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Merry Christmas all .. In a nutshell , ill be training for London this year . Currently I run a hilly five mile xcountry course on Saturdays with my club . Sunday i run the same hilly area as a LSR around 9/10 miles . I'm going to follow an advanced program by Hal higdon . Which will have me running Saturdays at pace , up to ten miles , and Sundays up to 20 ,LSR.. I was thinking of doing my Saturdays on the road . But keep my Sundays in the hills . Do you think this is a plausible idea? It's quite testing at 10 miles on these hills . At present , 20 feels like it may be to much .. I love the hills and have noticed an enormous change in my fitness levels . could these hills cause me over training and exhaustion ? I do a track session and a tempo session and a days rest . Any tips on this would be appreciated .


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Maybe do a couple if your long runs on the hills as it will be good for leg strength but remember that London is flat and on road so you need to get your body ready for that so maybe a mix of the two would be good, maybe alternating every couple of weeks.
  • If sat will get to 10, and sun will get to 20, what does the rest of the peak week look like?

    If you're a relative newbie and this is your first marathon, I wouldn't make the long runs even harder with stonking hills involved factor at a time...

  • Stevie

    The rest of the week has me peaking at 5mes on a mon and tues

    Then a tempo run and track ( 800's )

    This will be my fifth mara . I have been running for on off for ten years , but the last three have been very healthy . Always at track , and always do a Sunday run . I avg about 27 miles per week .

    I have always been reletively fast over short distance , but have never beaten 4hours over 26 ... Coach believes I let my self down over longer distances !!! And should br doing 3:45 at least .. all rather annoying especially when i am so determined and trsin very hard ..Probably a stamina thing .

    And maybe not good training structure ...
  • Are you dropping the hill rep sessions scheduled midweek on the Hal Higdon plan? They are scheduled every fortnight for strengthening, with the tempo on alternate weeks. This in addition to the weekend plans would be a lot of hill work for VLM.

    I'm not a high mileage runner myself  (somewhere between 35 - 60pw for marathon training). Your base mileage coming into the training is on the low side. Personally I would be looking to put in a medium long run midweek (10 - 16 miles) to help with endurance. 

  • Interesting that you mention my base mileage .. As I think this is where all my issues are , with regards to under achieving , I have had quite a lot of 'races ' the last two months a cpl 10ks and our county xcountry season . I used these as my Saturday runs , then still did my Sundays of 10 , but did start to feel tired . I have took some rest days and feel raring to go again .

    I was going to keep the Monday session . Run track on Tuesdays for speed session . Drop the alternating hill session . Keep the Tuesday session . That leaves me with the chance to add to the Wednesday mileage . My concern is that it's going to be to much . I have to be honest I did think on defering over to the following year simply to keep up my momentum and lay a good base mileage .. Your thoughts would be appreciated on that . Or I give it my best shot at this training schedual and see how my body takes it .

    Although I have been running for s few years I simply cannot structure a training program that is all season long . I really struggle with what to do best . Maybe I'd be right to drop london this year , concentrate on an improved training schedual all season that puts me in a good place for 2014 ... ? I only want to run london once more and get a bloody good time .and I'll be happy . It's taken me four attempts to get under 4 hrs I feel with the right structure I am in a good place to smash that ...

    Thanks for replies
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