Please Help!! where do I start

Hey, I'm looking for help as to where to start! I can swim but not at any pace or efficiency so I have 121 lessons booked to start on the 11th, and my brother has just given me his road bike! I am already a runner, 2 marathons this year and am hoping to run a spring one as well.  So thats me now the question is as I haven't got the first clue what sort of training should I be doing??

Any advice please.....



  • Tigger ...... have a look here as a starting point - should answer a lot of your questions.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • 121 lessons is a good start but I would think that 100 would be enough   image

  • There's only 8 days left of this year !

  • OMG then 8 lessons will be plenty     image

  • 2 lessons on Christmas Day ?
  • Tigger assuming you are not of the Mayan persuasion then I would continue with your 100 swimming lessons as a good recovery and then gradually introduce some bike sessions
    Make sure that the bike you have is the right size for you and is correctly set up, if you have not used a road bike before then take some time to get used to it

    Have a look at for some training plans and see how they pan out

    If the world is a bit late in ending at least you havent spent a fortune on gear you dont need   image

  • Hi Tigger..........swim a bit. run a bit and bike a lot




  • I'm planning and have entered my first tri for March next year. I'm nervous already, but the info on the PSOF guide to sprint triathlons has opened my eyes. Some great little tips in there

  • As said above

    Swim a bit. 1-2 sessions is great. 3 is super if you can be arsed or you enjoy tje water thing.....

    Bike lots. a longer weekend ride (aka the long run) builds endurance. go longer than the bike distance of your race - ie if you are doing an olympic in 3hrs total, be happy riding a long ride at 3 hrs..... builds endurance etc safely.

    Run. you know what you are doing. 1 interval session on a bike a week is cool

    Ignore the above if you are doing Ironman as thats a whole different ballgame.
  • thanks guys! I'm very much looking forward to starting my swimming lessons, I was thinking of getting my bike serviced before I go out on it! May be a daft question but saddles can you get ladies ones? 

  • You certainly can but thats a very personal thing as well so you can listen to what suits everyone but will need to try a few for yourself

  • Meldy is absolutely right, what's good for one person may not be good for you. I bought a ladies saddle several years ago and found it extremely uncomfortable. I use a slimline racing saddle now.

  • does the bike fit?  If it doesn't then you will struggle.  If it does then you will have a much easier time, even if it's a bit of a ropey old steed.  Get the bike shop to set it up for you and give you some advice.  Ideally take someone along who knows a bit about bikes - otherwise you will get the old patter  "well it's not ideal for you...... how about one of these, it's reduced and is a real steal at £8,649....." image

  • well my brother is a short arse, or I am very tall.......which ever we are both the same height! the saddle is slightly too high as if I peddle I feel like I'm going to be split in two!! 

    next question.....would you guy's suggest taking my time with tri training, whilst training for a marathon or am I better to concentrate on my first triathlon? I am already booked on a 20 mile race in March oh and the tr24 in July I may add!!

    I really do appreciate your advice x

  • Not sure if anyone will see this but what the hell!

    Totally loved the swimming lesson! come away with homework, aiming to swim 3 times a week. Bike is in bits being serviced. soo exciting! fingers crossed doing myfirst tri on march 31st at east leake!!

  • Sounds like you are making excellent progress !!

  • Yep, almost ready for The Outlaw in 2014
  • Thanks guys! I'm off to the pool in the morning and can not wait!!

  • Glad it's going well, good luck with everything.

  • The Outlaw 2014.... someone else has mentioned that!

    Swam for the last 3 days on the trot and although tired today the penny has dropped! I've practiced and practiced and today I felt awesome! I'm so excited! although 400m nonstop still seems a long way away!

    Bike still in bits not to mention too much snow and ice for me to even think about going out on it even if I had it!

  • Swimming going well!!  Swam in the North Sea yesterday!!

  • image  Nutter!!

  • I hope you had a wetsuit on!? Still a nutter though!
  • Hey... yep wetsuit, 2 pairs of socks a pair of gloves and 4 swimming hats on!! it was awesome!!

    Haha just seeing my post of the 16th Jan about 16 lengths being a long way..... well today I nailed it for the first time!!  loved it!! could have done more.... maybe I appreciated the heat of the pool after my last dip!!??

  • Well done! On the sea swim and 16 lengths. I think you will see big improvements quickly now! How long did you stay in the sea!? I dont suppose you have found a way to combat face freeze??
  • Thank you EllieO!! I was in the sea for 10 long minutes, as I have never been open water swimming let a lone in the sea I did'nt think that was too bad! I never got face freeze I think that's because my hats came all the way down my forehead to my big goggles, only bit exposed were cheeks!

    I am thinking of going along to the local tri club but it's a bit scarey if they will all be ubber fast! I quite fancey some more open swims in time!

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    great progress, now you can do 400m you'll be doing a mile next in no time.

    well worth speaking to the local tri club, I joined mine when I reached 400m and there were others there who struggled to do a length.

  • Thanks for that HONK maybe I'll give it a few more weeks.... just a bit more confidence! or maybe once I'v done this 20mile race that I booked onto and am now regreting somewhat!

    Question, how long should I leave it beween swims? I would like to go again tomorrow, as I can't wednesday or Friday, Is that too soon?? Is it a case that less is more?

    I know that with running, I feel better for doing shorter distances everyday ( well nearly everyday!) does it work the same for swimming or do you just get webbed feet?

    Oh and haven't got my bike back yet that's another world of pain just waiting to get me!!

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