Pins and needles in feet

Ive been running for nearly 2 years and currently training fot London Marathon.

At about mile 4 my feet go numb.

they come back between mile 6 or 7 but for that period its a horrible.

Ive tried different shoes, socks, sizes terrain but nothing works.

Any ideas what causes it or how to overcome it .




  • Check your laces - are they too tight? If not, then the only other thing I can suggest is that you have a problem with a nerve. I would post this on the "health and Injury" thread rather than on here.

  • It could be that you're starting with tight laces, and as your feet swell it causes your problem, couldn't explain how the feeling comes back though. It is amazing how much swell room you can need. I tend to use stretchy laces now.

  • Thanks ekgo

    I might try the stretch laces

    Ive heard of something called "monroe's foot" that might be the cause but dont know exactly what its is



  • I just googled monroe's foot and got this: 'Chicago Honours Evil Whore With 26 Foot Lewd Statue'!!!  I'm not surprised you have numb feet if that's what you keep in your shoe image

    Nutters aside, do you have high arches?  I do and I've always had trouble with crosstrainers because my feet go numb after about two minutes.

  • Haha that's so funny...

    Agree with above posts - shoes too tight - makes all the difference.

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