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  • Hi Malcs. Ive felt the same too. Just feel so sad for all those affected and cant really become excited about sunday.

    All my friends and family have told me not to be stupid, that their all still coming to watch....but like you im a worrier so I will be worrying about them all the way round the course now!

    I think the minute silence and black arm band is a lovely idea, im all for it.

    Im glad that you managed to find the post despite me saying it was sam, when it was sarah! Was it still on Adys thread or did I get that wrong too? Glad that Sarah got back to you quickly and you managed to swap days for your massage. I hope its a good one and makes your legs feel 10 years younger!
  • Thankyou Carter, same goes for you too!
  • Hello all,

    Well I had a sports massage last night- now having one regularly every 2 weeks and I think that's contributing to my legs feeling pretty good in the last few weeks. This guy doesn't use painful elbow techniques either- all seems quite gentle when it's going on, but the results are miraculous.

    Sarah, I totally understand ur reaction to not want ur family to come watch, but u can guarantee the finish area and family meeting points are going to be under intense scrutiny- the other comfort is that the kind of people who would coordinate to attack both cities usually would have claimed responsibility for the attack.

    I would say let's focus on all the good stories... The runners that ran on to the hospitals to give blood- the medics racing the marathon who came back to give assistance.

    I got an email from my friend forwArded last night from the marathon sports store where the bomb was focussed- 1) all their staff are fine. 2) they're organising their regular Wednesday run tonight and those who can't run coz of the race will be walking. Boston is a strong city- I can't wait to go back there once I eventually qualify for that race!!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good for you Angela, i wondered how you would be feeling.

    I've been searched  a few times at London in the Mall, it's very reassuring to see those soldiers keeping an eye on everything.

    I haven't sorted my kit yet, I need to get it done!




  • Hi Mr P!!! No Kit yet!!! you've just about got time to get it washed and dry before u need to pack it!!! come on!!!

    Sarah, I was going to say you should be a wArrior, and not a wOrrier image

    Have Destiny's Child 'I'm a Survivor' playing in your head!!

  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm on the blue start on Sunday.

    We take my little boy swimming on a weekend every couple of months or so but he has lessons every Friday afternoon and my Mum and Dad normally take him - I only get to go and watch once in a blue moon, if I happen to be off work, so it will be nice to be able to take him this Friday.

    I'm sure you're right and my sluggish legs are due to the taper. I did four miles last night and again felt a bit sluggish at first but did a few 200m sprints and they helped loosen me up a bit and I felt better after that.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Pink - I wouldn't say I'm a big fan but I do like some of her singles and I'll bet she's great to see live. I used to go to loads of gigs but don't get much of a chance nowadays.  

    Like others here I'm still feeling a little bit flat but I reckon I'll be fine once I get to the Expo on Friday. I think Sunday may be a little sombre at the start, with the 30 seconds silence and everything, but once we get going and have the crowd cheering us on it will be fine. In fact it could have a positive effect because everyone, both runners and supporters, will be really determined to make it a special day (even more so than usual).  

  • Hi Angela,

    I'm glad to hear that your friends and relatives in Boston are OK.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - very positive, I like your style! image 

    Andy - I'm sure Sunday will be another great occasion. There is always alot of emotion with so many people already running to help others or in memory of friends and family. Boston will clearly be in pepople's minds. That doesn't have to stop it being a celebratory event which I'm sure it will be.

    Re. your legs - I agree with Sarah. I've felt sluggish too. I think it's a good sign. It'll all be fine on the day. Not long until Friday now when the carbo loading begins. I have my shopping list already made up image

    Sarah - the massage comment was on Ady's thread but Sam could well have mentioned it elsewhere too. I don't know about making my legs feel 10 years younger, I'll just be happy if she doesn't break anything image

  • Thanks Andy and Malcs.

    Sooo, I'm off to S of France tomorrow for a week - I kinda want to use the time I'll have as a warm weather training camp.  Whilst I don't think it would be wise to do too much more running than my schedule has, what do you think I could do to get extra benefit.

    Of course I could probably get away with an extra 2-3 mile run per day, but do we think core work blast per day will help as well/instead??

    Any tips???

  • Hi Malcs,

    "There is always a lot of emotion with so many people already running to help others or in memory of friends and family."

    I think this is a very good point.

    I've certainly got a well stocked food cupboard at home, ready for the carbo loading.image

    I've just been making my list of things to remember before I leave the house on Sunday and that's helped put me back in the right moodimage.



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - lucky you! Have a great time.

    Good idea to do some warm weather acclimatisation. I'm no expert so I'm not sure what you should do. I would have thought that just running your normal schedule but in the heat would be benefit enough.

    Definitely get one of your long slow runs in. If you have a midweek long run scheduled then you could do that and if you don't then maybe swap a speed session for a midweek long  instead (10-13 miles ish or 1hr 30 - 2hrs max, slow). 

    I'm sure core stuff will help too. I've been doing a bit more of that this week to keep me feeling like I'm exercising. Doesn't help when you're in a chair all day.

    Andy -  good to hear. Where are you in London? Do you have to go via London Bridge?

    The last two years I discovered that I could get one train from Orpington to Lewisham and just walk up to the Blue start. Way, way easier than going through the scrummage at London Bridge. For the Blue start they tend to direct you to Blackheath station but Lewisham is just as close. It's also on the DLR.

    ( Sarah, I think I told you I was on Red last year but it was Blue - obviously explains why we didn't see each otherimage

    Mr P, I guess you won't have a choice? Where are the rest of you staying? Do you have nice easy travel options?

    Got my race pack this morning so my adrenaline has just kicked in image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I like to walk from the Hotel over Tower Bridge (everybody's favourite!) turn right and walk to London Bridge station for the journey to Blackheath.

    I could get DLR to Greenwich too and walk up to the blue start, but I love the atmosphere as the charities set up their cheering points and the St Johns are setting up.

    In 2010 I was walking over the bridge and all the elites were on an old style London bus waitiing to go to the start, I caught Liz Yelling's eye and she gave me a big smile.

  • I went to the gym at lunchtime and did a couple of very easy miles on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes on the cross trainer, again at a low level, and some stretches. It was just what I needed - I didn't work too hard but it loosened me up nicely.

    What a palaver though. Firstly I realised just before I left the office that the pork and bean casserole I brought for my lunch had leaked in my bagimage. I managed to get the worst of the stains out of my t-shirt and dry it on the hand dryer in the gents toilet and I don't think I smelled too badly when I was working outimage. Then when I got out of the office trying to actually get anywhere was a nightmare due to the security in place for Mrs T's funeral (I work near Guildhall where the reception took place afterwards) so I had to make big detours there and back.

    Malcs - I live in Harold Wood, near Romford, so I have quite an easy journey. I have a six minute walk to the station then I can jump off the train at Stratford and get the DLR.        

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    image I used to pick up cardboard  tubes from  a firm in Harold wood in my trucking days! I remember a big roundabout with footbridges across it?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - that sounds like a great walk on race morning! 

    Andy - one of those days eh? Sounds like you have a nice route to the start area. What's the DLR like on race day? Wall to wall with runners and supporters or not so bad that early on?

    I have just returned from Sainsburys with: teacakes, bagels, milkshakes, yoghurts, jelly babies, jaffa cakes, bananas, rice, pasta and fruit will all be gone by Sunday morning image

  • Hi Angela, I have been trying to focus on all the positives today, like you said the finishers who went to the hospital and donated blood, those that gave their homes up to put a roof over people head, those that provided food and clothes...the list is endless...there are so many good people out there. We had a minute silence before our race tonight which was nice. Cant understand why we are only having a 30 sec one on sunday though....why not the full minute?

    I like my massages like that too, far more enjoyable and if they still give the results : )

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday. Im sure you will be able to do slightly more than that in your schedule as you wont be rushing around going to work etc. I wouldnt do too much more though just incase. Do they normally say no more than 10% extra?
  • Hi Mr P, Ive just put some of my kit in my mothers washing hope it will be washed and dried ready for 9 pm friday morning when we start to make our way down to London.

    Sounds like a nice way to make it to the start. The coach that is taking me from shef down to London also takes us to the start on sunday morning.
  • Hi Andy, it sounds like you had a bit of a challenging day today...if you can get through that, sunday will be a walk in the park. Hope you manage to get the stain and smell out of your top. It sounds like your legs just needed to turn over a little quicker and loosen up. They will be perfect for sunday.

    I went to my race tonight and everyone was so positive and up beat about london, so im feeling a little more positive about it now and im getting my excitement back. We should be using the marathon on sunday in memory of those at Boston, im sure they would want us to.

    Hope you enjoy spending some quality time with your son at the pool on friday, it must be so hard for you only getting to do it once in a blue moon
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I've got my vest and socks, can't find my shorts yet, they wil turn up, washing always doesimage

    I did five miles pacy tonight, but I think I might have a little coldette...sweated profusely, and my chest feels tickly.

    All this talk about hotels, I phoned today to cancel one of the rooms cos Robs not coming and they had no reservation! Luckily they had a room so we're ok but I got home and checked my emails and I got a confirmation of the rate but I never confirmed. Doh!
  • Evening thats a lot of food...think I might need to go back to the shops!

    Have my JB, bagel and pasta but thats it, but we will need to eat out on friday anyway. Ive spotted some milk shakes in the fridge that belong to my brother...think I might steal one!

    I was convinced I was at the red start last year, but looking at my number in a photo it was red at the top with a white back ground and the numbers were blue????does that mean we were on the same start again??

    Hope you have a good massage tomorrow.
  • OMG Mr P, that was a close call with regards to your hotel, your so lucky that they had a room, phew!

    I did my miles a little quicker than planned, but only slightly. Was still holding myself back and felt like I had so much more to give.

    I hope you don't have a cold so close to the big day. I was on the train this afternoon and there was a little boy constantly into a bit of a panic but then luckily they changed seats.
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 15 (day 107) aim; w/u + 4 x 0.9 m @ MP with 1 min recoveries.

    I went to the 2nd five miler road race tonight and met Hilly which was nice. She kindly found me out sheltering inside the football hut next to the radiator. Thankyou for coming over to say hello. My mum said that she saw you walking back in the first mile...I hope everything is ok and you havent sustained any new injuries?

    Before the race I did a 0.7 mile w/u which was at a steady pace with a friend. I didnt set my watch but im sure we were running at around 8:30 m/m.

    The race was in penistone and was pretty flat in comparison to all the other 5 milers that I have done.

    After having a minutes silence for Boston and the hillsborough disaster the race began. Quite soon in to the race everyone did a sharp turn which took you on to the trans pennine way. Who ever was leading the race had took a short cut (through a metal gate which I climbed through). This short cut made our race 4.3 miles instead of the 5 I was supposed to do. There had been no marshals at this point to tell us to go any other way.

    The first mile was flat and into the wind. I ran this at 8:22 m/m. I found it quite difficult holding myself back at this pace, but was pleased to say I wasnt at the very back.

    The second mile was still into the wind and ended on the start of an incline. I ran this at 7:46 m/m which I was pleased with. It was nice to pick up the pace and over take a few runners.

    The third mile was initially up a steepish hill (but this wasnt as steep or as long as the one last week) and then down a reasonable hill. The wind was behind me now and I ran this slightly too quickly at 7:28m/ms. I found someone to run with at this point and nattered to her along the way (getting told off by marshals for not trying hard enough)

    The fourth mile was on the flat and again I had the wind behind me. I got talking to a guy who was running VLM on sunday also and was aiming for a sub 3:30. I ran this mile at 7:33 m/m

    I stuck with the gentleman above until the last 50-100m of the race when I decided to have a controlled sprint to the finish (mainly because two women from a Tri club were trying to catch me up and pass me and I wasnt having any of it.) Im sure this wont have any detrimental affect as it wasnt for long and I had read schedules for this week that included some strides...just hope Minni agrees.

    So I didnt run for as long as planned but overall I still ran 5 miles, the first 1.7 being around 8:30 min mls and the rest (3.3 miles) being at or just slightly quicker than MP.

    My legs felt great today and I felt comfortable all the way round...just hope its the same on sunday
  • 8 mile progressive run tonight

    Meant to d the last 2 miles at the slow end of my marathon pace, but there were people running around me who I wanted to overtake PROPERLY.... So it ended up being more like half marathon pace... Then straight to the pub to have a Parkrun committee meeting...

    2 beers and I'm a little tipsy, but I'm on holiday, so it's ok image. Off tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll say hey before VLM and Great Welsh, but if for whatever reason I don't get the chance, best of luck to all of you, though, you don't need luck! Well done for training though the toughest winter for ages with such resolve, and for inspiring each other!

    Now go get them pbs!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    haha - I'm sure you'll get away with it Sarah! image

  • Haha, Angela you sound like me and what a way to end a run : ). Ive almost survived 3 weeks without any alcohol...hope it pays off!

    Thankyou for your good luck and support over the last few weeks Angela. Hope you have a fantastic time in france. Cant wait to hear all about it on your return.
  • Lol, thankyou Minni, think it was one of the toughest 5 milers I have done mentally....I was the second runner back for my running club...the first one was tormenting me most of the way round to keep up with him and over take him....took so much will power to ignore him...but looking back ive had the last laugh as I managed to resist the temptation to race past him!

    I hope your shins ok?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image  I'm trying not to think about it.  Its sore where I fell on it.  It doesn't hurt until I run.  However 4 days is a long time. image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - ha, maybe we were on the same start after all. Were you in the park or on the common? If you were out in the open near all the hot air balloons then you were on Blue. If you started in the park you were on Red.

    Sounds like you had a great run today. So that's it then, unless you sneak in a cheeky one on Saturday?

    I'm having a little jog tomorrow in the morning then massage after lunch. Might throw in a quicker middle mile to loosen the legs up.

    I have also become paranoid about getting a cold. I'm overdosing on vit C and Berocca at the moment!

    Angela - cheers muchly, have a fantastic time in France!

    Mr P - how long is your vest? Long enough to save your blushes should the unthinkable happen?image

    Minni - I'm sure the shin will turn out to be a bruise and ease off by Sunday. Take it easy. Have you done all your runs now?

  • 4 days is a long time Minni and when your body is use to doing as much milage as yours, im sure it will repair itself and recouperate pretty quickly with the rest.
  • Hi have me thinking not entirely sure about the balloons. I can remember the lay out of the park, where the start was, portaloos, baggage area and drinks but I cant remember the balloons....I will have a look this year and let you curious now!

    I think that will be it now. I dont think I will be off out on a run on saturday. I want to try and sleep in as much as possible (although that will probably only be until about 8am) and then spend the rest of the time with my friends and family who I feel I at least owe them that. If I go for a run I will either have to get up early (with I dont fancy doing as I dont think I will sleep well on saturday night) or they will all have to wait around for me, and given that their doing that all day sunday, I dont think it will be fair.....therefore my next run is VLM!!!!!

    I always overdose on Vit C....but I have been taking some iron/vit C tablets in addition to the 8-10 portions of fruit and veg I consume daily....just incase!

    Hope you have a good run in the morning.
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