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    Ha - beers plural eh! I have a single organic ale chilling (how soft is that?) The outcome of the game will determine if it stays at just the oneimage
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    Malcs - hope you're enjoying the rugby. Brilliant game so far.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    I am indeed - very open. Mrs Malcs is on her second Strongbow image
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    Haha! There's hardly a moment to take a drink!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    OMG - the floodgates have opened. I think I may have to move to my reserve beerimage

    Mrs Malcs has lost it. She just asked our son to get a championship de-Cider from the fridge!
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    Wales definitely deserve the win. Fantastic game. It'll be a long 10 minutes for England.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Is there something on?

    I got my run out of the way today ready to give Mrs P full support tomorrow at liverpool.  I was pushed for time and couldn't wait for the tri shop to open to get my gels so I was prepared to get jelly beans when I noticed them on sale behind the pharmacy counter in Sainsbury's.  The lady said they get nicked if they are on the shelves.  So I got some sis gels and started my run about 11.00.

    I was down to do 22 for the first time since last April so I took it easy, it was reasonably warm so I just wore my t shirt with my buff to keep my neck warm.  I mixed up a bit of dilute lucozade sport, but I left the bottle behind so I only had my waist bottle. I always have a tenner and change in the pocket though so I could buy water later if required. I don't know how but I keep stopping my Garmin mid run, and did it again today! I had plotted the route though so I knew roughly where I was.

    I ran from the village into town, along the river where there was a big rowing event on, quite a buzz, then out into Wales along the river path, then onto the Greenway back into town, and through the town stopping for water and then home again.  I was struggling a little at the end but recovered brilliantly, maybe it's avoiding alcohol, I had a nice warm bath and went over to meet up witjh some clubmates who were having a tea party before coming home to do Mrs P's pre race meal.

    So it was 22 miles in 3:15, When I look back at my 22's...

    Date    Distance (mile)    Time
    28/02/2009 10:56    21.51    3:12:38
    08/03/2009 09:54    22.25    3:17:47
    15/03/2009 09:54    22.04    3:17:52
    20/03/2010 12:38    22.07    3:13:57
    03/04/2010 09:37    22.03    3:11:37
    13/03/2011 10:08    21.64    3:07:36
    26/03/2011 09:49    22.00    3:00:29
    21/05/2011 08:21    23.99    4:01:57
    17/09/2011 08:51    21.98    3:17:49
    09/10/2011 09:06    21.69    3:01:43
    18/03/2012 09:58    22.03    3:14:21
    01/04/2012 10:17    22.01    3:10:21
    16/03/2013 10:59    21.96    3:14:54

    It is better than 2009 when I ran 3:46 in Paris, on a par with 2010 3:36 London, but well down on 2011 when I PB'ed and pretty similar to last year when I ran 3:40 so I will perhaps be thinking about a comfortable enjoyable day in the 30-somethings  rather than chasing an unrealistic 3:30 and blowing up early.





  • Hi Malcs....I was doing ok until I was reminded how close VLM is and now I feel nauseous again (although that might be because ive not stopped eating all day)!!! Im alot more nervous than last year...mainly because I know whats to come. Ive just booked for us all to see rock of ages on the friday night which should be nice and help to take my mind of it.

    Im running East Hull 20 tomorrow. My plan is to do the first 10 miles steady (8:30+ min/mls) and the second 10 @ MP (roughly 7:45-7:55). Ive been practicing carbo loading today. Just finished my pasta and tomatoe based sauce tea (I did add half a tin of tuna to this...dont think I was supposed to but I had to make it more appetising). I currently feel a bit full and nauseous (but I think this probably hasnt been helped by the fact that I havent done much all day).

    How was the rest of the rugby?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Ha! Sweets behind the counter - what is the world coming to. Are you limited to te number of packets per person like paracetamol?image

    What's on in Liverpool tomorrow? Not footy? I thought they were playing today.

    Final game of super Saturday - my turn for the nerves.

    Have to agree Minni, fully deserved by Wales.

    Sarah - apologies for hijacking your thread image
  • Evening Minni, Ive been that busy concentrating on carbo loading, ive almost forgotten about the race tomorrow! I havent even looked at the weather forecast. I hope its different to the weather they have predicted up your way otherwise its going to be a long 20 miles.

    Thankyou for the reassurance on the trainers. Ive been wearing them whilst walking for the last 2 days (and they feel comfy for that) so fingers crossed.

    Looks like you had a good run today. Was it nice to get 6 miles in at MP? I cant believe how quick your pace is for VLM....that was my HMP only 2 months ago!!
  • No problems Malcs....its made it more entertaining!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    You'll have a great run tomorrow Sarah. You've managed everything perfectly so far. image

    Malcs - Scotland have an early lead but how often does this happen and they end up giving it away. Onto wine now.image
  • Hi Angela. How are you feeling, are you all set for tomorrow? Just want to wish you good luck, although im sure you wont need it.

    I really fancy that Karrimore Great Trail Challenge, it looks fantastic. Unfortunately im in Skye doing a half marathon the day before, but im going to note it down and look out for it next year.

    That sounds about right for your sister. I was never a big fan of obs and gynae, but being a female GP you see alot of it so its a good area to be knowledgable in!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Sorry x-post.

    I'm getting a bit anxious too (nothing to do with the rugby). A friend dropped in this afternoon then announced they had a sore throat and had just had a stomach bug. I could barely concentrate on anything they said, I just wanted them to go and take their germs with themimage

    Good idea going to a show before London. Not seen Rock of Ages but people do say its very good.

    I was surprised how I struggled with carbo loading. I do sympathise. It's harder than it sounds. However, it really does appear to work. Will be interesting to see if you notice a difference.

    Very best of luck for tomorrow.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Minni - too true. You never know though. We've been doing well and if the French crowd turn on the team then we could just sneak it.

    I'm a lightweight - back on the lucozadeimage
  • Thanks Minni. I do hope so. Had a lovely relaxing day today...infact apart from going to tescos ive done nothing but sit on my bum and read runners world, a book on the three peaks and some medical journals. I did feel in need of a good rest, so fingers crossed todays done the trick and I will be itching to go tomorrow.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Sarah since you like Skye a very good friend of mine is having a novel published that's based between Skye and Canada. It's out the end of this month and I'm busy reading the proof just now. It's all very exciting for her - its her first book.
  • Haha, Malcs im exactly the same. Chris has sinusitis last week....I wouldnt go any where near him. Im thinking about wearing a mask at work!

    I have followed Ruths diet plan with the exception of having tuna in my pasta and having and apple and pear (couldnt resist) and have consumed 2000 kcal, with 72% being carbs, 12 % being fat and 16% being protein so not ideal....think I had a bit of tuna too much!!

    We saw rock of ages last year (me and chris) and really enjoyed it. My parents fancied it so I thought I would treat them with being nice enough to come down and support me. It was such a feel good production with fabulous muscic, I would happily see it over and over again
  • Whats it called Minni...will have to look out for it when its being published?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    It's called 'One Missed Step'. I'll send you a link on Fb.
  • Evening Mr P,

    Im so jealous of both you and Minni for getting your long runs out of the way....I dont like leaving them until sunday, just incase something goes all on edge now!

    Well done for getting a good 22 miles in aswell. I wont be able to do mine until 3 weeks before. Its difficult to compare times I think of training runs as your running the 22 miles steady and not racing them, so you still have energy left in your legs ready for your next run. I wouldnt be too concerned about being a little slower than when you had your might even benefit you. Can you remember what your legs felt like after your previous 22's? Worse or better than today? If I compare all my training runs this year with those of last year, this years are much slower...but ive got PBs in all the races ive done so far and im going for a quicker time at London. Your run today sounded lovely and you had great weather for it.

    Good luck to Mrs P tomorrow
  • Thanks Minni
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 11 ( day 75) - Aim rest day

    I really dont think I could have rested any more than I have today. With the exception of doing the washing, going to tescos, cooking and doing the pots, ive done nothing but sit on my bum reading runnersworld, a book on the three peaks challenge and some medical journals.

    Ive been practicing carbo loading, following Ruths advice. By 5 pm I was that full it made me feel sleepy and I ended up having a power nap for 45 minutes, which is so unlike me. On waking up thats when I decided to go to tescos to get some fresh air and hopefully work a bit of the food off ready for my evening meal.

    My food intake today consisted of;

    1. cereal + foccia (instead of cereal, a slice of toast and fruit juice)

    2. banana, apple and pear (this was either a milk shake or banana)

    3. baked potato and beans (as advised)

    4. Bagel with jam (again as advised)

    5. pasta with a tomato based sauce and half a tin of tuna (this was supposed to be just pasta and sauce but it didnt sound very appetising and im more likely to get it served with some protein in a restaurant the day before VLM).

    This gave me 2000 kcal, 72% being carbs, 16% protein and 12% fat

    I feel stuffed and slightly nauseous now, but I know by tomorrow I will be fine.

    I did some foam rolling last ITB's were so painful...but their feeling so much more better now. I will probably have another go tonight once ive finished on here.

    Fingers crossed the weather will be similar to today so I will have a dry and pleasant 20 miles tomorrow.

    Good luck to all those racing.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Thanks Sarah image

    Malcs it's Liverpool half! 

    Sarah, it's funny you should say that about how I felt; I remember doing a 22 mile run one day and as I finished, on the canal, I bumped into the very people  whose house I went to today after my run, in fact we joked about how bad I looked that day, so I guess I'm improving!

    I remember the beginning of this thread, and talking about 3 versus 4 runs per week. I'm able to comfortably run 4 times per week now, and I think that - perhaps conversely - I recover better from each run as a result.  I ran 20 on Sunday, gym Tuesday, 9 Wednesday, 6 and a bit Thursday, and 22 today and I feel OK.  I haven't had to ice anywhere, or do heel raises, or any of the things I had to do just to stay on the road in 2011.


  • Hi Mr P, if I could put a big smiley face on here with my Ipad, I would....thats very reassuring that you felt and looked better than previously.

    To me it sounds like you are alot fitter than in 2011 if you have managed two very long runs in less than a week and some fast paces in your other runs without any niggles/problems/excessive tiredness.

    We need to be peaking in 5 weeks time and not now : ) (that smiley face will have to do until I get on my PC!)
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I hope so!


    Good luck tomorrow image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Ah, sorry Mr P. completely misunderstood there image. I think my mind has been affected by the alcohol! Hope it goes well for Mrs P.

    Minni - not the best game for Scotland. Rollmon the lions now image

    Sarah - you can get a smilie if you remove th space between your colon and close bracket.
  • Sarah! Best of luck today- I look forward to reading your race report when I'm recovering from mine image
  • Thankyou Mr P...the mean face pushed me round all the way! image

    How did Mrs P do in Liverpool?


    Like this malcs image ???


    How did you do Angela?



  • How did YOU do?
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