.

    Looking forward to my speed training tomorrow...I know I will be ready for it after my on call. Thursday is my jinx day...I cant remember the last time I had a nice or easy thursday at work.
  • Hey Sarah,

    Hmm that is odd if they came from the Nike storeimage

    Re: the scarf, its just plain boring knit stitch, though it does tell like a story of my life... the knitting gets tighter at times of stress.  You can see where I took my A levels.... when I went to University, all sorts of things.  And My mum weighs in sometimes too, so I guess its a joint project, but just a beige scarf.  The thread is designed for machine knitting, which is why its taking so long by hand image

    Hope you're having a good day at work, and loooking forward to some speed work.  It'll be a nice easy 4 miles for me this evening, and then rest until race on Sunday.

    I did 5 miles yesterday with a couple of half marathon paced bursts... though they ended up being 25s per mile faster than intended race pace for my goal, still I will try to stick to the pacing plan.  The second 5 mile section will really determin the outcome, so I just have to remember that whilst running.  Just have to consider nutrition whilst I'm actually runnning then I'll feel fully prepared.

    I guess you're done for races until London now?  I'm considering adding a 10k I just saw advertised thats nearby on the 1st April, to race it.  I have a half marathon again in a month, but I think that should be about marathon pace control...

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Mrs P rckon they can be quite rough at Netball.  She's gonig tonight but will be taking it easy before Liverpool.


  • Afternoon all,

    I haven't done much running so far this week. Instead of going to running club on Tuesday night I had a really good workout at the gym, which made a nice change - I do go to the gym on a Friday morning but it's before work so I only have a limited amount of time. Then yesterday I did a 5 mile run at lunchtime at marathon pace which was fairly comfortable. Today I'm scheduled for a 9 mile slow run, so it's going to be another long boring run home from work - not much fun but at least I get it out of the way at a decent time so I can have my dinner and put my little boy to bed. I may have said it before but the weekday runs are a bit of a drag, I enjoy the long runs on a Sunday morning much more.

    I sympathise regarding your trainers Sarah. I've never quite had it that bad but there have been a couple of occasions when I've had a pair I've been really happy with then when I've changed them the newer version has been lacking something. I'm actually finding that to an extent with my current ones - they are OK and will do for now, but I much preferred my old ones.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    How did work go Sarah? Did you get your session done?

    I was late getting to club, I got there just as they were setting off and just saw the last couple of runners in the distance.  I caught them up as it was a downhill stretch and had a brief chat wih another chap who is doing London.  It was our "Lamp post" night, but in reverse so I was a bit confused about the route. So we started with a half mile of what was supposed to fast-slow between the lamp posts but we hadn't settled down and it was a bit ragged.  An 8mm uphill mile to the next muster, then a 7mm to the industrial estate, where we do a 800m loop, but as it was the "wrong" direction and I was ahead of the others I ended up doing it twice. Then a 1k loop, and I was quite chuffed to find myself at 6:50's here for the first time in a long time. Then a final effort up  a longish hill back to the leisure centre.

    Nice to chat to some people I hadn't seen for a while, but I've noticed our group has gone from a very social bunch of both sexes to almost exclusively men and it is a shame really, it's been going for years and if we don't do something it'll become a lads' club where the slower "new" people won't be catered for.

  • I think your scalf sounds great Angela...I wish I had been doing one now. I like anything that tells a story.

    My thursday are normally horrendous, but today was surprisingly quite nice despite being on call. I had left the surgery by 18:30....the earliest since I can remember.

    I managed to do my speed training tonight but not my resistance training as I was on cooking duty (which is the usual case on a thursday so me and chris actually spend some time together and have a proper meal together) and then ive had to clean the house ready for a last minute viewing tomorrow.

    Are you looking forward to your mini taper? Least HMP on sunday wont seem as difficult if you manage to run some of your run quicker yesterday.

    Are you having a trial nutritional run ready for your marathon or is it to help you get a HM PB?

    Ive got a 15k race a week on sunday in France to race (if I dont drink too much wine the night before) and I will also race the first 5 mile south yorkshire road race (if Minni allows me). East hull as you know will be half at MP and the 5 mile road race the wed before london will be very easy...will be strange not sprinting off at 6 min/mls and dying towards the end!

    I would love to do a 10k to see what time I would get now. I want to do some more parkruns as well once londons out of the way
  • How did Mrs Ps match go tonight? Some of the netballers look so sweet like butter wouldnt melt but then you put them on a court and give them a ball, and they can be quite evil! Had the chance to play in the summer league (which sounds far nicer than the winter league...mainly due to the weather) but I would like to concentrate on my running over the summer ready for york marathon in October.

    My speed session went really well. At first my legs felt a little heavy and I was worried that I might be doing too much before sunday and may suffer, but then the faster I ran, the better my legs felt, and the more satisfied I was with my run

    I like the sound of a "Lamp post" run, ive only done it once and got a bit carried away probably just over a year ago. Sounds like you had a tougher session than the other runners tonight, with you fast start to catch everyone up! You ran some very quick miles which must be really satisfying and will have to run the wrong way more often!

    Can you do a beginners or a womens only night (although im sure some men wouldnt like the idea of that)?
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    It wasn't a match Sarah it was a training session, she is in two minds about playing competitively and she wasn't there last week when they asked for people to join the league, but the coach has asked her to join so we will see!
  • Its such a difficult one...I prefer the matches to the training, but your more likely to get injured in them.

    Slight x posts ....decided to edit the one above to comment about your fabulous run tonight but then you posted before I posted my edited version (if that makes sense?)
  • Hi Andy, what did you do in the gym on tuesday?

    Despite having a quiet week and not getting much running in, you havent done too bad, especially with the 9 tonight...was it as dull as you thought it was going to be? Its so nice to get home at a reasonable time isnt it? All week I havent been home before 21:30 except for tonight when I got in at 20:30, its been so nice to relax a little and cook a proper meal. It must be even harder for you if you have children to say night to.

    I really enjoy my speed sessions and my long runs out doors, its just the steady runs on the treadmill that I find such a bore...I certainly wouldnt be running them this slow if it wasn't for the marathon. Im hoping that I might be able to make a few of the running club training runs now that netball has finished for a short while- least then I will get to run outdoors in the evenings and with others.

    Bloody trainers-grrrrr. Ive decided that im going to walk round in my new ones with two pairs of socks tomorrow and last attempt to try to make them useable!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 11 ( day 73) - aim speed training; w/u + 6 x 800m @ 10k pace with 90 sec recoveries + c/d

    Actual. 7.8 miles speed training

    mile reps;

    1. 10.00 - 9:03 min/mls

    2. 8:34 min/mls

    3. 8:20 - 8:00 min/mls

    4-7. 6 x 800m @ 6:49 min/mls with 90 sec recoveries @ 8:34 min/mls

    7.8 8:34 - 10:00 min/ml

    I really enjoyed tonights speed training. My legs felt a little heavy for the first mile or two but as soon as I started running quicker my legs felt better and lighter and still do. Speed training makes me feel so young and free, I love it. Afterwards I have a real sense of achievement, I feel like I am actually doing something and gaining from it, whereas on tuesday I felt like I was just running for the sake of it.

    Im off to see the physio tomorrow for them to review my knee. I havent had any problems with my left knee now for a while so I think they will discharge me. Ive learnt alot from them which will hopefully prevent any future knee injuries.

    After the physio, its then resistance training and then a 6 mile plod....before my one day rest and then hull 20!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice one Sarah.  Speed training makes me feel old and tired! 5 weeks to go! 

  • Hi Sarah,

    Still sounds like a hard day to me, I think we should all campaign for reduced working hours in winter. I'm only supposed to do 9 hours a day- if u include my travel time I'm away from home almost 12 hours- this is too much- it's only recently it's become light in the mornings when I leave and it's still dark when I get home.

    It's great you make an effort to eat together- personally I find that very important.

    Mini taper hasn't started very well- last night was supposed to be my last run before the race- easy 4 miles, but my legs weren't playing, they were just heavy and slow super slow so I threw in the towel at 2.5 miles and went for a stretch and foam roll. I've been naughty with my stretching recently, not giving it enough time or sometimes not doing it at all. Have found that my hip flexor and piriformis (I think- something in my glute) are quite tight so taper will include regular rolling of them. In terms of nutrition I think practise marathon- seemed to get all the asics lot pbs... I think if I get the pacing right in this I can go under 1:55, but that relies on me getting the pacing right.

    Wow, you've actually got a bunch of races pre-marathon. How do u fit them in? I always find that for me to race I'm quite reliant on David to drive me so I don't have to worry about getting lost, then I feel bad about hijacking his Sunday morning lie in... At least the start of Colchester half marathon is only 1.5 miles from my home- I'll be jogging to the start to warm up image
  • Morning minni...I really can't believe its only 5 weeks away, its making me feel nervous just thinking about it! I will probably be feeling old and tired after London whereas you will be like a spring chicken!
  • Morning Angela, I'm with you on that. I'm so lucky that I only work a 10 min drive from where I live as otherwise I don't think I would ever be able to run! My day usually starts at 8 and finishes at 7 but then I do have Fridays off to make up for it. I use to commute to hull to work in A&E that was a nightmare as I was on the road for 2-3 hours a day and doing all sorts of stupid shifts. You really do have my sympathy as it use to take it out of me.

    Trying to put a positive spin on it, least your having a good long taper before your half with plenty of time afterwards to get back into marathon training. Don't worry and try and enjoy the rest, you obviously need it and you will probably run better next week (and on Sunday) as a result.

    I need to get my foam roller out tonight aswell.

    I've had to book some time off work to get them in (esepcially the ones on a wed pm) but I don't mind, when I work a sat morning I get a clinic back so I just use that time. I always like to travel with someone else, like you I worry about getting lost an not having time to get ready. I've only dragged Chris to a few races so far and I don't mind getting him out of bed-I get up early every fri on my day off to drop him off (and then pick him up later) from work!
  • Hi Sarah, well I'm on my train into work now, so slightly jealous u have the day off! You doctors have crazy work. My sister is a dr too and she changed her mind on specialism so is now training to become a GP- she had a 2 hour each way commute at one point and ended up getting a scooter to save her from the London traffic- no fun! What's your specialism?

    Yeah some of te races I'm doing later in the year are holidays for us- there's one u might like to do in the Lake District, if u can cross the Penninesimage its the kareimore great trail challenge- there's an 11km and a 22km option- I'm doing 22km...
  • Hi Sarah,

    I did a mixture of CV and resistance work in the gym - I started with 25 mins on the cross trainer, did some weights, squats, lunges and leg presses, then 10 hard mins on the step machine and some stretches.  Also a couple of minutes on the punch bag, which I find incredibly hard work but it's good for releasing your frustrations!

    As much as I wasn't looking forward to last night's run it actually went quite well - I wasn't aiming for any particular time, just to go at a comfortable but steady pace, but I ended up doing 9.5 miles @ 7.56/mile so right on my marathon pace and I was happy with that. 

    That was a really good pace you managed in your speed training - you even kept up a decent pace during your "rest" periods which is always a good sign. I've found the speed sessions quite hard during the marathon training but in general like you I do enjoy them - they work you hard but afterwards it feels like they have really done you good and they are a good test of whether your fitness is improving. I have three or four different ones I do fairly regularly and I keep a note of my times for comparison. My training schedule has also included some hill interval sessions (ie run up, jog down) and I think these are definately helpful so I will carry on doing them from time to time - they still work your lungs like normal interval training ut are great for building up the strenth in your legs and glutes. 


  • Hi Angela,

    Good luck at Colchester on Sunday! There will be a few people from my running club (Havering '90 Joggers) there as it's part of our "Winter Cup" competition, in fact if I wasn't doing the VLM I would probably be there myself. I've never done the HM before but I've done the Colchester 10k.   

  • Hi AndyA,

    Thanks for the luck!  I only recently discovered the Colchester Half Marathon, and didn't even know we had a 10k!!! D'oh.  What time of year is it,  I should sign up.

    Though, now we're going to have plenty of parkruns to enjoy image

  • Hi Angela,

    The Colchester 10k is on 12th May this year. I may well do it myself as I don't have any races scheduled for May - I'll see how I'm feeling after the VLM. 

  • Aha, that might be why I forgo it.  My Marathon is Halstead and Essex Marathon, a mere  10 miles away from Colchester, is on 12th May!

    Perhaps I can do it next year- will be a few weeks before my wedding, but I suspect 10k training is morelikely to fit in with wedding prep than marathon training... image

  • Hi Angela....sorry about rubbing salt into the wounds earlier. Im a GP too. I was quite interested in specialising but the politics in the hospital put me off, as did not being able to follow up your patients as well as a GP. Which year of training is she in? I dont think I would be able to handle a 2 hour commute on top of my day. What was she going to specialise in originally?

    I think ive heard of that race tempted...will have to see when it is in the year and see if im free and if I can work it around training for the york marathon.
  • Hi Andy....Ive never had a go on the punch bags....but I can see the attraction! Its nice to vary your training occasionally. I guess i've had a bit of variety with netball, I think if I hadnt been playing I would have done some cross training on those days.

    You had a fabulous run home yesterday 9.5 miles @ MP sounds perfect.....I hope I manage it just as well on sunday! Its good to hear that you found them comfortable also.

    What speed sessions do you trying to steal ideas? I use to have two, one was 1km reps at 10 k pace (although now looking back I think my recovery was for far too long) and then I did 2 mins @ 5k pace with 1 min recovery. I did improve with them but not half as much as I have done with the speed sessions ive been doing during the last 10 weeks. I seem to have done so many different types. Im just wondering what would be best to continue with when I dont have a mentor and still need to get quicker!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 11 ( day 74) - Aim 6 miles easy.

    After going to see the physio and then to the orthotics department I headed to the gym. Despite my knees being much better the physio thinks I would benefit from some orthotics to correct my slight pronation. She knew that I already had some but said that it might be worth have some new ones. When I saw my podiatrist last he did mention about getting some new ones after London so I thought that I might aswell try the NHS ones. If I have any problems I could then always go back to my podiatrist if needs be.

    I did my resistance training and thought that my legs felt a little tired and heavy again, but after doing a number of stretches between reps and some self massage, they then felt ok. I ran on the TM today, I was thinking about running outside after I had finished on the weights but the wind and rain put me off.

    Despite running slow on the TM I did actually enjoy it for a mind was completely elsewhere and my ipod seemed to play all the right tunes. My legs have felt much lighter since stepping of the treadmill, so I think the easy run did the trick!

    The first mile I increased the speed from 12 min/mls to 9:13 min/mls. The next 5 miles I ran at 9:13 min/mls, then I did the 5 min cool down on the TM setting.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - good to hear the knees are feeling better. What running have you planned for the weekend? I was quite calm about being 5 weeks out but with the Paris lot all getting into their tapers I'll admit I'm starting to feel a little bit nervy. How are you holding up mentally?

    Minni - so, what's your prediction for the Six Nations decider? I asked Mrs Malcs and got the obvious reply. Personally I think it could be a classic. No idea about France vs Scotland. WHo knows what France side will turn up.


  • Hi Sarah,

    The race is in June, so we're taking a few days in the Lake District. Can't wait, but it will be an aggressive start to my Bournemouth marathon training...

    I'm afraid my sister and her dr friends just seem to be in a never ending cycle of qualifying exams learning etc so I've lost count of where she is. She was originally specialising in obs and gynae. I think she started the gp track about 18 months ago. She's 31 if that helps? And I think was a SHO when she left obs and gynae...

    Good luck this weekend!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Malcs - yes its going to be a great afternoon/evening of rugby.  Long run done and got the beers in.  I'll be cheering on Wales later. image 

    Sarah - Often when I get new shoes I'm not sure about them until I've worn them a few times.  How are you feeling about tomorrow?  I hope the weather is OK.  I fitted in my long run today as the forecast is rain and snow here tomorrow.

    Btw, I think I'm going to do the Newcastle Parkrun on Easter Saturday if you're up?


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