First marathon

Im training for my first marathon and have got a PT to help me on my way Im a bit concerned that im not training enough . For the first couple of weeks ive ran 12 miles and done weights . In the runners world magazine is a.first timers marathon plan and its has 15 miles for the first week with a steady increase of 10%each week . Am I worrying for nothing ? Or should I trust my Pt?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Does your PT have a background in running? If so what is it. For my first marathon I prepared by just running. Not sure how much if a benefit you wl get from the weights if you are doing them at the expense of running.
  • Nicola - a lot will depend on where you are starting from and also what your aims are.

    I agree with Millsy tho', if your PT is not experience in endurance running then you may need to look for another form of assistance.  There is no harm in doing resistance training - in fact if is beneficial - but would usually be in addition to all your running for example on the same day as a run or can be on a cross training/rest day if you are used to that amount of exercise.

    Well done on attempting your first marathon - the main thing is to keep up consistent training especially if your goal is just to finish.

  • Thanks everyone im just panicking about the marathon . Just doesnt feel like ill be ready
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