minimum fundraising target

someone sent me a link advertising the transpennine challenge

looks good, i thought. might enter, i thought.

until I saw that each individual entrant must raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship.

i have a small office, and don't have any friends. it is really difficult to raise anything like that level of sponsorship.

pity. looks a great race.

am I being unreasonable?


  • used to be a hassle getting sponsorship.

    The just giving site makes it easier...set a page up, write a convincing piece of why you've picked your charity, then email to everyone you've ever met.

    Make sure you use the old trick of getting the first person to sponsor you giving a generous amount image

  • haha. good tip that image

    i actually used the justgiving site this year. worked well. raised 180 quid...and that was getting everyone i know/have ever met to sponsor me.

    i understand that for the VLM etc there are charity places, it just seems a bit much to expect every entrant to raise that much.

    oh well. it's their race and they are entitled to make their rules image i'll just find another daft way to spent my time image

  • You're not being unreasonable at all. And although there's a lot of talk about charidee on that webpage they only fess up about the sponsorship pledge at the end, which is a little crafty imho. I couldn't see what they do if you don't meet the "pledge"- do they pursue you for the money?

    As you say, it's their race so their rules. And our choice. Mine is to avoid.

    I'd love to do the Tresco Marathon but that's sponsorship-only so I'm out.

    I really don't like the way that charidee seems to be hijacking the sport. But there are enough plain vanilla races left.

  • Also bare in mind that £100 pounds of that money you've raised for 'charity' goes directly to the race organiser (along with your £85) rather than to the charity.
    I was thinking of doing the London to Brighton one, but have been put off by this a bit.

    Also, just did a bit of googling on Action Challenge. Here's the list of companies the Director's been involved in -..

    PROSPERO WORLD LTD Active (Director Resigned 11/12/2012)



  • Interesting. Perhaps they state 'minimum target' but it isn't actually a legal requirement i.e you don't have to make up the difference if you want to compete.

    either way, i'm with Muttley. vote with your feet. plus i like raising money fo a charity of my choosing. my favourite is nordoff robbins.


  • You're not being unreasonable Dude - I think it's OTT to expect every entrant to not only pay £85 to enter (which seems like a hell of a lot to me), but to come up with £400 extra.

     Edit: I've looked at the site you linked to and saw this:

    "Your charity pays a fee of between £75-£99 (depending on their recruitment levels) to the event organiser (Action Challenge) for services associated with marketing and organising the event."

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Some of these race organises seem to forget that for many if us running is our sport, just like people play football and rugby every weekend for their local clubs. Im not against people running to raise money for charity or even races having a number of places in every race that are only for charity runners but it seems very unfair to have a minimum target applied to every entry. If enough people refuse to enter then they may change their minds but as people have said it's their race and their rules.
  • Wilkie wrote (see)
    "Your charity pays a fee of between £75-£99 (depending on their recruitment levels) to the event organiser (Action Challenge) for services associated with marketing and organising the event."

    I didnt spot that. sneaky. maybe if they offered you free entry. maybe. anyway too rich for my blood.

    Millsy - yes, although these type of events are so popular these days that I suspect they will still fill the places.

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