What diid you get from Santa?

I got a Nike Stormfit running jacket that lights up! There is a small control unit that you charge up and plug it into the jacket when running in the dark or poor light conditions. The lamps are embedded in the fabric. I'll either get electrocuted or send the traffic off in the wrong direction!

Merry Christmas everybody!



  • Now charged up and connected. It is pale grey in colour and flashes electric blue front and back. I look like a super hero from Marvel Comics. Very eye-catching but unlikely to improve my pace!

  • . unless it short circuits  ;-)


  • Socks, of course. Doesn't everybody get socks? Oh, and a bread maker probably, but I'm not supposed to know that till tomorrow.
  • Far more than I deserve or need! Quite a lot of booze, some good books (including one of Edward Burne-Jones' humorous sketches) and 3 clay pigeon shooting lessons. A pair of socks of course (and slippers) and a slightly bigger waist!

  • I got a Buff and a SPI belt from my son - so glad i took him Christmas shopping image

    Have you got any Pics Martenkay?

  • image I got a justin beaver toothbrush. I'm not sure why. image  image

  • aside from the usual socks I got a Camelbak Delaney Fit waist pack and bottle.



    handy now the training runs are further into double digits and a pair of aftershockz headphones (the ones that work by bone conduction so you can still hear traffic etc http://www.aftershokz.co.uk/)

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Marmite egg cups and a Toblerone.
  • 2 satsumas and a bag of nuts


  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Those were the days. Were the satsumas wrapped in silver foil?
  • No cheap tissue paper

  • Yoga for Runners. It advises adopting the Warrior Pose if you get tired during a race...

  • A sports bra! (CWX )

    A new diamond put in my old engagement ring (I lost the old stone a while back)

    Bare minerals make up 

    A couple of Yankee candles

    A travel mug from Starbucks

    Cluedo and Monopoly

    I'm a happy bunny image

  • swiss army knife

  • ronhill patriot vest and tshirt and some new NB Minimus Zero's

  • I don't celebrate Christmas at all, no interest in it but I did ask one thing from Santa ...

    That my beloved 18 year old son, who I absolutely worship, be happy & the same about my ex, (son's dad), who I also worship. The 2 greatest men in trhe universe (apart from Waylon Jennings!)

    I couldn't give a hoot for materialistic things as long as my boys are fine! 


  • well I'm sure that neither of them would want for any presents as they have your hero worshipping them day and night.........(apart from dreaming of your son as your hero and you fantasizing about his lovely silky hair....thats a bit weird)

  • He has gont lovely silky hair & I DON'T fantasize about him. He's my son, what sort of a weirdo do you think I am? 

  • have you read your posts about him.........go back and read what you have written and then tell me that they don't come across as weird...........

  • A Marmite mug and keyring, some showergel and smellies, and some cash.

  • whose stalking... haven't you been on the threads before.........nearly everytime she mentions worshipping her son .....and that they are linked through time together and how she worships him.........

    I just find that weird...must be me the odd one out as i don't worship my sonsimage

  • Come on girls, put the claws away. After all, I know where you live......

  • On topic once more, wifey bought me a turbo trainer, which I chose to up-spec on the basis of advice and the input of Christmas money. With the crappy weather it's already had a fair amount of use.

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