arch to arc

Just managed to catch up on tehchannel 4 programme on mark bayliss arch to arc attempt......

the first person to attempt it without a wetsuit....and he was a 15 stone was amazing to see his progress and his success.............shows its not just the racing snakes who can achieve their dreams..............

to run 87 miles ... then swim th channel without a wetsuit and then cycle the 180 odd miles to Paris in quite a long way


  • i just watched it too, very inspiring and a bit disconcerting. i cant imagine swimming 22 miles but less than an hour after watching that i found myself thinking - " well, i could do the run and the bike no probs, the swim i could train for, albeit in a wet suit - im not mad -  its only like swimming for 7, maybe 8, times the duration of my long swims now. " - its so crazy how your mind can adapt to the belief of what could be possible, well my mind anywayimage

  • I watched it this morning. Thought it was a really good programme as it showed a little of his training etc.

    Can't remember the time he finished in, but I believe it was the record and he knocked 7 hours and 25 mins off Ed Ette's time.

    And I was amazed at the support he got from the Enduroman Team. They seemed to be with him every step off the way.

    A-may-zing! Absolutely a-may-zing!
  • Just googled....he finished in 73 hours 39 min which included a 14 hour wait for the right tide to start the swim
  • never heard a bad word said about Ed and Chris and enduro team, and quite honestly thats one of the reasons that i even considered doing it, you can see that they love every minute of it, I doubt theres another event team so dedicated to the individuals.

  • Doner/.read a few more of the reports.........the swim can be a total killer.the tide turns and you are way off course...have a look at the swim times of some of those who did it and some who didn't/.................I believe a few of them swam well over 30 miles because of the tide etc............and a number swam well over 22 miles before they had to give up.........

    but ist amazing feat

    and yes i do love te atmosphere at teh Enduroman events..........the reason why i chose it for my half warm up race even though othes might be more suitable

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I love the arch2arc. It's a great event and the support team is incredible. I'm a little annoyed that I missed it yesterday.." I'll have to catch up later.
  • so when are Seren and DK signing up..............................

  • they are doing relay teams next year..........and I quite fancy doing that but didn't have a team.........maybe in the fiuture............but on my own........I really really don't know how they do itimageimage


    Enny.I missed it when it was on so glad they docatch up was a good programme

  • Having been on board during the "Just Channel Hopping" team's relay this past summer, I can confirm that swimming the Channel is really really tough.

  • I'm never going to be doing it, I couldnt devote that much time to the specific training that's needed. I would be too scared of failure in the swim too. My previous comment was just a reflection on how amazing it is to even consider the possibility of doing it, 2.5 years ago I couldn't run half a mile and was the wrong side of 17 stone, now doing a marathon doesn't even need training for!
  • I think the Bayliss family breed good athletes obviously    image

  • Very impressive effort eh. Did they not mention his brother and sister in law at all ?

    I could train up for the run and the bike - but the channel swim is just a ridiculous feat. Amazing.
  • it's the swim that's freaking everyone ( obviously pulling it all together is THE clever bit). Inspirational half hour, have been on the channel swimming and piloting web page just for a laugh. The swim is always my best bit thanks to adequate bike and poor run legs, but if I won the lottery tomorrow would definitely have a look at a channel swim.

    There's something about doing 112 on a bike that is  very appealing , but swimming to another country, that's were the real challenge is ......

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