Swiss Alpine 2013

The registration is now open for Swiss Alpine 2013:

It wilI be my first Swiss Alpine so any thoughts from people who have done it previously? I had planned to do the C 42 but that distance has been removed so I probably go for the K 42 instead, as the new K 40 feels like `close but no cigar´. 


  • I thought about it but am going to go for the swiss mountain man marathon in August instead image
  • Hi! I am Swiss and have run the K30 last year and will run the C42 this year (they have reinstated it...yay!!). I really took it easy last year and finished the 30km in 3:13. I LOVE this race and can definitely recommend it.

    - Also doing the Swiss Mountain Man (but the half), Zermatt Marathon relay and the Eiger Trail 16km.

  • Yeah, I noticed in early january that the C 42 is back, happy days! image I think I will register during the weekend and try to find a cheap flight to Zürich (hotel is already sorted). 

  • I did the C42 in 2004 and back then I thought the K78 shirts look a lot nicer.

    I also think  that back then the C42 was the same course as the 'new course' this year. The extra 12k compared to the K30 aren't very inspiring. In recent years it went further downhill to Tiefencastel, but now it seems to go back up to Berguen, which was a long hike over a steep gravel path, followed by a 2k down and up into a valley to get the added 2k.

    I did the K42 in 2010 and found it really hard. But I was too heavy back then, which didn't help. There were some changes to it since, when I ran it there was a down and up in the K42 which wasn't in the K78. This seem to have been taken out now.

    If I would run a marathon again, I would do the K42. It is the nicer event, and it has more cudos to it. Very photogenic as well. All the C42 has to give is the bridge at Wiesen, but that you can get with the 30k.


    This year I am doing some proper training and all I want to do is beating the 14 hours cut-off for the K78. My hope is that I run well downhill, even if tired. So if I get to 50k, the next bit is walking terain anyway, then I could manage to 'roll' back into the valley.

    The shirt is nice and I want one.

  • Hi everyone, I'm doing the K42 this year so thought I would join this thread. I've done 10 road marathons and also the Aletsch half in 2009 and have wanted to do the Davos event ever since.

    I've been reading previous year's threads to get as much info as possible about what to wear and take on the day (I took my camera to the Aletsch and took some awesome pics so intend doing the same). 

    I've sorted flights/accoms ok but any info about the race itself from people who have done it before would be much appreciated. I'm really looking forward to it.  

  • Shame this thread fizzled out, only me wrting on it !! Anyway I completed the K42, it was fab, although hot even up at Sertig(18 degrees but still snowy). Managed to get inside the cutoff time by 13 minutes so glad that I didn't spend too much time takng photos on the way - spectacular views at Keschhutte. Fancy doing Zermatt next. Hope everyone else had a good day.  

  • well done, clingers.

    I did the newly revised C42. Much harder than previous years, but still a winner.

    Very happy with 4:32 in hot conditions.

  • Congratulations clingers and Ian!

    I finished the C 42 in 5.38 and enjoyed it very much. Took it easy though and snapped a lot of photos. The weather was okay until app. 30 km, after that it became very hot. If the organizers wouldn´t have put in an extra water station at 36 km I think a lot of runners would have passed out as the last 10 km would have been without water.

    On overall I liked both the race and Davos as a tourist destination. I think I will do Zermatt next summer and then return to Davos the year after that for K42, or maybe even K 78. I spoke to several guys that had done K42 and K 78 about their preparations and all of them pointed out the importance of hill training so I´ll keep that in mind for the future.

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