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    DS - ouch. image

    Mr Puffy - so what was missing this year?  What are you going to change for the next marathon?  I guess sub 3:30 is still your target.  If you've run 3:33 previously then you know you've got it in you with the correct training.  Which half are you doing?  I'd say February is too early to set your marathon time - there's still lots you can do from there.  Which marathon are you doing?

    Hilly - that is a big mileage.  What kind of speed session will you do when you start.  I sympathise with your calf trouble - its my weak area too.  I'm much better at recognising it now and pulling back.

    Taper - I used to always do a 2 week taper because I used to race a 14m three weeks out.  I'm not sure when I slipped into the 3 week.  I did a 22m  thirteen days before a marathon once and it didn't do me any harm. 

    BR - I'm really interested in your depletion approach.  Do you accurately measure everything as per your body weight etc?

    Carl - most people are guilty of not doing a long enough warm up but try it and I bet it helps.

    Sarah - hope you have a great parkrun tomorrow! image

    hilly - I'm meeting Sarah at Newcastle parkrun.  I think she might beat me. image

  • good luck for the park run tomorrow...It looks like a wet morning here.hope you get a drier one

  • You're in Wales aren't you Seren ? It's bound to be raining !
  • I'm in the process of putting together my sessions, but they will based around the 4 main elements of strength, speed, LT and endurance.  I don't do anything too special to tell the truth.  My favourite for my previous sub 3 was 20 x 400s and long run with a fast last 3 miles to finish.

    Enjoy the parkrun tomorrow both - good to have someone to push you along for a bit of friendly rivalryimage

  • I have noticed thast one carter..i need a couple of dry hours for the bike this weekendimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hi Sarah - wow, this thread is moving fast. Still away so catching up a bit tonight. However, my mum's internet connection is useless so it's a painful process. May have to give up for now and focus on stalking you properly next week! image

    Question for you about speed work. Are you doing a speed session every week?

    I'm currently considering delaying speed sessions until the latter half or even third of training this year and focusing initially on building endurance through increased slower mileage. This will be a big change from what I've done in the past. 

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    Oh boy, 20 x 400 Hilly? What kind of pace did you run those at?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Malcs - I'm so pleased to see you on here.
  • Enjoy the parkrun tomorrow both of you, it'll be like showdown - Blonde Ponytail vs Brunette Plaits!  

  • Minni I missed a lot of club nights working late, I just need to pack up and go home at five and not look back. I don't think there's anything wrong with my approach, I just missed those nights which usually would be hills or speed work. And of course I will be recovery running.

    I am running London and yes aiming for 3:30.
  • Just nipping on to say good luck with the parkrun Sarah and Minni!! Hope weather is ok and you get your PB Sarah! ... Just not sub-20 just yet ... give me a chance!!image

  • Evening. Well ive just come home from catching up with friends. I managed to stop at 3 alcoholic drinks and then went on to water and I had chicken tikka and nan bread to sounded like the safer option. Now I just needs to catch some sleep to stand a chance of getting a reasonable time.

    Sarah I really don't think you have to worry about sub20's just yet......I'm stuffed....unless Indian food acts to power me around!

    Thankyou everyone for your opinions and experiences of tapering. I had planned to do a 2 week taper this year for VLM but ended up doing a 3 week taper as I developed a cold after doing a long 22 mile run 3 weeks before. I can't really comment if it was the right thing to do as all my training had been pretty rushed and was a mess, but I did get round (but did find my 22 mile training run easier than 22 miles in VLM)!

    Hi Clive and DS2 lovely to hear from you. Did you both have a nice Christmas? Sorry to hear about your fall DS2, hope you've made a full recovery?

    Right had better get some sleep if I'm getting up at 7 to run!

    Hope everyone whose running tomorrow has a good run.
  • Mr puffy; we will be able to compare times from the half on the 20th to see where we are both at.

    Hilly one of my running clubs had a xc league just before Christmas that I could take part in but I don't think I'm allowed to take part in the up coming one as its my second claim club. Maltby my first club don't have any xc but there is a local xc league in sheffield that I could take part in as a guest for another club. Would you recommend xc races to help train for a road marathon?

    BR glad to hear that your extended run before your marathons didnt hinder your must have been quite a stressful time for you going into that marathon?

    Right, bed!
  • image Do I hear snoring?

  • Sarah - I think I was the one being stressed on the last run before the marathon thinking it would blow the race being out for so long the Sunday before, BR tended to stay calmimage  The marathon went really well though, so no need to have worried.image

    Hope you enjoy the parkrun this morning!

    Minni - I started off at one session of 15 x 400 with 10 x 100m strides at the end, then did 2 further sessions of 20 x 400 with 10 x 100m strides at the end.  I remember really enjoying the sessions and although I haven't run quite as many since, it's a session I would certainly do again and might incorporate into this block of training.  The session was split into 3 or 4 sets with each 400m off 90 secs recovery and 2 mins between sets.  TimeS I did then were 85-88 secs per 400m.  Finishing with 10 x100m in 16-17 secs.  Blissimage

  • so what are the results from the park was raining nasty here for my hour run earlier.hope it was better for you

  • Hey Sarah, how did the parkrun go? Wondering if curry-power is worth looking in to as a training tool...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ah bless Sarah, I could tell the curry last night was going to slow her down so I gave her a huge head start ......
  • To be fair, you must be 20 years older than her so you did better in real terms

  • And the results were......??  image or image

  • Hilly, I think I would have been the worried, stressed out one too! That session you describe above sounds so tough, almost impossible!

    Seren it was wet, muddy and windy but I enjoyed it, was lovely to meet minni who treat me to a cappuccino afterwards (thankyou minni).

    Steve I can't work out if the curry helped by fuelling me round or hindered due to having a full stomach (together with the few alcoholic drinks) think I'm going to have to do another one without the Indian and compare times!

    DS2; according to my watch my time was 20:28, the same as at boot camp (but under tougher conditions so I'm happy). My watch said my pace was 6.33 min/mls. I did a 2.5 mile warm up with minni at just over 8.44 min/mls (when my watch finally kicked in) and a cool down for .6 of a mile at a similar pace.
  • nice one Sarah image  That gives you a good benchmark for your training plan.

  • sarah - that is excellent in those conditionsimage. You seem to be going really well at the moment. That sub 20 looks nailed on very soon!

  • great time for the beginning of the training especially at christmas week and in those conditionsimage

    My hubby hasn't managed a sub 20 yet..........but has several sub 3:30 marathonsimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes, well done Sarah.  The conditions were far from ideal - rain, lots of standing water, mud and a bit of wind.  Sarah was off like a rocket and didn't slow image. I was well over a minute slower! image


  • I dread to think what my 5k time would be at the moment. We had a local race on Boxing Day that was on an altered course, probably 3 miles and I was nowhere near 7mm let alone 6.33, after a beer and a curry that's a very good result Sarah.


  • Sarah- storming racing! I wonder what your time will be by the time Minni is finished with you!image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    She'll be an alcoholic by thenimage
  • That's an excellent 5k time Sarah!

    Minni - I wasn't that technical about the amount of grammes needed.  However one really interesting thing is that on the 2005 depletion I felt absolutely fantastic.  We worked out that it was cutting out the wheat and gluten from the bread and pasta.

  • Excellent time in what sounds like not the easiest of conditions Sarah.  I see some good longer distance times ahead - keep up the excellent workimage


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