Thames Meander Marathon



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    Mine is the same. My post marathon strategy is little bites and often. So i'll have 1/2 a normal portion and just gently eat it. You'll need protein to aid the recovery image

  • I am doing 6-700 grams of carbs (yesterday and) today and something similar tomorrow, should hopefully be enough to see me through.

    Makes me feel pretty sluggish and tired though. All I want is for this thing to get started now as I am going through the usual “can I do it?”, “am I unwell/injured?”, pre marathon anxiousness

  • Hey, Good luck everyone - Just wondering, is the final information which was on the email sent out Monday the last bits and pieces which we will need to know prior to Saturday morning?

    Happy Carbohydrate day....

  • HI , I didn't get an email on Monday and now realised I haven't had any up to date info since June??? Was there any thing important on it? Do we pick up number and chip etc on the day? Do i need proof of anything? Thanks

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    Hi James,I didn't get an email either.

    numbers can be picked up on the day. The chip is there as well. Is there any other info you need that I can help with? (I got the instructions email a few weeks ago)

  • Thats great thank you Emmy. I think thats all really - just paranoid i've missed something vital! But I guess as long as i'm there by 8.30 at the latest to register etc everything will fall into place

    Good luck!

  • Not had an email either - not expecting one as we got the 'final' one sent out on the 5th. 

    Richard Hill - feel the same.  Sluggish as hell but feel wired at the same time.  Carb loading does strange things for sure!

    Emmy, you can have my spag - I'll just munch the bol!  Not allowed to eat wheat.  Ho hum!

    Good luck all, don't forget a bin bag for the start line, gonna be WET!

  • Don't seem to have the one on the 5th either? But not to worry, think everything's covered


  • Yeah, don't worry James - all info can be found in the Q&A and overview part of the race website.

  • Porridge is a wonderful thing. Off to Wagamama for lunch today where I can load up on noodles without guilt! Definitely feeling nervous ...image


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    Here is the email for anyone that may have missed it:

    Hi Runners,
    We hope that your training has been going really well and that you’re almost ready for an action packed run on Saturday 24th August, in just under 3 weeks time.We’re putting everything in place to ensure that you have a fantastic race day, and with this in mind we will be thoroughly marking the course with fixed signage from start to finish to ensure that you can run the race without worrying about going off course. We’ll also be ensuring that all 4 Aid Stations are well stocked with water, fruit juice, GU gels and a wide array of food to keep you well fuelled for a great run! Needless to say we wanted to make sure that you were updated well in advance with all the important race information that you’ll need, in readiness for your race so please take the time to read this race brief before race day.

    Registration and Start Time : This will be held at Marymount International School, George Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 7PE and will be well sign-posted when you get to the venue, detailing how you get to the start and where to park. The closest train station is Norbiton if you are coming by train, so please plan your routes in advance. Registration will open at 7.30am, aim to get there early so you can register for the full or half  as the race will start promptly at 9.30am. There will also be a mandatory “Health and Safety” race brief so please attend, this will take place 10 mins before at the race start right outside the front of the school, and will be clearly marked. There will be two registration tables that are clearly marked FULL MARATHON or HALF MARATHON to speed up the process.
    Secure Baggage Facilities 
    The baggage facilities will be locked up during the race at the Marymount School race HQ.Your tyvek baggage tag on the bottom of your race number will have a tear off strip so you can attach this to your sports bag, when you hand over your bag for storage. You’ll just need to show your race number when you retrieve it post-race, as the baggage Marshal will only hand back your bag on sight of your race number, for security purposes. You can either leave any valuables locked in your car (at your own risk) in the car park which right near the race HQ, or you can use the baggage storage facilities within the Marymount HQ.
    Race Numbers
    Race numbers will be colour co-ordinated, with RED indicating the full marathon and BLUE for the half marathon as this makes it easier for our Marshals, and for you to see who is doing the full or half when you are running the course. At registration you will be given you your Race Pack, this will contain your race Bib with embedded electronic timing chip / tyvek strip at the bottom for your kit bag, safety pins for your number, Lanson Running £5 off Sports Voucher and Progress 8 Voucher Offer. 
    Chip Timing
    It’s also important to us to ensure that everyone has an accurate time recorded, so we are using Swift Chip timing for this. The electronic tags will be contained at the back of the race numbers for ease of use; these MUST be attached to the front of your T-Shirts. These RFID Ultra systems are designed to work with disposable chip-tags which are normally attached to the race-number-bib. All results will be instantly available post-race and will be uploaded as a link to our site shortly after the race, as per attached links here on our homepage
    Race Kit and Course Conditions
    The course condit

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    Race Kit and Course Conditions
    The course conditions can be muddy on some stretches, so we would recommend that you wear off road trail shoes, though if it’s dry road shoes will be fine. Please check the local weather reports here and ensure that you bring warm apparel in the event of rain. Course routes for both the full and half marathons are downloadable in KML format to your Garmin’s, though there will be no need to do this as we’ll be using fixed signage and the course routes will be very well marked throughout, although we won’t be using mile markers. If you want to personally record your mile splits please wear Garmin’s, Ambits or use pedometers.      
    Check Points
    All x4 Check Points will be well stocked in readiness for your race.We have good friends that have offered their Marshaling services on the day so please be polite to everyone as we all want you to enjoy your day, without these important volunteers we would not be able to host this race. Marshalls will be well briefed on race day so your experience is as rewarding as we can make it! Aid Stations will be very well stocked with GU Gels, Jelly Babies, Flapjacks, Crisps, Banana’s, Water and Fruit Cordial. If you require electrolyte drinks then we suggest that you bring these to the race as electrolyte drinks will NOT be provided.

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    Race Photography
    We will also have a race photographer called Richard Brown from R & R Race Photography, he will be doing all your race photos or certificates (linked to your Chip times) these will be available post-race for a very reasonable charge and can be found on this link here which will be embedded on our website very soon after the event.
    MP3 Players
    For your own personal safety we would recommend that you do not run with MP3 players, as there are a number of busy road crossings that require you to be vigilant and pay attention to approaching traffic.On the trails you’ll also need to watch out for dog walkers, walkers and cyclists, so please be mindful and courteous to the general public too. The use of MP3’s affects our UKA license permit insurance liability, and your health and safety is of paramount importance to us, so please adhere to these rules for this reason.   
    Changing Facilities Pre & Post Race
    There will be ample changing and toilet facilities for ladies and men at the race HQ and these will be clearly marked at Marymount School. Please be courteous to your fellow runners and allow yourself enough time to register and use the loos, I think we all know how congested things can get at the start of races, so if you can get there a bit earlier this will make the use of these facilities that much easier, as we are expecting over 600 runners.

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    Race Sponsors & Nutritional Food Pre / Post Race
    As we’re supported by "GU Gels" they have kindly sponsored us for all our GU Gels which will be available on all x4 Aid Stations marked on the maps attached here and they will also be very well stocked with food and drink to ensure that you’re well fuelled throughout the race. GU Gels can be purchased pre-race here if you require some for your training needs. Progress8 will also be at the event handing out free tasters of their sports snacks at the race start / finish, these are a great boost before and after the race. They will also have a kiosk at the event HQ where you can meet Nick, and Natalie the Progress 8 Nutritionist will also be there, they would love to have a chat with you. They will be running a competition on the day to win supplies of their lovely Sports bars too. Progress 8 are offering great deals on their nutritional bars available here and will be on sale for you to purchase on the day.
    Health & Safety
    Your safety is of paramount importance to us so we would ask you to comply with the following rules, please ensure that you wear the correct footwear, this is a trail race and conditions can get muddy and slippery. The approach roads will be marked with caution signs in advance to warn drivers of runners crossing roads, but ideally you need to take personal care and look both ways when crossing these busy roads, there will be Marshalls on hand to assist you. Please only cross where indicated at the Zebra crossing points. Also be aware on the trail footpaths that dog walkers and cyclists will be using these too, so please be courteous to them and to fellow runners.

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    First Aid
    We have two fully qualified EMS Medics with backup vehicles, and they will be on stand-by for all the participants from 9.30am through to the end of the race at 3.30pm (6hrs) cut off. We also have qualified First Aiders on standby, and have easy access to Kingston Hospital should this be needed, which hopefully it will not. The Marshalls will be well briefed prior to the start as to what to do, in case of any medical emergencies. Please report to a Marshall if you are feeling unwell and if you retire from the race please let one of us know, so you can be accounted for. Your safety is our paramount consideration to us, and with this in mind we have printed our emergency contact mobile numbers on the race Bibs should these be needed.           
    Prize Giving and Race Vouchers
    Prizes will be awarded for the Top 3 Males / Females for both the half / full marathons, as this is a Chip timed event we will hand out the prizes directly after the top finishers have completed the course and vouchers will also be awarded to the first 3 M/F, these are redeemable at All runners will receive a lovely "bespoke medal" post-race.
    Race Food and Restaurant
    At the main HQ in the school dining hall we will be serving bacon butties for £2 pre-race and hot tea /coffee for £1.50 from 7.30am until the race start , so if you haven’t had time for breakfast you will be able to buy some food in the school dining hall pre-race. Post-race there will be a free hot meal for all runners which is spaghetti bolognaise (meat or vegetarian) and garlic or gluten free bread.You’ll need to present your race Bib to the catering staff and they will score through your race number then hand you your meal.   

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    Transport Links to Marymount School  
    Please allow sufficient time to get to the race venue on the day if you are coming by road or by rail, here are the Google maps links to assist you with your travel plans.  
    Discarding Litter
    Please be aware that at Check Points we will be providing runners with plastic cups and that you should try and ensure that you throw these cups into the litter bins provided close to the Aid Stations, so as to avoid litter on the course. PLEASE DO NOT throw your empty “GU Gel” packets on the National or Thames Path trails as we would like to ensure that litter is binned, to avoid complaints. 

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    Sorry for spamming - just wanted to give you all the info.

    Redheadedraver wrote (see)

    Porridge is a wonderful thing. Off to Wagamama for lunch today where I can load up on noodles without guilt! Definitely feeling nervous ...image


    I love my porridge! image Have a great lunch. I'm really looking forward to my pasta tonight!

  • Did a little 2 mile run this morning it's got me all fired up and can't wait until tomorrow. 

    Only 1 sleep left image

  • Good luck all, really looking forward to it....  Coffee & Oats O'clock now

  • So glad i came by for a look at the thread that info is really useful Emmy H ...bacon butty and a tea will go down a treat

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Rollerbladerunner - You're more than welcome. See you tomorrow morning for a cuppa!

  • An enjoyable swim or do I mean run in the rain. Big thank you to the marshals who were still standing out in the torrential rain as I went home. Thrilled with a PB 3:34:47. How did that happen on a wet soggy trail with those killer hills at the end? Just visualised the spag bol waiting for me at the finish. A great way to end an awesome race. Lovely medal & now a convert to GU vanilla bean gels yum! Thanks to David & the team but can I request Sun for next year please.

  • Fairyclogs - I think swim was the right word. Speaking as a back of the pack person we had Niagara Falls from mile 14 to about mile 22 (well over an hour and a half at my pace) We gave up skirting the puddles eventually (a) they covered the towpath and (b) we weren't going to get any wetter! But yes HUGE HURRAH AND THANK YOU to all those lovely marshals and distributers of food to waterlogged runners who were still there, smiling and in a good mood. Can't praise them enough.

    Still trying to work out if I can walk properly, and (possibly) how long it's going to take me to turn 'I'm never doing that again!' into 'Maybe next year' ...

  • Congratulations to everyone and a big David and all the wonderful marshals, out there this morning, really wasn't a day for standing around especially towards the end!

    anyway hope everyone recoveries quickly and best of luck for future races.

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    Hi all. I loved the race today and had a great was the wettest race that I've ever done and I was soaked Through.

    its a shame that I didn't see more of you!

    a big thank you to Mel, Dave, the marshals, the support staff, everyone who was involved. I cannot think of any improvements to the course - except the weather!

  • sorry I missed you at the start Emmy H , in the end i couldnt eat before the race!

    congrats everyone saw a ambulance at mile 22 ish not sure if it was related to the run but i hope everyone made it around safely,  big thanks to the marshals and organisers.



  • Superb day! What a great event. The marshals were wonderful, love my medal and the dinner at the end was very welcome. Everyone was so friendly. And despite the drowning I still got a PB! Hope to be back next year image

  • Fabulous race! The marshals and aid stations were superb. Thanks all. I shall definitely return next year image

  • Loved yesterdays race well done to all involved. 


  • Sorry I meant to say most importantly... The medal was/is awesome, best in my collection and well worth the rain.

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