Carrying gels on aeroplane

Does anyone know whether it's OK to take a couple of gel sachets through airport security, if I put them in the see-thru plastic bag with my toiletries?


  • Yes its fine in the plastic bag. I've taken them before no problems. Going anywhere nice?

  • As long as they don't individually exceed 100ml  - and I think there's a limit that all your little sachets and other liquids in your see-through bag don't come to a total of 1 litre...  but only 90% of that particular figure.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    There is indeed a one litre limit in total.  My OH had to ditch some stuff on our last trip, as security took his luggage to pieces. 

    That is the downside of travelling hand-luggage only!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've never had an issue with carrying gels but I've been given some dodgy looks and make sure that it has the size on the packet. One gel I got from decathlon didn't have this and they threw it away.

    As Wilkie said - make sure that you don't exceed 1 litre and I'd recommend using the right size bag as I've been told off once or twice for that.

    I normally split out toiletries amongst the people I'm travelling with if its too much (e.g. Shower gel/gels etc)
  • Thanks for encouraging and practical responses everyone. My partner just treated me to a Madrid trip in April. It'll be two weeks before the London Marathon so I will be needing to do a  longish run some time while we're out there. At some point I was going to post a separate thread on suggesting running routes in Madrid. But if anyone has any suggestions at this point I'd be very happy to hear them


    This is 2 weeks before London if you need a longish run. Just tag on a bit extra if you need more mileage.
  • Thanks TPF for the link to the Madrid Half. I didn't spot your posting then saw it today - and guess what, it was five hours before the discounted pre-booking offer closed. So I booked just in time, and am hugely looking forward to it. Thanks again and a happy new year.

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