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  • Hi Andy, I recently had a sports massage where I started talking about using a foam roller and the masseurs poo pooed the idea, how ever, I think they're great! Often solved problems I've had with my shins and itb, and like u say, they ease sore muscles.

    I would say that it's worth spending the extra to get a decent solid one- I use trigger point- had it for 3 years and as its got a solid plastic cylinder the foam is wrapped around, it hasn't squidged. The first time use it, it'll probably be very painful, but if u do use it regularly, you'll learn to love it. I also use a product called 'the stick' to get more specifics muscles in my lower leg...
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I got one for Christmas, it's brilliant. At first I thought it was too wide (diameter) but the wider cross section makes it more versatile.

    I had a demo of the stick at the London maratHon expo a few years ago, it was pretty good.

    After last nights cancelled ruN I was anxious to get out, I was planning on a marathon paced run, though as I was warming up I came across a buzzard in the bushes. Over the last few weeks I ve seen a couple of these birds perched low in trees by the roadside, I think they must be low on food in this cold spell. I was a bit worried, and just about to call mrs p to discuss what to do when it flew strongly off into some taller trees. I'd only covered 3/4 of a mile so I set off again and rand another seven miles at roughly 8mm.

    I had to pay attention to my knee, and I have absolutely slathered my thigh in Voltarol, but it went well overall. So next run is 22 on Saturday or Monday all being well.
  • Hi Angela...starting a marathon at 13:30 doesnt sound as bad as 5:30....but I know what im like at travelling and sleeping, but im sure it would be worth it.

    2015....right im pencilling it in too, im sure chris would be up for it (if I dont tell him about the little run whilst we are there)!

    Im going to have to read the review in that book now aswell....I guess if you go into a race thinking the worse, your more than likely going to come out of it having enjoyed it!

    Whats worse is that we have had it loads better than the junior doctors 30 years ago. They use to start work on friday morning and not finish until monday without any break, least when I was working on call at the weekends I did 3 13-14 hour shifts but did get a break inbetween them to sleep.
  • Hi Malcs, how did your MLR go today? I missed the sun again today. Im just hoping that its got its hat on in the morning. Looking forward to having a long run as it seems like ages ago when I did the last one, but im also nervous as its the longest i will have run since london last year and will be my last big one before VLM this year!

    Glad that your foot felt better once you had warmed up. Are you due a sports massage? Do they massage your feet?
  • Hi Andy. Im hoping I feel as good as you next week after my (hopefully) 22 miler tomorrow morning.

    I bought a cheap foam roller from sports direct (was only 7 pounds) as I didnt want to spend too much as I was unsure if it would work or not. Ive used it several times and even though its a cheap one, I feel that its done what it says on the tin, its been especially good on my ITB.

    I would certainly recommend getting one, although like Angela was saying above, the trigger point ones are supposed to be the better ones
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Andy - many thanks. I'm another foam roller convert. I haven't got one of the medieval types that Angela has as I'm too much of a coward. That said, I believe Sweatshop have rumble rollers on sale this weekend at just 20 quid - could be tempted to step up the pain levels image

    Sarah - MLR went fine thanks. I'd just like there to be zero foot pain but I guess I can't complain too much. Yes, sports massage will do foot problems, I had it last year too. The thought of booking an appointment had crossed my mind. 

    Have a great run tomorrow. I'm resting but still in two minds whether to go for 20 over the weekend. I'd have to believe that it'll be a big benefit to me for the race to do it now I think. We shall see.

  • Ive never heard of the stick before, I will have to look into getting one of those now as well.

    So glad that you managed to get a good run in Mr P and that your leg and knee wasnt too bad and your planning on doing 22 this easter. I was starting to get worried for you.

    We saw alot of buzzards in france by the side of the motoway too, there must have been at least 5 on the 130km journey.
  • Thanks Malcs, im hoping it all goes smoothly tomorrow, although it will be the furthest ive run in my new trainers (only done 9.3 miles in them so far), which makes me nervous.

    Im thinking about trying to get a massage in next week before its too close to the marathon.

    Glad your run went ok today, good luck if you do decide to do a 20 this weekend.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    They had a case in Wales not so long back where a runner was attacked by a Buzzard - left some nasty claw marks in his bonce!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I reckon your shoes will be fine. You said they were very comfortable so I wouldn't worry. Are you doing any MP or is it all slow in this one?

    I don't think any amount of foam rolling is substitute for a sports massage. You have plenty of time to book one in. I'm planning one for about a week before race day.

  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 13 (day 87) aim; 4-5 miles easy

    My on call today was surprisingly ok....think the little bit of sun we had kept everyone away. I managed to get quite a few little jobs done and leave at a reasonable time.

    I went to the gym after work and did my resistance training and then 3.8 miles on the TM. I had decided to aim for 4 miles rather than 5 today due to running 22 (hopefully) in the morning, however I got to 3.8 miles and nature called (sorry) so I ended it alittle earlier than planned. I did todays run on a normal setting with no incline unlike my previous two TM runs. Im looking forward to getting out tomorrow, will make a nice change to the 4 walls of the gym.

    miles splits

    1. 11-9:13 min/ml

    2. 9:13 min/ml

    3. 9:05 min/ml

    3.8 9:05 min/ml
  • Is that true Malcs?

    You wouldnt think that they would dare attack something so big...they must be hungry!

    Thankyou for your reassurance. I will be doing it all steady tomorrow. The aim is 3;15 on my feet which if I run at about 8:40-45 min/mls (slowest I will have run my LSR) im guessing will be around 22 miles, if ive worked it out correctly.

    I was wondering about organising a massage next friday and doing my longest run on the saturday or the sunday for a change, but I need to phone up and see when they can fit me in.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Yes, absolutely true. I think it got confused. I don't believe for a minute it was trying to feed on the guy - more like protecting chicks.

    Sounds like a good strategy for your run. Best of luck once again.

    Now get some sleep! image
  • Sarah,

    Sounds like everything going to plan... Hope you have a good long run tomorrow, probably just need to accept a drop in pace running round all the tourists on the stretch round town!

    Like your plans with Angela to run San Fran- great city, best thing is it has a 'real' city centre rather than a CBD like so many American cities. You got to do the Alcatraz tour as well- best tourist trip I think I've ever done. The seals at Pier 39 are quite cool too.

    Hope everyone's injuries/niggles settle down image

    Had rubbish week running as been on call 3 days- just got home now as been operating. Have to say we do have it easier than in past, but it is now worse for the seniors as juniors all protected by European working time and go home at 4.... Allegedly I opted out when I became a Consultant image

    Rant over ...
  • Morning Malcs...I've gotta say, your suggestion does sound more likely....protecting chicks rather than trying to eat a man...that's the blonde hair working its magic again!

    The sun is shinning this morning, I'm feeling quite positive about my run now.

    just remembered I still haven't given you any money for TR24-will message you my number so you can give me either your adress to post a cheque or your bank details to transfer the money. How much do I owe you?
  • Morning Clive, Alcatraz is on the top of my list of things to do. I've always wanted to go since I saw the rock!

    Things are just going to get worse in the hospital aswell as registrars do less operations. In the past you wouldnt expect to see a consultant in the hospital at unsociable hours but now its pretty normal. That was one of my reasons for getting out and going in to practice, but the way things are going, that may turn into a 24 hour thing as well in the future!
  • I think outside is what they call spring! Was a bit hungover this morning, having had champagne for lunch and 2 glasses of wine before bed, but got up and have just got back from my run. Legs were still a bit sluggish but I managed to do the last mile and a half at my marathon pace, and during the course of the run, I had to unzip my jacket and remove my hat and scarf... Was only wearing 3/4 length tights. Wow, what a difference a bit of sunshine makes- reality looking forward to the runs for the rest of the weekend now! Looking forward to hearing about ur 22 miler Sarah!
  • Hi Angela...I really cant believe the difference a week makes...our weather is so unpredictable. I was the same as you, stripping off along my run. Was even wishing I had put my shorts on a one point!

    How far did you run today?

    I think I might be having a hung over run on sunday!
  • Hey hey, only 5 miles again today- tomorrow is 8 miles marathon pace, so I've just made myself a recovery shake- Sis rego night vanilla with some fresh strawberries image hopefully I can get a good session in tomorrow,so how was the 22 miles?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 13 (day 88) aim; 3hr and 15 min easy.

    Well, I had mixed thoughts about today. Part of me was excited to get a 22 ish miler in the bag and finish my last long run ready to taper, but then another part of me was nervous about running so far especially in my new trainers...and having to then start my taper...VLM getting close!

    For some reason my watch didnt find a signal for quite a while today, despite me leaving it outside for ten minutes, it still took roughly another 11 minutes after I had set of running. Luckily I knew the distance exactly to the point where it started working, as I had measured it out for chris a few months earlier.

    When my watch initially started working I was running really steady for me...just over 9 min/mls which I was surprised at. Im not sure if it was because I was distracted with the watch or because I was already starting to over heat in the sun and mild weather whilst wearing my several layers.

    I shed a layer and picked up my pace. It was really nice to see the sun shining and there were quite a few people out running who looked like they were enjoying it as much as me.

    The first 10 miles seemed to disappear without any effort, in fact I was quite surprised when I looked at my watch and worked out that I had run so far.

    By mile 15 however my legs were starting to feel it. I was again surprised by this as two weeks ago, I had run east hull 20 with no aches or pains what so ever. I was wondering if it was the new trainers, (which to be fair to them didnt cause me any noticeable problems at all) or because I was running slower than I would normally ? if it had altered my stride slightly.

    Anyway I pushed on, distracting myself daydreaming about running VLM, going on holiday and finding the house of my dreams, and before I knew it I was back home.

    My watch showed that I had done 21.82 miles in just over 3 hours. This together with the 1.2 miles I had already done before my watched started, which I estimated to be about 11 minutes, adds up to a total of 22.02 miles in 3 hours 11.

    My average pace (excluding the first 1.2 miles) was 8:40min/mls. The majority of my mile splits were between 8:38-8:43 min/mls

    When I stopped running, my legs did hurt. I went for a walk around the block and then asked chris to untie my laces. I thought I was going to struggle for the rest of the day, but almost instantly on putting my compression socks and tights on, my legs felt almost normal was like magic!
  • Your recovery drink sounds lush...I could just drink that now Angela. 5 miles after a few drinks the night before is good effort ; )
  • In theory the drink is lush. Though in reality the strawberries I used were the ones I left out of our mid afternoon strawberries and cream snack because they didn't look ripe... As a result, they didn't really pur??e very well, so it's more like vanilla milk with strawberry chunks image

    That 22 miler looks amazing. I've always struggled going upto 20, so wouldn't dream of 22 for training just yet. I'm quietly confident my 20s will go better this time around as I'm much better prepared. I took ur advice and nipped into sweatshop to get some new compression socks- I'll try them on my run tomorrow, if there is a chance of wearing shorts- think they'd look a bit odd with 3/4 tights?
  • Evening Sarah!

    Wow last long run in the bag!! Eeek!! Woo woo!! Next stop London!

    Glad you didn't get any blisters from the new trainers. Do you think it was those that gave you aschy legs or the slower pace? I tend to get achier legs running slower - my Northampton physio told me off once as I thought taking some friends who were doing C25K out for a run would help when I was recovering from a tight ITB but apparently when you are deliverately ruinning slower you aren't running naturally ... or something!

    Glad you've been won over to the way of the compression sock!! image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Good evening! That was a cracking run Sarah you must be feeling good about the race now?

    My plan tomorrow is to go to the station with mrs p as she goes to work, then run to where I can get on to the canal, then a long loop through the countryside on the Towpath with a four mile road section back to the house. I've got everything laid out, Fully voltarol-ed, and just need to be sure my knee is ok tomorrow. Plan B is more rest then do it on Monday.
  • Great run today Sarah, enjoy the taper now....

    Hope to get a run in Tomorrow whilst on call as supposedly quiet and feeling really twitched having not been out for 3 1/2 days image took kids swimming today but that doesn't qualify as cross training
  • Haha, im glad I settled for just a plain glass of milk now when I got in from my run!! Didnt have any milkshakes left in the fridge but ive bought a few more today ready for my run next weekend.

    Im still sat in my compression socks and tights now. Ive only ran in the socks once and never in the tights. I wore the socks underneath full tights in the gym...I had planned to do a slow run and thought by wearing lots of layers it would stop me from wanting to run too fast through fear of over heating!

    Last year I did one 18 and one 22 so this year after doing 3 18s and 4 20s I thought the 22 would be slightly easier than it was but im glad that I did it.
  • Hi Sarah. I was thinking along the same lines as you that running slower made my legs ache as the few times I picked up my pace mid mile, my legs felt better!

    I still dont have the pink socks yet though!
  • Hi Mr P...would that be your 22 then?

    I hope that you manage to get it done tomorrow then least you have more days to rest and recover before work next week and your marathon. It sounds like you have a lovely route planned. I hope the weather stays nice for you, good luck.
  • Hi Clive, im the same as you swimming just doesnt do it for me at all. I get bored after a couple of lengths. I think its the lack of sweating aswell that I dont like with swimming, makes you feel like you havent done much when you get out.

    I hope you get a good run in tend to need it after being on call!
  • Hello! I wanted to de-lurk to congratulate you on your last long run. I have been following your forum as I have similar target for VLM. It will be my fourth marathon but the first time running London. Getting very excited about it, especially as we are heading into the taper. I ran my longest run on Wednesday, 23 miles, but wasn't as lucky as you with the weather. Can't believe it's still trying to snow in March! It's been really helpful following your training and has encouraged me get out to do my runs this long winter. So big thanks to you and your mentor, Minnie.
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