Hypnosis for triathlon


I just made a hypnosis to improve your mental game in triathlon, hope you enjoy it.


Merry Christmas


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  • Thanks for the smileyimage

  • So did anyone here try it? I've had over 500 hits in 5 days and very little feedbackimage

  • Had a quick scan. I must be retarded coz I am not sure what I am supposed to be getting? Yellow and black makes you faster, I understand, watching Messrs Brownlee is all joly nice but to what end?image

  • Release guilt ? What guilt ? And the sunset over the beach makes me fancy a beer
  • I got bored by 1:30...sorry....so if i listen to you telling me I love swimming enough times a day....does that mean i never have to go in the horrible pool again to train.If so i might give it a bit longer

  • "I comfortably afford all the kit I want"

    No amount of hypnocobblers is going to put £10,000 in my bank account

  • after i did my psych. degree i did 2 years of clinical hypnosis with the london college of clinical hypnosis ( one of the few decent places to learn it properly - lots of medical consultants and dentists study with them ) so i see what the OP is trying to do but it needs to be tailored to an individual - im sure the OP knows this - but this has too many vocal layers for my liking. but kudos to him for trying - its hard to make a generalized pre recorded script for any and everyone


  • DK is a mindfucker? Sheesh! D'ya geddit "Sheesh" as in "Doner"?

    I'll get me coatimage

  • The door is that way ---------
  • it used to surprize a few people when they come to get tattooed and see a load of certificates on a unit - they expect tattooists to be thick as shit,  image 

  • I never thought you were as thick as shit, but I was surprised that you were so skinny, no triple ripple and normal looking. I was expecting Jethro Sweet Billy Rootin' Tootin' Americas got guns.image

  • Dusty - normal looking? - i had a yellow mohican image

    next year i might be rocking the yellowbelly redneck look

  • the scarring is from going in too hard or over working the area, the colour loss can be from too much sun on it in the healing stage or becasue when it was done s/he went in so deep that it bled and pushed alot of the colour out to the surface, then when it scabs the colour comes out with the scab. theres loads of other things that can effect but they are the main ones

  • Perhaps hypnotise the ink to stay put ?
  • I find hypnosis during a triathlon is a bit detrimental to a fast time.
  • the ink would have to want to stay putimage


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