Thames Meander Marathon



  • I did 10 miles this morning and hoping to do a couple of 3 milers and 6 miles the sat before the race. Already tapering hope not too soon.

    Note to self: Don't drink too much winethe night before 10 miles it makes it very hard to get up early and the run wasn't that easy too.

  • Did 10 miles today at marathon pace then another 2 at 5km pace just give myself a boost!  Taper time so 3-4 runs this week with a 1 hour run next weekend at marathon pace again.  

    No mile markers I see now?  Hummm.  Might run with my Iphone without earphones to shout split times at me - or is that banned too? image 

  • pinkbug

    if you are still interested in a place email me on . Fredric I will ask my husband to email you regarding a place.




  • Came across this one too late. It would have been nice to run around some of my old training routes. Will have to add it to next years "to do" list.

  • Not liking the long range forecast. Looks like we might be in for a hot one! image

  • Mel

    I have sent you an emailimage

  • Hey,

    Maybe a bit short notice, but does anyone have an entry going spare? I was due to be going on Hols over the bank holiday but will now be at home and would love to runcourse race!

    If anyone knows anyone please let me know and I'd happily reimburse for it.

    Thanks and safe miles

  • Yipee I'm inimage now does anyone know which is the nearest parkrun to the start, for my husband to do while waitingimage

  • Pinkbug - there are several nearby. There is one in Richmond Park, Kingston and Bushy is not far away. My hubby and daughters may well be attending Richmond.

    Am tapering and suffering from headaches, neckaches, calf aches image Why does that always happen? Fortunately I know I will bouncing around as usual come the day image

  • Thanks Chilibean and goodluckimage

  • Close to the big day now - taper is going OK, hope that's the same for everyone else!

    Bit strange, now that I've cut back, starting to feel niggles, aches and pains!  How's that work?  Maybe it's just in my head.  Just want to start the run now - although looking forward to a few days of carb loading first image 

    See you all at the start line!

  • Only a few day's to go strangely looking forward this, no expectations other then a good day, weathers' looking good as well!

    happy carb loading all!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    G-Baker - Welcome to the taper madness image You'll feel fine on the day but it's your mind telling you that something is wrong!

    After my 30 mile ultra and marathon over the weekend my legs are not feeling too prepared for the race this weekend! I'm just hoping to take it easy and focus on checkpoint to checkpoint. For those that have never done the race - Mel's cooking is absolutely delicious!

  • Thanks Emmy!  Unknown territory for me - lots of half marathons but never the full distance.  Hope you've got something left in the tank for this weekend!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Every time you feel a niggle just tell yourself: you've trained for this, you're prepared and you've done the hard work. Now - all that's left is the fun of running the event on the day. The other runners will support you and get you through it! image

    I'll be focusing on Mel's flapjacks so i'll be fine image





    Hi all,left it to late to enter, Has anybody got a race no for sale. Thanks Chris

  • Sorry ny no is 01268785467

  • And the forecast has improved (ie the temperature has dropped) Things are looking up. G Baker I'm with you - 1st marathon ever. I'll be being very conservative at the back. Just had a very serious deep tissue massage this morning - now covered in bruises, but lots of knots are no longer there! No pain no gain image

  • Yes not long now. Did 4 miles this morning and it didn't feel nearly lomg enough! Carb loading which I hate next.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Chris - it's not advisable to list your private number on a forum. Perhaps contact the RD's and get on the reserve list.

    @Redheadedraver - Don't worry about being  at the back. I'll be there too image

    I'm most likely to be wearing either a bright orange top or a blue vest with: "Follow me and i'll show you an eiffel" on the back.... and i'm redheaded image

  • I'll look out for you. I don't plan on running in a clingy red frock mind you, but I might risk my Purple Patch running singlet. Alternatively, who knows? Fashion choices ...

  • Good luck to everyone doing the Marathon on Saturday.

    I have dropped down to the half marathon following injuries... Happy days.

    BBC Weather is currently forecasting rain on Saturday morning:

  • Thanks for the weather update red and best of luck in the half looking forward to this and a start of rain would be most welcome.

    Best of luck everyone!

  • Rain would be a touch , summers been so good i can't remember the last time i ran in some , anything like this morning would be nice!




  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think it's fair to say - whatever weather we have it wont be perfect for everyone! image I personally will just look forward to hopefully seeing a few of you and having a good run by the Thames!

  • What's everyone planning on eating in the run up to the marathon? I'm having extra bread and jaffa cakes today. Pasta tomorrow lunch and dinner.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Jacs, It all depends on what you're doing. You should limit the amount of protein tomorrow as it can remain in your body longer than 24 hours.

    Today/tomorrow - make sure that you're drinking enough water.

    Tomorrow: Eat little and often (e.g. a banana, a scone). Tomorrow i'll be having:

    AM: Porridge, Banana

    Snack: Scone

    Lunch: Baked potato with just butter and salt

    Snack: Cake

    Dinner: Pasta with a tomato sauce.

    Make sure that you're getting a good night's sleep tonight and tomorrow image

  • Thanks Emmy yes drinking lots of water. Will be eating similar to you:

    Will do a run tomorrow am of 1-2 miles to loosen legs and get in the "zone" I will spend the run thinking about the race.

    Breakfast Porridge and banana

    Lunch Pasta with a little pesto 

    snacks jaffa cakes and malt loaf.

    Will get good nights sleep tonigh but not tomorrow as i will be too excited/nervous image

    Dinner whatever I fancy probs steak and salad

    Not long now 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Jacs - good luck. I think that every runner's preparation is slightly different but as long as the main items are there. For me hydration and eating properly is the biggest factor. It's not about stuffing your face with huge portions but eating reasonaibly and keeping an eye on your body.

    You mean that you wont have the free spag bol that's on offer for the runners? I know that's going to be my dinner image

  • I will give the spag bol a go but I find it difficult to eat after a marathon takes my body a good 12 hours before I fell hungry. But will eat what I can manage. 


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