24th Great North West Half Marathon

24th Great North West Half Marathon - UPDATE.  Runner's World pacing team confirmed for this event 7/8/9/10/11 minute miling, jopin the experts on race pacing, run a PB.  1000 + entries recieved to date, enter early. race limit of 1500 could be reached by mid/late January 2013.  Alterations to course also confirmed, no incline (twice) at the Gynn as 2012, thus cutting out the lapping problem, two laps, first one slightly shorter than the second. Full race commentary



  • What is date of this?


  • It's the 24th GNWM and it's also on the 24th Feb, coincidentally.

  • Less than three weeks to go so thought I'd resurrect this thread image.

    How's everyone's training going?  I've never run this event before but I'm really looking forward to it.  Hope it doesn't blow a gale though!

  • Just signed up for this today, using it as part of my build up to the London marathon.

    Im hoping for a pb here so im with you you Flump, hope its not too windy!

    Has anybody done this race before? Any Tips?


  • It all depends on the weather (wind)

    Its the fastest half marathon course ive ever seen and pleasant views of the coast


  • Mark


    Fingers crossed for the weather. Entry to date 1356 so plenty of shelter in the pack if it is breezy. Runners world pacers a good benchmark for timing. Slight alteration to course this year running north first for an anti-clockwise route.

  • I've never been in a race with pacers before, so it will be great to have them there for this event.  I normally set off too fast and end up slowing down; keeping an eye out for the pacers will hopefully keep me in check.

  • It's a two lap course, whcih is mainly flat, but can be affected by cross or head winds. The miles on the lower walk are tough on the joints as it is concrete and the last couple of miles heading back to the finish always seem strangely uphill (but not on the first lap!!) and therfeore can be tricky if there is a headwind. Always well organised and there is a good turn out every year. Wasn't going to do it this year, but writing this brief description is making me re think - certainly not fit enough but I'm sure I could get round. May see you all there.

  • Russell


    We have changed the course for 2013, starting on the Middle walk opposite the Hilton, running North to Little Bispham (easier than the other way, no slight inclines as you state) turning all the way back to the North Pier, middle walk past the start/finish, north again for the second lap. The run back from the North Pier second time to the finish is 900 metre, tarmac road/path and flat.  Only 60 entries left closing at 1500 (will operate a system on the day to allocate cancellations and no shows to on the day entrants, but cannot guarantee a number) hope this helps.



  • Sounds good!

    What time do you recommend arriving for registration? I want to leave myself plenty of time to have a good warm up before the race.

  • Mark


    I suggest you arrive at registration (numbers & timing chip pick up) by 10.00am. Queens Suite, large metal doors open to the right of the hotels main entrance, start & finish 50 metres across the road & tram lines on the middle walk..  Hot drinks in the Queens Suite before and after the event.  Plenty of toilets (porta loos) in the car park at the rear of the hotel and at springs Night Club/Leisure centre indoors in the same area. Follow signs.  Start & finish are 50 metres across the road & tram lines from the hotel on the Middle walk.



  • Hi Ron

    Thanks for all the great info.  I just wondered if you knew anything about the water stations - will there be bottles of water to pick up or will it be cups of water?  I'm just trying to decide whether or not to carry my own drink (as I can't for the life of me drink out of a cup when running!) so any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,

  • Flump 85


    Bottles of water at 3-6-9 miles & finish, specially chilled on the coast of course.





  • Brilliant, thank you image

  • Hi, does anyone have a spare place for this race? Just been to the website and says all places are gone. Please reply to thread if you do. Can pay full race fee and postage if necessary. Thanks.

  • Hi.  Not had anything through for this or any confirmation on email.  Am I to expect anything?

  • Kevin 1 i have an entry which i am unable to use, pls message me for details


  • I havent had any thing come through yet about this and entered back the beginning of January, I take it that its pick up numbers for everyone at registration?

    I notice to it had sold out

    I'm using this as my training plan for Brighton Marathon, I'm quite excited about it but not about the weather!!! Hope that its a nice day like it was here in the Midlands today, sunny but still cold perfect weather to run in!! 

  • My entry has now gone thanks

  • 1 x 3medals


    You entered online so you should have had an automatic email asking you to down load the final details. Numbers & timing chips to be picked up on the day




    Yes you can enter on the day we have had a few cancellations and will not turn anyone away from a run. 1500 entries accepted.



  • Hi,

    is there anymore avaiable places? Thanks Steve

  • 30 entries on the day from 09.00am



  • Thanks Ron, ill get there earlier just in case. where do we go to check in, if there's places free?
  • Weather forecast for Sunday, it looks cold, dry and not overly windy.

    I'll be happy with that!
  • mark1981 wrote (see)
    Weather forecast for Sunday, it looks cold, dry and not overly windy.

    I'll be happy with that!

    I'd take that.  Still, it's on the coast so bound to be some breeze.

  • Hi Guys,


    Anyone know of any spare places for Sunday..

    Desperate to try and get in!





  • Try reading a couple of post up !
  • Sorry..Saw that.

    Was a desperate attempt to check for any last minute cancellations..

    My fingers are firmly crossed i can get on sunday!


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