Please Help!! where do I start



  • I'd say swim as much as you can, providing you're not too tired! Swimming is all about technique, so practice will make permanent.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    if your not feeling tired then you should be fine to swim again tomorrow, in fact lots of short swims are probably the best thing you can do at the moment. When I swim further now I like to leave at least a day in between swims to recover but its easier to recover from swimming than it is running.

  • OUCH!!!!

    Got the bike!! The guy who serviced and fitted it say he would take me out on it so I know how to ride it etc... I thought it would be from his house to mine (a mile) Oh no..... 10 miles later I was home...... I wore Jeans......HUGE MISTAKE!!

  • Jeans - Yikes!! Denim seams...

    I have a shorts ques. Only usually wear running tights but probably need to buy padded shorts - do you girls / guys train in 'tri' stuff or do you think that 'proper' cycling chorts are necessary for getting the miles in??

    Can I 'transition' the question into another 'beginnerish' one...Long run? Is it acceptable / of value to split long run e.g. 5m (way to work)  and 10m home... or is that pointless?

    Really need some tips on how to make things flexible and still count.

    So sorry if this should have been a new thread. Also someone let me know if there is a limit to how many numpty newbie questions allowed before you get kicked off... I have searched through to try and find answers from threads past.

  • Ges ogt - no limit on questions!! image

    Shorts - I use cycle tights for long rides at the moment, but thats coz its cold out. You do need to get use to cycling in tri stuff - so better sooner than later. And if you have a decent saddle that fits then less padding is often more comfortable. Its the padding bunching up that tends to casue sores.

    And its can be beneficial to split the ling runs into two - but just not all the time. Splitting the runs allows you to get the miles in, but reducing the risk of strains etc. But alsp reduces the build up of stamina. A bit of mixing amd matching is OK - but err towards single long runs whenever possible.

  • Hey Ges Ogt, thanks for posting ask as many newbie questions as you like I will be interested in the replies!

    I was wondering the same, so first purchase should it be a tri suit? Any recommendations on brands, or advice on sizes I'm more of a 12/14 than a 10/12.

  • Ouch! Jean seams not pleasant!

    Ges Ogt and G&W Tigger - I don't wear proper cycling shorts for cycling. UNtil recently have just worn compression shorts or running leggins. It caused problems with my original saddle, although no amount of padding would have helped with the cheese wire feeling. I now have a saddle that is wider at the back and, touch wood, so far so good. Admittedly I got some tri shorts a couple of weeks back (leggins over the top at the mo) and they do make things a bit comfier, but I could manage without.

    G&W Tigger - I didn't have any tri gear for my first triathlon. I now have tri shorts and top, as I have quite a long torso and all in one type things never fit, plus I always need the loo. I guess it is personal preference.  The tri shorts and top I got were 2xu from (they had a good deal on). I am a 10/12 and went for the medium, but I don't like things too tight. There is definately room in top and bottoms, especially room in the top as I don't have much to put in it!

  • Thanks kind folk. Feel so much better that a split run every 3/4 weeks is not going ruin my 'ticks' and 'colourful' dots!

    Keep promising myself that I will buy tri-gear when I feel slim / fit enough to wear itimage

    (No time soon then HA!)

    DEVASTED having put a speedo on my turbo trainer that my top Z2 is only hitting 10 mph!!! Please tell me that I have the resistance too hard... It seems to be the equivlaent of about 14mph on the road!

  • Ges ogt - it is very very difficult to measure speed off a Turbo, unless you have a very posh turbo. I 'getsimate' mine by using a known heart rate and known cadence on the road, then adjust the resistance to the speed is almost the same on the turbo. But is a bit of guess work.

  • Think I will just tear the stupid speedo off... don't need to feel any more rubbish!

    Stick with heart rate and inspirational poster of Rocky!! (Looks great surrounded by fairy lights).

  • Right I have booked onto my first swim coaching session with my local tri club..... eek!!

  • Excellent! Have a great timeimage Have learned to love swimming around 2-9 yr olds first thing on a Sat as this is close to replicating the "washing machine' experience... found myself swimming in time to 'baby-splash-swim-and-sing' yesterday! Worried that I am developing a fondness of doing everything in laps / lengths...didn't even mind hill reps... yikes Fish in a bowl syndromeimage

  • Heyy you guys! Can I join in please?! I'm new to all this as well and really don't have a clue what I'm doing at all.

    I decided at the beginning of the year to get fit so started running, I then got shin splints so used my exercise bike at home (properly for the first time since buying it 3 years ago!) to carrying on exercising. Decided that I like it so thought I'd do a Sprint Tri this summer then if I like it to build up to some longer distance for next year image 

    I picked up my beautiful shiny new road bike last night - (thanks to the cycle to work scheme!) - I'm really looking forward to falling off it this weekend as haven't ridden for a couple of years and never used clipless pedals. My brother, who is quite a serious cyclist, insisted that a road bike and clipless pedals was the way to go for a complete idiot like me on a bike EEEEEK!

    Now the big thing is to get back into swimming - I haven't really swum since school and the thought of open water swimming scares the bejesus out of me :S 

    Hmmm looking at all of that it seems like I have quite a few issues to get over before I start thinking too big! I was thinking of contacting my local tri club when a I'm a bit fitter. I really don't want them to laugh at my blobbiness, unfitness and complete ineptitudeimage

    So anyway HI! image 


    Ps hope you guys don't mind me joining in x

  • Ha Ha Ha! Get those blobby bits in the water! I still have nightmares of drowning in my own snot and tears at 'school' swimming!

    Open water sessions in the sunshine will be here soon and you'll be just like Dora by then  - I'm VERY new and inept but absolutely loving it! 

    Think of myself as a 'tryaferlete'; when I see a runner - i feel the need to shout  - hey I do that It's great isn't it? When running want to shout enviously at cyclists - Yeah! I do that! Great isn't it? Watching people gather outside the pool as I cycle / run past I want to go in for a splash... A complete bonkers sport!

    As a fell runner I thought I would never meet more generous, welcoming athletes (of the very highest callibre) WRONG! These here are lovely, lovely people... you can't help but improve even by way of 'thank you' for their helpimage What a lovely sporty world we share in! Dig in ladyimage

  • Welcome GingerG the more the merrier!!

    Ges ogt loving the 'tryaferlete'!!

    I took part in a 20 mile race on sunday and after spending the day throwing up yesterday (nice little bug!!) I have done nothing this week! Hoping to get back to the pool on friday! My swimming tri session is booked for next week so I'm totally bricking it!!

    Been looking at some open water swims and can't wait to start.... lets face it it can't be any colder than last time!!

    I have also tried on my friends Tri suit....OMG how uncomfortable are they! how can you possibly swim and run with a nappy between your legs? and I know they have a bra attached but I need my shock absorber! Not been on the bike with padding, thats next on the list!

  • Hi Gemma!

    I too am a newbie... I did a sprint tri last year with open water swim on no training and I survived so I am sure you will be fine if you are getting prepared already. I didn't even have a bike 2 weeks before!

    Everyone on here seems really happy to give advice and lots of newbies to share stories with. I have to agree that triathletes are the friendliest people!

    As for a tri club... Im not a member but met a load of newbies at the weekend who are and they couldnt speak highly enough of the clubs. They seem well set up for all abilities! Go for it!
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Green and White Tigger, the trisuit will dry out when you are on the bike, so you don't notice it when it comes  to the run. And yes wearing a shock absorber bra underneath is a requirement for many of us ladies.

    The bike padding is very necessary and don't forget to use some chamois cream/bodyglide or other such product to stop any chafing. I can assure you that is the worst that can happen. Build up bike rides gradually so your backside gets toughened up as well as the legs getting fitter.

    If new to clipless pedals, practice clipping in and out whilst leaning one hand on a wall. The go out and fall over the first time you stop. Its not if its when.

    Feel welcome to pop into the Training for a shorter tri thread, all abilites welcome.

  • Can you dip your bum in vinegar and put it in a dark cupboard like a conker???

    You'll be great on the clipless, don't worry. I have got peddles that are spd one side and 'normal' on the other... good for 'peace of mind.

    Would love to need a shock absorber... M & S yoga bra does it for meimage

    Hope you're over your bug and didn't miss too much training. OW sessions are really well supervised and supported where I've been - don't know what area you are in but I would imagine the standard is much the same. Such a shame that Boundary seems to have gone... anyone know any further news on this?

  • Thanks everyone! I'm planning on going for my first ride saturday morning - I'll let you know how it all goes!

    I have to agree ElliO - everyone on here seems very lovely and friendly so hopefully its the same in the clubs. iI've dropped an email to the local club so fingers crossed! lol

    I'm the same Ges ogt, despite my wobbly bits everywhere else I really don't have enough to fill a sports bra! At least if I'm going to be a bit overweight I would like just a some of it to migrate to the bra area!

  • Whoop Whoop 32 non stop lengths this morning...7 mile run with the running club tonight!!

    Bricking it for thursday's Tri club swimming already!!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done on the swim.
    No running for me, too cold it would trigger an asthma attack going faster than a walk.

  • Good stuff G+W Tigger! I am just trying to pluck up the courage to go for a run now most of the ice has gone. Still freezing though!
  • Go g & w. Done 2 early bird starts back to back myself. so much easier now the mornings are lightimage
  • I was planning to run after my morning swim but seemed to want to do more lengths till it was too late for my run, I had to have a nice cup of tea instead.

    I'll hopefully have the motivation to venture out tonight, the silly thing is I really enjoy running in the cold, its just the putting the kit on bit that seems to need attention


  • Pool this morning then a VERY gentle 5 off road with the dog (testing hamstring). A dog really helps - I do realise that it's an extreme addition to the training kit but a NEEDS her run and therefore you also get what you need!.. Sneaky is best triumphs again! (Plus you feel like a super good owner - a little rough haired jack... actually got her to be a running companion).

    C'mon Toasty - get wrapped up and get yourself out there -it's sooooo much nicer in winter.

  • Now I'm feeling guilty, its looks to cold outside and I've a very sad eyed beagle looking at me mournfully image

  • Oh beagle... would you like a little jog out in the 'fresh air'?? You'd be doing S&S a BIG favour 'cos they need a run too... you could even warm it up but throwing in 3/4 intervals... go on... go throw a stick.

  • Heyy everyone,

    Well done on that swim G+T Tigger! I haven't braved the swimming pool yet due to a long standing shoulder injury, however my physio says I'm allowed to start now as long as I take it very slowly to begin with - well theres no danger of me breaking his rules thats for sure!

    I've got a 3month old rough collie who looks at me longinly every time I go out for a run but unfortunately he's too small still to take.... I'm looking forward to when he can come out for a run with me tho!

    I went out on my bike for a 'proper' ride yesterday - I managed 20 miles without falling off! Was cold but really enjoyed it. I then decided after lunch 3mile run would be a good idea as well.... that hurt a bit and was shattered when I got home but was very pleased with myself and didn't feel at all guilty about my glass of wine and cream cake for dessert last night image I do think I need to get some better cycling tights and harden my backside though as sitting isn't very comfortable today!

    Is anyone planning on going out over the Easter weekend? I'm chilling out with my little man and puppy today but hoping to get back out on the bike tomorrow - If I can sit on it!!!

  • Hey Guys!! Well I survived the tri club!! It was fab... but very choppy! I'm used to share a lane with at the most 2 others, and with the pools split into 6 lanes and about 6/7 in each! so I kinda concentrated on getting used to it! apparently I have to put more depth into my kick, I have a little flutter apparently! So some helpful tips to go away and practice!

    I have also brought a pair of cycling shorts, I went out with Mr Tigger on Thursday as the kids were still at school. He did try and show off a bit..... but I soon left him standing, he had to take a sneaky short cut home only to find I had the house keys!! Brilliant!

    I also have dogs, I have a lab cross and a greyhound. I have only ran with them once but as they are both 12 this year I had to keep mustering for the greyhound, she does her speed when SHE wants too!

    I have to say once you get out in the cold the run is so worth it!!

    What races have you all got coming up then??

  • Well done g&w! I am yet to brave joining a tri club! Bike sounds good... wish I could leave Mr O for dead on the bike but he seems to glide along while I pedal through treacle (he is one of those crazy ironmen!)

    You are right about running in the cold... I am finally learning to enjoy it, just at the same time as deciding to try to go minimal and now my sore calves are stopping me. image

    I have a sprint in a week and a half (desford) although I had kinda forgotten all about it as have been panicking about my big one end of August! How about you?
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