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    Malcs - yes google but definitely do the stretches before stepping out of bed in the morning.  A towel or similar can be used to give it a good pull. 

    You should look to do some stretches on your foot too! Boom!! lol

    image Sorry....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha image Many thanks... I think!

  • Hi AndyA, just saw this review of SF marathon and thought of you... 

  • Hi Angela,

    Many thanks for that - I am definitely sold on the idea. It wouldn't be until 2015 so we will have to see how we are fixed nearer the time but that's looking like my first choice. I realised the other day that I actually have a shout at getting the qualifying time for Boston (it is 3:25 for my age group), and that would be a really nice one to do. Unfortunately though the dates don't work for me for 2015 or 2016. Next year would have been perfect because it's on Easter Monday so the schools will still be on holiday but that's a bit too soon.

  • I made the mistake of reading it, and then going to the website... now I'm thinking the LA/SF challenge is a good idea.... image

  • Well I'd prefer that to the option of running the SF Marathon course twice on the same day!
  • Yes, quite Andy.... When did it become the case that running a marathon isn't enough?
  • Haha, my dreams. I bet your podium was way more exciting than mine!

    I would be tempted to do 20 too Malcs if I had no niggles, but if you look at Ady's schedule he did less three weeks out as Sam said that she preferred a 4 week taper. Alot of my friends did their 22 last sunday with the aim of doing 18-20 this friday....its so difficult.

    Have you had your tennis ball out? Standing on a step and dropping your heel down is also good for stretching that fascia
  • Hi Angela,

    A hot mud bath...sounds like a dream!

    Whats the weather like in SF in June/July? Im so tempted, ive been wanting to go there for so long and I fancy a hilly marathon.

    How are your legs today? Have you recovered from the weekend?

    Do you have a link to your blog again?
  • Thankyou Andy.

    I really do think im going to give a Pilates/yoga class a go once london is out of the way...I might take it up instead of netball as I think something will have to go to fit it in. Least it will be warmer than being outside in rain, snow and gail force winds!

    Boston would be great aswell, although I think I would prefer a holiday in SF.

    Think thats what I like about cant compare times year on year as the weather conditions and amount of mud changes so means you cant be disappointed if you dont do as well and it takes the pressure of trying to get a PB all the time.

    Hope you manage to get all your runs in this week.
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 13 (day 85) aim; resistance training + 4-5 miles easy

    Actual; after a horrendous day I was so glad to get to the gym after work. After having the last two days off work, I arrived to 55 letters to read, 28 blood test results to file, two full clinics with extras and 12 patients to see in the nursing home. In addition to this I then received an email asking me to cover another doctor who was off sick. That involved another 20 letters and 15 blood results. I finally left work at 19:15, quite drained.

    Within 10 minutes of entering the gym, I felt so much more better. I did my usual resistance training circuit with stretches inbetween sets. This was then followed by an enjoyable and stress busting run on the TM.

    mile splits;

    1. 10:00 - 8:34 m/m

    2. 8:34 m/m

    3. 8:20 m/m

    4. 8:20 m/m

    5 8:06 m/m

    0.2 8:35 m/m

    TM 5 minute cool down

    I did this on the hills setting at only level one ( 0 - 1.5% gradient).

    I have to admit this was probably more steady than easy but I felt so much more better for it.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone...I'd love to go to SF, We were talking about it last night funnily enough, perhaps next year.

    Rested tonight, last night was hills, I thought it went very well, I'd eaten wel earlier in the day and felt strong all night. Did the session much fast er than the last few times,I made a little less effort on each hill but we hardly stopped to muster so recovery was shorter.

    My plan now is to move up a little on the easy runs to nearer MP and be really conscientious in the taper, it's really easy to switch off and think its al over.

    I don't do cross country, but I know what you mean about terrain and times, it's all about performance on the day isn't it?
  • Hi Sarah,

    Found out one of my friends is doing the second half of the SF marathon this year- said I should join him, but can't image damn wedding saving! Not sure about the weather- I went late August/early September and it was like late spring in the Uk, if u remember spring, it's that season where the days get longer and warmer and all the flowers start coming out...I shall ask my cousin for a July weather report, though I don't think it's particularly seasonal there- stays pretty much the same all year round. Having been to both Boston and SF, I would definitely pick SF for a holiday location, it's a much more varied city. I think Boston is currently suffering a similar spring to us, and their marathon is very soon...

    Blog is :

    You forum people are all so nice, making me feel much better about my XC. Sam Murphy was telling me about Grizzly that she did recently, and how difficult it was. Now I have the idea that I should keep Orion 15 as one of my regular races- it's only an hours drive and its not like u have to be there much before the start, as there are only 200-300 people running it. Plus it's free/well they ask for a donation, but no excessive entry fee... But that also means no medal image I love my medals...

    Legs ow! Did5 miles easy tonight- so slow, and legs were achy whole way around- think it helped though and hopefully I can do a reasonabl run tomorrow. How about you? How are yours after your amazing race? Did u run today?

    Been thinking a lot about this bikram yoga now- there are a few locations outside London, but many in London- there's a studio in canary wharf, which is kind of convenient for me to go to, and they do this intro 20 day/??30 pass- I may try it once my marathon is done, so I can get the most value from it.
  • The SF marathon starts at 5.30 in the morning (I think so they can reopen the bridge at a decent time) so even though it's in the middle of summer it should be fairly cool at that time. It would be good to have a forum reunion there one year! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    AndyA wrote (see)

    The SF marathon starts at 5.30 in the morning (I think so they can reopen the bridge at a decent time) 

    And according to the BBC today, the toll gates are going to be fully automated now so you won't have to stop to pay at the booth. Should shave a good minute off your timeimage

    Sarah - yes, tennis ball has indeed been out. Been doing some stretches too. I also have a bit of tenderness at the insertion point of the tibialis anterior. Doesn't surprise me as my shin is a rock solid lump so I need to get the roller on it.

    We'll see how it goes today and on my MLR tomorrow before deciding on what mileage to do on the long run on Saturday.

    I know exactly how you feel when you've had a nightmare day - excercise is the perfect remedy. Good to hear that your session went well.

    Ooh, ooh - the sun is out here. Time to venture out before lunch image

  • Hi Mr P, I love it when a run goes to plan...and even more so when its better than planned! image

    Maybe we should all do SF next it as a RW away trip? image

  • Hi Angela.....Spring...whats that?? I was just saying to one of my patients that im missing all the daffadils and bulbs that are normally out by now.

    The Grizzly does sound quite tough, although there is something quite satisfying about doing a tough run (afterwards). I think I will do Belvoir again, although I think that was £16 to enter and we just got food and a certificate at the end...but it was worth it.

    Thankyou for the link. I will have a read through it after my evening clinic and after going to the gym once I get home (...its a long wednesday!)

    Your poor legs, although im sure the 5 you did last night will have helped to flush out all those toxins. How have your legs been today? Mine have been fine..think they were glad of the run yesterday after sitting in a car for so long on monday. I wore my compression socks on sunday too after the race which I feel always helps.

  • Hey hey, I did another 5 tonight in London, and stopped to stretch at almost every mile- I think they're almost back to normal now, but I'm gonna rest tomorrow and do my usual Thursday run on Friday, since its a day off!

    Yeah I have some compression stockings but they seem to be good for my upper legs but not my lower legs- I also have some skins calf guards but they have long since lost their compression capabilities... I should get some new ones really- what do u recommend?

    Is belvoir actually in belvoir? Might be another one for me to consider nxt year- gonna have to avoid races that could interfere with this wedding planning malarky...

    Ps love the idea of a RW San Fran trip- do u think RW would sponsor us??
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    uh-oh... had to abort my run again..I have been nursing my leg/knee and I haven't taken my ibuprofen today as it felt fine, but a handful of strides and it clearly was not feeling right so I've come home.

    I'm not worried long term, I can do my run tomorrow, just concerned about my next race, a five miler on Wednesday.


  • Hi Andy 5:30...Im not sure my legs would function at that time of day. Does anyone know how many hours their infront/behind?
  • Hi had sun? Im so jealous. We had dull skies and flurries of snow all day. I so wish the sun and daffys would arrive soon.

    Foam rollering your shins sounds quite uncomfortable. How did you find it?

    Hope you had a good run today and an even better one tomorrow.
  • Hi Angela,

    Glad that your legs are getting there. Im really looking forward to my LSR on friday but quite disappointed that most of York will be sharing my day off and possibly spoiling my carefree peaceful run. Im guessing that the section I do in town near the museum gardens will be heaving.

    The knee socks I own are made by more miles. They were a freebie at the end of a race I did. I love them. There really good, tight but comfortable, dont think that their expensive either.

    Belvoir challenge was in Belvoir and the middle section took you past belvoir castle. The route changes every year though, as does the distance, There is usually a 26 mile route and a 15-18 mile route. I fancy the 26 one next year, but I have been told that its tough!

    We could put it to RW and see what they say I guess....could write a feature article on our return!!
  • Hi Mr P. Sorry to hear about your leg today, but you did the right thing with stopping and not trying to ignore the discomfort. Where abouts in your knee is it tender?

    Where is your 5 mile race next week?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 13 (day 86) aim; 4-5 miles easy

    After my 12 hour day I was quite tempted to go straight home, especially as chris has been saying that im like his lodger, but I drove straight to the gym on auto pilot after leaving the surgery.

    I only had an hour before it closed so I ran 5 miles in 45 mins. I took it more steady than yesterday as I realised afterwards that I didnt take it as easy as I should have yesterday.

    Mile splits

    1. 11:00 - 9:13 min/mls

    2 9:05 min/mls

    3. 8:57 min/mls

    4. 8:49 min/mls

    5. 8:41 min/mls

    5 min TM c/d
  • Good write up of Orion 15 Angela...Ive got to say its slightly put me off ever doing it myself...but knowing me I will be standing at the start line one year having been talked into it. The snow on the trees in your pic look so pretty, but that wonder it was so tough. Even though you found it difficult you will have gained alot from it
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    It varies Sarah sometimes it's the knee itself, but tonight it was my whole thigh hurting every time I pushed through my stride, I warmed up and tried to walk a bit but it was clearly not right so now is not the time to be throwing it all away on one run. I can try again tomorrow, worst case is I rest entirely and postpone my long run toll Easter Monday so no problem really.

    The race is our club'vs annual spring five, although its usually a bit longer than five miles I think. It is part of my ritual now, it marks the beginning of taper for me, swopping the midweek long run for a good sharp effort.

    Sorely tempted to have a beer tonight after a frantic day but I'm too frightened of mrs p.
  • Hahaha, I always wonder if Chris is frightened of me, mr p....I'm guessing not! Did you get that beer? After this weekend then that's it for me and alcohol until after London (well that's the plan anyway, although I forgot that I go and see pink the week before).

    I would be tempted to rest completely today and possibly until Monday now if you can, give your leg/knee time to repair itself and get better. Its always tempting to go for a run to see what its like but that might set you back alittle. If it was just your knee causing problems I would be tempted to do squats and work on a wobble bored instead of running tonight. However if your thigh is also playing up then maybe a complete rest would be best.

    Its so difficult and I can completely relate to you. When I had a calf strain last year I kept on running and it got progressively worse until I was forced to rest when I got whooping cough. Within 1-2 weeks it had completely healed itself. I was able to run fine but I didnt do any speed training just incase it made it go again.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it isn't anything serious and it settles as quickly as it came.
  • Hi Sarah,

    If I recall correctly, San Fran is 8 hours behind us- its a good 11hour flight if ur going direct, so I would certainly recommend at least 2 full days to acclimatise, and probably much more- the jet lag can be positive in terms of getting u up early enough for the race, but it is a flight that's so long you'll want to get over it. I'm totally up for pencilling it in for 2015... Shhh, don't tell David, I'll just suggest it as a holiday and visiting my cousin he'll never know its running tourism! And it's such an early start I could be done before he wakes up! image

    Sorry to have put u off Orion- quick read the write up of it in worlds ultimate running races! I should have ended my story with 'I'm glad I did it, not painful at all, where do I sign up for next year?' To be honest with what people are saying both about XC and about how bad the course conditions were this year, I do want to give it another go- I think I could probably do 15 minutes faster just from being aware of what the challenge is, better pacing and therefore not stopping to walk!

    I watched that show on junior doctors last night and their long working hours! It's crazy, how did one of the most important professions take such a risk of giving its juniors such poor work schedule?!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    sarah osborne wrote (see)
    Hi had sun? Im so jealous. We had dull skies and flurries of snow all day. I so wish the sun and daffys would arrive soon.

    Foam rollering your shins sounds quite uncomfortable. How did you find it?

    Hope you had a good run today and an even better one tomorrow.

    Thanks Sarah. The run was fine. Felt a little weakness in the arch but after the run I was pain free. Then 2 hours later it all tightened again. Reckon that's all it is - tightness that just needs to  be managed. At least I know it improves when warmed up.

    Foam roller was fine on the shins btw. seemed to help.

    Going to do my MLR today as the sun seems to be out again (sorry). Will see how that goes.

    How are you feeling about tomorrow's big one? 

  • Hi all,


    OK, got my midweek runs out of the way - 5 miles on Tuesday, 8 yesterday and 6 today. Each time I was intending to do them at MP but ended up nearer HMP, and felt pretty good each time, which was quite pleasing especially after that tough 22 miles on Sunday.

    I hope Malcs and Mr P manage to shake off your injury niggles. As foam rollers have been mentioned, I was reading an article the other day singing their praises, not just to help with injury but generally for working sore muscles and I was going to ask what people thought. Given that I can get one for ten or fifteen quid I'm inclined to get one anyway but I'd be interested to hear people's views.

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