Garmin Edge 800 and SportsTracks

I've been using SportTracks 2 for a while to log data and can quite happily import from my Garmin 305 into it.
Today I tried to import the data from my bike ride that was on my Edge 800. Unfortunately SportsTracks doesn't list the Edge 800 in its list of Garmin devices.

Does anyone who uses SportsTracks know if its possible to import from the Edge 800 and if so what I need to get it to work. I'm assuming its some kind of plugin.

I like the front end to SportsTracks and would like to stick with using it and not have to swap to something like Garmin Connect or a web-based tool unless I really have to.



  • I don't have one but this site here shows how you can do it.

    Hopefully it will work for you

  • Thanks for that.
    Although it didn't quite work it did point me in the right direction.
    In the end I used Garmin Training Centre to import the bike ride and then exported it to a .tcx file which I could then import into SportsTracks.

    Takes slightly longer to do but its quicker than trying to enter everything by hand. image

    Thanks again for the help

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