Half marathon without preparation

I'm not really a runner, judo is my main sport but a group of us from the club did a Tough Mudder last year, loved it and have since got into running,without really knowing what we are doing.

Anyway after a successful 10k race last week (2nd out of 93 for me,woo hoo!), we have found ourselves in a half-marathon on New Year's Day - what should I do about pace?  Go with my 10k pace as long as I can? Jog comfortably to make sure I reach the end (I've never run this far non-stop)? Or some better thought out strategy. I'd like to do as well as possible but have no idea on pacing.



  • What was your finish time in the 10k neon?
  • Go for it. Run comfortably (a good guude to a sustainable pace is to run so you can talk in short sentences) and enjoy it. Sounds like you are fit enough so manage the endurance side and just enjoy the event. The half mara dist is a good challenge. Enjoy.
  • I think we may do the opposite.  Recruited a few others so we'll jog around for the first 15k, then go for it for the rest. Probably not a good strategy but we'll see what happens. 43 mins for 10k; hoping for an hour and 45 for the half.

  • ignore Nicks wondeful help........image

    Yes go for a comfortable pace and see how you feel.......then you have the choice to use that as a base to train for another spring one........

    I think a lot will depend on if you overindulge on new years eve

  • Yes, might not be the best time to set a standard.

  • Which 10k was that by the way Neon? 43mins for 2nd is quite unusual, was it an offroad hilly job?

  • I'm with Stevie G on this one, that's why I asked the times image

    Very slow for second (not too slow, but unusual time)

    Wish I was in that one I could of placed quite well!!
  • My pal won a 10k in 39.43 once. Decent size field too, about 300.

    I was a bit gutted, as I was doing some monstrously hilled offroader locally, and struggling to 7th in a smaller field, about a minute slower.

    Picked the wrong race!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    43 mins for second! I may do that race next year. Might get a podium finish.
  • Looks like I better keep it secret then if I want to improve image  - I think most of the good runners were in the half marathon on at the same time.  Seriously though I did say I'm not a proper runner and the winner looked about 30 years younger than me, so I'm still pleased with a 2nd.

    Wasn't hilly but had a lot of shin deep 'lakes' that the organiser laughingly called puddles and that you had to wade through more than run through. Saw one bloke early on running with his dog have to stop and carry it as it was in danger of drowning!

  • Stop reading your own posts then. image

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