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  • I have the Derby 10k in a few weeks, this is my 4th year when I first started running I started 7 weeks before this race and have improved each year! I have a Half Marathon next month for a friends 60th birthday.... hope I'm still running Half's when I'm 60! I may have a weekend of swimming  just off Holy Island in northumberland if I sort out the wetsuit issue (like not having one) and get some practice in! I must book onto the Foremark Tri in July, then 2 weeks later I am doing the ThunerRun24, with some of my fellow bootcamp rejects from on here! all very exciting and different, am thinking of doing Chester marathon again this year but not booked as yet!

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Hi EllieO - might see you in Desford, as I've just entered - having had a weekend where my two other plans for early season tris went up in smoke and scheduling. Don't introduce your kids to tri - it really mucks up your weekends! (and no, I'm not being serious!)

  • Don't have kids to worry about just yet...only trying to fit in around hubbys training/racing! We are both doing this one though. What is your start time?
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    I'm at 10:34 - have just switched on PM on here if you want to ping me on that, and we can take this to email?

  • Hahah that sounded wrong Paperman!

  • Lol! I met Paperman at Desford tri today.... he seems perfectly normal! (Paperman it was nice to meet you, hope your journey back was ok)
  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Hi EllieO - good to meet you, hope you got back fine! (Not sure about normal, most people's normal doesn't involve belting around the Leicestershire countryside dressed only in soggy lycra, but never mind!)

  • Ok point taken.... normal for someone that chooses to get up early and swim, bike and run on a Sunday morning. And pay for the privilege!
  • Glad you two met up! and not too far from me either!!

    I had my first solo bike ride today! 4 mile run followed by a 11 mile bike ride.... can tell iv not done much in the last two weeks! kids are back at school now and I'm on a mission! tomorrow Bike to the pool, then running club in the evening!

  • It doesn't take long of not doing much to really feel it! Well done on the solo bike ride! I had started to get alot more confident going out on my own... Not too sure I would cycle Desford tri route on my own after my ... er...'incident' yesterday. Where are you based?

  • Hey!! Part one of today's training complete, bike ride to the gym, 70 lengths and then bike it home! Just off now to walk the dogs!

    EllieO I'm in Derby, how about you?

  • OK so strictly its not a triathlon.... well it is just without the swim or the bike ride! BUT we have a team of runners taking part in the ThunderRun 24 and are looking to recruit some members! The team is made up of Runners World forumites, we all met on the bootcamp for the Asics 26.2 competition for Parish Marathon. and a few others that have joined in the various threads at some point.

    The race is a 10k relay in derbyshire, each member of the team runs as many laps as they wish, the idea is to run as many as possible, always having someone from your team on the course. We are looking at camping over the race is on the Saturday from 12 until 12 on the sunday, so yes we have to run through the night. as I say you can run as much or as little as you like we already have a member that is only running two laps. Its on the 27/28 July but some of us will be camping on the friday too. Take a look and see what you think! Oh and as you will see its full!

  • oh year and if you want to meet some of the other team mates jump in on

    to chat! x

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